Sunday, May 31, 2009

Penetcost - A word of a new start - The Dead Church Stinkith

Right now millions are praying all around the world. Praying for a breakthru for the body of Christ. Praying for a release of the Spirit of God. This is a global day of prayer. A Global Upper Room. This is a day targeted toward a new fresh flow of the Spirit of the Living God in the world, the land, but most of all, the church.

If my people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from Heaven and Heal their land.

God will start by healing his Body on earth. That's where the healing touch must start.

The healing we need is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost. A fresh flow of the spirit of God. Newness of life.

Every Dead Church must be buried. They spiritually stink up the area around them. The corpse looks good, the undertaker has done his job. She is propped up in that box. There are people looking in. Many remember how beautiful she once was. Back in the day.

But she's dead. Gone. Not coming back........Unless the Master breaths once again life into her.

If he does rise up she won't be at all like we remember her. She's been dead. It's been liberating.

Bury her or raise her up! Don't let her lay there stinking and rotting. It's a funeral or an outpouring. Nothing else will do.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stepping out your Ministry Calling is dangerous

I appreciate those gifted by God in a ministry and move in that gift. I recently was in a service with a gifted man of God who flows in the gift of worship in the church. He has a heart for worship. It's marvelous.

Then he tried to preach.

It's not his gift. Because of his reputation people came out. But it was all entertainment, no revelation, no new wine. He has stepped out of his anointing into an area where he is not ready to minister.

I give him grace. I will offer time for him to develop. He's a young man. Great potential in God.

As I sat under his ministry for one long night, then I heard the Spirit of God say:

Your calling is your anchor. If you walk where I have called you, you will not drift. I will protect you. If you step into areas without my anointing and calling you will be vulnerable to sin. Saul stepped into the role of a Priest and offered sacrifice and it cost him everything. Be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall.

Then in hearing this I was struck with a sense that this young man was on the verge of falling, in sin. He exposed himself by stepping out of his calling. I wish I didn't know this. This is a burden of the Prophetic. I will try to warn. Even if it's rebuffed. My calling is sure. His is not.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Joy of the Lord Vs The Depression of the World

If the joy of the Lord is my strength, then what happens when the world comes down on me? I believe that if I allow myself to become entangled in the affairs of the world I will become depressed.

The opposite of Joy.

Joy is also the gateway for provision. He loves a joyful giver. He told the faithful steward to enter in the the Joy of his reward.

If we are going to prosper in God we must not lose our Joy.

If we have no strength we can't work or produce. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.

Thoughts on Worship from Two Worshippers

The lowliest worshipper has permanent significance. Who else has? Worship is the greatest act of the human spirit, the unique instinct unlike any other form of life. With worship we operate at the full human level and become more than human, truly the children of God.
Reinhard Bonnke

Because the King abides in us through His Holy Spirit, we carry His presence with us wherever we go. Therefore, every moment of every day becomes an opportunity and a reason for worship. Worship is how we handle ourselves in the presence of the King. Worship is not what we do; it is who we are! We are worshipers by nature. As the King's intimates and favorites, our entire lives should be a continuing act of worship!
Tommy Tenney

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The spirit of sloth is consuming a generation - Hard Word Two

Here's what I believe I hear the Lord Saying:

The devil has come to steal kill and destroy. If he cannot destroy a generation by war, by famine, by addiction, by infanticide, he is now attempting to kill it by a spirit of sloth.

This is an spirit that looks like luxury. A spirit that seems to have at it's root status and privilege. Instead, it is a spirit designed to crush the capacity for productive activity even when inspired by my spirit. It's advertised, it's promoted, it's published. You deserve this the world system says.

Look and you will see those who take shortcuts, do not work, find ways to avoid doing what is needful. Even in the church. Even among those who are my called ones. Sloth, even laziness has cast a shadow over them. Many among my people believe they are living by faith, but are in fact possessed by a spirit of sloth. They have bought a lie that causes them to sit and do nothing expecting me to reward their sloth.

They have become accustomed to living from the goodness of others and from the government. Some even couch what they are doing in taking my name in vain by saying that they are doing nothing but seeking ME. They are blinded to the requirements and warnings in my word about the perils of sloth.

Entertainment in the form of television, movies, video games, personal devices, computers plus over medication legal and otherwise, are added to labor saving devices even education systems that have inspired a spirit of "winning at any cost even if you have to cheat", doing everything except working at it.

This spirit has been set upon the world to derail the destiny I have for this generation. Generations that went before were good examples for work, but now there are many even of the generation in authority today that no longer demonstrate productivity. They now model the very slothful spirit for this generation. They are being used of the enemy for evil.

A Hispanic woman has risen to be nominated to the Supreme Court of the land. The story of her hard work, her parents sacrifices, the obstacles in poverty she overcame are being lauded. This is a common story in MY WORD. The fact that she is being held as an example means she now is the exception. Overcoming difficulty thru diligence is now considered unusual. This contrast is a prophetic example of how far you have drifted from diligence.

It is unusual because the spirit of sloth is loosed on the land. Your children and your children's children are most targeted. I am calling on my prophets and preachers to speak out against this spirit that has been loosed to destroy heritage on the earth. They are MY heritage. I gave them to you to steward. Take back this ground from the enemy by prophetic and apostolic action.

Some have seen difficult economic times as a curse. I say to you, this is my judgment on many things. This is restoration of the truths of my word. This is in part how I will purge the spirit of sloth from the earth from this generation. See what I am doing and cooperate with my moving.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disturbing Thoughts

"For you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy."
– Psalm 63:7

"I don't care how colossal his intellect –
No man is greater than His prayer life."
– Leonard Ravenhill

"Whatever call a man may pretend to have, if he has not been called to holiness, he certainly has not been called to the ministry."
– Charles H. Spurgeon

"May the Lamb that was slain,
receive the reward of His [sacrifice]!"
– Paris Reidhead
Ten Shekels and a Shirt

"Millions of professed believers talk as if [Christ] were real and act as if He were not...
our actual position is to be discovered by the way we act, not by the way we talk.”
–A.W. Tozer

Last Gasp

I heard the Lord say that this latest push by the Homosexual protest for homosex marriage is a last gasp not a trend.

Let every word you say be true.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Divided House? Can it stand?

I have been asking the Lord how he sees his Body, his people, his purposed ones when there is such obvious radical distance between them.

Somehow there has developed parochial doctrines and formative leaders who are revered by one part of the body and unknown by others. Or worse, even demeaned.

I read a couple Catholic Blogs, I read a few Evangelical Blogs, I read some from my Lutheran Friends and of course I am well familiar with many in the Pentecostal and Charismatic realm.

What is astonishing to me is there are many books written by Evangelicals that are completely unfamiliar to me. One such is John Stott. John Armstrong writes of him today. I never heard of him. Apparently he is held in some revere. OK.

Among Catholics, I am MORE familiar. Several of the desert fathers and religious of the middle ages are among reading that I have engaged in. Theresa of Avilla.

Luther of course is well read theology for me. Calvin? Not so much.

Then, at the same time there are many many revered pentecostal writers that have carried me to new places in God.

Wigglesworth, Lake, McPherson, Joyner, Yonggi Cho, Murray and many others who are important faith fathers I hold in esteem.

I suspect Father must be bemused by this mess. We are all his children but we have been raised by such different mothers and fathers in the faith that we don't recognize each other nor the parents of our siblings.

Now, the real question is do THEY (my siblings in the faith) have to become more willing to read what I hold dear, or do I? Frankly some of what I have read in the past causes me sleep problems (I fall into it).

I admire those brainiacs who read these great tomes of theology and at the same time wonder WHY. How about a good shot of Holy Ghost? Wouldn't that be better?

I don't think this will be easily resolved. I have little interest in trying at this point in my life to read a book by some guy I don't know write about a God he may not.

Devotion to Father is something else. When I read Luther I see that. When I read some Pentecostals I see that. When I read the tomes of LOVE for Jesus by the devoted of centuries ago in Catholic literature I see that.

Some of this other evangelical stuff reeks of lukewarmness and has the same effect on me it does on Jesus. Read Revelation for his reaction to the lukewarm.

So, how do we come into unity? How do we become one body? JESUS. Thats all. Everything else is phony plastic banana religious pap.

Can we get past that?

Maybe that's why I like the raw unfettered word of God read and studied for what it is.....Nothing more nor less. On every page Jesus shows up somehow. That's more than enough and if some author is able to hold Him high, I'll read it.

