Saturday, October 4, 2008

Subjective Prophetic

Sometimes God uses the natural and numbers to give us an indication that he is still there or that He has his hand on things. That is called the subjective prophetic.

A week ago after the bailout bill failed the market dropped 777 points. It was like Father was saying, "I'm still here". Just seeing that number was reassuring.

I find most interesting as a "Coincidence" is the Conviction of OJ Simpson. I'm sure other prophets will pick up on this.

He was convicted exactly 13 years to the day after his acquittal for the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The Jury was out to deliberate exactly 13 hours. He was convicted on 12 counts, plus the one he wasn't convicted on.
13 has lots of meanings including 13 is the age at which a Jewish boy becomes a man. There were 13 people at the last supper minus the one who was a betrayer.

I won't prophesy anything here, I have received nothing of the Lord. I do believe that all these things happen in order and with meaning.

Perhaps OJ will go to Prison for 13 years and die before he gets out. I don't know but it is a testimony that God is not mocked.

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