Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cindy McGill: Get Ready to Rock the World - The Best is Yet to Come

Cindy McGill

Jesus is in the house and He is getting ready to rock this place. I felt like the Lord spoke to me this morning and told me things are getting ready to radically change. This trying season has caused a desperation in us that has given us two options: either to quit or to press into Him. Things that seemed important to us just are not important any more. Our desires have changed. We only want to really be close to Jesus and hear His voice. We want to feel the security of His arms around us and know that whatever we have faced and are facing at this moment, He is still the answer and our all in all. I was on my computer answering emails one morning and the Lord spoke really clearly to me. He said, "You don't need those messages, you need MINE." It was profound. I found that all of my anxiousness and time pressures were gone. God is directing our paths. He is lining up connections and doors of opportunities that He has planned for us to enter into.

Pressure, Preparation and Purification

This has been a very trying season for most of us. It has often felt like the pressure just couldn't get any more intense, however that very process has caused us to let go of some things in order to make room for new things to come.

The preparation is necessary. God sees the heart and there are things that MUST be dealt with for us to be able to operate in His power in these coming days. The areas we overcome are the areas we have authority in.

Purification occurs when the heat is the hottest. There are things that God wants to purge from our lives so His glory and presence can shine the brightest. Doors seemed blocked, prayers seemed to go unheard, hope began to fade and disappointment was overshadowing faith. But knowing that this season is temporary gives us a reason to hang on.

Psalm 27:13 says, "I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living."

He fully intends to show us His goodness in the land we are living in. We are going to learn to walk in the fullness of power and authority in these coming days. "THE BEST" IS YET TO COME.

Market Places are Becoming Sanctuaries

I had a dream about being in an artsy, classy coffee shop with my husband and my daughter. There were elevated levels in the shop and tables spread out all over. The place was packed out with people and we were seated where we could see everyone in the cafe.

A man above us was seated at a table with his friends. He was visibly physically sick and unable to walk in his present condition. He began talking with his friends about a dream he had in which Jesus had come to him, touched him and he was able to walk in his dream. As he shared the dream with his friends, the whole cafe began to listen. The man then acted on the message he received in the dream and started to declare, "I can walk, I can walk."

As he did, he actually started walking and his physical appearance changed. Color came back into his face and healing was progressing as he continued walking and hopping over chairs in the cafe. People in the cafe began to clap and shout and some began praising God as this man walked faster and faster in perfect health. Everyone was in awe and excited as they witnessed this miracle.

People will find healing and discover their "walk" in the most unusual places outside the church, and miracles will convince people of the power and goodness of God.

I Never Thought That Up!

1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."

God is going to blow our minds. We should be expecting some really unusual miracles and things to take place in us, through us and around us. Every place we are sent, God is going to do fun, weird and unusual things. I often ask myself, "Cindy, at what point did God have to get your permission to be God?" What we have seen Him do in the past is only a preview of what He has planned for our futures.

Learning to Listen...

The more we can listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His leading, the more God can trust us and send us to those He is drawing. We cannot let our zeal get in the way of the love of God. We must learn to act and not react or do things because we did them before. God wants to lead this dance and when we will train our ears to hear, the outcome will be astounding.

Money's Comin'

Ask for and receive creative ideas that will produce income for you. Get ready to be out of debt. Wealth has been stored up for His kids so we can do the work we have been called and assigned to. God's arm is not short and He owns it all. If you have given, then get ready for it to be given back to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Projects and creative works that have been birthed by God are going to be in high demand by the world.

Ask God for ideas and expect to receive them. God is pouring out creativity on those who ask for it and He is going to financially bless what He has given you to do. Dreams are also increasing with step-by-step instructions for inventions to be designed. God is financing His Kingdom work. Things can and most likely will change overnight for many. No matter how deep in debt you are, repentance will bring deliverance.

Spirit Led and Not Your Head

Galatians 5:7 says, "You were running the race beautifully. Who cut in on you and stopped you from obeying the truth?"

When trying times come, the temptation to get sidetracked and off course is very strong. If we can just remember that God wants to show us another part of Himself at every junction, then we will keep on the track and finish the race. He is always teaching us about Himself and His ways. The training comes when we learn to run to Him and embrace Him in hard, dry times instead of running from Him or just sitting along the sidelines.

If we can calm our hearts and minds, God will tell us what's up. Remember, it's His message we need to hear, not what our feelings, emotions and minds tell us. The components of the soul will trick us every time. It is God's design to teach us how to live by the Spirit. Romans 8:14 says, "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God."

To be led by God's Spirit is absolutely essential for the days ahead, and we have to remember that it is God who is at work within us to will and to do of His good pleasure (see Philippians 2:13).

The Starter of the Work in Us is Also the Finisher

Philippians 1:6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

God has not abandoned us. He has NEVER nor will He EVER leave us or forsake us. We are constantly in His sight, and His design for us is unshakable. His great love is fashioning us after His own image, which will not only save us but also save a desperate, spiritually-starving world around us. Spiritual hunger is at an all-time high. People are desperate to find answers to their lives, their fears, and find their purpose and path. Sin for a season is pleasurable, but for a large amount of people, sin just isn't fun anymore.

There is an epidemic of people facing transition in their lives and they are ready to make life-changing decisions. God is raising up laborers who won't quit or shrink back when it gets hard. This season of testing, shaking and equipping has made us tenacious, so much so that when Jesus tells us to let our nets down on the other side of the boat when we are tired and weary from fishing all night, we will obey and be able to bring in the biggest catch of our lives. There is method to His seeming "madness." He already warned us that His ways are not ours.

Refreshing Times are Coming with Answered Prayers, New Assignments and New Perspectives

We just aren't going to see things the same way in the very near future. God is steering the boat. He has safe harbors for us to go into. He has heard our prayers and has been working behind the scenes all along. There are going to be new locations for us to occupy. Lots of people will find themselves moving to a new place with new anointing for new groups and new assignments. Some will reap where they have not sown. Pulpits will have new faces, and communities of people will strengthen as spiritual "families" will emerge like in Acts 2. People went from house to house eating and giving things away as people had need, and God did miracles in their midst and added to them daily those who were being saved.

Simplicity of heart with praise and thankfulness attracts the attention of Heaven. God likes to hang out in small places where love is large. These are the best days we have ever seen. Don't be discouraged. Get ready for breakthroughs on every side.

Cindy McGill
Hope for the Harvest

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God Says: Lead, Follow AND Get Out of MY Way

I heard the Lord say a couple days ago...GET OUT OF MY WAY.

It was a strange thing. BUT it wasn't new. He has said that before to me. Mostly when I decided out of my own "Importance" to "help" someone who the Lord was about to call to himself. I have bailed out the lad in the pig pen just before he came to himself and returned to his fathers house. The Lord had to rebuke me for my "good intentions".

There ARE people who need help, but some need to stay a few more weeks eating pea pods among the snorts of swine before they get a revelation of the love in the Fathers House.

This was a broader call this time. This was for the so called "outreach" we do in our churches today. In the western church we have decided "Our form of Christianity is what the world needs". So we travel all around the world and without valid relationships harass or lure people into becoming clones of ourselves. (We try to create Lakeland churches in Timbuktu. Complete with huge sound systems). We even impell men in climates where the temperature is 105 degrees and 95% humidity to wear suits and ties so they can look just like the western "missionaries" who came thru and told them this was God's plan.

This is not the plan God has in mind to redeem the world.

When praying about the conflicts in the middle east, the rise of Islam, the anger toward Israel, economic collapse, the world in chaos, geophysical terror and suffering everywhere I heard the Lord say...

"Do you think I'm surprised? Do you think I won't use this for MY Glory? Don't you see? I am allowing many to come to the end of themselves. If you will stay out of my way, not harden the hearts of men by your clumsy efforts, I will bring all men to the point of decision. They will have to claw their way to hell. Some will, but I placed in their hearts a longing for relationship with me. IF you will stay out of my way I will turn dedication to Allah into a passion for Jesus. Desire for the worlds goods into desire for ME. A sense of lostness into an understanding of belonging to the household of God. Struggles for worldly freedom into finding TRUE freedom. They are being touched by MY Spirit everywhere. What you see in the flesh masks what I'm doing in the Spirit.

IF you will follow the doors I open, I will give you the nations for MY inheritance. Don't push doors open, walk thru the ones I make available. When people are broken, discouraged, desperate, lost, hurt, injured...be the one who follows the call of their heart and show them the more excellent way...of TRUE Love.

Then...you will LEAD them...Disciple them. Help them become the people I created them to be. To fulfill the destiny I placed in them. They will not look like you. They will have to deal with their own culture in MY NAME as I Lead them. Allow them to become what I created them to be. I closed the doors in China for a season so you could see how MY SPIRIT creates true Worship. No formula. No system. Just the truth of My Word infused in their new heart of Flesh as the stone melts away.

Much of what you think you do in My Name is only a flesh driven response to a need to feel important...superior....more knowledgeable....positioned. Reaching down to help someone up when you should be standing along side reaching WITH them.