The Primary Call of a Prophet

From David Korakus
"However, the primary call of the "prophet" has always been to proclaim REPENTANCE in a spirit of concerning love when man corrupts what God has ordained. It seems that the church is content and comfortable with the gift of "prophesy", but has an aversion and resistance to the words of the "prophet." Those who are naming or calling their ministries "prophetic," but refuse to confront sin and "religion" in the church are the creations of man ... for they seek man's approval. Prophetic ministry is one of the few things in life that we must "have both ways." We readily take the message that edifies and encourages. However, we also must take the message that confronts and calls for "personal" repentance."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sticks and Stones can break my bones.....BUT WORDS??

I watched parents today with their children. If they beat them black and blue the damage would be less.

They are terrible.

Words can build up or tear down. Life and Death in the power of the tongue.

Tearing down is all that happened today. Word of negative Prophecy spoken to children. The net result is death.


Everything that CAN be Shaken WILL be Shaken

This is from Charisma's Prophetic Insight.....I agree prophetically with Mr Ravenhill. The colored Highlight is my own. Gene...

The following message first appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of
Unchained!, a quarterly magazine published by Pure Life Ministries ( It is still relevant for us today and offers encouragement about the times we are living in. The message is reprinted here with the permission of both the author and the publisher.

Ravenhill-4God promised to shake everything that can be shaken, and He is not slack about keeping His promises. I don't ever recall a time such as today, when almost everything is being shaken.

We are seeing unprecedented natural catastrophes taking place throughout the earth. It was just a few years ago that a tsunami claimed more than 200,000 lives. And in the spring of 2008, within a week's time, we saw two more disasters in the Far East kill at least another 120,000 people. There is no doubt in my own mind that such events are the promised "birth pangs" Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24.

The United States has not been exempt from this alarming trend. For example, in the first half of 2008 we had more deaths by tornadoes than we have had in any given year for more than two decades. The U.S. economy is fast heading into a recession—maybe even a depression. The almighty dollar, once the benchmark of monetary value throughout the world, has now been surpassed by the euro. As the United States continues to weaken, Muslim terrorists and rogue nations grow stronger.

In addition, we are witnessing a moral implosion unlike any that has occurred in previous history. California has taken the unthinkable role of sanctioning homosexual marriages. [In November 2008, Proposition 8 reversed the California ruling, but gay marriage is legal in 5 other states.] Pornography is now regularly viewed by millions of people. Even child pornography has escalated at an alarming rate.

Another concern I have is the blatant anti-Christian attitude emerging in our country. Although the two incidents that have occurred at different times involving religious cults in Texas (Branch Davidians and polygamous Mormons) clearly had extenuating circumstances, the government's response seemed very heavy-handed. I can't help but wonder if this is a precursor of things to come. It wasn't so long ago that newscasters and politicians were comparing some Christians to Islamic terrorists.

American Christians have never experienced real persecution before, but Jesus made it very clear that this would be pervasive in the Last Days. Let's face it, in the current environment, about all it would take would be for some weird "Christian" group to attack the government to bring about a public outcry against everything Christian. I believe during our lifetime we could very well see a president, in the interest of national security, closing churches and establishing a Guantanamo Bay for "religious insurgents." Have you forgotten what it was like right after 9/11?

How will believers make it through such difficult times? I don't think the answer will be political maneuvering or mass crusades. This is a spiritual issue that requires a radical old approach. When the church faced persecution and opposition in times past, she always triumphed through koinonia: believers binding together in fellowship, prayer and mutual support. This is normal, everyday living for our brethren in numerous countries right now.

Nevertheless, as contradictory as it may sound, I believe the church is heading into her finest hour. It is an exciting time to be a believer! We are going to witness God's bringing everything into subjection to His Son.

The Lord is shaking things for a reason—so that "what cannot be shaken may remain" (Heb. 12:27, NIV). I for one will be happy to see the church purged of all her carnality and worldliness. I long for the bride of Christ to be without spot or wrinkle, a true light in the midst of increasing darkness.

Perhaps the best way to prepare for what is headed our way is to begin to live as though it were already here. What I mean by that is to start focusing on the eternal, rather than the temporal; start forming quality relationships with other like-minded saints. Then when life as we have known it begins to unravel, we will be ready to meet the future as a friend rather than as an enemy to be feared.

About the author: David Ravenhill ( has served the Lord for more than 40 years, working as a missionary, pastor, teacher and itinerant minister. He is the author of several books, including Surviving the Anointing and Welcome Home (both Destiny Image), which reflect his burden to see the church come to maturity through intimacy with God.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Prophetic Fulfilment

From the Word of the Lord for 2009
At the beginning of the year the average price for a gallon of gasoline was about 1.90 and crude was in the 40 dollar range.

Fear = Opportunity

Gasoline and Oil and Energy will be ample but more expensive. This low price is temporary.

I see prices in the US $2.50 range and Crude in the $80 range.

By the first day of Spring, new spring will spring. It will not be over but things will look very different. Hope SPRINGS eternal in the hearts of MEN. Spring Brings Hope.

Completed in the Faith - Yet under construction

Peggy cleaned the garage yesterday. While doing so she came across a term paper from my first year in college. I got a B+. I would have been 18 years old.

It was on my belief in God as expressed in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the church I grew up in. It was a doctrinal review. Reading this was like going back in the wayback machine. It was interesting to see what I thought was important in the Faith.

On one level, it's pretty good work. I'm guessing many people who attend the Lutheran Church today could not articulate what that 18 year old boy did back then.

However, as I read it, I see in it some Hubris, some dependence on Heritage and some incomplete development in the Faith.

I can honestly say there is not a core theology I reject that was espoused in that paper. All of them are fully in place. There is one difference however, I have become immersed in the Spirit of God. I am in HIM, and He is in me. We are intimate and known of each other.

I am more convinced of the Healing power of God than any other. I am more convinced of the word of Prophecy than I was and I am an example of being completed in the faith - under construction, from Glory to Glory, from Faith to Faith, by the Power and Grace of the Holy Ghost.

Now, if I could convince a whole lot of good Lutherans that there is SO much more, SO much they are missing, SO much that that if they just came in they would never be the same. They would be completed in the Lutheran Faith of their fathers....Yet under construction.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fear is a Substance

We know that Hebrews 11:1 is true. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the sign that the things not seen are true.

If faith is a substance, fear is a substance as well. Faith is inverted Fear. Fear is inverted Faith.

So, when we fear, we are making substantive those things not seen as true.

This is most certainly TRUE!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you Possessed by the Spirit of God or Do you Possess the Spirit of God

In a comment on John Armstrong's blog the commenter made the comment about a certain stand,

"those who posses the Spirit of Christ". I'll be gracious and chalk it up to shallow theology.

BUT, do we possess the Spirit of Christ or are we Possessed of the Spirit of Christ?

I believe we are the LATTER. Or should be.

If you don't acknowledge him, if you don't appreciate him, if you sort of see him as a cherry on top of your banana split, you posses him, he doesn't possess you.

And that is the difference between Pentecost and Maundy Thursday.

For God's perfect Sake, Church, Let's get to Pentecost.


By Kriston Couchey as posted on Open Heaven

The state of the kingdom is strong! The state of the kingdom is unshakeable! The state of the Kingdom is Righteousness, Joy and Peace in the Holy Spirit. This is the state of being of its citizens. The Children of the kingdom have join as one, and are forcefully advancing the kingdom that is crushing and turning to chaff the governments of men as Daniel foretold. The increase of this kingdom has no end.

The citizens of the kingdom have every need supplied according to the riches of the Kings glory. While men’s systems of finance and greed crumble and shake, we kingdom citizens have no fear or anxiety in the least. The king has opened His treasuries and everything that we may need is ours for the asking. We do not worry about what we wear or eat, we are anxious for nothing. We have made our requests known and are having our needs met in every way. The "super" natural resources of the kingdom are endless and there is no lack.

Universal health care is a right in the kingdom. Coverage is provided free of charge as the premium price has been paid already by the King. The Spirit gives life to the mortal bodies of the kingdom, and Each citizen is indeed a health care provider themselves, first to other citizens, and then to those who are not citizens. The clause in it's constitution that says: "lay hands on the sick and they shall recover” is in full force.

