Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Burden of the Prophetic Rebuke

Of all the things I find difficult in the prophetic realm is when from time to time God calls on me to confront or rebuke someone. I do it seldom.  Those who are simply prophetic but not in the office are not called to do so.  Yet when someone is place in a governing position, it becomes a duty, a call of the office. It's not easy nor pleasurable.

It has happened seldom, yet more often than I would like.  When I have had to do so, I always do it with as much love as I can muster.  I try to not destroy the relationship.  I might be the only voice left in their circle who has earned the right to say, "My dear sir (or mam) I regret to tell you that you are full of poop again".  Even Billy Graham had Grady Nutt.  He had the right to say exactly that.  He didn't destroy the relationship in his rebuke.

Too few senior leaders have such people in their circle. They think they are their own prophets.  They think they hear from God, "why do I need another person to hear for me".  The truth is, as a Prophet, I NEED to hear from other prophets.  I have several I trust to tell me the truth.  The most dangerous spiritual leader on the planet is the one whose life verse is 1 Samuel 30:6 And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.

They use that verse as a reason why they Don't NEED a prophet in their lives.  Lone wolf.  Naked. Vulnerable.  Ready to be picked off by satan.

Worse for many of these are leaders of other ministries who they might ask to speak into their lives.  Men or women who have an axe (ministry) to grind.  Who have no benefit in speaking a hard truth.  In fact many times they are most vulnerable because they are in the same place (encouraging themselves).  

What is needed is a prophet who has nothing to gain nor lose by telling you the truth.

I won't give you a list.  There have been some painful events.  Telling a spiritual leader that he was about to die when all kinds of other prophets told him he would live and not die.  Telling a known apostle that an error he made was about to cost him his ministry.. and he lost it in 6 months.  Warning an apostle of gross error that would cost him everything.. and it did.  I have warned a few national leaders by mail and thru those who I knew inside the ministry.  I don't know if it mattered.. but obedience is better than sacrifice.

Here's the truth, God loves his sheep more than he cares about protecting his shepherds.  If a man or woman of God is out of order, God will send his spokesman to warn them.  If they won't take the warning or worse if they have surrounded themselves with a cocoon of protection such that Nathan can't get face to face... then the error will kill them off.  Maybe not dead, but removed.

His people are precious to HIM.  He will not long stand for them to be abused.  It's the hardest think I ever have to do, but if I am disobedient he will pull the anointing from me.   That's must not be. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tales from the Prophetic

I think about what goes on in the Prophetic realm.  It helps me to know that I am hearing from God when I prophesy.  IF I ever believed I didn't I would stop cold.   Not to would be blasphemy.  I'm not going there.

If you are a prophet in the office of the prophet you will often have people come up to you and say, "Do you remember what you prophesied over me 3 years ago".   Of course truth be told, of the hundreds of prophetic words I have given I cannot remember.  But they do.  They have taken those words and sealed them in their hearts.  The message I get from these events, knowing that they are not only meaningful but life changing, directive, forming makes me cautious, careful, deliberate, listening to God before I speak.  The words I give people matter so much that to be flippant with them would be a travesty.  I remember several meaningful words spoken over me over the years.  I know that God is in them.   Prophesy is not to be treated lightly.. and I don't.  If you operate as a prophet.. your words really matter. 

A few nights ago a woman, Pamella, came for a word from God. I gave her what I saw. She was really broken.  Really hurt.  Father loved on her.  I don't know how she will take this long run.  She was actually looking for a crystal ball experience.  Looking for a husband, would she find one?  Was there money hidden for her?  That kind of thing.  What Father had me to say to her was much more in depth than what she was seeking.  Life changing.  I hope she knows it was God.   She may be one that comes back a few years from now and says. "Do you remember".  When I hugged her (as I often do when I know a word needs a seal of the Love of God) she sobbed, held on tight, just stayed.  I wonder often if a word lacking the love of God is worth LESS.  Just thinking about it.

There is a merger that takes place in the Prophetic.  That which is me and that which is God speaking thru me.  I really want to keep the two desperate.  I do.  I want to have an opinion.  I want to be Gene sometimes.  Yet, HE keeps invading my space till I am pushed aside.  I don't object, but sometimes when I find myself horning in, He allows me to fall on my face, picks me up, dusts me off and says, "Just say what I say".   That doesn't mean that every single word I say or write is inspired of the Holy Ghost.. just more than I thought there would be.  I will begin to write on an issue, or a situation and suddenly words come that I know full well are not my own.  Much better than I am able.  It's not spooky, it's just how that works.  IF you decide to submit your will to HIS as a prophet, He will take up residence and you will slowly be evicted.  It's not all bad... it's fruit

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Prophetic Truth can be Painful

This last few days my role as a Prophet has become amplified.  More intense.  More direct.  Yet.. I am doing what I am called to be.  A prophet to the nation. 

It's not that I want to hurt or harm anyone, yet to a person bound in lies, truth hurts.  Those who are in the chains of deception have found comfort there.. and when set free.. find it is uncomfortable, strange, weird, disconcerting.

IF I must choose truth over comfort, I will choose truth.  No matter who's truth it seems to be.  I will choose Righteousness and Justice, no matter who's justice and righteousness it seems to be. 

We must never become so settled in our deceptions that truth cannot invade.  One of my friends in the faith is Ron McKenzie who writes brilliantly about so many things.  He has written on this gift and its impact on the church, the body of Christ.  Read the whole thing here:  Prophets and the Church

We must fight hard for the real prophetic and eschew the false.  There is too much of that.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Key Prophetic Words and Strategies Over - Israel, Cuba, China, America and More!" Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX

Dear Watchmen:
Ferguson, Missouri has been in the news since the Lord sent us there on June 18, and said that this area would become the dividing line of the nation. We have stayed focused on the borders and all the issues of immigration and drug cartel wars.
I believe nearly all of us have seen the reports coming from Jerusalem with a new wave of violence. Cars have been used as weapons to drive into innocent bystanders, and most recently, men armed with butcher knives and guns attacked a synagogue.
The Lurking Dragon!
When we were flying into Tel Aviv earlier this month, I saw an unusual sunset. The sun, though setting, looked like it was rising from the ground. Above the glory realm hovering on the ground was sky. In the sky was a perfectly formed black dragon! The message the Lord had me to deliver in Jerusalem was:
"The dragon is hovering over Israel. There is a birth that is near and the enemy wants to stop what God is birthing. There will be much conflict in the next several months but you can stop the dragon from having his way." (Photo of Chuck Pierce in Israel via Glory of Zion Ministries)
I went on to speak from Revelation 12. I called Rick Ridings, the leader of the 24 Hour House of Prayer in Jerusalem. Rick had already planned to share an earlier vision of a great fire-breathing dragon circling the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He shared that when flames came from its mouth, violence was released onto the Mount (which has been the scene of increasing turmoil over the past several months). Amazing!
We must stand and turn the enemy from Israel. In the vision, Rick was made to be aware that the dragon's real intentions were to ignite a much larger and more far-reaching conflagration of violence. Suddenly, he saw two words in the heavens, "NOT NOW." His message was: "I saw a dragon on the Temple Mount, but God said, 'NOT NOW!'"
A great foot descended from Heaven, pinning the dragon to the ground. Then the Lord reached down, placed shackles on the dragon's feet, and imprisoned it in the underground mosque at the southeast corner of the Temple Mount. As this was happening, in the worship room where Rick was having the vision (which has a view of the Mount), the leader was singing from Psalm 149 about the high praise of God's people "putting kings in chains and nobles in shackles." (Photo of Chuck Pierce in Israel via Glory of Zion Ministries)
In the days following this, conflict continued and many in the media were predicting an impending huge eruption of violence and the start of a new intifada ("uprising").
In a second vision on November 4, Rick had a vision of the imprisoned dragon shrieking and attempting to break out of its dungeon in which it was imprisoned - demon spirits were going forth from its mouth out of the confines of the prison to incite terror. Rick felt the Lord say we were to ask Him, as the Judge of the Universe, to give a "gag and restraining order" to silence the dragon for this time period.
Watch Cuba!
I gave this prophecy about Cuba and New Orleans on September 21, 2010 during a staff meeting. The Lord showed me Cuba becoming a nation that we would begin to see differently. Then in 2011, Cuba (and Castro) would be favored.
Venezuela would go through a government shift! Then they will align with Iran and Russia over oil, and form a thick shadow of deception. This shadow of deception will attempt to overshadow Cuba. The shadow will rest on Cuba and the leaders of Cuba will align with this confederated network. This shadow will attempt to come in through the Gulf of Mexico and enter America, to vie for its control through the port of New Orleans.
China will take a stand on behalf of America's future before America fully stands up (since China is gaining economic rule in America in the ports). New Orleans will have to establish the presence of God at its gate to withstand this, or else rioting will occur and the transfer of wealth will shift wrongly in the ports. (There have been reports for almost three years of spying subs in the Gulf.)
Key Prophecy for NOW: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion
Our service on Sunday morning was just amazing. Following our Convergencia Hispana gathering on Friday and Saturday, the sound of the nations was released during our worship and the portals of revelation of Heaven were opened. The Spirit of God began to declare as Brian Kooiman gave a tongue for interpretation.
"This is a season where you're going higher than you ever imagined. I am taking you higher and higher and higher and higher; you have only begun to glimpse where I'm taking you. Raise your sights! Raise your eyes! Look at Me! I Am taking you higher and higher.
"There are certain things you can't see where you presently are. Until you begin to become buoyant in faith with Me, you will not be able to see what I would have you see. So keep going higher, and you'll get to a place where you can breathe only by the Spirit. I Am taking My people to a place where they will require the oxygen of My Spirit to begin to move into the thoughts that I have. Vision is coming to you in a new place."
Song of Spirit:
I know you're tired, but come on higher anyway
I know the battle has been weary, but come up higher anyway
I Am giving you an aerial view
I Am giving you an aerial view
You are going to see things that you've never seen before
I am going to download strategies that you didn't have before!
(Photo of Convergencia Hispana gathering via Glory of Zion Ministries)
"Lift Your Eyes! You've looked at the roots and the trunk of the tree, but you've not seen what's in the top of the tree. I have things hidden that have been captured there that only you can begin to gather, by coming higher. This is a day that you must ask Me to bring you into a new place. Some of you will fall from this high place, but do not fear. There will still be life in you, and you will rise again."
Shatece McLeod then gave another tongue for interpretation:
"Today is the day I come with an injection of My holiness. The injection of My holiness will go into your blood veins in a new way, and it will activate the DNA inside where I have been received by you. Get ready for this injection, because all that receive this infusion will receive an open Heaven.
"You will receive the authority to deal with the disturbance in the second airways. So get ready, get ready, get ready because when I, I Am, when I, I Am, comes upon the scene and you begin to fall upon Me and rest, you will see Me released to go before you.
"I Am raising up a standard of righteousness among you this hour. Many of you have been confused of the purpose of My grace. My grace is not here to let you wallow in your short-comings and your fear and your lack. My Grace is here to raise you up to the standard of My favor, of My excellence, of My purpose in this world. My grace is not for you to wallow in.
"Get out of your wallowing! Get out of your mud pit! Get up and stand! If you cannot stand today in this standard that I Am raising, then you come and you lay your face at My altar and you put down everything else; I will raise a new standard before you. (Photo of Convergencia Hispana gathering via Glory of Zion Ministries)
"Your shins are stuck in the mud and you've been striving to get through that hard place that you've been in. Part of that place is from your making; other parts are because the enemy has come in like a flood and muddied your path. But I am going to interject an anointing down through your feet that will cause you to now walk through that which has bogged you down. If you will change your mind from how you see My grace, then My grace will interject and fill you, energize and move you forward."
May each of you be thankful for all that He is doing in your life!
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Terry Bennett Ministries - A report from the Prayer Front

In light of all that has been happening in Ferguson we wanted to share this email that we received. Even in the midst of darkness the Lord is still moving through His people who are willing to stand and to intercede.

What's Really Happening in Ferguson, Missouri? by Kingsley Walker, MO State Prayer General

 Current Situation The City of St. Louis and the nation await the release of the judgment of the Grand Jury regarding Officer Darren Wilson and the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9. There is much speculation and opinion as to when the verdict will be announced, but that information is well guarded, available only on a need-to-know basis. With promises of violent behavior, burning cities, and death threats, all branches of law enforcement have gone to 12-hour shifts, schools have stockpiled supplies and food, and people are being told to stay inside and prepare as if a large winter storm were coming.