Your only position of importance is before me at the throne. I will bring the people assigned to you as you Follow my LEAD and get out of MY way. Otherwise I will assign them to someone else.

Lead, Follow AND get out of MY way. I am on the move.

While pondering this word...I stumbled across this article. WOW...even though it has nothing whatever to do with the spread of the Gospel, it's about business, if you read it carefully, you will see that it applies to this admonition from the Throne.

Monday, August 29, 2011

To the Prophets - get ye to the mountain of God

There is a reason Prophets need to spend time on the mountaintop. Alone. In a cave sometimes. Hiding from the world for a season. No voice other than His voice. We must silence the voice of the world to hear clearly the voice of the Father.

In times past if you wanted to hear the word of the Lord, you went to the Prophet's lair..or his house. They didn't have conferences and seldom spoke to groups. They published what God said or went someplace, delivered the word and never fretted if the word was heeded or not. Most of the time they were inquired of.

Faithfulness is the key to accuracy. If you need affirmation of your prophetic utterance from man, perhaps you are not a prophet. Speak boldly. Speak when and what God tells you to speak. Speak with confidence to whomever God tells you to speak to. Then walk away. It's not your job to see it thru. IF the person you speak to ignores the voice of God spoken thru you, it's not your fault, it's not your responsibility. God will vindicate. If the word you bring manifests...you will never need to prove your prophetic gift to anyone. God will lead you to those hungry for hearing the Word of the Lord.

There will come a day when you will know that you know that you know and your calling will be your anchor. It's at that time when even when others doubt you know what God said and you bring it boldly. IF you are different at work, at play, with friends, with family then you may not be who you believe yourself to be. I should be able to poke you at 3AM and you wake up a prophet of God. Always that person. Always on. What God wants from you is faithfulness, reliability and instant obedience; unquestioning obedience.

Stay steady, let your anchor (The Call of God in your life) hold and you will fulfil the destiny God has designed you for.

You are immortal until you have fulfilled the purposes of God in your life.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I received this Prophetic Word today, early in the morning, August 28, 2011. It has been coming, really, now for years, but when the Earthquake of August 23 happened, and now Hurricane Irene has hit, I fully knew and heard this word coming forth. IT IS A WORD OF WARNING FROM GOD TO AMERICA, stating or indicting the Church of America in departing from His clear Word. God also is judging the Government and people living in this land, who have chosen to walk away from God.

Now here is His Word:

I move now with a mighty hand, you see me walking daily, going forth like a mighty Farmer to plow my land. Fallow Ground, Yes it is, because it has been set aside and not plowed. The workers I left to work it did not plow. It is grown up in weeds and choked it is, a sin state of affairs; my workers have taken leave and gone A.W.O.L. Party time now and wasted time for sure, they left off their chores. I move now to reveal them.

America you are in a mess, you have not followed through, your founders were in pursuit of me, now you pursue you (your things, not mine). Once you were a country with much to give, a Heritage of much Grace. You now have walked away from your foundations laid to undo all that was laid. Many of you have lost your way, Oh Church in America, today you are not sure exactly if you really care what my Word even says! The things I said clearly that were WRONG and EVIL indeed now in your thinking, they are RIGHT, and GOOD. Backward Yes, and very SAD, you stumble in your wrong thinking; wrong is right and right is wrong! Did I not say life was in my hands and each life I have given a plan? You now say it is OK to take that life away. Where do you ever find in my Words it is OK to MURDER SOME? Why do you think I did not fully mean, THOU SHALL NOT KILL? Who made you the final judge, who put life in your hands? Have I retired and am I dead? You say, No, yet you act instead. You take my place and make and decree which life lives. Are not my lives in my hands, NOT YOURS? You abort those you do not want, to cover your sins; are you now your one and only Savior.

You live your lust in any way, what I say makes no difference, you choose to fornicate with your own kind and say I approve it. Did I not say... I HATE IT? Please tell me how two men can make a baby? Do you think I am so evil as to approve it? You bring me down to justify sin just so you can claim it; I am not a man you see, I am who I AM.

Sodom saw in final moments just exactly my thoughts about it. Fire and brimstone took them out and cleansed it. Can I now turn from you and wink and walk away? In the final day, at the Judgment Throne, I must be the same. Can I not judge it? No, I must move FAIRLY to each man the same. Where do you find the room to believe I will not Judge? Do not you know I am a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE?

America you now see my hand moving in your choices. You choose to live without me, so I choose to judge you. I have been here all along helping you along, bringing you by my Goodness to sing the Repentant Song. Can you say I have done you wrong, I gave you breath and life. Did I not help you up to now, why do you slap my hands?

Evil Choice you do make each day you turn and sin, choosing not to come away to choose me. You have been given chance upon chance, I have extended my Grace. I sent my only Son to die to save you. Yet you do not see me nor take me serious at all. You turn from me and walk away just because you hate me. Hate and Love are opposite; you must know you must choose ONE; either you love me or you hate me. You love to SIN and Love your world and turn and SPURN ME, through choice you have the very judgments you now see around you.

I can not let you sin on and do nothing about you. You must know for sure that I can not let sin live. My Word does not allow it to live on and on forever; I will have to stop its terrible spread from living in my New Earth.

Sinner heed this warning, listen now while you can, because I move to SHAKE YOU. The ground does shake beneath you and the air I stir by my breath, I send a strong warning in your Capitol now; see the Government men shaking and blown about. Heed my warning, run away from your evil ways.

I cracked your Monument and did shake its foundations laid, and shake I have your Nation Shrine; see the steeples fall and crack! Yet, I did leave ONE, to remind you; there is but ONE YOU CAN FULLY TRUST. I am that One, none other, no not buildings or mens opinions. I AM THE ONLY WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE.


CHOOSE TO DIVIDE ME. (He was and is speaking of the decision America must make as to join those who are saying to DIVIDE ISRAEL, or to remain Israel's Friend)


COMMENTS: By Ken Dewey

I have been clearly shown and have received Prophetic Words about the following ways God intends to Judge America. It has been revealed to me very clearly that the things which have happened in America have not happened by natural cause, but God Himself is MAKING A STATEMENT OF WARNING TO AMERICA.

The Lord is saying to me that He is judging America for four things:

I. RELIGION...... THE CHURCH WHICH IS SICK. He has pointed out the numerous problems with the confessing Christian Church as a whole in America.

II. ABORTION. This Nation has aborted far more than 40 million unborn babies since Roe V. Wade.

III. HOMOSEXUALITY This Nation has come to the place of making it no sin to be a Homosexual. The Nature of the homosexual lifestyle has led to the union in marriage of SAME SEX PARTNERS. It is a known fact that some denominations now are Ordaining both Gay men and Lesbian women to the Ministry.

IV. DIVIDING OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL It has been a historical fact that the United States has supported the Israeli People, and their Nation. Until recent events by this Government, this position is now questioned. The President Obama has called for Israel to return the Land gained in the 1967 War and to divide the Land with Palestine.

Months before the beginning of 2010 the Lord told me that He had determined a NEW ADMINISTRATION to begin with January 2010 and that He himself would GO OUT LIKE A MIGHTY FARMER TO PLOW UNDER SIN IN THIS VERY GROUND OF AMERICA. We have seen so many things happen in our country since then, now I believe RECENT... RECORD BREAKING EVENTS have happened AS VERY CLEAR WARNINGS... FOR SURE TO THIS COUNTRY, and there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND He has begun this work of Judgment.

I have had my mind drawn to ONE EVENT COMING SOON.... The voting next month of the United Nations to decide the approval of a Palestine Country and the setting of boundaries in ISRAEL. There is GENERAL TALK AND EXPECTATION that this vote will be made in SEPTEMBER (next month!). The fact that our President, Mr. Obama has already revealed to all of us his opinion, that Israel can only solve the PEACE AGREEMENT by giving back the land taken in the 67 war to the Palestine People, and to divide the land and the city of Jerusalem in half, making the nation of Israel indefensible. I believe for this reason God has STEPPED UP HIS WARNINGS TO AMERICA. Moments before this HISTORY MAKING EVENT TAKES PLACE...... God has sent a WAKE UP CALL TO AMERICA!


***The Earthquake in Virginia IS NO NATURAL EVENT. It happened because God has moved his mighty hand. The Ground shook the Eastern coast states, and I have heard from the Lord that He is making a STATEMENT TO CHOSEN PEOPLE. I have been studying the news and aftermath of that earthquake which was the LARGEST EARTHQUAKE IN OVER 100 YEARS. It was a RECORD BREAKING EVENT.

***Hurricane IRENE has been ONE HUGE BREAKING EVENT in North Carolina and Virginia, and has brought great flooding to the New Jersey and New York coast line, and report is now heard of FLOODING in New York. One thing I noticed is that AFTER THE HURRICANE PASSED OVER VIRGINIA AND THE US CAPITOL, the eye of the Hurricane disappeared and it slowed down to 85 m.p.h. winds, and then by today, Sunday, it was tagged a Tropical Storm. This indicates to me the MAIN THRUST OF THE STORM WAS UPON THE CAPITOL AND THE GOVERNMENT in America, and we cannot forget that New York is the MAJOR CITY IN AMERICA and houses the United Nations.


