Monday, October 31, 2011

The TRUTH about the Optimistic View of the KINGDOM

Optimism: I am very positive in the long term toward the world God made. The road to that optimistic positive future is fraught with hardship, death and danger. It has ever been thus. We are going to see a fantastic new world..more than we can ask or think. But before we get there, there will be some hard days ahead.

I believe the Lord told me a year ago 2015. Others are saying 2022.

God's enemies are being made his footstool. He is laughing uproariously at the nations raging against Him. I look at the hatred and zeal in the faces of radical Islam in Gaza. The Taliban. Nigeria. Somalia. When Jesus is revealed to them supernatural they will become an army of PAULS. Zealous for the Gospel. Passionate unto death. That will put to shame the vapid insipid religiosity of the western church. I believe that as these people come into the Kingdom, they will remake it. Many so called leaders will object, just as those in Jerusalem did towards Paul. They will want them to go TARSUS. BUT the Barnnabas's of that day will bring them out and the world will be changed once again. This time it will be supernatural. This will be magnificent. It will happen in SPITE of the efforts of the western world. I hate what the Muslim Religion has done to people. I hate the "sophistication" of the western agnosticism and atheism. I hate the lukewarmness we see in our churches. It has the same gag effect on me it does on Jesus . Vomit.

JESUS, show Yourself to these lost ones, release this passion. Allow the world to see true revolution, reformation and the transformation of whole cultures by Your Spirit.

I see it coming. Released truth is power. When it's revealed to people who are searching it is a spiritual nuclear bomb.

Get ready

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Posited: Creativity - the enemy of innovation

POSITED: Creativity is the enemy of innovation and productivity.

Sometimes we have to stick to the knitting, stay in our lane, keep our nose to the grindstone, make the main thing the main thing, not lose sight of the end goal, remind ourselves of the destination and take another step. Sometimes the most creative people are constantly reinventing things so much they never get off first base. The ideas are great, but nothing is done with them because they always have a new one.

Could it be that infinite vaporous revisions have stifled real ones? It seems like my most creative friends are the ones most frustrated. I guess I'm not as creative as all that.

I know who I am and everyday do the best I know how to be what I was created by the Ultimate Creator to be. He probably should have reinvented you and me. A human 2.0. That's what the flood was all about. Yet that became a human drift back into apostasy as well.

The real 2.0 was when after a long time, Jesus, not losing sight of the glory set before Him, wiped away all the problems with the old outdated YOU AND ME and we now trade that in for HIS Human 2.0 revision.

"Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Apostle Paul Speaks to OUR DAY

Paul writes to Timothy: 2 Timothy 3:1-9

Don't be naive. There are difficult times ahead. As the end approaches, people are going to be self-absorbed, money-hungry, self-promoting, stuck-up, profane, contemptuous of parents, crude, coarse, dog-eat-dog, unbending, slanderers, impulsively wild, savage, cynical, treacherous, ruthless, bloated windbags, addicted to lust, and allergic to God. They'll make a show of religion, but behind the scenes they're animals. Stay clear of these people.

These are the kind of people who smooth-talk themselves into the homes of unstable and needy women and take advantage of them; women who, depressed by their sinfulness, take up with every new religious fad that calls itself "truth." They get exploited every time and never really learn. These men are like those old Egyptian frauds Jannes and Jambres, who challenged Moses. They were rejects from the faith, twisted in their thinking, defying truth itself. But nothing will come of these latest impostors. Everyone will see through them, just as people saw through that Egyptian hoax.

This was written shortly before his death. I think last words matter. Heed them.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Test Pattern and we FAILED

We are seeing God place before us a test pattern. Like in the old days of TV. They had a test pattern so you could adjust your set accordingly.

Now there is great deception lose in the land. Christian responces to this deception has been pitiful. Some of the best people I know are demonstrating that when the great delusions come they will fail the test.

They failed the test pattern already.

That is why the Bible warns:

For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24
We are seeing this right before our eyes. You were warned. Yet you fell for the lies.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Ephesians 5:6
The heart of God longs for his people to come to the full knowledge of the truth.

Let God's curse fall on anyone ----ANYONE -- who preaches a different kind of Good News

Do you think Prophet Jeremiah offered a business opportunity when he prophesied? Do you think the Apostle Paul had a special meeting with his congregations to draw 6 circles on the whiteboard explaining the down-line payment plan? Did the Evangelist Phillip offer product to entice the Ethiopian into using his product in the hope he would come into "the business".

This is happening today in the western church. It's an abomination. It's old wine in new wineskins. It's the worst kind of mixing of fabrics forbidden in Levitical law. I hear story after story after story from people coming to me as a prophet and asking my opinion. I have hesitated to speak out. I have good friends in these businesses. Now I will give you the word of the Lord on this. DON'T mix, don't take the name of the Lord in vain by using "Christianeze" to entice people into or try to add legitimacy to what is a money making scheme. I don't care if it's the best thing in the world...heed the word of the Lord,
"Let God's curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven, who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you." Galatians 1:8

You have now been warned, and if you are ever approached by anyone about a business opportunity of wolves wrapped up in sheep's clothing, RUN. IF you are engaged in this practice....REPENT...or be cursed according to the scripture.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I no Longer Engage in Spectator Christianity

I get a lot of invites. People want me to come to their service, conference, meeting, round-table or some other sort of get together. What they really want is for me to provide some level of pew ornamentation. A full house looks better than an empty one. They also are happy that I am a generous person with my money. I get lots of invites most of which I decline. I am getting too many.

I have many ministers and people who need a word from God. The tugs are constant and urgent. They need me to come and be the Prophet. I will attend very few functions any more where my role is to sit and be quiet. I have been reading the book of Acts. I don't see much of that going on. Sure there is teaching but there comes a time (long past for me) when one absorbs enough teaching to evangelize the world.

I DO want to hear from GOD. IF there is a meeting where HE is speaking I'm in. Otherwise, please don't be offended if I no longer show up.

There comes a time in a person's ministry where one no longer is a taker inner...but becomes a giver outer. I am now at that place. IF you are having a meeting and want me to contribute to it in my capacity and call, then I am open to the invite...otherwise no more spectator Christianity for me.

I am in a "redeeming the time, because the days are evil" mode now. Paul instructs us to grow up in this:
Ephesians 5:15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

AW TOZER wrote on this as well. I have taken this to heart. So please understand and don't be offended if I don't come to your meetings any more.

Tozer Devotional

The American Spectator : Teachers' Union Fat Cats

They're in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which actually should be camping out in front of their offices.

The American Spectator : Teachers' Union Fat Cats

It’s (Past) Time for a Charismatic Reformation by J. Lee Grady

J Lee Grady wrote's worth reading. We have too much foolishness in the Charismatic Church:

In honor of Reformation Day, here are some complaints I’m nailing on the Wittenberg door.