On Monday, November 17, Governor Jay Nixon, signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard. He has stated that violence and destruction will not be tolerated. With only a few official agencies having specific and accurate information, the media machine makes “news” out of nothing, broadcasting opinion and printing speculation not based on truth. In this environment, fear and intimidation thrive, which drives citizens to believe they must protect themselves and their property from what may be coming. In the last month, gun sales in nearby communities have increased 300%. Positive Reports Even as aspects of the situation have remained volatile and unstable, intercession and worship have increased throughout the city.

A prayer meeting at a local church at one of the entrances to the city of Ferguson has been going non-stop for the last 10 years, gaining momentum since August. Churches are praying and have come together both inter-racially and interdenominationally to donate food, water, and more than 3,000 backpacks loaded with school supplies for children in Ferguson.

In September alone, law enforcement received so many donations that they had no more room to store the blessings. Throughout the month of October, a tent was erected in the middle of Ferguson where worship and prayer was released for 12 hours every day. In conjunction with the tent, evangelistic teams went into the streets and neighborhoods, a prayer room was established, and worship leaders and teams from throughout the city came to shift the atmosphere of the city with pure worship. Over 21 days, 50 people made commitments to follow Christ, including a warlock and others that came to protest, but left praising because they found Jesus.

Several potentially dangerous gatherings have broken up and dissipated as worship was released among the unruly participants. Coming in a spirit of intercession, worshippers began to sing and position themselves between the protesting crowd and the Highway Patrol forming a protective line. Within minutes, the riotous crowd deflated and dispersed as “this isn’t fun anymore” and “I’m going home” were heard. Others in the crowd joined the worship, with several coming to Christ.

The City of Ferguson has commended the “Jesus People” for their efforts and said, “We don’t know what you’re doing, but when you do it the atmosphere changes…thank you!” The Missouri Highway Patrol offered their thanks as well, saying “Many of our officers were singing with you as you moved between them and the protesters.” Prayer changes things. Let us continue to intercede on behalf of the people in Ferguson and the rest of the cities in this nation. Let us pray that the Lord would create an opening to move upon hearts and that His ways and His will would be established in this nation.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Vision of Days to Come

I have shared this with a few people privately. It's now time to go public with a vision of the days to come. I see what will (or might) happen as Radical Islam expands in the USA. What we saw in Israel in the Synagogue will happen here.

No one in government seems to realize that Radical Islam in the USA is a clear and present danger that must be dealt with at once. They are out to cause fear and havoc. They want to divide the USA into groups.. that process is already underway. The racial divide is deepened because of Islamic influence. The right to HATE the OTHER has become normative. Ferguson is adding to this divide. I see Islam as part of this division.

There must be an aggressive answer to Islam on our shores. I know many see these people as a mission field and Jesus is reaching many, but this demon released in November 2012 is manifesting more aggressively than anyone thought they could. We cannot let them victimize this nation without an answer. God will not sanction a weak response.

I am praying against an attack being planned right now. I have heard their strategy in a vision (a dream). It will happen at a shopping mall on the east coast.. Maryland or DC. They will grab some shoppers at random around Christmas time and behead them publicly in a parking lot. Yes the attackers will be killed (72 virgins await) but the deed will be done. This is designed to create fear and anger. This will work for a while, but until we face the reality of the internal threat to our nation, we cannot deal with it. Islam is a demon that has invaded this country and will not rest till it brings the nation to it's knees. Our leadership has no answers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leaving it ALL behind to Follow Him

Some people think, and publicly advocate, that our culture, our racial, ethnic and economic identity should be retained for its cultural aspects even if the mythology surrounding it is recognized for what it is as a big fat fraud.

Is this a good thing?

I’m not so sure.


Hobbits have bare feet.
I was born with bare feet.
I am a Hobbit.

Our identity is interesting….
Human brains are not fully developed at birth and take years to fully develop.

Culture forms a large part of human development.

Humans are born expecting culture. We have evolved with brains which have the capacity to learn vast amounts of information, more so than any other living species. We are born with brains which need culture to fully develop. It’s our childhood culture which enables our brains to develop fully.
Since a large part of who we are is formed during our early development, it seems natural that many people born will retain that culture as part of their identity.

It is tragic for a child born into a twisted and contorted worldview to have to retain their allegiance to it after discovering the fraud. Much like I think it would be tragic for a child born into the Mafia, Scientology or some weird UFO cult to continue to feel they are defined by their birth culture.

So it is with the cultures we carry on our back.  We see them as who we are.  They conflict with the reality of who we become as a new creation.

I am hearing Jesus say, "Come follow me".  He said it to the fishermen, to the tax collector.  They set aside their culture and became a new man.

Today we have people who cling to cultural norms that are in opposition to who they profess to be in Christ.  Germans (my culture) did during the Nazi days.  Rwandans did during those days (they professed to be Christian).

There are a lot of functions of today's popular cultures that are in opposition to the truth of Jesus.
  • Hip Hop/Rap/Acid Rock
  • Redneck
  • Wall Street
  • Government and Politics Culture (MSNBC and FOX)
  • Big Business
  • Gangsterism
  • The Hispanic Culture
  • The Asian Culture
  • The White Culture
  • The Black Culture
  • Sports Culture (look at how pervasive it has become)
  • Music Culture (People who live with a set of earphones on 24/7 having their brains reprogrammed.

The list could go on.. not to say there aren't Bible Believing Christians in some of those cultures.  There are. I have met them.  What is true however is this, Jesus is going to at some point call you to leave behind the culture that has become an obstacle and an idol to you.

It's a constant battle.  Satan will use your cultural bias to hide the true calling of God on your life.

Jesus is still saying, lay down your cultural nets and follow me.. now the question is, can we?

