Thursday, November 27, 2014

Prophetic Truth can be Painful

This last few days my role as a Prophet has become amplified.  More intense.  More direct.  Yet.. I am doing what I am called to be.  A prophet to the nation. 

It's not that I want to hurt or harm anyone, yet to a person bound in lies, truth hurts.  Those who are in the chains of deception have found comfort there.. and when set free.. find it is uncomfortable, strange, weird, disconcerting.

IF I must choose truth over comfort, I will choose truth.  No matter who's truth it seems to be.  I will choose Righteousness and Justice, no matter who's justice and righteousness it seems to be. 

We must never become so settled in our deceptions that truth cannot invade.  One of my friends in the faith is Ron McKenzie who writes brilliantly about so many things.  He has written on this gift and its impact on the church, the body of Christ.  Read the whole thing here:  Prophets and the Church

We must fight hard for the real prophetic and eschew the false.  There is too much of that.

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