***The Capitol Buildings were shaken and were evacuated during this event. Cracks were seen opened up in the Capitol building as debris fell from the ceiling. The building was evacuated for several hours while men searched to see the damage before the people were allowed back inside.

***The NATIONAL CATHEDRAL was damaged and cracked very bad, to the place it has been unusable until repaired.. The repairs have caused the Cathedral to be evacuated and they need MILLIONS OF DOLLARS just to repair it, which they do not have. Here are some things I would like to draw your attention to WHICH HAVE A PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE, and these things SPEAK OF WHY THE LORD HAS SINGLED OUT THE CATHEDRAL, AND DAMAGED IT IN A WARNING:

#1. The Cathedral is known by all to be the "National House of Prayer" and has been used by the Government to have funerals for Presidents.


#3. Next year will mark the Cathedral's 100th Anniversary.

#4. The Cathedral is owned by the EPISCOPAL CHURCH. This denomination is most responsible for their lead in ACCEPTING GAY AND LESBIAN CLERGY to be ORDAINED and serve in the Church, and now as well, they are approving many SAME SEX MARRIAGE'S.

#5. The Building is decorated with many GARGOYLES which are quite GROTESQUE.

#6. On the Northwest Tower of the Cathedral the Episcopal Church has allowed the Youth of America to add some "SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS" into the architecture, allowing a sculpture of DARTH VADER to be be mounted high on Northwest Tower of the cathedral. Of course you know that DARTH VADER is known as the GOD OF THE FORCES.

#7. The Episcopal Church does not take a strong stand on ABORTION, but has a NUANCED POSITION.

#8.. The Center Tower has FOUR (4) SPIRES. Three (3) were badly damaged and only ONE was left undamaged, but it is observed that it could be LEANING.

#9. The Cathedral houses many RELIGIOUS SCULPTURES AND RELICS from the past.

#10. The Episcopal Church although it is a Protestant Denomination, is essentially Catholic in belief. They are actively baptizing infants, and observe the Eucharist regularly, and worship in formalism.

***THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT was damaged by CRACKING in the top of the Monument, and was put on indefinite quarantine until the damage can be repaired. As I studied this monument I found some very interesting facts which I know RELATE AS TO THE REASON IT WAS SINGLED OUT BY GOD, AND JUDGED. Please carefully consider the following things:

#1. The Washington Monument was built to Honor GEORGE WASHINGTON. George was the man that became the Leader of the First Continental Army of the Early Colonies in America.

#2. Washington claimed to be a Christian and was a known member of the Masons. He did show many signs of being a man of Faith and Prayer.



#5. He is Honored today as being the FATHER OF THE NATION today in all our History.

#6. The architect of the Monument was a Mason.

#7. The Washington Monument is an OBELISK. The Obelisk is seen in the earliest forms in Babylon. It was used in honor to the pagan Gods of Baal.

#8. The Cornerstone in the Washington Monument was placed in 1884, and the tower was begun. The construction was stopped about one third of the way up, because of the lack of funds and the Civil War of the United States. It was built out of white Marble, and sat unfinished for some time. When opportunity came for the completion,the very same Marble was not available. Because of this, the Monument has a slight difference in color showing two divisions of the construction material. There was great controversy around the construction and completion of this monument.

#9. The Monument is the tallest STONE OBELISK AND THE TALLEST STRUCTURE IN THE WORLD MADE EXCLUSIVELY IN STONE. It remains the tallest structure in Washington, and was only taken from first place worldwide upon completion of the Eiffel Tower in France. The Monument is not only an Obelisk, it is a TRUE OBELISK and made with certain characteristics of the pattern for obelisks.

#10. The Monument is now 127 years old.

#11. The building of this Monument was halted by the ONLY DIVISION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

#12. Outside the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial, it is one of the most visited National Landmark in America.

I do not believe you need to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to understand why and how the above facts effect the Lord and His Judgments. THE SHAKING OF THESE THINGS IS CLEARLY SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD, and we see the FOUR REASONS why THE LORD GAVE ME THE JUDGMENTS ABOVE, clear in the ABOVE FACTS.


This past two weeks the Lord has spoken to me about the Earthquakes happening in America as EVENTS OF WARNING. In the last word I published MIDDLE GROUND... WATCH OUT spoke of the WARNING OF A COMING OF GREATER EARTHQUAKES THAN EVER BEFORE... IN THE NEW MADRID FAULT LINE AREA, CALIFORNIA, AND NEW YORK. If you have studied the history of Earthquakes in the United States you will see this as a very RELEVANT PREDICTION. The fact is I have noticed an INCREASE IN THE PAST WEEK IN QUAKES IN THE NORTHEAST, NOT JUST IN VIRGINIA, BUT IN NEW YORK STATE AND OTHERS. This region has not been very active in Earthquakes for some years, and the Earthquake in Virginia was the FIRST EARTHQUAKE IN THAT STATE AFTER 114 YEARS. The people living in Virginia, even the Old who have lived there all their lives had never experienced an earthquake.

Now the Hurricane has blown, and they say it is the Largest to go up the East Coast, hitting from North Carolina into Main in over a hundred years. The fact is, the REPORTS ARE STILL NOT COMPLETE because this hurricane is still happening as I write these words. Some days will have to pass to see the entire damage. I know there were MILLIONS WITHOUT POWER and I believe the last report was that 16 people have died in the Storm so far.


Prophet Ken Dewey

Friday, August 26, 2011

If you close your ears it's no better than being deaf

Of course I am talking about spiritually. There's none so blind as those who will not see is an old idiom. Also true of hearing.

The Apostle Paul wrote of a mindset that caused people to not see nor hear:

2 Corinthians 4:
2 But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. 3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, 4 whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe NKJV
Here's the rub...Satan doesn't quit because you become a believer. He is constantly trying to deceive even the elect. 1 Peter chapter 5 talks about this.

The truth is we are always in his cross-hairs. Only by the protection of Jesus Christ are we continuously being rescued (Sozo).

There is a category of Christians that the enemy uses his BIG GUNS on. Leaders.

IF he can deceive a leader he can cause many to fall away. Look around, it happens all the time. People sometimes are lead astray and sometimes they see leaders fail and they become discouraged.

If you are a five fold minister you are on his list, and it's not Santa, it's Satan. He is out to get you. One of the PRIME methods he is using right now is the deception that you can hear from God for yourself and don't need to engage the rest of the body of Christ in your revelation. The two or three witness test is nullified by a high office.

I have many Apostle friends. I love them. I need them in my life. They are half of the foundation of the Church. The problem is they think they are the whole thing. Jesus is the Rock but from that rock the church must be built steady, straight and well foundationed.

Recently I had an apostle friend tell me of a project being undertaken. I asked if the Apostle had inquired of their prophet. The Apostle informed me that he had heard directly from the Lord. OK, that's good, but did the Prophet confirm that? Then I was told, that there was a prophet..on the payroll. So, let me get this straight, If I'm a prophet in that Apostles circle and my lifeline paycheck depends on me giving him a positive word, what do you think I am going to do.

Prophets must by purpose be separated from the Apostle...yet connected. Should have nothing to gain or lose by being honest with the Apostle. Should be able to say with authority to the Apostle without fear, My dear Apostle, you know how much I love you, so it is with a heavy heart that I regret to inform you that you are once again full of it.

Without that level of accountability and interaction the Apostle will go shipwreck. He will be destroyed. He will take many with him. An in house prophet who has something to gain, even favor, by being connected with the Apostle is suspect.

In the same way, as a Prophet, I need to hear from the Apostles. I need to know when I am overrunning my headlights. I need to know if I am speaking damage to people or not in Love.

My prophetic utterance must meet the test of 1 Corinthians 13. Love.

The net result is, if you are in leadership, you cannot hear from God for yourself and move without inquiring of the other pillar of the foundation of the Church...or you will fall.

You cannot hear from God for yourself and if you are getting confirmation from a "House Prophet" who is trained to agree with you at all times...you are still in danger.


Kim Clement: Starting from 2012 to 2013, for a Seven-Year Period, Everything's Going to Move Upward

Kim Clement is a prophet that confuses and frustrates those who are looking to the natural to confirm what he brings by the Spirit of God. I have been following his prophetic words for two decades. I find him accurate but not as you think. He has been judged wrong by many. This is one of those words. IF you read this and conclude that everything is going to just be great, you will be disappointed. You must read what Kim writes with spiritual eyes and hear with ears of the Spirit. As a prophet, I get it. If you don't, maybe it's not for you. I challenge you to read this between the lines. It's a warning.