A really good word

I am reading through 484 comments made in response to an earlier post about how I can help you. This post is a tad longer for a reason.
“Take heed WHAT ye hear.” (Mk 4:24)
AND... “Take heed HOW ye hear.”( Lk 8:18)
Jesus warned us to do both - "what" and "how."
These are days when information bombards our senses from a multitude of excited sources. Anger and fear, agitation and division surround us. Good people are stumbling, marriages and ministries shaking. It is hard enough to sort out truth from error on our own, it is even harder when others all around us are conveying their opinion based on how they hear.
Your secret weapon is not information. The world has that. Your secret is REVELATION from the Word God is speaking TO YOU. The circumstances of Jesus teaching this "take heed" idea are important. He did so while explaining the parable of the sower and said…
"But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard THE WORD in an honest and GOOD HEART, and HOLD IT FAST, and bear fruit with PERSEVERANCE.” – A “good heart” is a rare heart. It is a heart that truly desires to "hold fast" to the revelation knowledge God gives in the seed form of His Word.
Those with a "good heart" have ANGELS assigned to GUARD them and ADVANCE them. This company is the core of the NEXT MOVE OF GOD!
What separates you from everyone else is FAITH. Your FAITH is YOUR PASSPORT through this hour of history. Faith is the currency that makes material SUBSTANCE out of the things we hope for. The Word of God heeded will cultivate, curate, develop the force of FAITH! Keep your heart free from the deteriorating and corrosive voices of unbelief coming from others who are not cultivating their capacity to nurture the “seed” of Gods Word into the “fruit” of a supernatural harvest.
This is the call to PERSEVERE in the face of conflicting evidence and voices. The call to a deep inward walk and talk with the Holy Spirit.
CAUTION -- BEWARE the tendency of many to back up from the front lines of battle into a kind of monastic spirituality that disengages from the warfare in culture. Half the problems of our society is due to the lack of courage and candor that comes from those who have genuine light and revelation of Gods ways for family, marriage, economic dignity, independence from others – including dependence on government. We need engaged believers not spiritual hermits who back up from the darkness.
After the parable of the sower Jesus said: “Now no one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Spiritual soaking must be followed by circumstances squeezing the virtue out of us and into the gladiators arena of faith.
IN YOUR SPHERE of influence YOU are the light of the world. Be winsome, informed, empathic and daring. Be a voice, an ORACLE for the kingdom- not an echo of despair.
AFTER the parable of the sower and the “good and honest heart,” AFTER challenging followers to NOT HIDE their light Jesus warned…
"So take care HOW you listen; for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him." Listen to the voice of faith. Let your ideas be articulated. Do what the Father shows you to do, even if it rubs against the grain. The muscle you build be disciplining your FOCUS to filter WHAT you are exposed to, combined with the sharpening of your thinking to get to the ROOT of the issues will result in you being a LIGHT in your contest with darkness.
Your “perseverance” will build character and a foundation for greater revelation and larger spheres of influence.
This is the path of the 7m Warrior - the front lines of a new apostolic missionary movement in journalism, film, politics, college campuses and business. You are a new model of purity and power in marriage, singleness, family and community. You are the innovators of solutions to problems, the dissolver of doubts, the champions of a new culture.
When THIS gospel of the kingdom is preached in every nation…when Gods wisdom is displayed openly, rejected by goat nations or embraced by sheep nations, THEN the end shall come and YOU shall enter into the reward of rulership with Christ in the kingdom of His Father.
You will be unashamed while others are embarrassed. Don't hide your light. Be BOLD and OCCUPY till He comes.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

There is no Vision when you Have Scales on your Eyes

I woke early this morning and the Lord had given me a word.  It's for someone who is seeking God for a breakthrough.  It is for me as well.  Sometimes when I get a word, I think it might be for someone else..and then discover it was for me.

Here's what I heard the Lord say:

"If you could see what I see you would never fear, never waver, never be discouraged, never be in lack, never have doubt, never be emotionally upset.  In fact, if you could see what I see you would live fearlessly in perfect Love and Harmony with all because you would see the end and the beginning as one.

There will come a day when you will have all the scales dropped from your eyes.  The day you step from time into eternity, you will no longer see thru a glass darkly.  You will see face to face and it will all make perfect sense.  I am who I am and there  is nothing else that even compares to ME.  All attempts to make me in your image diminishes my Glory.  You do this because you have scales on your eyes.  Your vision is impaired.  You capacity to see is so limited that what you think you understand is shaped by what think you see.  That is why I have told you to live by faith and not by sight.  True faith IS TRUE SIGHT.  Your vision is so limited because you consider the challenges you face as more real than I am.  You depend on human understanding, your own understanding, your own experiences, your own vision.  That vision is so profoundly limited.  It is a perishing vision.

The scales that cover your eyes are fear, anger, prejudice, bad advise, tradition, misdirection, past experiences, pride, arrogance, ambition, greed, doubt, unbelief and presumption.   They are a part of who you are, yet if you could have those scales dropped from your eyes you would see more clearly.  My desire for you is to see clearly, to not be deterred from your purpose in Me.  It's the only purpose that matters.  You already have some of the Scales stripped away... yet there are more.  Without those scales you would see the angel armies all around you. You would see ME high and lifted up without scales.  You would see ME sitting at the right hand.   You would see the stairway where angels ascend and descend.  You would see beyond your seeing... not in your flesh.  Spirit eyes are scale free eyes.  Saul lost them on a street called straight.  You can too.  You know what to do.. let the scales fall from your eyes.  Don't hang on to them.  You can see more clearly.. for that is what I created you for."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blind Leading the Blind is a Curse to THEM

Jesus saw blindness in the people of his day.  They were blind because misleaders who were equally blind were leading them into a trap.. not because they designed it, but because they couldn't see.

 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.  Matthew 15:14

We have that today.  In ministry, In media, In government, In Education, In Entertainment.  All sorts of people purporting to know "The Truth" and leading people to a ditch from which many will never emerge.

Do we ignore them.. do we tolerate them, do we argue with them, do we denounce them?  Jesus said that we should ignore them.

But what of those deceived and mindlessly going to the ditch.

I have personally struggled with this.  This is what I hear the Lord saying about those so misled,

"Some  of these will emerge bruised and confused.  They will be looking for answers.  Answers I have placed in your mouth.  Do not be afraid to give them what I have shown you.  Some will reject the truth, even in their despair and defeat.  Even if you were to show them a sign from ME.. it would make no difference.  Their hearts are hard, their blindness is intentional, and they will die in their deception."

It's hard, I was deceived into thinking I could show them the truth.. but alas.. no. 

Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of your words.       Proverbs 23:9

Friday, November 14, 2014

Reserve Glory for the Perfect One.. for HE is Jealous of HIS Rightful Honor

The death of Myles Monroe, and others that will follow had once again illustrated to me a flaw even Christians have.  We hold up those who have passed from time into eternity and remember them incorrectly.  It creates an unrealistic standard that has caused many to reject people who are not "Perfect" in every way.

Yet many of those who were great leaders in many ways were flawed and in the hard light of day could have been ridiculed by a cynical crowd.  I do not live under any such illusion.  I know my own flaws too well.  I know that every great man I have ever known (and I have known some great ones) have some enormous flaws. 

When we look back in History we can point to great men and women of our past who did great exploits and yet with close examination you find them deeply flawed.

