Monday, December 26, 2016

Noise of Life

People wonder how to hear from God.  How to tap into the prophetic flow.  I don't know if I  have it all.. yet, but I know this, there is a noise in life that tries to drown out the the voice of God.

I won't list them all, but they emanate every night from your TV set.

Crisis, news, politics, sports, entertainment and a hundred other things.  All competing with the voice of God in your life.

It's easy to hear him, it's hard to shut things off to do so.

I struggle with this.  Most people I know do.  Reading the word only builds a vocabulary of Faith and victory. The word of God released is made real by the presence of God in your consciousness.  There is much revelation and glory there.  There is also a price to be paid in time and attention to reach that place.  Most never do.

Just want to encourage ME to shut down and begin to hear what Father is saying.

Maybe you too.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Celebrating on the other side of the Red Sea -- can lead to discouragement

Right now many people are jubilant at the outcome of the recent Presidential election.  Some people are downright giddy.  They are giving praise to God for the result.  Believing our new President to be some manifestation or type of great heroes of the Bible. 

It was the same after the last President was elected.  An almost messianic approbation was given.

God warns us of being too trusting in the arm of flesh, in man. He even pronounces a curse on those who trust in Man over God.

The story of the Crossing thru the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyptian Army is easy to remember.  Movies and Sunday school lessons rehearse this event. 

When the victory was sure Miriam Sang a song and a song of Moses was sung.  Exodus 15

“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like You, glorious in holiness,
Fearful in praises, doing wonders?
12 You stretched out Your right hand;
The earth swallowed them.
13 You in Your mercy have led forth
The people whom You have redeemed;
You have guided them in Your strength
To Your holy habitation.

Then Miriam led the singers in this chorus:
“Sing to the Lord,
For He has triumphed gloriously!
The horse and its rider
He has thrown into the sea!”

It was exciting, it was huge.  YET 3 days later complaints started.  Now water to drink and God had to intervene once more thru Moses.  

2 months later the Children of Israel began to complain, "We were better off in Egypt".  So God sent Manna and the Quail.

The complaining didn't stop.  Water from a rock was needed.  God brought them to Sinai 90 days after leaving Egypt.  There the earth parted and a large portion was swallowed up in rebellion.  

They had forgotten all the jubilation on the eastern shore of the Red Sea.  The drowned enemy.  The provision of the Lord.   

Within ONE YEAR God brought them to the Promised Land and it was pronounced undoable.  As a result they returned to Sinai and stayed for 38 more years and buried everyone except a few people who came out of Egypt.  

Eventually they came into the Promised Land.

This is the quandary we see in our society today.  The enthusiasm we see can be crushed by reality, disappointment and unrealized expectations.  It happened 8 years ago..before the end of Obama's first year there was great disillusionment.. among those who were his supporters.  

This will happen with Donald Trump.  Many supporters when things don't happen as quickly as they hope will become discouraged.  The exuberance we see in the market will draw back as the difficulty sets in.  I believe that MAY of 2017 will be a time to renew your dedication to making a better life. 

Don't let discouragement, the media, the sniping, the rumors get you down.  God's best is for YOU.. President may or may not be involved in that.  You will find yourself tested in your willingness to a commitment to improving our lives.  Not to a man, to a choice you make.  

Be careful not to let the enemy discourage you.. there are KORAH type people everywhere.  They are not your friends.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Present Truth... the God who is NOW and has ever been and ever will be

I have a feeling this should be a whole book, but I'll sketch out a word or two in this blog.  A revelation of who God is.. the Great I AM. 

What this means to you and me is anything that is next year, next decade or in the future in God is not  of God.  He is, and He is present right now.  He is not waiting for anything.  The kingdom is now.  Christ is now with us.  He came. 

Healing is not some future event, it is for you now.. for you to experience, not "if it be God's will", it is. He proclaimed it.  Not everyone is healed but it is his will for you.  Same level as salvation.. available NOW to all but now all are.

Deliverance from demonic influence is for you NOW.  Not for some time in the future. NOW is the time.  You don't have to jump thru hoops.  You can receive it NOW. 

The word of God alive in your life thru wisdom, prophecy and knowledge is for you for now.  It isn't something you need to wait on. It's a flow of grace that manifests itself in the believer's life with great power. 

Miracles are for you right now.  You may not see them NOW, even the other manifestations may not be seen.. yet they already are.. and you look better in the future than you do now.

When we pray in tongues, speak out in tongues, interpret tongues we are speaking out in a now dimension.. God hears and for him it is all NOW.

What we fail to grasp is that in heaven which Jesus told us to pray on earth as in.. that in heaven it is all NOW.  There is no past in heaven, there is no future. There is only an ever-expanding NOW. 

Once I power of Present Truth in God and the concept of Kingdom NOW... it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder.  Not waiting for some soon return, some rapture, some revelation of 666, some Antichrist, some mark of a beast.. Sure they are all patterns we see.. but in the nation of God it's all irrelevant.. We live in a kingdom not made by hands but by building blocks of saints. 

I can't and won't try to change your mind.  This kind of truth doesn't come by teaching or preaching but by the Supernatural Revelation thru the Holy Ghost.

Here's a clue on how to get at it.  Start reading the scripture as if it were all NOW.. present tense.  The historical books as a reference for understanding the new covenant, the Prophets and poetics as a window to who God is, not was.  And the Epistles and Revelation as a clue to how to grasp the now nature of the word of God.  Nothing is ABOUT TO HAPPEN.. Don't look to the stars, moons or sky for a sign.  He is with you right now.. as close as the hair on your body, as close as the air you breath.