The King Himself is educating personally all in the kingdom by means of the Holy Spirit. The anointing of His Spirit will teach each child everything they need to know to be a treasured citizen (son) of the kingdom. While He speaks through men at times, and uses them as both good and bad examples, there is no need that any man teach us.

Before the foundations of the world each citizen has been known and it has been determined beforehand the good works given to each to do. These jobs will be the most fulfilling and joyous to those who chose to follow the desire of the king and pursue these greater works destined for them from eternity past.

Each member of the kingdom is part of the army of God. There is no doubt of victory as all are more then conquerors through Christ Jesus. No weapon formed against us will prosper. The battle is won through rest and confidence in the king, as He fights our battles for us.

It is strict policy that anyone that is thirsty may drink freely from the fountain of life located in the kingdom. All who come as a child may enter and become full citizens (sons). There is no quota or limitations, but it is the king's desire that all would come to enter His kingdom.

All citizens dwell in complete peace and security. No arrow, no pestilence or darkness can overcome us. Our king shields us. No plague will come to our dwellings and we will tread on Lions and Dragons.

The political structure is a work of perfection. There is only one Political Party, one eternal President (called The King), no expensive or negative campaigns, without propaganda and deception, and no lobbyists. There is total freedom and life. There is no recession, no government buyouts, and no control over one’s free will. The law is love, and no one is hurt or affected negatively by it.

Every promise is Yes and Amen in the constitution (scripture), and is given to the citizens (sons) of the Kingdom. This kingdom is not shaken by the economic, political, ethnic, or religious upheavals of the earth. As these increase we of the kingdom can lift our heads up even higher and shine with a glory even brighter and glorious. Our Joy shall know no bounds in this day of transition as the God of Peace crushes Satan under our feet. Our God is a shield and fire about us and we have overcome the evil one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A word of prophetic humility worth considering

Dan Korakus writes regarding the sharing of prophetic insights and how humbling it all is. I say AMEN.

Being able to express oneself freely without the fear of persecution is a freedom that many throughout history have not been afforded. Likewise, being a part of a forum like this is a privilege of incredible responsibility in that we affect each other as brothers and sisters in Christ...Whether we realize it or not. My take is to steward well what we have today...For by tomorrow, it may be gone.

Whether we post or reply to posts - we sow elements of eternal value (both good and not so good) into the atmosphere and dynamic others. It also provides a point of engagement that brings one to face truth and the issues that may be present in our lives. There is a reason for all things in the life of a believer. Everything must pass by the Lord before it reaches us as His children. The hard part is maturing in humility to find those elements of truth that another has posted that may apply to our lives.

Many "prophetic" folks today are walking in great "information." I have listened to many people say: "What awesome revelation that was." However, it is only information until it is "revealed" in our personal lives. Accordingly, this is why the modern prophetic revival has had such a limited impact upon the world. Many prophets are proclaiming wonderful information and not what is truly revealed (revelation) in their lives. For this is truth: We can only give what we truly have...This is the anointing!

With that said, I desire to embrace the words that I post and embrace the breaking process in my life at this season. I know that once I truly possess and reveal brokenness in my life -- Then literally all things will be possible and the hand of God will anoint me for such a time as this.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kim Clement: "Stand in Awe as I Reveal in the Next Few Months How I Will Bring Peace in the Elements"

Prophesied on April 24, 2009, in Ashtabula, Ohio:

Kim Clement"Cast Your Nets into the Deep For a Great Catch"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There are people watching from all over this nation. They have mocked and they have ridiculed the Christ that you serve. I'm about to break forth and prove something. Even as I spoke to Simon Peter and told him to launch out into the deep for a great catch, there is a great catch that is about to take place; it is not in the shallow waters and it is not in the nighttime, but it is in the daytime when it is an inappropriate time for catching fish.

"The fishermen fished all night long and caught nothing, but it was the right time to fish; and when Christ came it wasn't the right time to fish, it was the inappropriate time. But at the most inappropriate time He told them to, 'Cast your nets into the deep for a great catch.'

"Now, when it is inappropriate for us to talk about abundance, when it's inappropriate for you to talk about some huge catch and some huge thing you're going to do—at this inappropriate moment"—the Words are coming from the Spirit's mouth— "Launch out into the deep for a great catch which will cause you to be a testimony unto this nation.

"This Nation Shall Come Alive in the Summer of this Year"

"People all over are crying out, 'God, what shall we do?'" The Spirit of the Lord says, "Your economy is a disgrace, but it shall be easily and quickly and swiftly recovered. Hear Me, there is no recession in the Kingdom of Almighty God. That which shall be shaken will be shaken.

"Notice the boats that are sinking, and you will see greedy men—I am capturing them. Hear Me tonight, this nation shall recover speedily, this Nation shall recover swiftly. People will say, 'What do we do to get out of it?'—You're out of it already. The prognosis of the media has strangled your faith, strangled your life, and given you an overdose of exaggeration. The exaggeration shall be exposed by My Spirit, and this nation shall come alive in the summer of this year. The summer of this year it shall come to life," says the Lord.

Prophesied on April 25, 2009, in Ashtabula, Ohio:

"I Will Take You to a Place of Deep and Utter Protection Where Nothing Will be Able to Touch You"

"The Spirit of the Lord speaks to the nations of the earth. There is a line that has been drawn in the sand. There is a mark that has been placed where the powers of darkness have no access beyond that place. There is a line that most people have not seen where the power and the presence of evil, where the power and the presence of darkness cannot stand. For," the Spirit of the Lord says, "there is a line that I have drawn, and angels have drawn this line. Your enemy is waiting for you to get into that place and say, 'You've come this far and no further, you can get no further than this.'"

God says, "Once you get beyond that line, once you get beyond the veil," the Spirit of the Lord says, "I will take you to a place of deep and utter protection where nothing will be able to touch you; nothing can touch you, nor harm," says the Spirit of God. "I've drawn a line."

"Your enemy has operated and stood in the nation's door, in the capitals of this nation. Stop!" For the Spirit of God says, "In the capitals of this nation, the enemies have stood and declared war on the governors and the senators, the leaders, the spiritual leaders, the pastors, and the gatekeepers of this nation. The enemy has endeavored to take My people and bring them to shame. But have you forgotten that you will not suffer shame? Do you not realize that the blessings of Abraham have come upon you? Do you not realize that tonight there is a line that has been drawn and the enemy has no power to cross that line? Come beyond that line, come beyond that line," says the Lord. "Let Me take you into that place."

"Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!"

The Spirit of God says, "Hear Me. Hear Me, hear what your prophet says tonight, for there have been prayers that have gone forth, there have been prayers that have come from the chambers of hell to lucifer their king, endeavoring to try and bring upon this earth the judgments before their time. They have caused the people to go into fear, and to say that, 'The seals have been opened, and judgment has come upon this nation and upon the nations of the earth.'

"But," God said, "this is not the time spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 8. This is not the time spoken of in Revelation 7 and Revelation 6. This is not the time for them to be opened," says the Lord. "This is the time for refreshing, this is the time for restoration, this is the time for revival, this is the time for the earth to rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!"

A Prophetic Word for Pennsylvania and Ohio

"Listen to the word of the Lord, for there is something coming tonight in Ohio, and it is going to Pennsylvania." For the Spirit of God said, "I am taking these two states and I'm causing a union to take place between Pennsylvania and Ohio. For," God says, "where there has been war I will bring peace. Where there has been friction I will bring unity," says the Lord.

Why am I telling you this? "For," God says, "as you gather, it is far greater than you realize. Spirits of darkness have come around and they have stood over these states, as if to say, 'I will bring them to poverty, I will bring to nothing. They will be ashamed and be put to shame.' But even as the prophet stands on your soil, there is an address that is going forth, for the powers of hell have endeavored to cause My people to fear."

But God says, "Tonight I'm getting you to understand that this is what's about to happen, and hear the word of God: The kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ, and this shall take place NOW," says the Lord!

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Stand in awe as I reveal in the next few months how I will bring peace in the elements; where there will be a time of a peaceful summer, where the hurricanes will not rage, where the tornadoes will not have control of the atmosphere and of the cities. There will be a wind that shall blow upon the mid-section of America, and," God said, "you in Ohio will feel this wind. It is an unusual wind that I will bring. This shall not be a destructive wind. But they shall say, 'Something came in and it has settled down.' It will settle as a protection over the people of Most High God."

"Yet You Will Recover All!"