Long before there was an Occupy Wall Street, Martin Luther staged the most important protest in history. He was upset because Roman Catholic officials were promising people forgiveness or early escape from purgatory in exchange for money. So on October 31, 1517, Luther nailed a long list of complaints on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany.

Luther’s famous 95 theses were translated from Latin into German and spread abroad. Like a medieval Jeremiah, Luther dared to ask questions that had never been asked, and he challenged a pope who was supposedly infallible. Through this brave monk, the Holy Spirit sparked the Protestant Reformation and restored the doctrine of grace to a church that had become corrupt, religious, dysfunctional, political and spiritually dead.

I’ve grown increasingly aware that the so-called ‘Spirit-filled’ church of today struggles with many of the same things the Catholic church faced in the 1500s. We don’t have ‘indulgences’—we have telethons. We don’t have popes—we have super-apostles.”

I am no Luther, but I’ve grown increasingly aware that the so-called “Spirit-filled” church of today struggles with many of the same things the Catholic church faced in the 1500s. We don’t have “indulgences”—we have telethons. We don’t have popes—we have super-apostles. We don’t support an untouchable priesthood—we throw our money at celebrity evangelists who own fleets of private jets.

In honor of Reformation Day, I’m offering my own list of needed reforms in our movement. And since I can’t hammer these on the Wittenberg door, I’ll post them online. Feel free to nail them everywhere.

1. Let’s reform our theology. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is God and He is holy. He is not an “it.” He is not a blob, a force, or an innate power. We must stop manipulating Him, commanding Him and throwing Him around.

2. Let’s return to the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation for the Christian experience. Any dramatic experience, no matter how spiritual it seems, must be tested by the Word and the Holy Spirit’s discernment. Visions, dreams, prophecies and encounters with angels must be in line with Scripture. If we don’t test them we could end up spreading deception.

3. It’s time for personal responsibility. We charismatics must stop blaming everything on demons. People are usually the problem.

4. Stop playing games. Spiritual warfare is a reality, but we are not going to win the world to Jesus just by shouting at demonic principalities. We must pray, preach and persevere to see ultimate victory.

5. Stop the foolishness. People who hit, slap or push others during prayer should be asked to sit down until they learn gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

6. End all spiritual extortion now. Christian television ministries must cease and desist from all manipulative fundraising tactics. We must stop giving platforms to ministers who make outlandish claims of supernatural financial returns, especially when Scripture is twisted, deadlines are imposed and the poor are exploited.

7. No more Lone Rangers. Those who claim to be ministers of God—whether they are traveling evangelists, local pastors or heads of ministries—must be accountable to other leaders. Any who refuse to submit their lives to godly discipline should be corrected.

8. Expose the creeps. Churches should start doing background checks on traveling ministers. Preachers who have been hiding criminal records, lying about their past marriages, preying on women or refusing to pay child support should be exposed as charlatans and shunned if they do not repent.

9. Stop faking the anointing. God is God, and He does not need our “help” to manifest Himself. That means we don’t sprinkle glitter on ourselves to suggest God’s glory is with us, hide fake jewels on the floor to prove we are anointed or pull chicken feathers out of our sleeves to pretend angels are in the room. This is lying to the Holy Spirit.

10. Let’s return to purity. We’ve had enough scandals. The charismatic church must develop a system for the restoration of fallen ministers. Those who fall morally can be restored, but they must be willing to submit to a process of healing rather than rushing immediately back into the pulpit.

11. We need humility. Ministers who demand celebrity treatment, require lavish salaries, insist on titles or exhibit aloofness from others are guilty of spiritual pride.

12. No more big shots. Apostles are the bondslaves of Christ, and should be the most impeccable models of humility. True apostles do not wield top-down, hierarchical authority over the church. They serve the church from the bottom up as true servants.

13. Never promote gifts at the expense of character. Those who operate in prophecy, healing and miracles must also exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. And while we continue to encourage the gift of tongues, let’s make sure we don’t treat it like some kind of badge of superiority. The world needs to see our love, not our glossolalia.

14. Hold the prophets accountable. Those who refuse to take responsibility for inaccurate statements should not be given platforms. And “prophets” who live immoral lives don’t deserve a public voice.

15. Let’s make the main thing the main thing. The purpose of the Holy Spirit’s anointing is to empower us to reach others. We are at a crossroads today: Either we continue off-course, entertained by our charismatic sideshows, or we throw ourselves into evangelism, church planting, missions, discipleship, and compassionate ministry that helps the poor and fights injustice. Churches that embrace this New Reformation will focus on God’s priorities.

J. Lee Grady is contributing editor of Charisma. You can follow him on Twitter at leegrady. He expounds on these topics in his 2010 book The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale (Chosen).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was a Happy Pharisee until I became a Joyful Christian

I was once a card carrying pharisee. The best. I stomped down on any humanity and took up a set of legalistic do's and don'ts with great vigor. I crushed the flesh.

Saul of Tarsus would have loved me minus that persecution thing. Or maybe even that.

I didn't do anything that looked bad, talked bad, acted bad. I looked down my then pointy nose at anyone who did any of the "bad" things. And boy did I have a list. I won't post it here because I suspect there might be a closet pharisee or two who might read this and want to argue. But it's the whole gamut of "sinful behavior".

To be clear, none of the commands of God in a new covenant light are ignored today. It's all the "Extras". You know them. I don't smoke, I don't chew and I don't go with girls that do.

Oh, it's more than that. My pharisseeism was wrapped up in being a good example. Not wanting to be a stumbling block to others. Insisting that if other didn't behave as I did they were less godly. I had made my twentieth century phylactery behavior a symbol of my external righteousness. I strutted about in the square saying look at how holy I am.

I began to see that my efforts at earthy perfection were really idolatry. I had become happy, proud, arrogant, elite, pleased as punch at my "holiness". I was a Happy Pharisee.

But I had no Joy. No Freedom. living in fear of violating a set of imagined standards that were only whispered in my ear by the enemy to place me in bondage. Joyless happiness. Phariseeism. Self satisfied ego driven external holiness.

That was back in the late 90s. Then a light came on. I started to see myself as Jesus did. I began to see my life thru God's eyes. I went thru a time when I asked God to reveal me to me as I really was.

It shocked me. I saw myself for who I really am without Christ no matter my external holiness efforts. Filthy dirty rags. I don't want to get too graphic, but if you dig deep enough, the filthy rag appellation in scripture has to do with rags used to stop up blood of mensuration. We are not very appealing.

Then I got a glimpse of who I REALLY AM in Christ. Free. Clean. Whole. Pure. Spotless.

It brought me great Joy. Even if I knew I had no goodness in myself. My happiness at being "better" than others was gone. I mourned for my sinfulness and had joy in my salvation. Psalm 51:12

It has been a great ride. Sometimes when Pharasiessm calls, I have to put down the phone. There is only condemnation in all that.

The Lord will Speak to Someone about this today. Put away your filthy rags and be free in JESUS.

