Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I See For America by Deana Barnes written January 19, 2010.

NeWine Pouring

I Believe that God showed me a picture of America in the weeks, months, and years to come.

I saw multitudes of prophets flood the land in the spirit of Elijah. Making strait the paths of the Lord.

I saw the map of America, the Continental United States and the edges of the map were singed around her borders. It looked like the same kind of map in the western series Bonanza, but instead of burning from with in, the burning was coming from with out. I asked the Lord, what is this? And He showed me that borders of America are at war. The one who hates her is raging against her shores; yet, there has been a grace, and the prayers of the saints have kept it from coming into the heartland. Because the heart of America belongs to God. The mind of America (head of operations) has been under assault, and the enemy is trying to take it over, and overturn the principles she was founded on. The heart of America is crying out for God to heal the land. It brought my thoughts over to the attack on New York, the hurricanes of the east coast, the hurricanes of Florida, Galveston; the devastation of Katrina. I thought about the border wars of Texas, Arizona, and California. The fires fueled by Santa Anna winds in California, and earthquakes along her borders; mudslides, and tsunami warnings along the Pacific Northwest Coast All of these natural manifestation of the spirit wars against America. There has been a power struggle in the heavenlies, a foreign god, a heathen god, has sought control because we have bowed to the gods of silver and gold, and have not raised a standard.

Over, and in the midst of the map of America I saw a bread basket. I saw wheat pouring out of the bread basket, and lying on top of the wheat I saw a campaign button. I saw red white and blue, and the picture of an individual who represents the preservation of the Constitution of the United States of America. I asked the Lord, what is this? The Lord said, this basket represents from where America will receive sustaining grace for the days to come. It is from the heart land of America; those who hold on, in prayer, to the original intent of Americas beginnings, who stand for justice and truth, who stand in the gap, and will continue to be the difference between life and death in the land. The heart of America still belongs to me. The enemy will not completely have her. But she will be shaken down to her Godly roots, and be built back up in the Spirit. I could see pockets of unrest, and uprising, places of lack; cities turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. On the other hand there will be cities of refuge

They will be given new names by the people, this one will be called the city of PROVISION, another will be called the city of GRACE, another, Brotherly Love, another REFUGE, another PEACE, says the Lord. Houses will be called The House of Prayer, the House of Provision, the House of Peace, and so on, like that. There will be pools in the deserted places. There will be streams, also.

Now I see this, and it is more from what I saw when the Lord said, and the First Peoples will have the last say, before America turns her corner, he spoke this to me in a vision of gathering storms. I gave this prophecy in late 2007. 11 months before America did turn this corner in August of 2008. And I was not aware that there was a walk organized by the community of Native Americans, at the time of this vision, but because of what the Lord showed me I looked for it. So the first people did have their last say when the Longest Walk ended in Washington DC., on July 4th 2008.

This other thing I saw was that the territories of America will be turned back over to their original rule (in the spirit). I want you to understand that there were places in America, that were known as hostile, and other territories were know to be friendly. And the territories will reflect that spirit that had control, before America was founded under one government, in the days to come. If the foundation is broken what can the people do? When an evil spirit leaves a man it goes out into desolate places and then says let us return to the house from where we came from, and it goes back bringing seven more spirits with it, and that house becomes worse than it was before.

She will be turned over to what ruled before her in the Land, from where it started so that it will turn to repentance and repentance calls in renewal, and the marred clay will become shored back up in the potters hands.

Some of these places were founded on greed, and the land had never been cleansed from the spirit that ruled its occupants. Places that were never, from their beginnings, dedicated to the Lord. At the same time that which was founded upon Godly principles will be pruned back to fruitfulness.

So I would say to my people, who are called by my name, do humble yourself and pray and do turn from every wicked way, that I may heal your land. But know this there is a time when one must come out and flee the land, as Lot left Sodom and Gomorrah , as the Apostles were forbidden to go in certain cities, and led into others, as the first church fled persecution, and like Philip was taken on to the trail of evangelism, and Paul let down from the basket to escape death so it will be in these days ahead. Listen to me! GO when I say Go, says the Lord. Hear my voice, learn it! Do not chase the wind, the fire, and the quake! Be moved by my whisper, be led by my voice! It will take you there! How wonderful, to hear the wind, and see the fire, and feel the quake, of the Chariots of God, where by His Army comes! And your appointment will not be missed, when the still small voice leads you! However, there will be those who run to the sound of the wind, to the fire, to the quake and they will not truly find me for they listened not, nor learned the sound, of my still small voice.

I see a fruit that is lacking. The fruit of kindness is lacking upon God's people, a harshness has come upon many. It has come from the business sector of this world, it is a worldly spirit and it is in the land and it possesses the work places, and businesses, and many have taken up this spirit. One has learned to smile while feeling disdain, and has had disdain for those who truly smile. True loving kindness is lacking upon God's people, and this fruit is the very thing that differentiates the Child of God from the children of this world. Kindness. Harshness will continue to increase, yet loving kindness will be the fruit that changes atmospheres, and showcases His light around you. I saw places in the land where ancient people practiced the law of kindness, by HIS laws freely working in them, out of their conscience, I saw these places as pools in desolate heights, in America where my houses have been built. Where by towns have been established. Have you ever been to a place that was so kind? It was established upon the fruit of my Spirit, says the Lord.


prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

real stuff here to reflect prophetically upon,,,,also talking bout fires in the cities,,,i also had a dream last yr of running from my city for it was burnt down,,,i was with an old prophet friend and i said lets get out of here,,,we saw people running to get out of the city and everything was all burnt down and destroyed...

Anonymous said...

yeah the hurricane is eating up the east coast.