From Kim Clement:

Prophesied on August 9, 2011 from The Matrix:

Now I'm going to share with you the vision or the revelation that God gave me. I actually captured it on film and the Lord spoke to me and said, "I forbid you to share this with anybody." I showed my staff before that was told to me and they were absolutely amazed at what happened. Then I was toying with the idea of still sending it out and showing it on this program today, and so I went to sync my iPad, because that's where I captured it in the garden, and everything crashed and I lost it all. So God was trying to tell me that this is very sacred – you can tell the people about it, but I do not want you to show it. I don't know what the reason is, but I want you to know something, that that is why I'm telling you today what happened, and it's about the seven-year period that is coming upon us. It's absolutely incredible.

Before I say that, God has given to each one of us a gift to reach out and grab the good in someone else and launch them into the universe of the oracles – voices for God and light. I need to talk to you about this. These people know how to follow God and His oracular intimations. What is that? I've taught you on oracular intimations (click here to read on The Elijah List) – God speaks, intimating. He'll send signs, visions, signs and symbols, and oracular intimation is exactly that. It's an intimation, which means to indicate or make known indirectly, to hint, to imply and to impress. The wise men were led by Jesus by a star; the Israelites were led by a flame of fire at night and a cloud by day; the list goes on.

You say, "Well, we're under a new covenant." That's right – you're led by the Spirit, but the Spirit can lead you through a symbol, through a vision, through a sign. He can do whatever He likes; we don't tell Him how He does it. He spoke to Abraham in a vision and Gideon in a fleece. [Gideon] laid a coat of sheep's wool out and asked God to do certain things. I want you to read that sometime if you really want to learn more about it – in Judges 6:36-40.

Let me tell you what happened in the garden so that you can all be blessed by what He's about to do. I've just taught you and shown you that there's a season coming upon us where all of this will slowly be dismantled and you'll get your triple-A rating back and all that stuff. It's not about that; it's about greed. You see, it's all about greed. That's why God is being displeased. America's going to tighten the belt, America's going to understand now, through this lesson, and they're going to do something about it. America's resilient and America will come back, and they will get back from zero to hero. They'll get back to the top again. You've heard me saying all that, but now let me tell you about the oracular intimation.

"America, the Waters are Subsiding"

I was in my garden; I was extremely burdened. I was burdened because I was looking at what is happening in this nation. I'm looking at even what is happening with this president and the leadership of this nation and I'm saying, "God, what is it that you want me to tell the people?" I did something that I very seldom do in the garden. I said to the Lord, "I want you to send me a dove." Doves often come, but they never come into the garden – they've flown over, they've sat on the fence, but they've never come into my garden, specifically the way this happened. I know you're going to love this. I said, "God, I want You to send me a dove into my garden, onto my pathway." A lot of you have seen my pathway in my garden. It's where I walk up and down and I make my declarations, where I pray for you, where I worship Him.

Then I said, "And I want You to send me a hummingbird; it must come right into my garden, right by me, because of the fragrances and the spices that come out of my garden when I praise and worship You." I've always said, it's like God comes in the garden, like the hummingbird looks for something sweet. I've just always said that; that's my relationship with God, but I want you to understand so you get it.

So, I'm praying and I'm praying and I'm worshipping God, and suddenly I see this dove and it flies into my garden in front of me and turns around and walks down my garden. Now, I'm standing by the gate. In other words, I'm standing facing the pathway, as you've seen before. So I'm at the very entrance of it. I'm standing there, the dove comes in, it lands in front of me, turns its back on me, and walks down my pathway. Now, my team saw this. Listen to this: God's Spirit comes upon me and He says, "I'm speaking to you about America. I'm speaking to you about this nation. I'm speaking to you, and I'm going to send it over and over and over again, and this shall be a sign of what I'm going to do. For even as Noah sent out the dove..." Listen to me – that's when the floods were subsiding, the waters were subsiding, remember? "...That was a sign that the judgment or the bad season had come to an end."

So God said to me, "The waters are subsiding. The waters of famine and all that's been happening, they are subsiding right now," and the dove is a sign that God has found a resting place, and He has found a resting place in this nation, which means that even though there is wickedness, He is hearing the cries and the prayers of the saints and the people of the Most High God.

Starting from 2012 to 2013, for a Seven-Year Period, Everything's Going to Move Upward

Listen to this – number two comes in. The second dove comes in, lands in front of me, fearless – turns around and walks ahead, down my pathway. This happened within a period of ten minutes – twelve times it flew in, in front of me, and got closer and closer and closer, and turned and walked down my pathway and flew out again – twelve times. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me again. He said, "I'm speaking about 2012 and 2013." He spoke to me about this. He said, "2012 to 2013 – for a seven-year period – it's going to go up. Everything's going to move upward. I'm going to bring about a move of My Spirit, a shaking, for My goodness will be seen by the people. For a seven-year period, you're going to have exactly the opposite to what you've been experiencing now."

Someone give Him a shout of praise, because I can hear some of you at home saying, "I want to believe this. Is this just giving us false hope?" No, it's not. We've got to the worst place; the waters have subsided. The ark is now in a resting place; the dove has been sent forth. The dove has found a resting place, and I promise you by the Spirit of the Lord that beginning 2012 to 2013, that period of time, for a seven-year period, there will be enough, there will be provision, there will even be abundance. America shall even stand strong again. The move of the Spirit shall be so strong.

I've spoken about the year of the woman. You'll see what will happen when we go into 2012, how God's going to make adjustments – changes in the government, changes all over. A new party will emerge. Young people shall rise up and begin to do strange things for the Kingdom of God. Unusual miracles shall begin to happen through the very oldest to the very youngest. It shall be likened unto Zechariah and Elizabeth and Mary. There shall be a birthing of prophetic truth and a birthing of light in the darkest of darkest, of darkest, of darkest of times and periods. We've reached the worst.

Now God says, and says to you, the people of God, "All I need for you to do is to believe it and to pray it, for I will watch over My revelation. I will watch over My word and I will perform it," says the Lord. "But only those that will speak it shall receive it first."

Lord, I believe that will happen. I give praise to You. I know, God, that You did it for the widow woman with the prophet Elijah, where you filled her house first. We stand with our hands raised and say, "God, we want to be first in line. We want to see this happen. You've sent the dove to our homes, to America, and the prophet is prophesying that the floods have come to an end, that the waters are subsiding. And now, it's time to build a vineyard, just like Noah did, build a vineyard and celebrate the goodness of God."

For there is a new wine that is coming forth, which means a kingly anointing is coming upon this nation. Lord, I prophesy the kingly anointing upon each household, everyone that's listening to me right now, that the kingly anointing would rest upon each one of them, and I release that word into the Spirit right now in the name of Jesus.

It's very exciting. If you look at the pattern of the prophecies, it's telling us that something huge is going to happen. Something massive is going to happen, and it's restoration of the Tabernacle of David. It's a move of the Spirit that will reach from the oldest to the youngest. The time when Jesus was born, it was a terrible time – Rome ruling, corruption in religion. Jesus had to drive them out of the temple, so corrupt were they. Greed, perversion – exactly the same thing that was happening at the time of Eli when little Samuel was born. Do you think God has changed His mind? If He could send an Esther at the right time, can He not do it today?

It may be a quick work; I didn't say it won't be. It may be a very quick work, but a seven-year period where we're going to enter into a complete change of what we're experiencing now and what we've been experiencing the last few years. I think that's the best news you could hear today, because it's looking forward to something; therefore, use boldness of speech. If God could send Christ at a time when it was so dark, if He could do it over the years and through the centuries, if He could send a Moses to deliver them from Egypt – if He could do it then, He could do it today. From the oldest to the youngest, we're going to give birth to the prophetic like John the Baptist was brought forth through Elizabeth, and we've got to get excited about it. A good, good period of time is coming.

Looking from Behind Forward

Now listen to me; it even gets better. Twelve visits within a few minutes, the dove walks down the pathway. The Lord spoke to me about this being what I've been teaching you – when Moses stood before God and said, "I want to see You; I want Your presence; I want Your glory." And God said, "I will show you My back; I will not show you My face." When the dove flew in, it sat right in front of me, then turned around as if I wasn't there, and walked and had its back to me. I'll be teaching that in the future as well, because the back speaks of a lot. It's not just God's back, but it's having foresight. It's looking from behind forward. I'll teach that another time because it's a detailed teaching.

You have heard from the Spirit of the Lord. I'm standing in the garden – twelve visits; 2012–2013 is when it's all going to erupt. The dove has found a resting place, which means that God has now found the place He wants so that we can be released on the earth to do what He wants us to do. I'm standing in the garden, tears are pouring down from my eyes, because I know it's not coincidence, and as this is all happening, you'll never guess what happened – and it's so beautiful. Two little hummingbirds, the sweetest, smallest little things, came and sat above my head and hovered there, and you could hear them. It was frightening, because for a minute I didn't know what it was. That's within a ten or fifteen minute period.

When the doves kept coming, I kept taking movies of it because it was so unbelievable. Just think about it. God can do that for you. I'm praying that He'd send His dove into your garden, but this is for our nation, this is for the nations of the earth. The sweetness that God sends, and these little hummingbirds sat above me for, it seemed, 15 seconds or 20 seconds, and that's a long time for a hummingbird because they're busy little things. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me again and He said, "Anything you ask, I'll give to you. Whatever you ask."