BUT.. as is human, we hold them up as paragons of virtue, near Godlike.  We give untoward Glory to msn that belongs ONLY to God.

I think about the men held in High Reverence today.

Martin Luther King jr
Martin Luther (Himself)
Abe Lincoln
John F Kennedy
Malcolm X
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Amie Semple McPherson
Nelson Mandella
Oprah Winfrey
Barack Obama
Winston Churchill
King David

and Millions others we remember thru rose colored glasses.   Yet all of these men and women had flaws, flaws that without the grace of God would be fatal.

The issue for Father is, we expend secular worship on people which should be reserved for him. Sports figures are worshiped today.  Entertainment figures are worshiped (think Kim Kardasian), musical talent is worshiped.  The glory you waste on them is truly wasted.

It doesn't mean we cannot honor goodness... but that seems to no longer be the case. All Glory and Honor and Praise belongs to the King of Kings alone.

My prophetic warning is to consider to whom we pay extraordinary honor.  They are human, flawed and fallible.  Only ONE is worthy.  Reserve your honor for him ALONE... only He has the perfect reputation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Prophetic Significance of Myles Monre's Death

It all happened Sunday afternoon, while flying into the Grand Bahamas.  I have flown into the Grand Bahama International Airport many times.  I can understand how this happened.  There is a shipyard right in line with the main runway.  To takeoff or land depending on the wind you must pass directly over that shipyard.  It is a crane in that shipyard that was hit by the approaching jet and caused it to explode in air killing all on board.

The weather was horrible as they approached.  Commercial aircraft was not landing.  Windy, rainy, stormy.  Even the best pilot would find this approach nearly impossible. 

Yet he tried.  He took a chance.  He knew that if he failed, as the pilot, he would be most at risk.  I am certain that the passengers were well informed of the rough landing to follow.  Prayer would have been on everyone's lips.  In avaiation the adage is, taking off is easy, landing the plane is the real problem.  The plane will fly itself.. landing is not normal for a flying machine and it has to be coached into being back on the ground.  That may be a slight exaggeration, but it's not far from the truth. A jet wants to be flying at hundreds of knots 8 miles high.  That's what it was designed for.

In an instant, in a storm, on a risk, lives and most likely a ministry was extinguished.  A man of great influence stepped from time into eternity.  He's not unhappy about this, but those of us left behind mourn.

I had never met Myles Monroe.  We always attended Bahama Faith Ministries Church whenever we were in Freeport.  The people were kind and accepting of this "brother from a different mother".  As is normal we were unique.. and that was too bad.  Globally Myles Monroe had a multicultural reach, but locally it was not so. 

It's a satellite church in Freeport, in other words, the service and preaching from Nassau was shown on a screen.  Dr Monroe would preach and we at a distance would watch.  The ministry was live, the worship was live but the word was remote.  I know this is a common pattern today.. but there is a risk.  More on that later.

In the crash Monroe's successor, Dr Richard Pinder was killed too.  There is no longer a designated second in command.  Moses and Joshua are both gone at once.

His Books, video recordings and other transcribed material will live on. That is the Legacy of Myles Monroe.  Those who were greatly influenced by him, those who were discipled and sent out by him will continue to carry his baton.  The church in Freeport and Nassau will operate for a while but without the set man.. will likely founder.  God always uses a set man or woman.  He doesn't use boards, committees, organizations.  No one will take Myles Monroe's place.  Not exactly.

Yes, someone can use the existing facilities, keep many of the members, maybe keep the name and honor Myles Monroe's legacy, but it will have to be a new set man to carry it forward.  This is always the challenge when these things happen.  It is often said that there is no success without a successor.  Yet, in the end God picks the successor.

I have lost some great men of God as friends and pastors over the years.  Two come to mind.  Robert Schmidgall and Dan Rothwell.  Both were set men by God. When they died it took years for another to take their place.  The churches foundered.  In the last year another great man of God passed.  I didn't know him well, but had ministered to him before his death.  Set man is the issue.  God sets them, not man.

For the most part God doesn't much care that you are the Pastor's son or daughter, or son in law or brother in law or such.  He does the picking.  It takes a prophet to declare the succession.  I suspect that a prophet had warned Dr Monroe of this potential. He just didn't point out that who will pick up the mantle. It will many times not be the man or woman you would pick by reason.  Jesse will have to bring out ALL his sons for the prophet to anoint the right one.  That means that ruddy faced kid in back 40 sometimes is the set man of God.

Succession based on family seldom works.  I can think of only a few occasions where it did.  It usually only works when the successor goes off to a distant work and then after years establishing his own track record and credibility come back to the fellowship.  That almost never happens.

IF there is to be a person to take over and successfully perpetuate the ministry in Bahamas it will be one who is not there, who comes back and who's hands are clean before the people.  No one there now will succeed as successor.

There are prophetic implications in all this. Here are Seven:

1. The landing was of urgency. Dr Monroe was having dinner that night with Andrew Young Jr, Former UN Ambassador.  He really wanted to get there.  In aviation we call this homeitis and it's a killer.  The desire to reach your destination so much that you take deadly risks to get there.  Even in an automobile people suffer from this by driving in a snowstorm to get someplace when they have no right to be on the road.  Father would say, "Before you build a tower or go to war, consider the cost".  If he had missed Dinner that night, there would have been another.  There won't now.

2. No man knows the day nor hour.  Even though the risk was significant and understood, the pilot had done worse than this with success,  his desire to please Dr Monroe outran his judgement.  Father would say, "Prudence and man pleasing are not compatible".

3. Legacy Matters.  The amount of honor given Dr Monroe is appropriate and correct.  He was a great man of  God. I know he was controversial to many. I sat under his teaching and cringed sometimes at what I heard.  Yet he did great things.  He advanced the kingdom.  His legacy and God given wisdom is eternal.  In that way he fulfilled his purpose.  He ended well if too short.  Now it's time for people to mourn and remember and then take what this means to continue to advance the kingdom using the wind at their sails that Dr Monroe provided.  Then to move on and move out. 