Blessed be the Rock of MY SALVATION...JOY

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Coming Wealth Transfer by Os Hillman - Great News for the Diligent, Bad News for the Slothful

I saw this today... it is encouraging but with a comments follow:

The Coming Wealth Transfer by Os Hillman

But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous (Prov 13:22).

In the last days there will be a transfer of wealth into the hands of the righteous for the purpose of funding a great harvest of souls and for believers to have greater influence on society in the name of Christ. This will happen in at least four ways.

1. Supernatural Transfer - Like the Israelites leaving Egypt, Christians and non-profit organizations will receive major gifts from individuals or foundations to carryout their Christian mission. In 2004, the Salvation Army received one of the largest gifts ever for Christian ministry via the founder's wife of McDonald's, Joan Kroc, in the amount of 1.5 billion dollars.

2. Power to Make Wealth - God is going to give witty inventions to believers throughout the world that will generate wealth. This has already begun. "But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today" (Deut 8:18).

3. Social Entrepreneurship - Just as Joseph was entrusted with the resources of Egypt to solve a societal problem resulting from a famine in the land, God is going to transfer money to believers who are solving societal problems. Governments will fund private enterprises because government is not been able to do it.

4. Wealthy Individual "Conversions" Finally, many non-believers who are wealthy will become Christians in these last days and will begin to use their wealth for Kingdom purposes.

The transfer of wealth is designed to accelerate God's activity on the earth, not to simply make believers wealthy. Pray that God uses your work life call to accelerate His Kingdom on earth. And pray that God raises up good stewards of wealth.

Many hopeful believers think that great wealth will come to them because they are christians. That the wealth transfer will just Happen. Look at each of the examples. None of them come without pain and suffering. Work. Difficulty. Intention. You and I must DO something to get in the flow of the wealth transfer. It's true enough. I see it every day. YET, sloth will rob you of being able to take advantage of this transfer to build the Kingdom of God. When I received the Prophetic Provisional and Protection revelation I began to see how it leads to Prosperity. It also became clear to me that most of the Body of Christ is not equipped to participate in this Wealth Transfer.

Get ready, it's coming but you can be left behind, left out and on the bench as this transfer takes place.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some Notes on Dealing with the Jezebel Demon from Apostle Robert Summers

The Jezebel spirit will use the element of surprise to control and manipulate her victim. The spirit will catch you off guard and show up when you lest expect it. Pastor's and ministers are usually approached immediately after they have released powerful words and are "open" to her strategies. Jezzy will show up at meetings uninvited and say "I thought you wanted me here".

Jezebel desires information. This spirit will have its host sequester information from people. She hungers to the first to know and wants to know everything. This is due to the Jezebel networks thrust to be in control. Jezebel will use information as a weapon and play people (and even family members) against each other. Jez wants to impress key leaders and get into the circle of influence to ultimately remove the authority. Jezebel is a name dropper and in the apostolic & prophetic culture she will use many of the buzzwords but clearly opposes the work of Christ.

Jezebel likes to criticize everything. This spirit needs to look better than everyone else and will criticize anyone who makes a suggestion or plan. Criticism feeds the controlling demon.

Jezebel has perfected the art of lying. This spirit can manipulate the host and its victims and make them believe up is down. Jezebel preys on new converts, new church members and visitors. Jezebel will employ deception demons and spirits of delusion and bind the host so deep that the host believes that the lie is the truth. This makes the host with the Jezebel spirit feel as they're okay and that everyone else is wrong.

Jezebel is fearful of being confronted. This is why she is connected to Ahab. Ahab will never confront Jezebel. If the host is near being exposed, Jezebel will skillfully twist the situation and make the innocent person appear to be the one with the controlling Jezebel spirit. This is very common among those that experienced church hurt that left their prior church undelivered. When the new ministry approaches this spirit , it will quickly blast leadership as controlling. This is witchcraft and must be rooted out immediately.

Most churches and ministries want to "counsel" demons out. This is a waste of time and further plays into the Jezebelic network strategy. CAST IT OUT

Jezebel is a "drama queen'. She demand a lot of attention and will wear you out. Don't ply with it. The Jehu anointing is aggressive and attacks this evil spirit.
Job 39:5 Who hath sent out the wild ass free? or who hath loosed the bands of the wild ass?

Jezebel is strategically aligned with the wild ass spirit and desires a pasture to feed from and ultimately the platform to work from. Jezebel hungers for the microphone and releases word curses camouflaged under the prophetic. (she calls herself a prophetess)

Deliverance ministry is not for the lazy christian who wants a one hour of power service.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Other gods before HIM...the SIN of America

While traveling last week I was given a vision of the level of idolatry in the USA today. It's deep. It's insidious. It's robbing our witness. We must know it to overcome it.

We no longer have real power because we have sold our souls to a form of godliness without true fidelity to HIM. Anything that replaces our pursuit of GOD is an IDOL. Thou shalt have no other...and Graven Images are idols...everywhere

Let me list some of the idolatrous things people are addicted to in our nation:

  1. Money. People believe that if they just had more money they would be happier. Certainly having less is hard, but dependence on wealth and the getting of wealth has become an idol. I love free enterprise and industry as much as anyone, but the worship of it has become a false religion in our land.
  2. Economic Systems. People worship free enterprise, socialism, Marxism or anything that they think will redeem the land. It's become idol worship. I have friends who believe that everything will be OK if we just get a new wave of.....fill in your own blank. Idolatry.
  3. Optimism. I am optimistic. NOT because I think everything will turn out OK, or just the way I want them or all rosy...I'm optimistic because I have a GOD bigger than anything I might face. People have made a GOD of optimism. The sin is not being optimistic in their eyes.
  4. Schemes of Men. This one troubles me deeply because it is rooted deep in the church. Get rich quick schemes. Eddie Long had one and is in trouble for it. A ponzi scheme. I heard a story about a good friend in the ministry, one I admire greatly, one who has impacted my life, that a "Private Meeting" with him turned out to be a pitch for an MLM scheme. In fact most of the MLM's I have been pitched on in the last twenty years came from Christian friends and leaders. This too is idolatry. I think it's good to have a business, but when that becomes your religion, your faith center, you have erected a graven image.
  5. Political Parties. If you are a Liberal, a Conservative, a Democrat, a Republican and your faith is in the party or a figure in the party as your HOPE you have erected an idol. You are practicing idolatry. The problem is, we think that having no opinion is the answer. That is not true. We must be engaged in the culture and be change makers. BUT we must not have idols. I'm afraid the last few years have demonstrated clearly how clay the feet of our political idols are.
  6. Education. The idea that an education will solve all your problems is idolatry. Education will help, but it is not a cure all. Educated homeless are legendary. You must have your focus on the right things.
  7. Wealth. 401K, Savings, Gold, Silver, real estate. Anything we put our faith in other than God is an Idol. Prudence is good, idolatry is sin.
  8. THE BIBLE. This one will cause some hair to stand up. We have as Christians made an idol out of the Bible. I love the word of God. I read it. I use it for reproof, for instruction, for edification. It is the very word of God in my life. YET, there are people who have made reading the Bible an idol. They are like the Pharisees to whom Jesus said:
"You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me to have life". John 5:39-40
Many people have made the reading of the Bible a replacement for coming to Jesus. Idolatry. I have had people seeking a word say to me, "I read my Bible every day"...yet in conversation I quickly discover they don't know Jesus. The word of God is a Mirror. It shows us who we are. My mirror can't make me clean. It shows me where the dirt is. If I rub up against the mirror or carry it around all day, I am still dirty. Only when I use the Mirror to show me where to wash and what to wash do I become clean. You are NOT saved because you read the Bible. You are saved because you respond to the word in it and come to Jesus. Some day your Bible may be illegal, how much have you HIDDEN in your heart? That will be the real test.