God said, "When you look in the Book of Revelation and when you see the revelation of Jesus Christ, many have trembled and many have feared, and they have said, 'Is this the day for the Lion to roar?'" But God says, "Hear what I tell you today, the dragon of old has no power or authority, for I have gathered you to a place of protection where you will not be affected by the presence of your enemy. You will not be affected by the presence of the economy. You will not be affected by the presence of things that have been coming against you," says the Lord.

"But I will cause multitudes, multitudes of birds. I will cause a multitude of birds, for there will be a sign that shall come to you.

"America, you have been waiting for this day. It is not the day of judgment. It is the day of an outpouring of a kind that you have never seen before," says the Spirit of God!

For the Spirit of God says, "Hear tonight, for there are men and women crying out for the manifestation of God's men and God's women, and they are saying, 'Where do we go, where do we run? But don't you understand that there has been too much grief, there has been too much pain.' There will be a swift recovery that will take place in your economy. There will be a swift recovery that will take place in the economies of nations throughout the earth."

For God said, "There has been a raging bull that has come against you." But what is this that is happening? What is this that I'm seeing? The Heavens are opened up wide to bring a brand new light that will shine, arise and shine upon you, for the glory of the Lord shall come upon you and you will be changed.

"This Next Move is a Physical Move"

Listen to this: "What is about to take place," says the Spirit of God, "is literally going to affect your personal lives and your bodies. This next move is a physical move," says the Spirit of God, "where you will literally feels things physically. This will be a physical move where you shall no longer have to take the ephod and put it upon your shoulders to hear the voice of God."

For even as David went and he said to the priest, Our children have been stolen, our wives have been stolen. Our families have been taken by the Amalekites, and God said to them, "Yet you will recover all"—(but before that, David said to the priest, "Give me your ephod that I may hear from the Spirit of God"). The Lord said, "You will no longer be going to need the presence of the ephod that was resting upon the shoulders of the priest; they could not hear correctly, and they were to throw dice to hear the word of the Lord."

God said, "Not so anymore; you shall hear My voice clearly. You shall hear My voice as the prophets of old heard. You will know what to do, and," God said, "you shall no longer walk, but you shall run," says the Lord!

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


Monday, May 18, 2009

When Deaf Dumb and Blind meet the giver of sight and hearing

I want to open your eyes, you will see what you could not have imagined, such beauty, such light. If you will allow me to touch you, if you will allow me to come to you without fear and with just a mustard seed of faith your eyes will open. See, here. I'm ready, I'm willing, just cry out, even silently and I'll open them.

I will open your ears, speak Ephphatha, you will hear clearly, I will touch your tongue and you will speak clearly. Now you have heard just noise, just mumblings, just lies, just deceptions. You think you hear one thing and the truth is the other. Therefore you speak as one without understanding. You speak rants and raves that have nothing but wind and storm in them. If you will just let me put my fingers in your hears and open them you will hear the sweet sounds of heaven. You will hear with a discerning ear. You will know the truth that sets you free. You will begin to speak out of your mouth the truth that your new and hearing ears hear.

Just ask, I'll be right here, waiting. Ask in faith. It's all yours.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Hard Word I didn't want to Bring

Here's one of the two words that I have been carrying and have been reluctant to bring:

My people are being deceived. Widespread deception. Political and Cultural Deception from all viewpoints and opinions. No one seems to care about what MY opinion is. What My View from the throne is. Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

People have been chasing knowledge learning faster and faster more and more. They have been deceived and misled by politicians, educators, opinion makers, entertainment and even from people who represent My name.

This deception is not just a left or right politically driven activity. This is deception rooted in evil to deceive even the very elect if possible. Many voices are voices of what appears to be common sense, but if you knew My heart of love for you and My miracle working power you would understand that it is at the root demonic manipulation designed to dispirit and confuse you. The people involved in this manipulation are not evil themselves, they are tools used of the enemy of your souls as Peter was used by satan before Jesus where Jesus had to rebuke him. They are flesh and blood. War not against them. There are powers and principalities that must be struck down.

This is deception coming from right wing talk radio and television, left wing news media, Politicians who use global warming as a method to enslave you, preachers who preach hundred fold blessing, corrupt people in power all across this world using occult control to enforce an Anti-Christ agenda on my people by lies.

What angers Me most is you have allowed this to happen in your schools where abuse is happening to those who should be suffered to come to ME. I warned you of My anger toward those who would do any harm to one of these little ones. I am bringing judgment on the land because of your silence while those who should love me most as a little child are corrupted by entertainment and agendas that inoculate against the true knowledge of God.

This is one of the most clever end time deceptions your soul's enemy has ever devised and My watchmen do not see nor speak against it.

Politics is not the answer, Government is not the answer, right or left is not the answer, not even a religious system will preserve you in this hour. Only by returning to MY heart of love for you and the purpose for which I created you will you ever find true freedom from this oppression. If you trust in men you will fail, you will fall and you will be cursed.

Stop hearing the voice of the deceiver wherever you hear him. Learn to silence him. He is out to steal, kill and destroy your life. He has nearly succeeded. When you listen to voices that even sounds like a righteous voice, learn to listen with your spirit as well. Not everyone who says Lord Lord do I know. If you have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit Says.

In full disclosure I am pretty right wing, like to listen to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. What the Lord is saying to me and thru me is deception is widespread (even from them) and is not going to come with a flag that says, Deciever. If He were talking about Keith Olberman, Al Gore or some other left wing commentator I would have no problem. But when He told me that deception is in the land from every source, even those you like, I fought against the word. I am now asking the Lord to help me hear what is deception and what is not. I will say last, that much of what is proposed to be prophecy is not. I read this forum and many of the others like Elijah list. When I am allowed to see these things from the throne view I am astonished at the blindness and "Court Prophetic" that exists. I am not perfect by any means. In fact, I submit this with some trepidation knowing that I will probably be "Whacked" again. I would rather give smooth comforting words and be positive. I can't and be faithful to the call of God on my life.

As watchmen we haven't been very good at warning against the schemes of the enemy and worse from the pulpits of our land. On the other hand, some warnings from some national ministries were just convient money raising issues that riducule of the cause of Christ. There is little outcry.

Time for arrogance is over. It's time to repent and begin to see things from a higher vantage point. We have let the world blind us.

At least me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

When I am Baalam

I have a couple of hard words from God I am carrying around. I don't want to bring them out. I don't agree with them. They go against my desires.

Yet I know they are true.

I'll remain silent....unless that darn donkey talks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robert Newell..... New World Order??

The Lord has every intention of rousing the 'sleeping' ones who are of Him. Do not forget that all ten virgins slept. He has every intention of continuing to call those to Himself who are not presently "called by His Name". He said if He was lifted up He would draw all men unto himself.

It is the obligation of the prophetic to call for an awakening, but not unto fear. Rather, the prophetic voice in the earth is yet another manifestation of His mercy to mankind, both saved and unsaved. It is a call to Spirit-inspired action, not a call to hysteria or panic. These things concerning a New World Order are simply that: a New World Order. The government that is presently in and on the earth with which we are to be concerned and in which we are to participate is the Kingdom of God. Make no mistake, the New World Order will impact the citizens of the Kingdom of God but we must remember what we are told in Psalm 2

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying 'Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us'. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. 'Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion'.

Our confidence is in the One who laughs from heaven. We must not love our own lives, even unto death.

Live Strong - Leave Boldly

In a note to a friend yesterday I used that phrase. It is partly from a sermon by Pastor Phil. In part it's Lance Armstrong's mantra.

But, it's a valid way to see this time on the earth.

My desire is to be the man that can do both, Live Strong and when it's time to Leave Boldly.

I know men like that. I want to be that.

We can....I can....You Can

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Five Highways

The prophecy by Jeff Hansen is really an important one. Not fuzzy.

Read it here.

Fuzzy Prophetic

This IS about a prophecy I read today. You will probably read it too.

I don't think he is a BAD or FALSE Prophet.

Just Fuzzy.

I read the Ancient Prophets major and minor. I don't see fuzzy. I try not to be obscure or fuzzy.

I wish others would follow suit.

But that doesn't get many donations to the ministry.

I get none.

Fresh Wind

Growing up in North Dakota I got used to the wind. Sometimes not.

When it blew it cleared the air of smoke, smog and other things that weren't supposed to be there. Sometimes if it blew really hard it took down old, worn and weak things that needed to be replaced.

There's a fresh wind that is blowing, it's blowing all thru lives, churches and even our own minds.