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

Email: hope@kimclement.com

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Percolating in My Spirit: Kingdom Invasion by Paula Main

You may remember last March, the US attempted to launch a satellite. The rocket was a Taurus (sign of the bull) rocket and the satellite being launched, to orbit the earth, was named "Glory". It is interesting to note that our market has the symbol of the bull on it and we can see the finance of the nation is not as healthy as we would like it. There is also some historical evidence that the symbol for Baal is also a bull. The initial launch of this climate study satellite was successful but because a shield did not properly deploy, there was an inability to achieve enough velocity for orbit. It fell into the sea. A $424 million dollar taxpayer funded diving expedition! I felt the Lord saying that the ancient spirit of Baal was trying to get glory "over" the earth, with finance but it would be a failed attempt and his "marching orders' and launched attempt was going to fail, abysmally and embarrassingly.

What is perking in my spirit? I feel a Pentecost sort of outpouring that will bring a reformation to the ecclesia. There are going to be mountain invasions and "baptisms" in business anointing by God that are going be of such a magnitude as to confound the wise of the world. Some of these will be given to uneducated, untrained and those that man judges as unqualified. The Lord looks at the heart remember. The goal is to greatly prosper in the market; create and transfer wealth for kingdom invasion. The Lord will forth-tell, give ideas, witty inventions, sovereign know how, and genius. See Proverbs 8:12 (KJV). Angels of finance and wisdom are being released and assigned. Some of you may just awaken knowing what stock to buy, at what price and for how long to hold it. Others will awaken with witty inventions that will be market sensations overnight! Many will start businesses in spite of the restrictions and conditions of the free market and they will have the bless of Abraham upon them to prosper with all they set their hand to. If you work for someone else and there is a concern about the business surviving the downturn, the biblical precedent to use in intercession is to respectfully remind God that He is no respecter of persons and as He prospered Laban for Jacob's sake, He can also prosper the business you work for your sake.

An ability to access the treasuries of heaven is opening, to manifest the salvation from poverty, lack and curse that the enemies of the Christ and the cross have levied upon God’s people. God gets glory over Pharaoh in the book of Exodus, not by leading the Israelites out of Egypt right away, but by judging the demon gods and their economic system and holding the Israelites in the midst of it, harmless. If you think about it, the plagues ruined the Egyptian’s livestock, fishing, agriculture, diminished the people resource, inheritance and pleasures yet the Israelites remained largely unscathed in the same land. The Israelites and the Egyptians, are another picture of the wheat and tares side by side.

God even gave his people gold and silver; jewelry and things of value from the Egyptians. The economic downturn in Egypt must have at the very least been a recession but perhaps it went into a full scale economic depression. No harvest, no fish, no livestock to eat or breed, people must have had to use their wealth to survive and even to help their business survive the downturn. How many businesses folded? It takes time, effort and resource to restock rivers, livestock, food, and people resource. The economy, from such a ‘market plunge’, must have taken some time to rebuild. In the book of Exodus, God’s people were in Goshen, a sheltered place and our Goshen is Jesus Christ. That death angel has to pass over and must again and again and again in all areas of our lives. The Egyptian army was decimated by the judgments of God and by the rod of authority that Moses raised to part the waters. The nation become not only economically but militarily weakened.

Pharaoh’s pride could not let him see his army was being led into a trap with no escape. Your circumstances are also a set up for victory and a trap for the evil one. The root of a poverty spirit is a spirit of death. Is that not the enemy's goal for us? As we display the blood on the doorposts of our hearts, lives and circumstances and partake of the Lamb and the Word and dig in, the victory is enforced. Anywhere in my life the promises of God are not evidently made manifest, I am being robbed for I know what Christ redeemed me from. He came to give me life and life abundantly. So many people are "just inside the church, hanging on”, waiting for Jesus to return and rescue them. That is not an "overcoming" lifestyle!. I know my Lord paid for my life in the here and now to be a redeemed overcomer and live in His abundance; subject to the rule and reign of Christ, not circumstance or a spirit of fate. Does that mean I think I am going to be trouble free? Emphatically no. It does mean I have the ability to withstand and overcome in some form, any trouble that comes my way if I am alert and attuned and responding to God with obedience. Father knows best after all. Is there anything more intimidating to Satan than a mature son of God who looks and acts like Christ; is highly trained, locked and loaded and knows what to do when a “break in” to their sphere occurs? How about even going beyond that and moving into pre-emptive offensive warfare? (Don't try high level offensive warfare at home alone because it can get dangerous! The enemy is not playing and presumption can get you sent home prematurely. It takes highly trained teams of saints, a work of the Lord led by the Spirit and Godly submission to authority in right Apostolic alignment to move in this level of offensive and punishing warfare.) I can hear the army of God arising and they will not move off task. God has not changed and again will get glory over Pharaoh but this time on a territorial, national and eventually, a global scale.

Jesus came to redeem every area of our lives. Downloads (or would that be uploads?) are about to be released. The enemy thought he had God’s people penned in for easy devouring but God has other plans in place.

The Lord is pulling on the Godly heritage and “7 Mountain” anointing in our DNA inheritance from our ancestors, to magnify and multiply and to bring forth what had been stolen from us and our forefathers. He will bring that forth and magnify it for He is a God of increase. He has given us all things pertaining to life and Godliness. I am pressing in for all of it back with seven fold recompense! Our God is a just judge and a God of multiplication and increase. What are those promises for if He does not want us staking claim to them and getting militant about seeing them enforced? Some may think they are just for the by and by. I don’t need all the promises for victory in the by and by where things will be fully perfect and I will be living in the manifested eternal victory. Of what use is “hope deferred”? There will be no disease or poverty or trouble. He gave the promises for our temporary light affliction in “time.” What has been stolen from you and yours? When the enemy is found out, he must repay seven fold. That is multiplied, magnified increase, not addition. I am even placing a demand (demand in a legal sense) on the courts of heaven for the time and the years (and all that should have been accomplished for kingdom) the cankerworm and locust have eaten.

I am feeling God about to break out in all the mountains and turn this nation right-side up. Does that mean all our problems magically disappear? No! Even as Moses was against the red sea crying out to God, the Lord spoke and asked why Moses was crying to him? God expected Moses to raise the rod; use his God given authority and do it himself! God has given dominion of the earth to man and He Himself abides by that. He moves by invitation through His people and by partnering with us. Notice that when the waters parted, the entire sea did not disappear but a "way" through was made for the Israelites. The Way is Jesus Christ and He still is making a way though whatever tries to obstruct His people. Expect unexpected ways and doors to open for you in economics as you speak aloud the Word and the promises into your environment and fill up with faith! We are called to co-labor with God in ushering in the rule and reign of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We cannot remain passive this season but must again raise the rod of our authority through the blood of Christ and step into the visions God gives us. We must also be highly attuned to the Father's timing for the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing. We will have to put our hand to the plow in intercession and action and lean in and get out and do it! Whatever vision He gives us, we will have to develop it and work it. God did not use magic then and he will not now.

I have received visions and dreams and confirmation with prophetic drama, of business, finance, and wealth. He speaks to me about me but I know that I know it is larger than just me. I can feel the fire in my bones! Some are forerunners and there is a time that passes before the majority realize the manifestation. The end goal is Kingdom building. The business mountain is what the Lord has been speaking to me about but I feel He is going to bring Kingdom into all the spheres in our culture and society. Right now, in the eternal realm, I see water stacking up into a massive wall of epic proportions. The Lord is soon going to release His flood upon the enemy and you know what happens in a tsunami. When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him.

I am very eager to see the results and I cannot accurately define the shift I have experienced, only some of the measurable results. God has ruled in favor of His people. The market may slip but in the downturn of the economy, the righteous arise with wealth and plunder Egypt. If you are losing money now, rest in the faith and knowledge that God will provide for He is our provider. Press in for your strategy. The Word is either faithful and true or not. Get militant and do not be moved off His Word. Your Heavenly Father will be a pleased Papa. “My Word has gone forth from my son and as my son declares it, I look upon my son and cause My face to shine upon him!” (Son is not a gender specific term here but a term used to convey a mature co-heir and part of the Father’s business, and an authority figure in that business). Great opportunity exists in the downturn, for positioning of the saints to proactively raise the rod of intercession (including action) and partner with God to move into and receive the transfer of wealth. This downturn will last long enough for that to happen. As a people, God will see us arise in the salvation He paid for; not just the ticket to heaven.