God thru the Prophet Isaiah spoke to how this would all pan's worth re reading:

Chapter 2: Verses 6b-22
Because they are filled with influences from the east,
And they are soothsayers like the Philistines,
And they strike bargains with the children of foreigners.
7 Their land has also been filled with silver and gold
And there is no end to their treasures;
Their land has also been filled with horses
And there is no end to their chariots.
8 Their land has also been filled with idols;
They worship the work of their hands,
That which their fingers have made.
9 So the common man has been humbled
And the man of importance has been abased,
But do not forgive them.
10 Enter the rock and hide in the dust
From the terror of the LORD and from the splendor of His majesty.
11 The proud look of man will be abased
And the loftiness of man will be humbled,
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.
A Day of Reckoning Coming
12 For the LORD of hosts will have a day of reckoning
Against everyone who is proud and lofty
And against everyone who is lifted up,
That he may be abased.
13 And it will be against all the cedars of Lebanon that are lofty and lifted up,
Against all the oaks of Bashan,
14 Against all the lofty mountains,
Against all the hills that are lifted up,
15 Against every high tower,
Against every fortified wall,
16 Against all the ships of Tarshish
And against all the beautiful craft.
17 The pride of man will be humbled
And the loftiness of men will be abased;
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
18 But the idols will completely vanish.
19 Men will go into caves of the rocks
And into holes of the ground
Before the terror of the LORD
And the splendor of His majesty,
When He arises to make the earth tremble.
20 In that day men will cast away to the moles and the bats
Their idols of silver and their idols of gold,
Which they made for themselves to worship,
21 In order to go into the caverns of the rocks and the clefts of the cliffs
Before the terror of the LORD and the splendor of His majesty,
When He arises to make the earth tremble.
22 Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils;
For why should he be esteemed?
As you have read this I suspect you may have identified a few idols in your own life. I certainly have. You probably could add to this list. It's by no means comprehensive. YET...we must be aware.

Idolotry has a Dollar Sign

I will write a larger post on this. While traveling last weekend, I was struck by the rampant idolatry in our nation.

This prophetic writer has opened the door. I will ask you to read his take first and then what I bring. We are a nation of idols and we worship them passionately. And we wonder about the judgment of God? He must make this right.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Coming Signs of Persecution by Os Hillman

"Come," they say, "let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more" (Ps 83:4).

God calls us to know the signs of the times. The final end time conflict will arise when nations of the world will come against Israel. The Bible is clear that Jesus will return to the physical place of Jerusalem to collect His bride, represented as all those who believe and trust in Jesus, the Messiah. "Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready" (Rev 19:7). "I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband" (Rev 21:2).

Israel will always be a place of conflict in the world because Satan knows that this is the place Jesus must come back to in order to collect His bride. And when Jesus does that, it will be the end of Satan's influence on the earth through anti-Christ nations. But until Jesus returns, the land of Jerusalem will be in a tug of war among the nations.

There is a growing intolerance in the world for anyone who has a belief system in absolutes. Christians will be viewed as rigid, inflexible and intolerant of other faiths. There will be a season of political moderate philosophy among many nations and individuals. This moderate philosophy will even happen among Christians, Muslims, and political groups. This will open the door to the influence of the antichrist to come against any group believing in absolutes.

A growing trend of anti-Semitism and persecution will emerge against Jews and committed Christians. Christians will be called to stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel. When this happens it will be one of the reasons Jews will believe in the Messiah.

There has been a season of peace for followers of Christ in the western, European and Asian world. But know that a season of persecution is to come. "However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name" (1 Peter 4:16-17).

Pray that you will be faithful.

Today God Is First (TGIF) devotional message, Copyright by Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jehovah Jireh - by Os Hillman

"But I think it is necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs" (Phil 2:25-26).

I got onto the bus with the other delegates attending a workplace conference in South Africa. It was a season in my life in which I had experienced many losses both financially and relationally. God was stripping away the old wineskin and creating a new one. One of the things He was teaching me was that He - not my skills, not my work - was my provider of financial needs during this season of training.

God provided me the means to attend the conference. One day before the registration deadline, a man came to my office and gave me $2500 and told me I was to go. Now, a man had just placed an envelope into my hand. "Here, God says I'm to give this to you. Inside are 10 crisp American $100 bills - $1000!" The man was from Kuwait.

Every believer needs to come to know Christ as their provider. Jehovah Jireh means God is my provider. When God called the Israelites from their place of slavery they had to walk through the desert. There is no way to earn a living in the desert. So God provided manna each day for them. Sometimes He even brought water from rocks. They had to experience a new way of gaining provision that was not rooted in sweat and toil. God had to demonstrate His faithfulness as Jehovah Jireh to His people.

There were times when Paul's tent making business was not the way God would provide for him. God often uses others as His instrument of provision. So, God sent Epaphroditus to take care of Paul's needs.

Do you know God as your provider? Do you have a need? Place your need before the Lord today and ask Him to demonstrate His faithfulness as Jehovah Jireh.

Today God Is First (TGIF) devotional message, Copyright by Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders.

Two Dangerous Events Loom

I am not much of a "Future" prophet. Sometimes I see things in advance. I try hard to avoid dates. Time is nearly impossible to define in the prophetic.

But events are not. In the fullness of Jesus coming to earth. Well prophesied, but poorly recognized and no hard timetable.

Right now I see two events that will shake everything. Everything. Your world.

I will pray against these events and if my prayers and the prayers of all saints are heard perhaps God will relent. Yet there are two that stand at the door.

1. Economic collapse. Like a huge balloon popping. Money just disappears. Sudden. Unforeseen. With dramatic results. How soon? I don't know, but there is much rumbling just under the surface. As I watch it happen in slow motion I recognize that the end of it all will be sudden. There is nothing anyone can do about this. We can be prepared but in the end learning to live without any help from anyone will be essential. We will have to be able to survive months. How soon? It might be a week. It might be a month. It might be a year. But it is coming.