It's cleaning out the old.

Even as we sleep the wind of the Spirit comes in and cleans out the cobwebs. That's why the best part of the day, the time when we think most clearly often is early in the morning. The wind blew through.

Sometimes the wind is frustrating, we want calm, sometimes we bat against it. But HE is faithful to continue to change us.

Come Holy Spirit Blow on ME!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Image From Lynn McSweeney

She is Prophetic and Rich. It's worth reviewing her work.


Beware of the voice that leads many astray

Beware of the voice when you hear it say

“Go eat of the tree of knowledge and see

Equal with God is what you will be

There is no need to heed the words God said

(Don’t eat of it or you will be dead)”

So many have listened to this evil voice

To follow its directions has been their choice

You see them strive to walk in power

But what shall become of them in this hour

When they are not hearing Father say.....

"come child surrender .....

follow my ways and be loving and tender"

They don’t know that striving wont gain them power

They don’t know their plans will turn very sour

They don’t hear their Father say come walk my way

I will anoint you if you bow down this day

So sad that they choose to follow “that” voice

That’s led so many astray and they’ve followed by choice

They don’t know that Jesus is the only way

And it’s HIM they should follow day by day

Their Saviour their Lord the sweet Tree of Life

The Gate the Door the Path the Light

Thank you Jesus for your Spirit who teaches all things

Thank you Jesus for your light and the truth it brings!!!!!!!!

A word about Watchmen (Prophets) and Omniscience

I got this from Prophet Robert Newell.... I think it's pretty good and helps in understanding the WHY of it all:

God is concerned about His work in the earth through the vessels of His choosing. People who eventually fall or are disgraced will have been repeatedly warned by God. Initially, in their conscience and through the dealing of the Spirit. When that is ignored, ones close to them raise questions. When that is ignored, the prophetic voices are raised. Entreaties are made, God's overtures of mercy are poured out and space is given for repentance. If it comes to a ministry collapse or the moral fall of an individual we can rest assured that our faithful Father has exhausted all other means to bring redress and is left with exposure as His last resort. This is still an expression of His desire to heal the individual and preserve them unto Himself. If we do not keep these things first and foremost in our thinking, we run the risk of somehow accusing God, in an indirect manner, of wrongdoing.

Second, it is He and He alone who is 'able to keep us from falling'. While we must seek and cooperate with Him for this benefit to us, it is His power to keep that secures us at all times and in all things. The word tells us the He will make grace abound to us, so that we may resist temptation. We are promised everything necessary for righteous living through the promises given us in Christ Jesus. All of these realities were available for the individual in question as well. It is not God's fault when vessels fail. It wasn't because He didn't warn us in advance. It isn't because He can't be trusted to keep us all. It is simply a manifestation of the exact same disease that has us asking these questions in the first place. "Let a man not think more highly of himself than he ought."

Third, Prophets are not omniscient. Only God Himself has this capacity. As prophets and prophetic people, we are responsible for what God says to us, not what He doesn't. Paul admonishes the New Testament Body to evaluate the word of prophecy given, not the prophesier. It is really not our job to know everything about everything. It is our privilege to be shown whatever God feels is pertinent to promote His agenda in the earth. If we had known, would it be safe to assume that the individual would've 'listened' to us, when they have been rejecting His attempts to bring repentance?

There is still so great a misunderstanding about the prophetic, about our responsibilities to one another, and even about what God is saying presently. The solution lies not within our being more vigilant, nor within our abilities [or even our 'giftings'] but rather in keeping our eyes fixed on Him who is able.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Advice - Only Go Where you are Celebrated, Not where you are Tolerated

I heard this today, it resonates. Maybe it's time to think it all over.

The Peace of God

From David Wilkerson

A Christian woman approached me recently with a rather emotional countenance and asked me if I had heard the latest news report. It was about an upheaval in Pakistan. “Can you believe what is happening?” she asked. “Every day is a bad-news day. Pakistan has nuclear capacity. Terrorists could take over and some mad Ayatollah could launch us into nuclear war.” Shaking her head, she said, “I am really scared. Things are spinning out of control.”

Right now, people are fearful all over the world. We are seeing the fulfillment of Jesus’ warning, that a day would come when men’s hearts fail for fear as they witness the things coming on the earth.

Those who have received my monthly messages know that in recent years I have cried out warnings about the coming housing crisis. I warned a crash was imminent. Yet I preached it with tears.

Now let me give you a clear word from God’s heart, a word of encouragement. In spite of all the frightening news, God still has everything under control.

Here is the Word we believers must stand upon as the storm rages around us, words given to us by Jesus: “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid” (John 14:27). These are troubling times. But in such times the Word of God becomes our strength and hope.

  • “The Lord will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. They that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee” (Psalm 9:9-10).

  • In the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock” (Psalm 27:5).

I believe the most fearful, troubling days are still ahead. And I see nothing but growing despair for those who are not daily in God’s Word and praying and talking to the Lord. It is his Word that lifts our spirits and produces faith. Discipline yourself now to open your Bible in the morning and start your day getting encouraged with his precious promises. Then talk to the Lord, even as you prepare for the day. Ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen your faith and hope.

There is one Scripture I repeat many times each day. I urge you also to claim it and believe it: “Cast all your care upon him, for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

James Goll Looks into the Years to come

James Goll is a Prophet from Tennessee. He has looked into the times ahead and sees some good things for the Body of Christ.

I trust the few thoughts I share below will encourage your heart and stir up your faith. We see in part and prophesy in part—and this is a part of what I am seeing and hearing in the Spirit for 2009 and beyond. I trust it will mesh with the part the Lord is showing you!

It is the year of the woman. Women in ministry and leadership will be released globally across the body of Christ. The two righteous seeds of Michal Ann Goll and Jill Austin have been sown into the ground, and there will be a harvest of women in both spiritual and secular leadership arising to be champions of the poor, justice, prayer and creativity and flowing freely as the prophetic anointing increases.

It is a time when the nine gifts and the nine fruits of the Spirit will come together. Character to carry the gifts will be emphasized, and accountability that empowers will help create new wineskins for the new wine.

It is a time when love will have a say. Ministerial groups will freshly come together, promoting the love of God versus a political system of competition. Love L.A.! Love Phoenix! Love Minneapolis! Love Atlanta! Love Dallas! Love New York! Love Seattle! Love Cleveland! Love Nashville! Love (name your city)! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! One morning I heard the Holy Spirit singing to me, "All we need is love!"

It is the time of the realignment of the nations for good and evil. Territorial spirits of darkness are realigning themselves. Some of the old dark ways of communism are beginning to resurface in both old and new places, wedded with strong totalitarianism and militant Islam. Be alert and watchful!

It is the time when Israel will become a heavy stone. It is the time of Zechariah 12:1-3, when Jerusalem becomes a heavy stone for all who touch her in an ungodly manner. The jealousy of God will arise against those nations who attempt to divide Jerusalem. What God has joined together, let no man separate!

It is the time when the Josephs are released from prison. Men and women tried in the fiery furnaces of testing will begin to emerge in this hour across the nations of the earth. They will have the spirit of wisdom and excellence resting on their lives. Humility will be their outstanding characteristic.

It is a time for property procurement. For some, it is a time to purchase property, land and gold. It is a time when wise investments now will pay off later. Whole strip malls and department stores will go up for sale, and the discerning and wise will purchase property (in certain situations) for a dime on the dollar.

It is a time when ... justice writers will be released throughout the nations. This will become more than the latest theme or fad in the body of Christ. Even as the Wesleyans had their circuit riders, there will now be global justice writers who through the influence of the pen will undo the injustices of the past.

It is a time when the church will receive the spirit of adoption. We will receive a spirit of adoption that will cause us to enjoy and embrace people from backgrounds that are different from what we are accustomed to. New faith-based adoption agencies will come into being, bringing about a solution to the abortion industry.

It is a time when a major turn is taken to begin the end of the worldwide child sex-trade slavery industry. I have seen a major sex-trade slavery ring being broken up for the glory of God in southeast Asia. This will have ripple effects around the world, and the dominos will begin to tumble! God has on His heart a movement in which "every child has a dream fulfilled."

It is a time for the resurrection of the dead, both physically and spiritually. Yes, this is the time for the resurrection of the dead. Whole churches that have been given up for "dead" spiritually will be revived through the spirit of prophecy and intercession. And people will be physically raised from the dead in various locations; the news will spread, and the world will marvel.