I feel that what is coming is so large that the enemy has no way to prepare for it, no paradigm for countering it. He cannot out strategize God. The Rod of Moses turned to a serpent and ate the serpent rods of the magicians (manipulators) of Pharaoh. (These devoured serpents were the rods of authority of the occult power of the court magicians.) Even now, God is eating the financial manipulation of the serpent and the dragon on behalf of His people. They enemy will use his fear tactics, and try to pre-empt God by sending some home too early or to lead some off task with distraction, divisions, lying symptoms, and family crises. Watch your words for these give rights to the legalist accuser of the brethren. If you don't know what to say, speak the Word and only that for we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the Word of our testimony. May the confessions of your mouth and the meditations of your heart be pleasing in His sight. I don't know how pervasive this outpouring will be but God seems to like using small numbers in the Old Testament to prove the evil one is no match for Him. We have access to the greatly magnified and increased grace of a corporate synergy through our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Be encouraged! I feel something looming very large. I have long felt that God, though us, is going to be coming onto the enemy in all areas with overwhelming force. KINGDOM is about to explode on earth though God’s people!

A Text Ad I received on the 19th
I received a text advertisement about a movie coming out called "Limitless" where a man is able to use 100% of his brain and rises to the top in the business world.

I can see God is pouring out His Spirit on ALL flesh. There is mixture, as I gleaned from the description of the movie but there is also truth. I don't believe in coincidence. God has given us ears and eyes to hear Him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Uncomfortable Reality of Hell by J. Lee Grady

Francis Chan’s book Erasing Hell is a prophetic reminder that we can’t compromise the gospel.

California pastor Francis Chan is one of my heroes, partly because he has given most of his book royalites—reportedly $2 million—to charity. Another reason I admire him: He’s written a new book about hell at a time when many Christians are questioning the idea of eternal punishment. The guy has some chutzpah.

His new book Erasing Hell (David C. Cook) is a direct response to Love Wins, the controversial book by celebrity pastor Rob Bell of Michigan. While Bell’s book flirts with universalism and suggests that a loving God would never send anyone to hell, Chan’s message is blunt and biblical—yet without a hint of self-righteousness.

“Hell is not a popular doctrine. People don’t shout, dance or wave handkerchiefs when we preach about it. They don’t line up to come to conferences about it. Sermons about hell don’t make people feel good.”

Erasing Hell is an answer to prayer and a prophetic response to the spineless gospel many Americans have embraced in recent years. Chan does not wave a “TURN OR BURN” sign, nor does he dangle his readers over hot coals. Yet he forthrightly states that people who reject the merciful gift of salvation through Christ will get what all of us deserve—terrifying separation from God that lasts forever.

Chan read Bell’s book carefully and was willing to ask whether hell was, in Chan’s words, a “primitive myth left over from conservative tradition.” After much prayer (he says we must “weep, pray and fast over this issue”) he became convinced that we cannot remove hell from our message. Chan makes four arguments that poke holes in Bell’s theology:

1. Hell is real. In Love Wins, Bell discounts the biblical view of hell as eternal punishment and suggests that it might be a metaphor for the horrors of life on earth—poverty, genocide and injustice, for example. But Chan goes back to the words of Jesus, who spoke more about hell than anyone in the Bible, and clears up the confusion. He writes: “Hell is not considered to be the various ‘hells on earth’ that we face every day. It’s a horrific place of judgment where God punishes people for their sins.”

2. Hell is final. Universalists who blend Christianity with other religions teach that all sinners will get an extra chance to come clean with God after death. But Chan says that’s not what the Bible teaches: “There’s no single passage in the Bible that describes, hints at, hopes for, or suggests that someone who dies without following Jesus in this life will have an opportunity to do so after death,” he writes.

3. Hell is fair. People who question the doctrine of hell often ask, “How can a loving God send anyone to perish in eternal fire?” Chan says that’s a prideful, self-centered question. We can’t define God, or His perfect love, from a merely human perspective. We are the clay, and He is the potter. We must humble ourselves and view life from the perspective of God’s rightousness, justice and holiness. Chan also writes that the apostle Paul made reference to the fate of wicked people more times in his epistles than he mentioned God’s forgiveness, mercy and heaven combined. If hell doesn’t seem fair to us, we aren’t seeing it from God’s viewpoint.

4. Hell is escapable. Rob Bell’s flawed premise is that God will end up saving everyone regardless of how they acted or what they believed. Chan argues that the gospel is not good news unless there is a hell that sinners can escape from. He writes: “While hell can be a paralyzing doctrine, it can also be an energizing one, for it magnifies the beauty of the cross.”

Hell is not a popular doctrine. People don’t shout, dance or wave handkerchiefs when we preach about it. They don’t line up to come to conferences about it. Sermons about hell don’t make people feel good. But every revivalist in church history has kept the doctrine of hell at the core of his message, and we will see revival only if we reclaim it.

Charles Spurgeon advised aspiring ministers in the 1800s to constantly meditate on the sobering reality of hell in order to stay fervent in their faith. He wrote: “Meditate with deep solemnity upon the fate of the lost sinner, and, like Abraham, when you get up early to go to the place where you commune with God, cast an eye toward Sodom and see the smoke going up like the smoke of a furnace. Shun all views of future punishment that would make it appear less terrible.”

Do you see the smoke of Sodom? Are you constantly aware that people around you are going to hell? Or have you bought into the trendy philosophies of backslidden preachers who question hell and have no power to free people from it? I’m grateful that Francis Chan had the grace—and the guts—to point us back to this biblical truth.

When People Won't or Can't Listen to Sound Instructions

2 Timothy Chapter Four:
2 Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.

3 For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will reject the truth and chase after myths.

5 But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.

6 As for me, my life has already been poured out as an offering to God. The time of my death is near. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. 8 And now the prize awaits me—the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on the day of his return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.
This passage haunts me. It sounds so much like the time and days we live in right now. Paul was about to die a martyrs death. He was abandoned for the most part. Uncomfortable.

Yet his concern was the lack of sound doctrine and the itching ears teaching that was everywhere abounded.

I have of late been in the same place as the Apostle Paul seems to be. I find much of what is preached and taught to be elementary, surface and pursuing myths. Or vain attempts to extract some "Truth" from going DEEP into obscure passages of the Bible. The reality of fulfilling our mission, our destiny on this earth is lost in the noise. We are inward focused. Enjoying the ride but without adding to the passenger list. When the commission is GO YE...we are more Here am I... but don't send me. Instead we are stuck on study and teaching. Good in preparation, poor in execution. Too many presuming on God to teach.

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3:1

There is a message urgently needing to get out. It is not a message of the world getting better, it's a message of HOPE in a God who redeems one soul at a time and the world becomes a better place. I am able to absorb the news all around me. If you beleieve that the world is getting better all the time, you must get a different feed than the rest of us.

2 Timothy chapter Three:
1 You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that! 6 They are the kind who work their way into people’s homes and win the confidence of[a] vulnerable women who are burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires. 7 (Such women are forever following new teachings, but they are never able to understand the truth.)

They have depraved minds and a counterfeit faith.

everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 13 But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.
Paul was being pessimistic, didn't see the world as getting better, thought there was a hard road ahead for those who follow Jesus. I agree with Paul. We as leaders have NOT told those for whom we are responsible the truth about the days ahead. It is too hard to say, things are going to get rough. Stand strong, for if you faint not, in due season you will reap. People instead want quick and easy outs. It's not possible. We are afraid that if we tell the truth, our members will leave...along with their tithe. So we adjust the truth:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
Those who place other people's heads in the sandbox of the Church to avoid facing what is about to happen are guilty of calling evil good.

Father's intentions toward us is to be found to that day. Isaiah chapter 55:
6 Seek the LORD while he may be found;
call on him while he is near.
7 Let the wicked forsake their ways
and the unrighteous their thoughts.
Let them turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on them,
and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
10 As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
12 You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands.
13 Instead of the thornbush will grow the juniper,
and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.
This will be for the LORD’s renown,
for an everlasting sign,
that will endure forever.”

It is to establish the peace of God and the fullness of the Kingdom in your mind, heart, Spirit. That in the warfare you will have peace. That in the times of trouble you will walk in confidence. That in the tests to come you will pass without breaking a sweat.

That is what his purposes for you. Even when thornbushes and briers appear..you will walk in freshness. If you have people you care about, help them to understand that days ahead will be as the Apostle Paul wrote of at the end of the Letters to Timothy. Worse and worse..but JESUS gets better and better. That's as it should be. If you have ears to hear..hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. If you read this and it's not clear to you what the Spirit is saying...you need an ear transplant. You are listening to the wrong voices.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Battle for Britain by Sharon Stone

sharon_stone_b"Due to the imminent collapse of society, we regret to announce we are closing at 6 pm tonight." This notice was written on a sandwich shop window during England's riots and looting. Here we have natural prophetic voices and spiritual prophetic voices blending throughout this disorder, declaring a broken society where an entitlement mentality based upon excessive benefits has led to criminality.

Many people have been allowed to feel the world owes them something and that their actions don't have consequences. This is a lack of responsibility and selfishness in parts of our society.

God says: "Who owes you? This is not about human rights, but excessive benefits conditioning. What is occurring in the natural is contrary to what I am doing in the Spirit. I am raising a revolution through young radicals, not looters without a cause.

“There will be a youth revival, which will not kill, steal and destroy. They will know their God, be strong and do great exploits. This will:

  • Help bring the nation into its destiny.
  • Build a spiritual momentum that will forcefully spread through nations.