4. There is no significance to the date or the fact that he died in an accident.  God didn't take him and the devil didn't kill him.  We must understand to quote a famous bumper sticker, "Things Happen".  I know I misquoted it, but you saw it on the back of a rusty old Ford F-100 in Forrest Gump.   The quickness, the permanence and the results of all that are yet to be determined.  Those things are still on this side of the veil.  Father would say, "Do not ask who sinned, but keep your hearts pure and repent lest a worse thing happen to you".  Tower of Siloam reference Luke 13:4

5. The tragedy of his death and those of the many who died with him is only exceptional in it's obvious publicity.  The multitudes who sit beneath the throne now martyred in the middle east who were pressured to recant.. and lost their heads from not recanting.. they are to be mourned as well.  The death of all saints is precious.. all of them.  None is greater or lesser at the foot of the cross.  If you read the book "Final Quest" there is an encounter on the other side of the veil with the Apostle Paul.  Father says, "In the light of MY Glory all of man's success and honor is put in perspective.  I will judge that which endures and that which is wood, hay and stubble and that which is silver and gold".   If Dr Monroe were able to speak of this today, he would be the first to say, "much of what I did was burned up.. only some endured".   ALL Glory be to God.

6. He wouldn't come back now even if he could.  He is experiencing that which is only anticipated today by you and me.  It's beyond our understanding, yet there have been glimpses.  Don't mourn for his present state, mourn for OUR present state.  Minus his greatness.  He cannot come to us, we can only go to him.  Yet when it seems like he is right here, he is.  The distance between you and him is  small and the veil is thin.  He is not aware of you, but you can be aware of him. His spirit in that way lives on.  I think of Dan Rothwell every day.. and know his spirit is still with me.. yet he is not.  That is legacy.

7. Be ready, you don't know if your next breath is certain.  You may never get a second's warning.  I was in a near fatal plane crash.  There was no warning.  We all survived, yet had we died.. it was without warning..  The twinkling of an eye and we would have been caught up to meet him in the cloud, as was Myles Monroe and his wife and all the others on Sunday afternoon.

So keep all this in proportion. Consider what legacy you will leave when you step from time into eternity.  What hope or instruction you will offer.

It all matters.  Father says, "we have many teachers, but not many fathers".  Myles Monroe was a father to many in the spirit. That persists after he died.  Fatherhood matters.  It forms who you are.

Paul the Apostle speaking to the Corinthians said:

1 Corinthians 4:14-17 I do not write these things to shame you, but as my beloved children I warn you. 15 For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel. 16 Therefore I urge you, imitate me. 17 For this reason I have sent Timothy to you, who is my beloved and faithful son in the Lord, who will remind you of my ways in Christ, as I teach everywhere in every church.

Let us believe that the Timothy's of Myles Monroe, the thousands of them sent into the world will advance the kingdom.  Of that Father says to Myles, "well done good and faithful servant, My son in whom I am well pleased".

Sunday, November 9, 2014

False Hope and False Fear come directly from the pit of HELL

I am not afraid of fearful things. I will hold out alerts to stay on the wall as a watchman.  Yet, there is not fear.  No fear because the overwhelming admonition of the word of GOD is FEAR NOT.  You are not given a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.

So I stand against much of the foolishness that passes for prophetic interpretation of current events that cause men's hearts to fail for fear.

Fear is a poor umpire of good decisions.

Go with the Peace.   "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you are called in one body; and be thankful."  Coll 3:15

So when I see these things meant to strike fear even in a believers heart, I reject them out of hand.  They have no place in the believers life.  Even death has no sting.  Yes there is pain and struggle, even in the most difficult death, but there is no sting in the end.  Yet false fears are death themselves.

The brother to False Fear is False Hope.

HOPIUM - Addiction to hope.  It is very hard to deal with.  Most people who teach and preach against false hope are accused of being faithless.

There is a real hope, a genuine hope, a hope based in God.  Our hope is built on nothing less.....

It's the hope stirred up and driven by fantasy that is the most addictive.  HOPIUM.  When a person has to come down from that addiction it will cause them to become so disappointed they will become sick. I have known of some who become so distraught over lost hope they commit suicide.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

These false hopes always have a pattern.  They are easy to spot.   Danger Signs of False Hope:
  • It's always a day away.  In the future.  Coming soon.
  • There will be an outside something or someone who is the agent of deliverance.  Never yourself.
  • It will be wealth of one kind or another beyond belief.
  • You won't have to DO anything to get this hoped for blessing.
  • Only those of a certain positioning will get this.
  • I know of someone who has and you can too.. it's just that no one ever met him or her.
  • It seems too good to be true.
  • When that day comes.. it will be beyond belief better than today
  • Your life becomes captured by the hope of this coming to pass soon
  • Everything you could do to change your situation is put on hold while you live in hope
  • You become imprisoned in your mind by this hope.
  • Your belief in this hope amuses the Devil who knows he has disarmed you.
  • It also makes you the fool.

The truth is there is only ONE SURE HOPE.  It's not an event.  It's not coming soon.  It's a MAN.  He's on a throne.  He's a King.  He has a Kingdom.  It's now.  You don't have to hope for it.. it's all around you.  He's not coming, He's here.  There is no tomorrow to fear or hope for, there is today and today had enough goodness to satisfy if you only open your eyes.

If I were to tell you all the false hopes I see.. it would stun you.   Wealth Transfer is one such.  There is one, it's already happening.  Every day.  It's not coming... you just aren't yet seeing it.

So next time someone tries to sign you up for one of these false hope programs, remind yourself of this truth:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Are You Legitimate as a Minister of the Gospel?

New poll 96 percent of young people ages 25 or younger are not sure there is a God.Only 4 percent are sure . This shows us where there is a great harvest available .. Let us pray for rain of Gods outpouring on the young people and find ways to get the word to them.

So, here's the question. Do we "convince" them by quoting a Bible they don't believe? Do we preach Hell to them? Do we try to convince them they can live their best life now? What do we do. I know the answer. Apostle Paul knew the answer.

1 Corinthians 2:4 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, 5 so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.

So what does that look like? Pancake dinners served in the fellowship hall? 

NO the answer is a few chapters later.. the DEMONSTRATION of the Power of the Spirit of GOD is there. Chapter 12 done in Chapter 13 style (the more excellent way).

Yet in the bulk of failing churches and denominations in the USA today, none of this is happening. Why? FEAR. Fear of not being able to walk in what the Shadow of Peter did. Fear that the "clergy" would be shown up for what it is.

We don't need clergy to do the work. They are boot camp sergeants.. that's all. Preparation. IF the people walking out of the building aren't flowing in ALL 9 Gifts they are unequipped. YES that means, Tongues and interpretations of tongues, Prophecy, Wisdom, Knowledge, Supernatural Faith, Healing, Discernment, Miracle Works. These must be normative or we will fail to reach this generation of lost souls.