It is a time when the Holy Spirit will give out wings for you to fly higher than you have ever been before. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, "Soar to new heights!" Yesterday's seeming defeats will be turned into tomorrow's peaks. It is time to fly higher than you have ever flown before. New heights of delighting in God are yours through authentic, pure worship.

It is a time when the connection between Revelation 3:20 and Revelation 4:1 is seen and manifested. The key of intimacy to open heavens is being offered. Some will take this for themselves as individuals and some for their congregations. But the Lord is looking for those who will answer the knock at the door for an entire city or region and welcome a glorious invasion of divine visitation.

It it a time for spontaneous healings to break forth in the atmosphere of high praise. Electric praise will come forth, and the hand of God will be released to move across entire assemblies, and spontaneous healings and miracles will break out. It is break-out time for the Holy Spirit wherever high praises are released from His people!

Faith MUST come before good works, Good works without faith is nothing

Faith produces good works, but good works don't produce faith - just as milk produces butter but butter does not produce milk.

Reinhard Bonnke

Yesterday a man I know sat near me who had upbraided me for the level of works men didn't have. He was upset that no one showed up for a work day.

That's a problem, but the problem isn't works. It was preparation and inspiration.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rewriting the Bible to Fit Today's Reality

One of my favorite sayings when someone who is a christian seems to deviate from the word of God in practice is, "I guess we'll just have to tear that page out of the Bible". Mostly this has to do with the ignorance of Spiritual Giftedness, Homosexuality and Eternal Life. There isn't much leeway in these issues.

Alan Knox from Assembling the Church has rewritten 1 Timothy 3:1-7 to reflect the way Church in America is actually conducted. This is salient to me because of some events from last week I wrote about. If we don't clean up our act, we are fools, not for Christ, ourselves. How far we have drifted from where we started two thousand years ago.

Scripture... As We Live It #53

This is the 53rd installment in "Scripture... As We Live It":

The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task occupation. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive,
for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for
God's church. ? He must not be a recent convert, but must be a seminary graduate or
he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil.
(1 Timothy 3:1-7 re-mix)

Friday, May 8, 2009

What does it mean when a Prophet doesn't see?

A few years ago right after Ted Haggard fell I was at an apostolic conference Peter Wagner was conducting. Several national prophets were there. Chuck, Cindy etc. The whole bunch.

The question on the floor was how come none of them saw this coming? There was lots of shuffling around the outside of the issue. Lots of we saw it BUT.....

It seemed like an embarrassment for the prophetic. It was if you didn't understand what was really happening. I do now.

Last summer there was the issue surrounding the Lakeland Outpouring. There were lots of problems with Todd's life despite the significant anointing on his ministry. Several prophets were there with Todd at the time and no one spoke up about the situation. Sure, there were people who questioned his ministry, his activity, but not himself. One prophet was there when Todd spoke to a group of leaders and she told me a couple days ago that she didn't see it coming.

I just had such an experience that rattled me. I began questioning myself, not the gift, that's without repentance, questioning my faithfulness to the calling in my life. In one of the Churches where I try to operate in my gifting I was blind to an out of order life in of one of the leadership. One I had interacted with often. Just never alone. Never one on one. Always in a group. It turns out he was not being open and transparent with the people as he stood and ministered. I didn't see it. I wanted to think the best of him. Despite being prophetic, I am not that judgemental. I will think the best of people to edify them. I wanted things to be OK. Just as I had wanted it to be OK with Todd and with Ted. I don't know if his lack of willingness to confront the situation before the assembly will destroy his ministry. I do know he is now going to find it much more difficult to stand and burn before the throne and the congregation than he did before. What was hidden has surfaced in the worst possible way. By tongues that wag.

I was having lunch with Kelly and bemoaning missing this situation. She was wise and gave me insight into why. I think if you find yourself in this situation as a prophet you would benefit from her prophetic perspective:

A prophet is to be judged on what he or she prophesies, not by what he or she doesn't. If a prophet doesn't receive a word about a certain issue it may be that God has chosen not to tell his prophets about it. He is after all sovereign God. Judge Prophets on what they Prophesy, that's biblical. Don't judge them on what they don't say. They are not God, nor are they omniscient. They are Prophets. Gifts of God, yes, but Servants of God as well.

God sometimes in his mercy conceals a thing to give the person out of order time to repent. We must allow for the mercy of God and his love for us all. He won't hang out your dirty laundry while he gives you time. When a person doesn't repent Father will withdraw his protection and allow exposure to bring the situation to light. Nothing can be nor will be hidden.

God doesn't call His prophets to walk in perfect knowledge of all at all times. They didn't in the Biblical record. Many times the prophet was called on by the king a word regarding going to war or what to do and the prophet would have to spend time to inquire of God over the issue. I didn't do that in this occasion because I saw no need. It didn't seem like there was a good reason to spend the time inquiring of God over this person. When I HAVE inquired of God for people and situations, He is always faithful to provide a vision of what is going on in the Spiritual realm.

So now what does it all mean? God is faithful. He shows His prophets what he does to display his love, mercy and glory on the earth. His prophets are not to be artificially exalted when they are accurate nor must they be demeaned by a lack of omniscience. They should only be judged by what the DO prophesy.

As a prophet, Kelly told me one other thing that I needed to hear. My frustration about missing what I thought I, the great prophet, should have seen what was false pride. It wasn't about the Honor of God, it wasn't about His reputation. It was about me. Whack. I needed that.

I said before and I'll say it again, prophets NEED other prophets. If a prophet stands alone he is much more vulnerable than if he stays in a company of prophets. A prophet needs another prophet to help him hear God for HIMSELF. Being the sole prophet in a house has a certain panache and position to it. It also carries with it a danger you don't need. I am beginning to see this more clearly every day.

I thank God for Every Prophet in my life. Those who walk along side. If one puts a thousand to flight, two ten thousand. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bill Hamon on Why I refer to myself as Prophet

I saw Bill Hamon on TBN regarding the prophetic. If y0u wonder why I say, "I am Prophet Gene" you watch this and it will help you.

Start at the one hour mark.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blinded by a Desire for things to be OK

I was just shocked back to reality regarding a situation in a fellowship. I won't tell you about it. It's none of your business.

It blindsided me. I didn't see it coming.

I'm puzzled. Why didn't i see this? Most of the time I see these things before they hit. Prophetically. Why not this one. Do I want to believe good things about others? Is it wanting positive outcomes. Is it just that things be OK??

Sometimes when I should be hearing from God I'm hearing from the desires of my heart.

Bummer. I don't want to get in the habit of thinking evil of people, but sometimes when I'm invested in them I can't see past my prejudice.

The Shaking is Having the Desired Effect

It's the wisdom of God to use crisis and emergencies to create a discomfort level that causes unbelievers to question everything they ever believed in.

Not so with the child of God. He or She is even more committed to trusting God for everything.

Father is removing every single thing until everyone who can be saved is. This is the mercy of God. He will take away anything that takes the place of HIM.

Isaiah Prophesied this long ago Chapter 2:

The Day of the Lord

6 You have abandoned your people,
the house of Jacob.
They are full of superstitions from the East;
they practice divination like the Philistines
and clasp hands with pagans.

7 Their land is full of silver and gold;
there is no end to their treasures.
Their land is full of horses;
there is no end to their chariots.

8 Their land is full of idols;
they bow down to the work of their hands,
to what their fingers have made.

9 So man will be brought low
and mankind humbled—
do not forgive them. [a]

10 Go into the rocks,
hide in the ground
from dread of the LORD
and the splendor of his majesty!

11 The eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled
and the pride of men brought low;
the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.

12 The LORD Almighty has a day in store
for all the proud and lofty,
for all that is exalted
(and they will be humbled),

13 for all the cedars of Lebanon, tall and lofty,
and all the oaks of Bashan,

14 for all the towering mountains
and all the high hills,

15 for every lofty tower
and every fortified wall,

16 for every trading ship [b]
and every stately vessel.

17 The arrogance of man will be brought low
and the pride of men humbled;
the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,

18 and the idols will totally disappear.

19 Men will flee to caves in the rocks
and to holes in the ground
from dread of the LORD
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.

20 In that day men will throw away
to the rodents and bats
their idols of silver and idols of gold,
which they made to worship.

21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks
and to the overhanging crags
from dread of the LORD
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.