"This is a release of worshiping warriors who will build and advance My kingdom. As others around the world observe that I am moving in England, they will rejoice in hope. For people will respond better to hope than fear. And the anarchy in the streets of England will give way to amazing grace demonstrated in power and love through young radicals."

Rom. 5:20 reminds us: “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”

Intercessors, this is today's Battle for Britain!

Sharon Stone is the founder and senior minister of Christian International Europe (CIE), a prophetic-apostolic ministry based in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. She and her family pioneered CIE in 1996 to develop and mobilize prophets and apostles for spreading the gospel internationally. Sharon and her husband, Greg Black, have three grown children.

David Walters: There's a New Breed Coming

David Walters

In this article I share some miraculous testimonies stemming from children. All I can say is that I was there and witnessed the healings. These happened at different times and in different places. Also, one time many years ago in a church in Hawaii, I had the children pray for a boy who was about eight years old but looked about five. Apparently, his digestive system was completely messed up and he wasn't growing normally. We had no knowledge at the time whether there was any change in his condition. A couple of years ago, I went back to Hawaii and a woman mentioned to me about the boy who was prayed for at her church. She said he was healed when the kids prayed and was now 18 and is over six feet tall and perfectly healthy. So there are lots of miracles I never get to hear about – or only years later.

—David Walters

There's a New Breed Coming

Here is some good news: God is bringing forth children and youth pastors who are making a radical change as to where our children fit into the Body of Christ. Many churches are no longer being satisfied with the past revelation, or lack of it, for their children. They are asking for apostolic fathers and grandfathers to bring a new concept to their Church Body. Senior Pastors are repenting publicly for failing to see the spiritual potential of the children and youth in their churches. They are asking the youngsters for forgiveness.

Families are coming alive and seeing the importance of their role in activating their children for God's purposes. They are now seeing them as arrows in the hands of a warrior. Those that may not be involved in church ministry, in their adult years will become arrows for God in the public market place. God will replace the ungodly with the godly.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with their enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:3-5

Children are becoming excited about the Lord and being involved in the Church. Many are now being taken out of the toy box of children's church and having opportunities to minister alongside the adults.

Worship leaders, prayer and prophetic teams are including the children and youth. Healing meetings are including children and teens to pray for the sick – with amazing results. For many years, I have had the privilege of witnessing children and youth minister in the power of the Spirit to adults in the churches and conferences where I have preached.

Here below are just a few following testimonies of children and youth being used by the Lord.

Children Used By the Lord

When I was preaching to the children at a Kenneth Copeland Convention in the U.K., eight-year-old Zoe, after being filled with the Spirit, came out of the meeting and prayed for a man in a wheelchair. The result of her prayers brought that man out of the wheelchair after being crippled for six years.

In a conference where I was preaching, a 10-year-old boy said the Lord spoke to him and told him to preach to all the kids in his neighborhood, his town, his school, and when he is older He will send him to be a missionary. He came back to another conference I was speaking at two years later and his parents said that he had led over one hundred children to the Lord.

In a crusade I was holding in Surinam, South America, with thirty churches, six to seven hundred children and youth prayed for the pastors and the thousands of people who needed prayer. A woman who had a stroke which left her dumb and paralyzed began walking and talking as the children and youth prayed for her.

In our "Young Mighty Warriors Conferences," many youngsters are being equipped and seeing miracles as they pray for people. Hundreds of people have now been healed from degenerative discs, fractured bones, inflamed arthritic joints, severe back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, blindness, deafness, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. And the beauty is that I have not had to pray for the sick. Instead of me having to pray for hundreds of people, I can just pray for forty or fifty kids and then release them to pray. It's powerful.

Who else to use but kids and youth to show that God will take the foolish things to confound the wise, and the weakest things to confound the mighty (see 1 Corinthians 1:26-29; also see Ephesians 4:15-16 and Colossians 2:18).

Many churches children's groups have become excited and on fire after my weekend with them. They have gone out into their schools and neighborhoods and evangelized other youngsters, resulting in large numbers being born again and added to their churches.

Bo Daniel preached his first sermon when he was seven, and went into full-time ministry when he was nine. Four years ago, he celebrated fifty years of ministry.

When I was preaching at the Dome Church in Durban, South Africa two years ago, senior Pastor Fred Roberts told me that six months before I came to preach, a five-year-old boy preached for forty five minutes under to anointing to their congregation of five thousand.

A 15-year-old boy did not want to attend the meetings I was speaking at and stayed in the car. His mother tried to persuade him to come into the meeting, but he said he did not believe in God and wanted to be a Buddhist like his father. Eventually he came in. The next day he attended my seminar. Sunday morning he heard me preach again, and in the Sunday evening meeting he was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

How are your kids and grand kids doing? How's their church doing? Don't give up on them.

This is an excerpt from David Walter's booklet, Radical Living In A Godless Society.

David Walters
Good News Ministries

Email: Davidmwalters@mindspring.com

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gideon's Success Test, by Os Hillman


"All Israel prostituted themselves by worshiping [the idol] there, and it became a snare to Gideon and his family" (Judg. 8:27).

Israel was at war with the Midianites and the Amalekites. So God chose a humble young man, Gideon, to deliver Israel by cleansing the land of idols. After submitting a fleece to determine it was God calling him, Gideon obeyed the Lord and destroyed the pagan idols in the region. Then he summoned a large army - over 30,000 men - to fight the Midianites and Amalekites. God said the army was too large, so He first reduced Gideon's army 10,000 men, and then to a mere 300 men. When God gave Israel the victory with an army of only 300 men, all of Israel knew that it was the power of God, not the strength of his army.

If the story had ended there, all would have been well. But at the moment of Israel's triumph, Gideon stumbled. He told the people, "I do have one request, that each of you give me an earring from your share of the plunder." The Israelites took the gold from the bodies of the enemy dead and Gideon melted it and fashioned it into an idol. The Bible calls this idol an ephod, a word that refers to a ceremonial breastplate?Gideon probably depicted the Lord God as a warrior with an ephod of gold.

But God does not allow Himself to be represented by an idol. This idol was an offense against God and a trap for the people. After Gideon's death, the Israelites again worshiped the pagan god Baal. They forgot the Lord God who rescued them from their enemies.

The story of Gideon has a great beginning, but a tragic ending. This is an instructive lesson for us all. As the apostle Paul tells us, "If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!" (1 Cor. 10:12).

If we fail the Success Test we must go back to God without fear. We can ask Him to help us learn the lessons of our failure and to strengthen us for another effort. The God of second chances is able to accomplish His purpose through us even if we have failed Him many times before.

Today God Is First (TGIF) devotional message, Copyright by Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Great Harvest to Come..it's on the way..but it's not what you think

Even though in some ways we are all like the lost of Israel, the harvest will come as the Lord uses situation to drive people to himself.

Some will come when called. Some will come when trouble hits and they need a savior. Some will come when the Lord presses them with hunters and fishermen to hook them. Some will not come and they will PERISH. Not that it is God's plan...they choose to perish. See John 3:16

The day is coming when every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. There will be no other option or opinion. Consider the heart of the Father towards his lost and hiding ones. Even toward the complacent.

If you question the hand of God in using trouble...you don't understand prophecy:

Jeremiah 16:16 "But now I will send for many fishermen," declares the LORD, "and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill and from the crevices of the rocks.

Zephaniah 1:12 At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish those who are complacent, who are like wine left on its dregs, who think, 'The LORD will do nothing, either good or bad.'

Amos 4:2 The Sovereign LORD has sworn by his holiness: "The time will surely come when you will be taken away with hooks, the last of you with fishhooks.

Jeremiah 6:9 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Let them glean the remnant of Israel as thoroughly as a vine; pass your hand over the branches again, like one gathering grapes."

Jeremiah 4:29 At the sound of horsemen and archers every town takes to flight. Some go into the thickets; some climb up among the rocks. All the towns are deserted; no one lives in them.

Isaiah 2:21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from dread of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is to Come...a Prophetic Word about the Future and how to prepare

I have hesitated to publish what is going to happen. It's been one of those things that reads, "No News is Good News". Yet as a watchman...I must.

This is a powerful optimistic view for the child of God. For the unbeliever and those addicted to the world system, this will be horror.

Fear is everywhere. People are wondering what is going to happen. The economy. Riots. Lawlessness. Anger. Division. It is beyond understanding and disturbing.

God's hand is on his people. He is allowing these things to come to pass, most of it the result of sin, greed, fear and prejudice. He is allowing the exhaustion of these things so people will become fully disenchanted with world system and be drawn to Jesus. This will usher in the greatest revival ever seen on the earth. Holy Spirit will be poured out greater than has ever been. The glory of the latter house will be much much greater than the former. Haggai 2:9

Father will manifest the curse on those who trust in man. Jeremiah 17:5

Those who trust in government, jobs, money, religion, education, position or anything other than the Lord God will find themselves high and dry on the hidden rocks in the harbor.
Psalm 20:7

In the near Future...how soon I don't know, but this WILL happen. As any prophet, I can tell you what, I just can't tell you when.

