Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Outgoing Waters Vision


August 4, 2011

For the past week, I have had a recurring vision of me standing on a beach and I am watching the ocean. Then the winds begin to increase and the waters begin to be drawn backwards out to sea. As I watched, the receding waters swept everything that is in the waters with it so that the floor under the waters was swept clean. The waters receded more and more, and the winds blew more and the air seemed to crackled as I watched. It seemed like the further back the waters receded, the cleaner and crisper the air became. Everything became sharper and clearer the further out things were swept. I thought maybe I should move before the waters came back, but I found that I could not. I continued to watch and then I heard the Lord say, “What you see leaving and being removed is nothing compared to that which will soon come in and to that which I will bring forth! Understand the moving of My Hand and you will surely stand.”

Then the Lord said, “I have placed you where you need to be, and I have caused you to see more of My unfolding plan, but many of My People do not fully understand that I am in control of all things. I am sweeping things out, and I am sweeping things through, and I am sweeping things in all the time. My Tides in the earth are always ebbing and flowing. But these are days when My Winds and My Waves shall be greater and My Works shall go deeper, and My Hands will move stronger among man. I am sweeping out much that has undermined My Will, that has undermined My People, and that has undermined the functioning of My Church in the earth. I have now gone beyond the surface dealing, and am working way down below into the foundations. I am now greatly dealing. All of the works of erosion and the works of corrosion that have been left to continue its own ways is now being brought face to face with the Ancient of Days!”

“I know that which works in the deep and hidden places. I know the depths of the depravity of the human heart and I know the plans of the enemy that would desire to start. But I also know the things that I have written that shall also be so, and these things that I have decreed in My Words shall come forth with the increase of My Winds from the North. I have begun to blow and the Winds that now come will show will unfold more to you of the evil that desired it’s works to be done, but My Hand shall drive back that which has attempted to move beyond its allotted place, and My Waves shall sweep through and will bring in the new. That which you see currently ruling on every level today shall become a memory in the coming years. You must remember that I use all things for My Purposes. It is I that lift up leaders and It is I that bring down leaders. I lift up the nations and I bring down the nations. I open up the Seasons and I bring to close the Seasons. My Winds and My Waves are ever flowing. You are to be ever rooted to Me. I am your stability through all that you will walk through and through all that you will live through as you see the coming forth of what I will yet do. Understand the working forth of My Hand.”

“The ones that are rooted to Me will have no trouble as the waves recede and the new waves return. The ones that are rooted to that which is leaving will suffer much travail of their souls and of their lives, remember I have told you that that which you love and are attached to will also dictate the direction you will flow, what you will grow into, and what you will become. If you are rooted to that which is leaving then you also will flow out with that which is leaving. Woe to those who will be caught up in that which will flow out and be removed, for their hearts will now be proved. But great Glory and Joy will be poured through those who are rooted to Me, for as I move and as I flow, so shall My Glory and Joy flow. It is time to set your focus on My Word and understand the things you have read and have learned. For as My waves go out and My Waves come in, the pages will also correspondingly turn and begin.”

“You are receiving this vision, so that you and My People would learn to be still and to even more trust in Me in the hours of instability, for this Hour is of Me. Earthly hearts will be tested as the things that are receding out flow out, for that which is rooted to them will be drawn to its source. The separation will widen as many follow that which they desire and the outcry will become a deafening roar, but you, My People, will fully whiten as I do My Work. Great, very great events will come into play as My Winds sweep further out each day. But you each shall stand and move under the direction of My Hand. Be still, continue to watch and pray, for the waves will recede even more everyday, until I have swept out all of what I have planned for your generation. Do not fear and do not waver. For My Greatest of Waves has begun to come and My Greatest of Works through you, will now be done.”


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