22 Stop trusting in man,
who has but a breath in his nostrils.
Of what account is he?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A freshness of new

Remember new car smell? I do. It's intoxicating.

Well, I smell new.....

Father is up to something. I have a sense of what it is. He is rattling cages in the hearts of people who just plain don't believe. He is invading darkness with light. He is making the crooked places straight.

This isn't condemnation. This is illumination.

This is not just the love of God, it's the revealed love of God shown abroad in people's hearts.

I don't know how this will manifest, but this is a new wave of his Spirit. I'm getting on my spiritual surfboard and heading for the deep.

Surfs up

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Below is the decree Graham Cooke proclaimed over the body of Christ at the Voice of the Prophets gathering in Harrisburg, PA, April 2009.

This is a great moment for you. This is about favor and it’s about vengeance. Let’s just wait for a moment.

Father, I thank You. Holy Spirit, You are such a genius at life, and I know right now You are rubbing your hands with glee. I want to say to all who hear this word, this is your moment to turn the tables on the enemy, to live the life of instead. So, Father, we just wait.

I want you to sense the Holy Spirit brooding over you. Is this too good to be true? You betcha, it’s the good news. Does He border on fantasy? You betcha, it’s the gospel. Glad tidings of great joy, heaven has come instead of hell, Jesus has come instead of the devil. You can have the life you always wanted, instead of the life you have always had–instead. That is possible because of the absolute, incredible, incomparable favor of God.

So I declare to you in Jesus’ name, you have entered this evening. I am not prophesying something that is to come, but something that is here and now present. You are in it. God has created an atmosphere in your heart, in your life, where now the favor of God lives as a tangible reality. You are going to discover in these next days, weeks, months and years, the power of that favor. The power of moving in the opposite Spirit, that God grants you things instead of what the enemy would purpose. God is an alternative for you to have instead. And it is rooted in the favor of God.

And so I declare to you in the name of Jesus by the authority that God has given me as a prophet in the kingdom, I declare to you, this day marks the beginning of a life of unprecedented, unparalleled favor of God. That the favor of God is upon you right now, even as I speak. That you are going to learn to bask in that favor, to think in that favor, to live in that favor, to see from that place of favor, to move out in that place of favor, to proclaim rather than to pray. To proclaim favor upon yourself, favor in your circumstances.

You are going to learn how to fight in favor so that you may get vengeance. You are going to learn how to overcome, you are going to learn how to be more than a conqueror. You are going to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, you are going to see the goodness of God in such ways that are unprecedented, unparalleled, that everyone around you will notice there is something different about you, there is something on you, there is something happening. What happened to you? What changed in you?

And you are going to say, I have learned an alternative lifestyle instead of the one I had, I have learned an alternative lifestyle, I am a different person. I am not living that life, I am living a different one, I have the favor of the Lord. So I declare to you in Jesus’ name, this is a time and a season of unprecedented, unparalleled favor of God that has come upon you.

God’s favor will stay with you and will remain with you all the days of your life. You will abide in this favor because I have sent My Holy Spirit to teach you how to stay, to teach you how to dwell, to teach you how to remain, to teach you how to focus, to teach you how to pray, to teach you how to see, to teach you how to speak, to teach you how to walk and how to move, and how to live and how to have your being in My Son.

This is the favor of God upon your life and it will never go away. It is eternal, it is everlasting to everlasting, it is an eternal favor, it has no timeframe on it, it has no timeframe on it, it has no timeframe on it. It has begun now, and it will stay with you forever and ever and ever because it is everlasting, because I am your favor, I am your favor.

It’s Me, it’s Me, says the Lord. I am your favor, I have always been your favor, I will always be your favor, I am the instead, I am your instead, I am your promise, I am your prophesy, I am your blessing, I am instead, I am your instead. I am, I am your instead. I am, I am, My presence shall go with you.

I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you and My favor is wrapped around you like a cloak. It is in your breath, it is in your lungs, it is in your heart. Every thought you have will be wrapped in favor. Every word you speak will bring favor to somebody. You will be favorable because you are highly favored. The favor of God is on you and it will never leave you.

So I say to you, says the Lord, trade on My favor, trade on My favor. Do not look at Me as though I am reluctant to bless you. I am extravagant, test Me, I am extravagant, and I am teaching you how to move from measure to fullness, how to live in abundance. I will teach you how to live in a place of abundance that’s beyond your ability to think. You will need to dream, you will need to use your imagination, just to keep on conceiving about the goodness of the Lord and how strong it is and how powerful it is.

There is no place of despair because you live in the land of blessing, you live in the land of goodness–it is your inheritance. I am your inheritance, I am your territory, I am your promised land, I am your Canaan. I will give you houses you didn’t build, I will give you vineyards you did not plant, to drink from wells you never had to dig. I am your inheritance, this is your day, this is your time. But you must take advantage of the goodness of God.

Beloved, this is not a concept, it is a tangible reality and you must now step into that place. You must cross that Jordan, you must enter into this space, you must occupy this place of favor until I come, because this is never-ending. And so says the Lord, I challenge you, I challenge you. I challenge you to believe, I challenge you to live, I challenge you to face everything in favor. I challenge you to position yourself before Me in every situation, in every circumstance.

There is always an instead, there is always an instead. And I am teaching you a life that is lived from heaven rather than from earth, instead. I am your instead and you have entered this place and now I am teaching you the joy of staying, dwelling, abiding.

Every problem, every bill, every situation, every circumstance, there is an alternative, instead. Beloved, it is important for Me, says the Lord, that you learn to live in My fullness, because the more fullness you draw from Me—the more fullness I will have to give you, because what works for you, it works for you because it works for Me. I give and it is given back to Me. It works for you because it works for Me.

Pull favor out of Me and more favor will come. Pull favor out of Me and glory will come back to Me. So I challenge you, pull favor out of Me, pull favor down into your circumstances. I touch your eyes this evening and I give you a prophetic ability to see in the Spirit to see the opposite, to move in the opposite, to turn your problem into a prophesy, to turn your passivity into a promise. I give you an anointing to see the way I see and to speak the way I speak.

And beloved, I am so challenging you. Come after Me, come after Me, bankrupt Me if you can. Listen, I need, I need My people living in abundance, I need it, I need it. I don’t have a budget. The enemy has a budget, I have abundance. I need you to flow in the abundance of heaven. It is critical to what we are doing on the earth. It is critical that you become a people of abundance, of fullness, of favor, that you know how to get revenge, so you will learn to be more than conquerors, you will learn to be overcomers.

There are high places available here, beloved, come up, come up, come up. This is the year of your rising, this is the year of your rising. This is the year when you become untethered and unfettered. This is the year when impossible things will begin to occur around you because you are living in the power of instead. So I say to you, make a covenant with Me even as I have made a covenant with you. Make a covenant with Me, that you will follow through and partner with My Holy Spirit in these days. That you and I would have the pleasure together of working through your list. And know that we shall enjoy ourselves with you as we teach you to be unfettered, unbound, untethered, and you shall have your freedom.

You shall rejoice and you shall become worshippers. Your very life, your very breath will glorify Me. This is My will. My will is your instead, I am your instead. Make a covenant with Me even as I make a covenant with you for your good, to do you good, to do you good. That you would live in the goodness of the Lord, that you would overcome evil with all the good that I intend instead. And that you, beloved, shall live in a place of high favor and high renown and that you should have your vengeance, you should have your vengeance.

Father, we pray, we say amen, we say yes to You, Lord. I am in, I am in, I am tired of this life, I want another one instead. I am in, Lord, for Jesus’ sake and for His honor, that He may look back on the travail of His soul and be satisfied. This is what He saw, this was the joy that was set before Him. His people, living in a difference place, instead. So, Father, we say yes to You, for the sake of Jesus and for His honor and glory. Amen.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kim Clement on Prophesying what you don't want to believe

I was made aware of Kim Clement's newsletter that you can read in PDF. It's very encouraging to prophets who take a great deal of flack for prophesying difficult things. Or NOT prophesying what others want to believe. I know and understand where he is coming from. I have been lambasted often for saying things I KNEW to be true but didn't want to say. Thanks for a good note Kim..