Only by demonstration as Paul did can we ever hope to make an impact.. yet we are afraid. I will be so bold as to say that if you are unwilling or afraid to move in this, you are a counterfeit. Time to step out from behind the curtain of Religious trappings. Dorothy and Toto stopped believing in the great and mighty OZ long ago. Now show me.. Or sit down.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Look for the Man of Peace

Jesus gave his disciples instructions. To look for a man of peace. 
 Luke 10:5-7 Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house.’ If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; but if not, it will return to you. Stay in that house, eating and drinking what they give you

We need that man now. We need to eat and drink at his table and be filled.

From A Friend.. good thinking

Do I fit the shape of things to come, a future uncertain? Only His preparation predicts precisely the footing of the sojourner, the step beyond his last. So there is no reason to hold on grimly to the handrails of faith. There is no better seaworthy vessel in salty torrents than the boat Jesus boards. He is Master over storm and Lord over His own law. He is a watershed in the day of evil, when the illusionist performs his little magic tricks, staging power-plays in a world in love with itself. Measured by the vapor of mortality, narcissism becomes incidental eyewitness to the diminishing returns of self preservation. 

Truth is what Truth does. No one survives death but Jesus. So in Christ's death and resurrection is the only safe harbor, no exceptions found in religion. Co-death and co-resurrection is the Way.
Christ is Way to our way. He is our Truth and Life. This removes us from being of this world, but in it we remain; yet, our way is not of this world. For we are of two estates simultaneously... in the world, but not of it... of heaven, but not yet (physically) in it.

To my retractors who have labeled me a Universalist. I am not. I do not believe there is a way to the Way. But I do believe that Western Christianity has created a way to the Way. This I call religion, additions of works and law to the pure gospel. Paul makes this truth plain as day:
"I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel."

Jesus IS "Way." I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe in the gospel to the Gentile (ethnos), given to Apostle Paul by revelation (Gal. 1:12)... a gospel by grace alone, no strings attached. Again, a note to my retractors: What additions have you made to the gospel of Jesus Christ? And if you are a purveyor of Jesus-plus-law/works, are you adding darkness to the stage our adversary performs on?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

God Says, "I will break the back of the Spirit of Poverty"

"BUT you must tear down the altars on the high places" 

171 times in the Bible there are references to tearing down high places. There is even a song about it. One I like. The problem is good Christian men and women are still sacrificing to idols on the high places. They may not have an asherah pole or an altar to Baal in their backyard.. yet they live a life of fantasy as if they did. Even the wealthiest man who ever lived, Solomon, who had married foreign wives, sacrificed on pagan altars on the high places.
1 Kings 3:3 (KJV) And Solomon loved the LORD, walking in the statutes of David his father: only he sacrificed and burnt incense in high places.
Why did they do this? What purpose did it serve. I don't think Solomon believed in Baal or any odd god. He had heard from and seen the manifestation of the true and living God. There must have been some other influence.

He did it as a way to show his wealth.  A way to appear above it all.  We know this because the Queen of Sheba came and brought wealth to him and he astounded her with his.  There is little evidence of her devotion to Jehovah God.

This kind of conspicuous consumption, the showing off of one's wealth has always been the downfall of people called of God.  Hezekiah showed off his wealth and it cost his heirs the kingdom.  He said, "At least there will be peace in my time".  His selfish conspicuous wealth flaunt doomed his children.

When King Solomon's son Rehoboham took the throne, the kingdom split and collapsed.   Civil war became the curse of the nation once again. 

The problem with outlandish conspicuous consumption for those who are leaders, for those who have authority, for those called of God is that those things become traps, high places. Strongholds that are erected against the knowledge of God. 

2 Corinthians 10:4-5
(4) For the weapons of our warfare are not merely human, but they have divine power to destroy strongholds.
(5) We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to obey Christ.

These things become an obstacle for the work given to a man or woman of God.  How many people who God has wooed by his Holy Spirit has been put off because of the offense of conspicuous consumption by clergy.  "They only want your money" becomes the excuse.

One at this point can become defensive.. but I am here as a prophet to warn against indulging every whim that wealth can bring. The reality is once you have experienced true wealth and after the spirit of poverty is broken from you, you will find that your appetites come into line.  The wealthiest people on the planet for the most part live pretty simple lives without ostentatious external consumption.  Only people trapped in poverty need to have $300 shoes, $2000 suits, $300,000 cars, or million dollar homes.  When I see this in the area in which I live, one of the wealthiest in the nation, I know there goes a man or woman TRAPPED by poverty driving their Rolls, living in a mansion they can't afford.   The spirit of poverty starts in the soul.

Getting free of the spirit of poverty starts with tearing down the altar to Baal in your life.  Recognizing that more is an unending appetite. 

In Ecclesiastics 5 it says: 10He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity. 11When good things increase, those who consume them increase. So what is the advantage to their owners except to look on?

The spirit of poverty has a slogan, "He who dies with the most toys wins".   Yet many who God called out of poverty never have broken the chains that poverty imposed on them long ago.  As long as they are subject to this spirit, they will live broke and broken.  Never enough. Holes in their pockets. 

The real issue is those who preach uber prosperity are those most afflicted with the spirit of poverty.

Learning to be content.. and secure in the Lord and his provision is the only true prosperity that exists anywhere.. Find that and find peace.  Break free from the spirit of poverty.  Break down the altars in the high places.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We are now in Phase Two of Terry Bennett's prophetic timetable given him by the angel Gabriel

For five days in December 2001, Prophetic minister Terry Bennett received visitations from the angel Gabriel revealing to him a 21-year period marking the rise of the antichrist to a position of ruling the world economy, government, and a new one-world religion.

Terry said the angel appeared to him in December 2001, starting the 10th day of December and going through the 14th. He said Gabriel visited with him for several hours each day and told him what would occur during a 21-year period starting in 2008 through 2028. He divided the period into three seven-year periods. He then spoke about each seven-year period revealing what would be the predominant issue of each period. As Gabriel spoke about these things Terry was shown visions allowing him to see the events happening.

Each period will have a predominant issue beginning with economic trouble, then governmental changes, and finally the rise of a one-world religion. In all of the 21 years (from 2008-2028) there will be some elements from all three of these areas.

Period One – Economic Trouble:
The predominant issue of the first period, from 2008-2015 would be economic problems. Gabriel told Terry, “2008 will be the beginning of economic sorrows in our nation and in the world. During this time the great economic wealth of the United States will be neutralized and the military power of the United States will be greatly diminished.” The economic problems will be the primary cause for the military power being weakened.