One last thing, if you were to go back to the pilgrims that settled the USA they had a grasp of the NOW nature of God.  They weren't looking for the sky to part next week.  No white horses.  No rapture.

Even the Catholic and later the reformers like Luther were Amillenial.  Yes they did believe in a return of Christ of some kind and a resurrection of the dead... but they were also satisfied our task on earth was to build the Kingdom.  No new temple in Jerusalem, no red heifer.  

The whole end times and kingdom to come theology with a church waiting without spot or wrinkle is a theology only a couple hundred years old.  Time to let heaven come down to earth with a NOW revelation. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

When "Truth" is viewed thru a prism, crucifixion follows for those who do not see what you do.

At this season reflecting on the Advent of Jesus and all the theology that follows I think of the violent reaction of those who reject the truth of who Jesus is.

The Pharisees hated him.  Called him names.  Were angry that he seemed to go against everything they thought they knew.  Eve though today we know HIM as the truth and the way.. he was reviled to the point where the cross was the only answer.  Demons, devils and deception rallied together to cry out Crucify him.

It is the same today.  When someone comes with truth that does not fit what you believe "EVERYONE" knows there is a violent reaction.  King Herod at hearing a truth responded to the Birth of Jesus by killing all males under the age of 2 in Bethlehem.  Of course Jesus and family were long gone.

Do not think it strange when you bring truth to people or point out something that is difficult for many to handle that there will be persecution.  The devil is a liar and the father of lies.

Here's how to know when you have stepped into the arena of demonic reaction to truth.
  • They will blame you for what is going on that isn't good in their eyes
  • They will predict that if you aren't stopped any way possible that things will get worse
  • You will be called all sorts of names 
  • The attack on you will be personal, direct and hurtful.  That's the intention.
  • You will be accused of thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that do not even come close
  • You will be called a heretic, stupid, ignorant and unlearned
  • You will be accused of being out of step with "conventional knowledge"

IF you do not conform the devil cannot abide the continued truth you bring countering his lies and will try to have you killed, not physically, but your reputation, honor and stature.  You will be hung on a cross of some kind.

This does not mean you should STOP speaking truth, standing for truth, proclaiming truth. It does mean that you should not be surprised when there is radical opposition.

This reality is not only in spiritual truths but any time truth is told.. expect persecution.. anger and crucifixion of who you really are.

Yet is is worth it to tell the truth.

Friday, December 9, 2016

There is a RIVER and you are it

I have come to understand the river of God.  We talk about jumping IN the river.  Or the river flows in a certain Church or ministry.  That we want to go deeper in the river.  

There is a deeper revelation of the River of God.  We are not IN the river, we are the river.  If flows into us by the Infilling of the Holy Ghost and Flows out from us by the Gifts of the Spirit.  You are the river..

The reality is you can't experience the fullness of the River of God in your life and extended to others if you aren't pouring out.  God can only pour in as you pour thru.

Some people are transparently the river.  Some are not.  Some are an impediment.  Filled to fullness but not overflow.  Like the Hoover Dam to Lake Mead.  At some point the rain stops falling and the filling stops.  That's the picture I see of many.  And like Hoover Dam.. the pouring out is a source of income for some.  Not free flow, but we will harvest that flow to generate something we can sell just as the Dam generates electricity for sale to the public.  You gotta pay to stay hooked up.

This was never God's plan.  I have been convinced for some time that the gifts of God can only be exercised as we experience the continual infilling.  Paul the Apostle wrote... Be ye CONSTANTLY and CONTINUALLY filled with the Holy Ghost.   Ephesians 5:18  If you read greek you will see I am not stretching the true meaning of the words.

This principle applies to every aspect of our walk in the Spirit.  Mercy, Love, Friendship, Prosperity, Joy and favor.  As you pour out into others you will receive back more of what you just flowed in and out of your to others.  Generosity is that.

I no longer accept the idea of SOWING to reap what you sow. That is doing something that involves expectation of return.  EVEN if no one ever loves you back, Love anyway.  If people cheat you in money, give anyway.

Jimmy Swaggart's Great Song..

There is a river, and it flows from deep within
There is a fountain, that frees the soul from sin
Come to this water; there is a vast supply
There is a river, that never shall run dry.

THERE IS A RIVER AND IT FLOWS THRU YOU... let it flow and let it rain.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Prophetic Word for those who are disappointed in the results of the election...

The devil is working overtime on vulnerable people right now.  Lies are flying fast and furious and those who buy into the lies are being put in chains of deception that will cause them to go deep into depression and sin.  Much of the disappointment many feel at the outcome of the election is causing serious mental health issues.  For the unbeliever there is no cure.  They will have to work thru it and end up with drugs or drink to become bitter and angry.  Acceptance is not their portion.  The devil has succeeded in capturing them in a grand deception.

My concern as a prophet is for those who know Jesus and are also disappointed.  Some of them are friends of mine on Facebook.  They are buying lies and it will affect their walk. 

The denial deception after the election has caused many to believe there was widespread voter fraud, (there wasn't), Broken voting machines or hacked (there are none), hopelessness in a hopeless recount (won't change a thing), trying to bully electors not to be faithful to their duty and not vote as their state did (won't work).  It is causing not just distress but it creates victimization and helplessness that manifests itself in anger, profanity, insults, thin skin, declaring people idiots, even the President elect.  If you deem to speak truth to the situation expect to be struck back. The real concern for me is they are already pressed down and the devil is using these lies, conspiracy theories and deceptions to keep them in chains of despair.

This should not be.  There is much hope and joy at the year to come.  A reset will be coming and it will be a new day.  I am here to offer you a chance to see what is happening to you... it should not be that you my friend have entered into such darkness.