2. Assassination. We are entering exactly the same time frame when President Kennedy was killed. November 1963 before the 1964 election year. His trip to Dallas was an early campaign trip. Watching our President make those same early trips this week brought the image to mind. I don't think it's coincidental. I don't believe the Occupy Riots we see are coincidental. That only 48% of the occupy crowd voted for Obama. There is a bad spirit loosed in the land. It has murder and anarchy at it's heart. If you love peace, pray against this spirit of Murder and Riot that wants to destabilize everything. President Obama is in a dangerous place.

I pray it was just pizza that gave me these two glimpses...but I don't think so.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stripping away everything that isn't THE ROCK

I spent last Saturday touring this estate in North Carolina. The Biltmore. It was very impressive. But, I see Jesus everywhere. There was inspiration and confirmation being downloaded as I walked and listened.

This house has no foundation. At least not one made by man. When the site was selected to build it they had to push away everything that was in the way of getting to the bedrock. Overlay, dirt, trees, other rocks....tons were pushed aside to get down to the bedrock on which the house would be built. This enormous house was built simply on the rock that was hidden, always there but out of sight.

When it came time to build, the builders had to see past the mountain that was in the way. With bulldozers and dynamite they had to say unto that mountain "be moved and cast down", and it was.

Then the master's plan could be executed.

I heard the Lord say to me as I walked around,
"that is exactly how it is for my people. They have much detritus and debris covering the place I need them to build upon. They have tried to build on the shifting sands. They have tried to build using man made foundations and methods. Those will all fail. Those are all less than MY plans for them.

Let ME by my Spirit move aside those things that are between ME and them so they can be established on the true rock of stability and destiny.

IF they hear MY voice they will be established. If they hear the voice of the prophets they will be successful and create mighty works".

This Biltmore house could have ended up a little shack. It would have been built on the rock, it would have been a solid little shack. Stable. Established.

Yet it would have been less than the vision, the dream of the prophetic visionary who created it all. The builders listened to the vision and the dream now stands on a rock.

Our lives must be that way. Be established on the solid rock, but look to the word of the Lord by the Prophets and Prosper, have success.

Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed.” 2 Chronicles 20:20

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bob Hartley: "Ingredients" of the Places of His Presence and Hope

Note from Gene: I know Bob Hartley. I endorse this concept. It's not what you think Those houses start in the heart, not in the church.

Bob Hartley

In our last article, we shared about "houses of hope" that the Lord was bringing forth in this time. To read it on The Elijah List, click here. Each of these "houses of hope" had their own unique "ingredients" based on their inheritance, but I also saw some common ingredients that were shared by all:

First Ingredient: They are Places Where People Know Their God

The first ingredient common to all these "hopeful houses" is that they are places where people know their God, like Nathaniel in John 1:45-51. After one statement from Jesus, he knew Jesus was the Son of God. He had a perception and awareness of Jesus, and his response to the presence of the Lord was over the top! Like Nathaniel, these ones are aware of Jesus and His angelic presence in the present, as the depth of the knowledge of God is uncovered in these houses of hope. Jesus is saying as He did to Nathaniel, "You will see greater things than these... Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man" (John 1:50-51).

Second Ingredient: Different Tribes Will Come Together in These Places

At the Counsel Table of the Lord, I saw the second ingredient common to these "hopeful houses." I saw each hopeful house teaching and opening up discoveries of God out of every tribe and tongue and out of many different wells. The Lord shared that He has always given different pieces of His heart to different people groups and nations. I saw the Holy Spirit leading the right people to come together in the right place at the right time.

At His Counsel Table, the Lord emphasized again our need for the right "body armor," or marvelous comrades, to build with, because we really need each other. The Lord said, "As Hebrews 3:13 instructs, you need daily encouragement from one another! I desire to open your eyes to different Kingdom callings, to see that there are millions of facets of Me to discover in different communities. I want to give you the gift of one another to strengthen you and then I want to align you together. As you build this type of community in love, many wars will be averted."

Today, the Lord is instructing His Hope Craftsmen to ask, "Who are the communities in my area and across the earth that I'm to build with in this season that will bring a part of Your heart that I don't have on my own?"

Third Ingredient: The People Inside are Anointed Hopeful Ones

The third ingredient common to all these houses of hope is the people inside. They are hopeful ones who have seen the "God of the opposite," where they had been given promises but the opposite had happened instead. Instead of growing bitter and disappointed, these ones have grown mature in their love and trust in God. They have imparted strength to others in the midst of mystery with a wisdom that looks above doubt and despair and believes the truth about the goodness of God, no matter what the situation.

These hopeful ones are breaking the spirit of isolation. The Lord is saying, "Right now people feel like they are alone on an island, like Elijah did in 1 Kings 19:14-18, where Elijah thought he was the only one left who served the Lord. It was not true, as I had saved 7,000 who did not bow their knee to Baal. I always save a remnant. My people, you need to engage in community continually, building together, so that you will not walk weak and defeated, simply surviving when you are meant to soar! I want to give you the gift of others that will continually believe for you when you can't believe in yourself. They will bring continual encouragement for the hope of your calling, like those who deposit a blessing on a son."

God wants to give us the gift of these radiant hope-filled ones; they could be older or younger, husbands or wives, who will be keepers of the promises for us.

The hopeful anointed ones have the following distinctions:

1. They walk in Jesus' second commandment with freedom to love their neighbors as themselves. The Lord kept repeating, "Do you realize how much I love people?" I saw His type of love being released in and through these ones and it brought forth prosperity in the Body of Christ. There has been a lot of fear of trusting others in the past, but in this house Jesus is bringing forth loyal love, fresh belief, and the ability to trust.

2. They are "Carriers of Destiny" for others, with a "breaker anointing." These ones will impart vision to those who have forgotten their hopeful calling in Him. They will prophetically declare great love, and they will launch others. They will choose to be Micah 2:13-14 ones, not those who settle into their fears, but those who break through their fears into the promises of God. Ruth longed to carry the promises for Naomi, and Ruth gained great inheritance by caring for another. These ones will be greatly rewarded. They will leave the 99 to find the forgotten ones and bring them back to the "fold" of community and destiny. They will be shepherds after His heart.

Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15

3. They are "Artists of the Celebration" called forth to bring the joy and laughter back into friendship and community. They do not live in reaction to the enemy; they laugh at problems, then rejoice and move forward. They can see that God is bigger. They don't adjust their lives or agendas to the enemy's darkness; they live in response to God. As a result, they have permanence to their joy. When life circumstances become overwhelming, these ones take the globe off of their shoulders and dance on it! They throw magnificent celebrations of one another and daily celebrate the goodness of God, like Jeremiah 31:13:

"Then the virgin will rejoice in the dance, and the young men and the old, together, for I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow."