Jonah 1:3-6 3 But Jonah ran away from the
Lord. He headed for Tarshish. So he went down
to the port of Joppa. There he found a ship
that was going to Tarshish. He paid the fare
and went on board. Then he sailed for Tarshish.
He was running away from the Lord.
4 But the Lord sent a strong wind over the
Mediterranean Sea. A wild storm came up.
It was so wild that the ship was in danger of
breaking apart. 5 All of the sailors were afraid.
Each one cried out to his own god for help.
They threw the ship’s contents into the sea.
They were trying to make the ship lighter.
But Jonah had gone below deck. There he
lay down and fell into a deep sleep.
6 The captain went down to him and
said, “How can you sleep? Get up and call
out to your god for help! Maybe he’ll pay
attention to what’s happening to us. Then
we won’t die.”

Jonah eventually obeyed God and went to Nineveh and declared the Word to them in the hope that God would judge them swiftly. But to his dismay, they repented and cried out to God. This was God’s response to Nineveh’s prayer of sorrow; “God saw what they did.
They stopped doing what was evil. So He took pity on them. He didn’t destroy them as He
had said He would.” The fact is that God has the right to say what He likes and do as He pleases and He is not accountable to us!

Today I received the following letter from the President of a very large ministry in the USA and one that affects many countries in the world. His influence is strong and his ministry literally touches millions of lives. I have edited it simply to protect the identity of this wonderful man.

Dear Kim,
You may remember me… Your ministry to us in
previous years was wonderful and you prophesied over
my child at the time. Years before that, I had my
greatest prophetic encounter in my life when I went
to see you in a certain city and heard you teach. Just
recently I spent time praying and the Lord convicted me
that I had touched the Lord’s anointed in a wrong way.
During the elections I was frustrated with what you
had put out prophetically and I spoke for a moment
and used your name in a public way. It was wrong
and I ask your deepest forgiveness. I honor you as a
prophet. I don’t think anything came out of that very
short statement but it affected God and I repent. I
pray that God would continue to use you mightily as
a clear voice for America. I commit myself to honor
you. Thank you for hearing me… Spiritual Leader

So many people became angry with me simply because I publicly prophesied about Barack Obama’s election victory while I was in Harrisburg, PA. Most people don’t realize that my own personal opinion was diametrically opposed to what I was hearing! I struggled tremendously with this. I had no problem with God selecting an African American as President, but I did have a problem with God allowing a Democrat to win! After hearing what came out of my innermost being, I had to align myself with GOD’S WILL AND INTENTIONS and NOT my personal belief and choice. I had to come to the realization that it was not my purpose to make God the God of only the Republican Party and the God of only the Republican candidates. He spoke to me and rebuked me for my lack of faith in His ability to rule within any specified party. Many years ago, the Spirit of God spoke a prophecy through me, saying that He would fill the next President with the Holy Spirit while he was in office. Well, why would that change suddenly because a Democrat was chosen? Yes, He can and YES HE WILL!

My daughter, Donne, who is a conservative in many ways, wrote this note to me when I was discouraged because of the hate mail I was receiving about my prophetic role in the election. I realize that my role as a prophet will always draw unpopularity, frustration and even anger. We don’t know the future - God does - and He shares this with prophets. Why? Prophets have a longer or expanded sight. When your sight is longer to see the future, then your sight for the past becomes shorter. Sometimes the best way to forget your past is to gain more sight of the future. It’s almost like a computer memory space. You’ve got to delete some of the memory from the past to create more room to see the future. The more you glimpse into the future, the wonderful destined future that God designed for you, the more you will be able to forget your hurtful past.

My personal view is that the changes now sweeping the world have no historical precedents - or to explain better - there are no earlier events or actions that we can regard as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

I think we should give Obama a chance and we should recognize the need within
our generation to unite and not be afraid. Hate is usually birthed from fear and fear
is birthed from reaction to something unfamiliar. We are always afraid of change,
but the struggle is usually the labor of birth. When Obama was elected, the world
celebrated, and not because he was a democrat. Nobody even cared at that moment, a more pressing issue was being addressed, the issue of unity. In Kenya, they declared our election day a national holiday, Obama day, because the simple act of electing him to lead the greatest country in the world gave hope to millions who have prayed for a chance at equality, not superiority. Of course there will be idiots who see things that way, but those idiots exist in all races. All of this makes me think of Hilda (Authors note: the African woman who raised Kim Clement in South Africa) and how I loved her, and even more, how you loved her. She wasn’t less than we are, her environment and circumstances made her path more difficult because of ignorant ideas that governed South Africa for so long, but those ideas have died with the passing of generations, and in electing Obama, we have had the funeral for the old way of thinking. God needs us to be united in all ways as we fight both the physical and spiritual war that we are in, and that transcends the very divisive “republican and democrat,” the way the North and South were divided before the Civil and then World Wars.

I love you Dad,

This is very exciting as it means we are experiencing something for the first time on
the Earth! So when a prophet prophesies or predicts something that is totally unrelated to the PRESENT, bears no familiarity with and has no reference to the reality of today, people find it difficult to accept and oftentimes take up arms against the vessel that God uses. In the late 1990s, who would have accurately guessed what the political climate of the world would be ten years later? For instance, the Internet and its impact, the degree to which commerce and globalization have transpired and the dramatically different ways in which our children would communicate with one another, was incomprehensible 20 years ago. Yet I remember prophesying in the early 1980’s about invisible light, multiple communications on a screen and the transference of documents through an invisible pipe. People laughed at me and I remember one spiritual leader saying, “When Kim Clement prophesies something, you have to put it on the TOP shelf.” They couldn’t relate to the prediction simply because they had nothing tangible to connect with. Today I watch my daughter, Elizabeth, doing homework for school with
four windows open on the computer. Instant Messages are flashing continuously, her cell phone constantly ringing, and she is downloading music and watching TV over her shoulder. She seems to be running an empire, as far as I can see, and yet before my very eyes I see the fulfillment of a prophetic word that I gave in the early 1980’s. Is it a requirement for someone to speak it out before it can actually unfold? I think so. That makes the prophet and the prophetic gift far more interesting and relevant.

One of my prophetic burdens is the population growth and yet I see a solution. Many Christians don’t. The world population has doubled in the past 30 years, from three to six billion. It may be heading for nine billion by the middle of the century. The great new mass of humanity will be using technologies that have YET TO BE INVENTED in ways we can’t imagine and in jobs that don’t yet exist. Someone has to speak it out, to predict it, because before something can emerge, it has to be spoken creatively under the inspiration of the Spirit of the Future - GOD - and this comes by creative observation. Creative observation is the ability to see something creatively, as God saw a prince in Jacob and then spoke it into existence. You cannot prophetically speak something into existence unless you have seen it under the influence of your spiritual creativity. Creative observation means that you observe something, not within its confines but outside of its restrictions, and once you see it, you’re able to paint a colorful picture.

I have been an EYEWITNESS of a future glory. Today we understand that the word “glory,” that is used so loosely by many revivalists, has a far greater meaning than what they portray and teach. It means, “magnificence, distinctive, splendor, eminence, a HIGHER STATE OF EXISTENCE.” The future holds a HIGHER STATE OF EXISTENCE for every one of us who can see it and grasp it, and it’s not only a spiritual state of existence but also a real material existence in a real material world. Notice in the Ancient Scripts that the Apostle Peter speaks about this wonderful gift we all have. He mentions that they were “eyewitnesses” of His Majesty; they observed creatively the part of Christ that no one else had seen and out of this came a prophetic word.

When you see something under the power of creative observation, you then receive a prophetic word so that you can speak it into existence. Notice that Peter says that it is as a “light that shines in a dark place.” The prophetic word brings the light into a dark place.

2 Peter 1:16-19 16 For we did not follow cunningly
devised fables when we made known to you the
power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were
eyewitnesses of His majesty. 17 For He received from
God the Father honor and glory when such a voice
came to Him from the Excellent Glory:
“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well
pleased.” 18 And we heard this voice, which came from
Heaven when we were with Him on the holy mountain.
19 And so we have the prophetic word confirmed,
which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a
dark place.

The future is not dark and filled with fear but rather God’s portrait, which appears black and white. He allows us the privilege and grants us the opportunity to paint and dictate the colors we place in the future that He has drawn. We can paint it dark and dismal or we can paint it with colors so that it is filled with joy, peace, prosperity, progress and life. Start painting the portrait of your future. We know there will be pain and sorrow and various anxieties but that is NOT only what life is all about. We must dictate as best as we possibly can the outcome of our future. God
has already drawn the picture of your destiny and future on the canvas of your heart – go ahead and paint it with the appropriate colors.