Monday, August 29, 2011

To the Prophets - get ye to the mountain of God

There is a reason Prophets need to spend time on the mountaintop. Alone. In a cave sometimes. Hiding from the world for a season. No voice other than His voice. We must silence the voice of the world to hear clearly the voice of the Father.

In times past if you wanted to hear the word of the Lord, you went to the Prophet's lair..or his house. They didn't have conferences and seldom spoke to groups. They published what God said or went someplace, delivered the word and never fretted if the word was heeded or not. Most of the time they were inquired of.

Faithfulness is the key to accuracy. If you need affirmation of your prophetic utterance from man, perhaps you are not a prophet. Speak boldly. Speak when and what God tells you to speak. Speak with confidence to whomever God tells you to speak to. Then walk away. It's not your job to see it thru. IF the person you speak to ignores the voice of God spoken thru you, it's not your fault, it's not your responsibility. God will vindicate. If the word you bring will never need to prove your prophetic gift to anyone. God will lead you to those hungry for hearing the Word of the Lord.

There will come a day when you will know that you know that you know and your calling will be your anchor. It's at that time when even when others doubt you know what God said and you bring it boldly. IF you are different at work, at play, with friends, with family then you may not be who you believe yourself to be. I should be able to poke you at 3AM and you wake up a prophet of God. Always that person. Always on. What God wants from you is faithfulness, reliability and instant obedience; unquestioning obedience.

Stay steady, let your anchor (The Call of God in your life) hold and you will fulfil the destiny God has designed you for.

You are immortal until you have fulfilled the purposes of God in your life.

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

love it,,encouraging word,,i was talking to a prophet at our church he was saying it was hard for him to talk to other prophets that things clash when prophet to prophet sometimes,,,so we have to find a prophet buddy to join up with.though.spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets...dis everyone forget out there....i was thinking of these things the other day and how david went and anointed his ownself in part of the story after his son my advice is to know ones calling and go anoint yourself and get with God and see what happens,,,he may choose to send someone to activation over you or not..depends on each person or he may make you come to the mountain in your gift in faith...

denise g. prophetic expressions