4. They are ones especially gifted to "believe the best about others." These marvelous comrades refuse to spread bad reports about others or focus on negativity. These ones make a confident choice to hope in people instead of becoming disappointed with them. There is no "writing one another off" or isolation because these ones are filled with love and grace to see others according to the eyes of Jesus, giving mercy for human beings, and making love and trust easy. They can still see the weaknesses of others but choose to focus on their willing hearts. They are known by what they are FOR, more than what they are AGAINST. These ones demonstrate the love described in 1 Corinthians 13:7:

"[Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

5. They are "Benevolent, Joyful, Affectionate Givers" within these "Places of His Presence." These marvelous comrades display the joy of benevolence and generosity. They do not hoard but rather help others. They operate out of the abundance of Heaven's economy and are not limited to unstable, earthly economies. They are a great company of people like Cyrus in Isaiah 45, who believe and are generous in resources, see the good in possibilities, and flow with the promises of God. For these ones it is easy to give to one another from the heart as the Lord instructs:

"Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7).

6. They are "wise Patriarchs and Matriarchs" who have the answers in God for difficult questions. People can run to these ones for perspective in times of challenge and uncertainty. These ones have the ability to bestow majesty and authority on the next generation to enter their promised land. Like the Zimbabwe hopeful house I wrote about in my last article, these ones help people to know who they were called to be in confidence, to be unmoved in that place. They help the young ones understand the times and seasons, to not be overwhelmed by circumstances. They are like the sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles:

"Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do..." (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Fourth Ingredient: Constant Meeting at His Counsel Table Together as a Community

Then at the Counsel Table of the Lord, I saw these communities coming together, inquiring of His heart, gaining wisdom for their community as architectural dreamers for the plans of the Lord. At His Counsel Table, the Lord is releasing great building strategies and organizational structures that are becoming containers for His presence in the midst of these cities and nations. God is giving blueprints to government officials, businessmen and businesswomen, teachers, artists, housewives, laborers, all who are coming to His Table to seek His presence and inquire of His heart for daily choices. It is like Nehemiah's day where families came together to rebuild the walls of the city:

"So we built the wall and the whole wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work" (Nehemiah 4:6).

Fifth Ingredient: Anointed, Hopeful, Fruitful Endeavors and Enterprises Coming Forth

As I saw whole communities gathering together at His Counsel Table, I saw many communities of faith from diverse groups coming forth that are believing for the marketplace day and night. These ones are radiant about His promises, and they are going after their divine destiny in Him. Anointed, hopeful, fruitful endeavors and enterprises are coming forth that look like businesses, family inheritances, and ways to build for young marriages. They are becoming places of prosperity, body, soul and spirit, where counsel and divine destiny come forth.

Marketplace "Pioneers of His Presence" are coming forth, those who would believe and invite Him into all arenas of life. These "Pioneers of His Presence" see more with their eyes closed than open, and they walk out Psalm 105:24: "He increased His people greatly; and made them stronger than their enemies."

Many in these places have multicolored coats like Joseph, and they are anointed to bring forth success and an exchange of wealth in hostile environments. These ones are anointed to be "bilingual," speaking the language of the priest and the king, in ministry and the marketplace. They have wisdom for business to create wealth and rich veins for the opportunity of others. No longer will the marketplace be led by the "fear and greed" model swayed by ways of the flesh and perceived economy. Radiant, hope-filled businesses are springing forth where the presence of the Lord will reside, bringing forth witty inventions and great resource for the sake of the vulnerable of the earth.

In these businesses, the workplace will become the "encounter" place, where everyday miracles spring forth and young ones are being mentored by shepherds after His heart. These businesses will have God-centered vision, values, vehicles and processes that invite in the presence of the Lord, bringing forth transformation in their markets and spheres of influence. Young people will line up to get a job at these places, because God may be discovered there, as in Isaiah 2:2 and Micah 4:1.

Now it will come about that in the last days the mountain of the house of the LORD will be established as the chief of the mountains, and will be raised above the hills; and all the nations will stream to it. Isaiah 2:2; Micah 4:1


In conclusion, the Lord is saying, "Because of what has been loosed on the earth, angels are ascending and descending, as well as demons. My people must run into the house of hope! The river will take you there! This is not a fearful thing. Respond!" I am hearing the Lord giving this call to the nations. Don't be like Reuben in Judges 5, who couldn't decide, Do I go, do I stay? The Lord is shouting, "Run into that house of hope!"

Next Steps for You as Hope Craftsmen

The Lord is inviting us to take the next steps toward building "Places of His Presence" across the earth in this time. Here are some next steps the Lord gave...

1. The Lord wants us to ask Him to reveal any fear or doubt in our hearts so that we may see from His perspective like the two spies versus the 10.

2. The Lord wants us to ask Him, "Who are the communities in my area and across the earth that I'm to build with in this season that will bring a part of Your heart that I don't have on my own?"

3. The Lord wants us to ask Him, "Who are the anointed hopeful ones You have placed around me to help encourage me in my calling, and how can I be an anointed hopeful one for others?"

4. Come together as a community (whether it be your family, business, home group, church, neighborhood, etc.) and begin to inquire of His heart together at His Counsel Table.

5. The Lord wants us to ask Him, "What are the anointed businesses in my area that You are calling forth as 'Places of His Presence' and how can I be involved?"

As we move forward in the Hartley Group, committed to seeing our businesses become "Places of His Presence," the Lord is unveiling a new operating system, according to His Holy Spirit, that is changing everything and creating a resting place for His presence. We will share more on this new operating system as the Lord continues to unveil His wisdom for the sake of the Body of Christ.

In His hope,

Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry


About Bob Hartley: Bob Hartley is the founder of Hartley Institute/Deeper Waters Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, inspired through a dream the Lord gave to Bob more than a decade ago, where the Lord spoke that "the youth of this nation are diving into 'shallow waters' of the knowledge of God, and it is killing them!" Bob's heart is to take this generation deep into the knowledge of God through hopeful, heartfelt prayer and intimacy with the Lord, and opening up their ability to hear from His heart and partner with the God of All of Life in every arena and season of the soul.

Bob served as a pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle before entering the marketplace in 1983, with a vision to see the marketplace redeemed and cities established that value and love the person of Jesus. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Hartley Group, a "Hope Center" for the marketplace, consisting of Hartley's Executive Cleaning, Swift Chemicals & Supply, Prize Properties and H&H Management in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob is a frequent speaker to youth, churches, businesses and national leaders throughout America and the world. His quest has been to bring the Kingdom of God into every arena of life and give spiritual tools and equipping to those seeking to know and love God in the midst of their everyday lives. Currently, Bob resides in Kansas City with his wife and four children.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Death Knocked - I didn't answer

Yesterday by my own stupidity I was nearly killed.

Auto Accident.

Had it happened I would have continued a family pattern. My grandfather and my father were both killed in motor vehicle accidents.

It didn't happen, but it came very close yesterday.

Strangely I wasn't shaken by it. I reviewed my heart. I listened.

Then I went on. No one was hurt. Just scared.

I saw death fly by yesterday. Yet I live. I don't deserve another breath...but I thank God for each one.

Everything Must be Stripped Away for the New to Come

Sitting in quiet this morning. Seeking God for a Man in India who needs a word. I am impressed of the Lord to report that we must not be panicked by circumstances.




