Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Prophetic Word for those who are disappointed in the results of the election...

The devil is working overtime on vulnerable people right now.  Lies are flying fast and furious and those who buy into the lies are being put in chains of deception that will cause them to go deep into depression and sin.  Much of the disappointment many feel at the outcome of the election is causing serious mental health issues.  For the unbeliever there is no cure.  They will have to work thru it and end up with drugs or drink to become bitter and angry.  Acceptance is not their portion.  The devil has succeeded in capturing them in a grand deception.

My concern as a prophet is for those who know Jesus and are also disappointed.  Some of them are friends of mine on Facebook.  They are buying lies and it will affect their walk. 

The denial deception after the election has caused many to believe there was widespread voter fraud, (there wasn't), Broken voting machines or hacked (there are none), hopelessness in a hopeless recount (won't change a thing), trying to bully electors not to be faithful to their duty and not vote as their state did (won't work).  It is causing not just distress but it creates victimization and helplessness that manifests itself in anger, profanity, insults, thin skin, declaring people idiots, even the President elect.  If you deem to speak truth to the situation expect to be struck back. The real concern for me is they are already pressed down and the devil is using these lies, conspiracy theories and deceptions to keep them in chains of despair.

This should not be.  There is much hope and joy at the year to come.  A reset will be coming and it will be a new day.  I am here to offer you a chance to see what is happening to you... it should not be that you my friend have entered into such darkness.

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