Monday, December 26, 2016

Noise of Life

People wonder how to hear from God.  How to tap into the prophetic flow.  I don't know if I  have it all.. yet, but I know this, there is a noise in life that tries to drown out the the voice of God.

I won't list them all, but they emanate every night from your TV set.

Crisis, news, politics, sports, entertainment and a hundred other things.  All competing with the voice of God in your life.

It's easy to hear him, it's hard to shut things off to do so.

I struggle with this.  Most people I know do.  Reading the word only builds a vocabulary of Faith and victory. The word of God released is made real by the presence of God in your consciousness.  There is much revelation and glory there.  There is also a price to be paid in time and attention to reach that place.  Most never do.

Just want to encourage ME to shut down and begin to hear what Father is saying.

Maybe you too.

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