Gabriel told him, “The status of the United States as a world power would end during this time.“
Terry explained there was at least some good that would come from this, “In one sense of it this is the protection of the Lord because if it were not for this downfall the spirit of antichrist that is coming out of Europe would make a grab for this nation.”

There will be a change in the U.S. currency. A different currency is going to come, at least one. That will entail us no longer being the reserve currency of the world. I believe we are on the verge of seeing those things take place in our nation and the banking system failing again. So there are very serious things coming economically.

Period Two – Governmental Changes:
The economic problems of the first seven-year period would be the primary cause for the next major issue occurring during the second period from 2015-2021. 2014-2015 would be a transitional year leading to the next seven-year period, which would be a time of dramatic changes in governments around the world, great political turmoil, and wars.

Terry explained, “What the United States is going to go through is civil conflict, civil war, and then invasion. This will greatly diminish the desire of the spirit of antichrist to take hold of this nation. So there was a side of it, particularly if we pray, that all of this would result in a blessing from the Lord to keep us from the domain of the spirit of antichrist. I saw in the governmental arena we will go through a dramatic change in our government and there would be a time of anarchy and chaos. For a while we will have a fractional government, which means basically our government will come down to the state level because of the military stepping in and having to seize control of our federal government. We would call it a coup, but in all honesty it will be to help our nation. That is why the military will step in. I believe we are now on the verge of these things happening. Lawlessness and chaos was shown to me, and civil unrest.”

The angel Gabriel told Terry, “When the checks from our government stop coming to the people the chaos will ensue.”

Terry explained, “Then we are going to see a major change with our government. The great economic turmoil in the 2014-2015 year of transition will bring on these changes in government. Then there will arise a new government in Europe, which Gabriel warned me. Here is what he said to me back in 2001, “Keep your eyes on four nations. They are signposts to what is coming. Firstly keep your eyes on Greece. Secondly, keep your eyes on Italy. Thirdly, keep your eyes on Spain. Fourth keep your eyes on France. Greece is going to want another Alexander the Great. Italy is going to want and emperor. Spain is going to want a king and queen. France is going to want another Napoleon. Satan is going to offer that to them in one person. They will say yes. Through chaos they will gain control.”
Terry explained, “I believe some of that chaos will be created, purposeful, while other chaotic events will come because once they get it going they will be unable to control it. The economic chaos will lead to dramatic governmental change in Europe, as it will here in our nation. It will begin in the economic arena and then go forth into the governmental arena. Major governmental changes are going to happen in various parts of the world, particularly in Europe.

Period Three – The Rise of a One-World Religion
The final phase revealed to Terry occurs in 2022-2028. The predominant part of the governmental troubles will be in preparation for, particularly in Europe, the arising of the spirit of antichrist. What is coming is called the new world order, but behind that is the spirit of antichrist and the false prophet spirit with that. With that is coming a one-world religion.

Terry explained, “I was told it would be a combination of three world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all brought together into a one-world religion. Those three would be combined as a compromise, a mixture. Each of those three religions believes in one god whereas other religions have many gods. The one-world religion will be presented as a solution that will bring peace, when in reality it will be a compromise and a mixture offered by Satan to turn the world away from the absoluteness that there is no other name under heaven whereby men can be saved than the name of Jesus Christ. Anybody who refuses to accept the new one-world religion will be labeled as a radical terrorist and a threat to world peace. As it goes forward it will move to murder. It will be declared by a religious leader in Europe that this person whom they will receive as their governmental leader is god, when in reality it is the antichrist”

When this religious leader declared this man to be god, Terry saw hundreds of thousands of Catholics rose up and said no. They resisted what they knew was an attack against the Lord Jesus himself. As a result many Catholics were murdered. He also saw many Protestants resisting and they were also put to death in great numbers. He saw millions of these resisters put to death, martyred for their refusal to accept the divinity of the antichrist.

Terry explained, “There will also be resistor nations and tribes of people, even in the European area, who will be unwilling to go down that path, but it was at great cost of life that they will resist, and some of them will resist. Satan is going to push for worldwide acceptance of the antichrist, but he will never be fully accepted. There will be sheep nations that absolutely resist and there will be people groups who absolutely resist.”

Gabriel told Terry, “The people of Ireland and Scotland will never bow to the antichrist.”
Gabriel told Terry, “You will see 666. You will see the number of man demonically controlled in economics, government, and religion. When it goes to religion that is when the mass martyrdom begins.”

Unprecedented Exploits from a Remnant:
We know from the Bible a time of great trouble is coming upon the whole earth. However, for those who walk close with God will see great things during these times.

Terry Bennett explained, “At the same time as the unprecedented in the earth is happening I believe there is going to be the unprecedented moving of the spirit of God among His people. I believe a lot of that is going to be a remnant issue. I want every person to be involved in that, but I believe, especially in western culture, there is going to be a remnant issue, although I think there is going to be some very major moves of God in western areas of the world, but even more so in the east. The Lord keeps saying to me that His people are going to do unprecedented exploits. He is saying to expect the unprecedented, what has never even been written and what has never even been heard about. What we have recorded in the scriptures, but I believe we are in the final showdown here. The Lord said to me, ‘Prepare for the invasion of heaven.’ The unprecedented is upon us. God is going to do that which has never even been heard about and that is exciting.”

Consider What Has Already Happened: 
Since Terry received these revelations in 2001 and he saw events that would start in 2008 we now have the benefit of hindsight to see how accurate he was. He saw economic problems would begin in America and the world in 2008, and that is exactly what happened when the housing market collapsed. Anyone who thinks our economy has recovered from the 2008 collapse is mistaken. Despite the non-stop propaganda coming from the mainstream news media to convince us of a recovery, there has been no recovery because none of the problems that caused the 2008 collapse have been addressed. In fact, the problems are much worse today than they were then. Just consider these points:
  • Our government debt is now nearly double what it was in 2008.
  • Our Congress has now suspended the debt ceiling.
  • The too-big-to-fail banks are now even bigger.
  • The FDIC has approved plans to use depositor accounts for bank bail-ins.
  • Our southern border is now wide open, making us more vulnerable than ever to terrorist attacks.
  • Median household income in the United States has declined 8% since 2007 (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).
  • Despite a growing population there are 1.4 million fewer full-time jobs in America today than in 2008.