There is a coming day:
Governments will run out of money and people will lose faith in their leaders. General rebellion will follow. Infrastructure will begin to fail. One day you will go to turn on your lights and there will be no electricity. You will try to use your credit cards and nothing will happen. Your ATM card won't work. Gasoline will be expensive, short and then non existent. Staying warm in winter and cool in summer will be a daily quest. No Internet. No phone except perhaps cell phone sporadically. Radio and TV will be marginal if at all. Much of this happens when your money ceases to have any value. There will be no government help. All the systems will shut down. Police will not respond any more. Schools and churches close. If you get a government check.. it will stop. Collapse.

Your world will suddenly be the world you can walk to. Within perhaps twenty minutes of where you live right now.

This won't be a permanent condition. It will last several months. Maybe a few years.

During the collapse everything you thought you could depend on will be gone. Your car would run if you could find gasoline..but you can't. Even if you could, your money is no longer of any value. Commerce stops.

You will not be alone. All the people in your neighborhood we be experiencing the same thing. Many will be in fear. They will need to know things are going to be alright.

Some of that fear is well founded. There will be riots. There will be looting. There will be lawlessness released. This will be global. There will be wars. Retribution. No one will come to rescue us. It will be collapse. Every nation will experience this together. No safe place to hide.

Some third world countries will not suffer much because they are not connected to the world system as much as first world countries are. Some very rural areas in the USA will go thru this without as much pain as the cities. Urban areas will be the worst. If you have ever traveled to very rural areas in Mexico or South America you have a glimpse of what it will be like. Few services, sporadic electric service, telephone by cell but only occasionally. Hand to mouth existence. Argentina went thru several years ago. Think about what happened during the hard years in Argentina. It will happen here.

Some very wealthy will go thru this more easily at the beginning. Yet..their money will fail as well and when the reality is met they will find themselves in the same situation. They will need help.

IF you are a Christian and you are prepared for this it will be a day of great opportunity. If you are not prepared you will find yourself weeping wailing and gnashing of your teeth with the world.

If you are prepared you will partner with God to usher in the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever seen on the earth. If not you will live in fear.

In your circle of the twenty minute walk will be people in terror. People who will need a calming word. You will have that. You will be able to say God is on the Throne. He means to do us good.
People will quickly repent of their sin and turn to Christ.

There will be people who will be sick, you will go lay hands on them, call on the name of Jesus and they will be healed. By this many will come to faith in Jesus. There will be some that will die. You will be able to counsel then and help bury their loved ones. People will have mental problems and you will speak words of deliverance. Someone will be injured and when you bandage them the supernatural will enter in. Withered hands will grow back. In this time most churches will close up. There are no automobiles to go anywhere because there is no gasoline. Perhaps a bicycle might take a person a few miles. But most people will walk. So as the neighborhood representative of the Most High God you will become all the church that neighborhood will have. Some children will need education. Schools will not operate. No money. No teachers. No electricity. So in your neighborhood you will help organize the education of the children. The word of God will once again take center stage as a text book.

Think of all the things you do now. All that will be local. Neighborhood. Entertainment will be get togethers. News will be word of mouth, perhaps a hand delivered letter, maybe a radio broadcast from time to time picked up on your hand cranked radio.

There will be attempts by evil men to take advantage of the collapse. They are always there. There will be attempts to control. One world government. One world currency. That too will fail. People's faith in all things governmental will eventually cause government to become more and more local. They will learn dependence on the true source of all things.

This will be the ultimate seven mountain strategy. All the mountains will be occupied by those with Kingdom Authority. It's just that because they are on a very local twenty minute circle, they will be be brought low. They will be occupied with righteousness.

Isaiah Declared and John the Baptist declared and I declare to you:
“A voice of one calling in the wilderness,
‘Prepare the way for the Lord,
make straight paths for him.
5 Every valley shall be filled in,
every mountain and hill made low.
The crooked roads shall become straight,
the rough ways smooth.
6 And all people will see God’s salvation.’”

Luke 3:4-6

There will be wars. Evil men will take advantage of this. Many cities at the core will be looted and burned to the ground. Many will die. The exhaustion of the state will result. God will manifest himself and people will see with their own eyes as the culture collapses.

In these times as fear grows, people will need salvation. They will be more ready than ever in history to hear the GOOD NEWS. You will have it. There will be no churches to go to. The only Bible they will have is what you have, and mostly what you are carrying in your person today.

Be prepared to take the seven mountains that will have been brought very low in your circle of influence.

Jesus said,
Matthew 5:
14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
You are the only plan God has in this time. This speaks to this time. He is depending on those prepared for this time.

Having gold and silver will not work. It will soon fail as a medium of exchange. At some point people will give up on it's value. Isaiah saw this day in Chapter 2:
17 The arrogance of man will be brought low
and human pride humbled;
the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
18 and the idols will totally disappear.

19 People will flee to caves in the rocks
and to holes in the ground
from the fearful presence of the LORD
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.
20 In that day people will throw away
to the moles and bats
their idols of silver and idols of gold,
which they made to worship.
21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks
and to the overhanging crags
from the fearful presence of the LORD
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.

22 Stop trusting in mere humans,
who have but a breath in their nostrils.
Why hold them in esteem?

This day that is coming is not wrath. There will be such a day. This is some less, it is judgment on the sin of man that trusts anything or anyone other than the living God. It is for a purpose. It is to usher in a better day. The Kingdom of God.

After the collapse with be some attempts at trying to restore the old order. It will fail. People will have lost faith in the old mountains. In the old institutions. There will have been a great move of God on the earth and people's dependence will have been changed. People will begin to understand the secrets of Provision and Protection. Much will be supernatural. Those in your circle of influence will see how God manifests himself in your life and want to know how and why.

Churches will return someday, but they will be different from what we see on the earth today. They will revolve around community. As people begin to be able to drive again, there will be a new recognition of the importance of being light to your neighbors. To be connected. Without much central government there will be a need to support one another. All things in common will become common.

Things will have changed and they will never go back again.

The Holy Spirit living in you will place you to rule and reign with Christ on the earth.

The time frame on this is long, but it is inexorable. It will happen. How long? I have a sense in the Spirit that it will be well into 2020's before you begin to see life stabilize, except it will never as you have known it. It will be better but different.

Some of the vision came from Ron McKenzie, as he wrote of these days. I was quickened in my Spirit. I had written about times "after the collapse" before he began to write of these days but was missing a part. The emphasis on community was solidified as I reflected on this in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is revealing to his people what is to come, how to be ready and what to be ready for.

The secret to Provision and Protection in these times will require that people be walking in the fullness of righteousness. Righteousness is always equated at some level with generosity in the Word of God. The lack of righteousness (generosity) is greed, hoarding, stinginess and avarice. It manifests itself as a spirit of poverty.

The spirit of poverty infects wealthy as well as the poor. The poor manifest the spirit of poverty more quickly. It becomes more obvious. Unrighteousness is it's own negative reward. The spirit that we identify as greed and stinginess in the wealthy is the spirit of poverty. It's the same spirit that drives the poor to depend on others, grasp for handouts, look to government to supply all their needs. It's a spirit of poverty; Exactly the same spirit. Dependence on anything other than the living God is the spirit of poverty.

Those who go into these days infected with the spirit of poverty will find themselves in great pain and suffering as the days go on. They may emerge victorious, but only after painful withdrawal symptoms. It would be much better to fill your lamp with Holy Ghost revelation of the secret of Provision and Protection today and walk into those days of the visitation of the Bridegroom with His bride equipped and prepared. She is not yet.

One last thing, this will be a time of trouble, trouble like the world has never seen before. It will be very tough. There will be a great war in all this.

Many are depending on a soon coming rapture to escape this. There is no rapture.

Many thought that the fullness of the Kingdom of God was already on the earth. It's not yet. That fullness, that reign will happen after the time of trouble.

Many have thought Jesus was going to move to Jerusalem to sit in some office or on some throne and people would make pilgrimage there. Some have even said He would even have a TV channel (I heard someone speculate this). Nope. He isn't. We will rule and reign in the Kingdom by the Holy Spirit in us, in that way we will rule and reign with Christ on the earth.

Some have taught that Jesus already came in an early Parosia 70AD. Yet his address and phone number is missing. YES, He is here, He always was. He promised never to ever leave or forsake us and He doesn't. But not in the way some have taught. There will be a Parosia..but it will happen another way. That is another topic for later.

A book is coming out by Christmas on all this. IF we are to have victory we must not depend on some escapist eschatology or some not yet kingdom we imagine is already here.

There is a road ahead. A highway of holiness. A marvelous destination. Better than you can imagine. There are bumps on the road to reach that day. I have outlined some of them.

You were chosen to be alive in this time. You might have been born a hundred years ago or a hundred years from now. But you were placed here and now reading this for such a time as this. This is a call on YOU to be ready. This is the most glorious time to be alive ever in time. This will be magnificent and you were called to be a part. Stand up and be ready. It's time.

Even so.