He said to me,

"If you live in fear, if you worry, if you doubt My hand of Love in your Life, it is iniquity. It is Sin. You have nothing to fear, even if they should kill your body. I will never leave you. I will always be there.. closer than you imagine. Your mortality was a gift. Eternal life is your reward. I will make all things new, it will mean that all things Old must pass away. Forget what lies behind. Look forward to what I am doing in the earth. I am exposing evil. I am tripping up the devil once more. He thinks he is winning. He lost long ago. Lies are the only words he knows. When you hear a lie, you hear his native tongue. He cannot say truth and when he tries he distorts truth. Watch me move. Watch me break down the dividing walls. Watch me expose evil. Watch the system created by those who would keep you from me collapse. I am your only refuge. I am all you need. I am more than enough. I AM ALL."

I needed to hear that word from God today. I hope you did too.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Victoria Boyson: It Will Be Worth It!

Victoria Boyson

To those who overcome in the midst of adversity, He will give increased authority (Revelation 2:26). You have indeed been tried by the fires of Hell, yet you have remained steadfast. As you thrust yourself into the bosom of your Father, you walk away having learned the secrets of His heart. You are no longer as easily beguiled or overwrought by the enemy, but you see now with the eyes of Heaven. You are made sober in spirit, yet gentle as a dove.

God Never Said it Would be Easy!

Have you been attacked by the enemy? Have you been hit so hard that you've wanted to die? Has someone torn your heart out and trampled on it? Have you been betrayed, lied about or robbed? God never said this life would be easy, He only said that a life lived for Him would be worth the battle!

Every battle worth fighting is difficult. It was not easy for Jesus to die for the sins of the world. It was not easy for the early Christians to die for their faith or for the pilgrims to come to America to find religious freedom. What they faced was not easy for them, but it was worth it! And we thank God for them.

These people knew that they were not fighting their battles for themselves alone, but for those their lives would affect. The forefathers of the United States had a dream of a great nation, and they fought and died for their dream. God had a dream of making us a part of His family: Jesus died to bring that dream to life. It was extremely difficult, but we were worth it to Him.

Never Give Up!

It is always easier to give up – to leave your ministry, church or family, but it is often the easy road that leads to destruction. The seemingly shortest or easiest path is usually a mistake. Hold your ground, stay on course and you will have a great victory...if you do not give up.

At times, when I have gone to the Lord with my pains or complaints, He will speak this short simple phrase to me: "Did you think it would be easy?" The Lord has given us a great destiny to fulfill, but He never promised that it would be easy. In fact, He told us it would be difficult. He said, "In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

Sometimes in the midst of the trial we are facing we get discouraged and disheartened. It is easy to think we have had more than our share of attacks. But in those times we need to be reminded that God knows of our difficulties and He is not panicked. He knew it wouldn't be easy for us, but He knew that if we did not give up, we would win. And the victory that we would enjoy would be well worth the fight.

There will always be someone who thinks they could do your job better than you. They feel as though they are more anointed than you and it seems there is no end to their criticisms. Of course, the enemy tries his very best to convince you that they are right in their opinions, but they are NOT! You must hold your ground! If you give up your position in the Body of Christ, the place you've held is then left unprotected and others will suffer.

God has you where you are for a reason; someone has to hold that position. You do not know how many lives you are affecting just by being where you are. What you are doing is important. It is important for your own personal well-being as a child of God, and to others. Your battle is not for you alone, but for the Kingdom of Heaven. Your fight of faith is for the Lover of your soul, and that others may know of Him and love Him, too.

Elijah's Despair

After the prophet Elijah had the prophets of Baal killed with a sword (1 Kings 18:40), King Ahab told his wife Jezebel what Elijah had done. "Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah saying, 'So may the gods do to me and even more, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time'" (1 Kings 19:2).

After hearing her threat, Elijah was afraid and ran for his life into the wilderness. He was filled with hopelessness and despair (1 Kings 19:3-4). After one of the greatest victories of his life he felt like a failure. He felt overwhelmed by the evil of his day and hopeless to overcome it.

The enemy can at times come in like a flood and tear apart our faith, leaving us discouraged and feeling hopeless to fight it. We may lose sight of our vision because of the pain we feel, just as Elijah lost sight of all that God had done through him. He lost his focus and was not able to see the true picture of what God was doing through him, and he felt like a failure.

Elijah lived his life in obedience to God, doing great things for Him. Yet he wanted to die because of the despair he felt. Maybe Elijah did not do all that he wanted to do for God, but he did do what God wanted him to do. He needed to be reminded of the truth of his situation to shake off the hopelessness he felt. And so do we.

I have felt much like Elijah. I have experienced the sting of the enemy and felt the hopelessness he can bring. But somehow, with God by my side, I made it through that time. Step by carefully-placed step I walked together with God out of satan's death trap. I found myself being carried by God through my fiery trial, and what I thought would be the end of me was really only the beginning of more of Him.

When you feel like you will go crazy, but don't... When you know that satan wanted you dead, but you're not... When you want to give up, but continue on, that is when you begin to know God as He truly is. You know He is holding you, and carrying you through.

When I read in 1 Kings 19:4-7 of how the angel of the Lord brought Elijah bread and water from Heaven while he rested under the juniper tree, I see the power of our loving Father to restore us. After the touch of the Lord, Elijah was sustained for the next forty days as he journeyed to the mountain of the Lord, where he met with God (verses 8-9).

Elijah continued to remind God of his trouble, but God responded by telling him to return to his position of authority (1 Kings 19:15). We see in God's instructions to Elijah to anoint Hazael as king over Aram, Jehu as king over Israel, and Elisha as his successor, not only His plan of victory over evil (1 King 19:17) but an increase in authority given to Elijah to carry out His plan. God did not pity Elijah, but restored him and sent him back to fulfill the plans that He had for him.

We Will Be Victorious

Indeed, you have been treated unjustly; they have lied about you and cursed you. Jesus said they would speak evil against us (Matthew 10:17-28). He told us that we would be persecuted because of Him. But He also said we would receive a rich reward for every lie, curse or unjust act we have faced for His sake (Matthew 5:11-12). Yes, He did warn us of what we would face, but He also said it would be worth it.

It is worth it because we will be victorious! Someday we will all be together with our Lord and we will see our enemy for what he truly is. We will wonder then how it was even possible for him to cause us trouble. We will marvel at what a forlorn creature he is, the rejected of Heaven (Isaiah 14:19; Luke 10:18).

In 1 Peter 5:8, satan is described as a roaring lion. He is indeed a roaring lion, and with his roar he unleashes accusation, intimidation and deception, because he knows that if we are able, even for a moment, to see him as he really is, we will no longer fear him.

Our enemy is defeated! He is a toothless lion who makes a lot of noise! Jesus is our victor and it is He who has removed the sting of death from our enemy (Luke 10:18-20), taking out his teeth. He has given us His victory and there is now more power in even the youngest babe in Christ than there is in satan's whole demon lair. "Greater is HE who is in you, than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4).

Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. He will try to intimidate you, but he has no real power over those who are in Christ. Do not listen to the voices of intimidation, manipulation and condemnation, because your heavenly Father loves you and He is fighting for you.

Beloved, it will be worth it!

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yom Kippur: A Call to Prophetic Prayer and Redemption by Jonathan Cahn

jonathan_cahn_resizedEditor's Note: Yom Kippur starts this week, at sundown on Friday, Oct. 7. It concludes at nightfall on Oct. 8.

The Word of God is clear that when the Jewish people return to God, the purposes of God will be fulfilled. Messiah will return, the kingdom will come, and riches, blessings and new life will come to the world (Romans 11). The Word of God is also clear that the Jewish people will return to God at the end of the age (Hosea 3).

Thus, every end-time believer must set as a priority the redemption of the Jewish people. The Lord appointed one day above all others for the return, the reconciliation and the redemption of the Jewish people: Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

It was on this day that the high priest would confess his own sins and then the sins of his nation. It was on this day, through the blood of the sacrifice, that the Jewish people would be reconciled to God and the barrier to His blessings would be removed. And it is on this day, each year, that Jewish people throughout the world fast and pray, and seek forgiveness for their sins and reconciliation to God.

This is thus an end-time call to a day of prophetic prayer, return and redemption on the part of God’s people in Messiah; for the sake of God’s ancient people, the Jewish people, the children of Israel. Specifically, it is the call to enter into prophetic and intercessory prayer for the Jewish people, for their redemption—that Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, would be a day of praying, interceding and, for some as they are led, fasting along with prayer.

As the Day of Atonement was the day when the high priest stood in the gap to intercede before the presence of God in prayer and supplication on behalf of the Jewish people, and as believers in Messiah are called to be a holy priesthood grafted into the commonwealth of Israel, it is the call for believers to now stand in the gap to intercede before the presence of God in prayer and supplication on behalf of the Jewish people. As the reconciliation during Yom Kippur was dependent on the atonement of the sacrifice, so this Yom Kippur depends on the atonement of Messiah. It is the call to the individual believer and to every assembly, gathering, fellowship, congregation and ministry that is led, and to the body of Messiah as a whole.

It is the call to pray for:

  • The return of the Jewish people to God in their Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), and thus their redemption.
  • The protection and blessing of Israel and the city of God, Jerusalem.
  • The restoration of the Jewish people to their calling to be emissaries of God and lights to the world.
  • The return of the church, of Messiah’s people, to reconciliation with Israel and the Jewish people in order to be a blessing to the children of Abraham, as those grafted in with them.
  • The breaking down and removal of every veil, barrier or obstacle that would stand in the way of these blessings.
  • And it is for any and all prayers that flow from these.

As Yom Kippur was a day of teshuvah (return and repentance), it is also the call to teshuvah—to return and repentance on the part of believers, even the confessing and lifting up of sins so that the intercession for Israel’s return may be of effect.

Thus it is a call:

  • For the believer who is gentile by birth to pray and intercede and act on behalf of the nations and of believers—for their sins against the Jewish people and for forgiveness, cleansing, repentance and reconciliation.
  • For the believer born of Israel to pray and intercede and act, according to the prayer of the prophets (Dan. 9:1-19) and the prayers and confessions of Yom Kippur, for the sins of the people. It is a call for them to pray on behalf of the children of Israel, for their final teshuvah; for their repentance; and for their return to God in Messiah; as well as to their ancient calling to be a light to the world and a blessing to the nations, to be a holy people, a kingdom of priests, and a glory to God.

This call has no limit in time; it is an ongoing prophetic act on each Yom Kippur until the redemption of Israel, for as long as the Spirit leads.

This call is not issued by any organization or on the behalf of or by the authority of any man. It derives its sole authority as the Spirit of God leads and by the name of Yeshua—the Messiah, Light of the World and glory of His people Israel.

About the Author: Jonathan Cahn, a Jewish believer, is the senior pastor and rabbi of Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, N.J. His new book, The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, will release in January from Charisma House. To purchase and download the e-book version today, click here.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bob Jones: Godly Wisdom is Knocking at Your Door

the investors

Bob and Bonnie Jones

We're in a season where Wisdom can be found by her children if they seek her. She will give them understanding of the future and impart to the sons of Issachar the understanding of the times.

And of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs; and all their kinsmen were under their command. I Chronicles 12:32 Amplified

You will not be able to figure out the future apart from Godly Wisdom. Worldly wisdom will not be able to deliver you nor prepare you for a successful future, but Godly Wisdom will prepare and equip you for a victorious future.

Wisdom is knocking on your door, so be quick to open your door and invite her in. She will row your boat through these troubled times and get you to the destination she has appointed for your future. So, seek her now and expect her now. Now is the time she can be found by the sons of Issachar.

Bob and Bonnie Jones
The Prophetic Ministry of Bob and Bonnie Jones

Saturday, October 1, 2011


"Can you hear the sound of my spirit speaking to you? Can you hear the sounds of the waves beating across the shoreline? From season unto season those waves carry the debris and deposit them upon the shoreline. The waves of the ocean echo the timeless seasons that have been poured out upon the earth. At the tops of each of those waves you will hear my spirit speaking to you.

In ancient times I warned the earth through my servant Noah and I sent a flood because of the wickedness of mankind. And now once again, man has reached a pinnacle of wickedness, but this time I will not send a flood.

The church has drifted far from my original plan. Many have flooded to great centers of learning. Here the writings of theologians and scholars would dictate how they would read my word. But I tell you that there are the young who know more than these men. For they would train you how to become a pastor. You will learn how to become a good speaker. You will be able to baptize. You will then be able to officiate at weddings and funerals---but will this enable you to hear from my spirit?

But I tell you that I will change the structure of the church. For I will seek out with my own hand those who would minister in my churches. For gone will be the days of the one-man-show.

And I will send my torch of fire across this nation. For those who have been displaced, those who have been sent out of the churches, will be given this torch. And the embers and the fires of this torch will be spread across this nation. It will be a pioneering effort; and those who are famous or well-known will be taken by surprise. In my time I will hasten it. My true church will be resurrected once again; and my spirit will enable these things to be done.

For the organization is not a living organism. As long as there is a man-made structure it will not rise to my highest level of fulfillment.

And I will speak to the young who are coming upon the scene, and they will speak forth my oracles. You haven't seen miracles yet. You haven't seen my provision fully extended. You have so far just seen a flash-in-the-pan.

These are the days of my warriors. These are the days of my true prophets. For they won't speak what man wants to hear. They will only speak what I give unto them.

It is time for the old wine skins to be taken away. It is time for the scholars who have studied at the universities to leave. You need to step to the back of the room.

The generation of Saul has ended. It is now time for my Davids' to come upon the scene."

Stephen Hanson