Sunday, May 31, 2009

Penetcost - A word of a new start - The Dead Church Stinkith

Right now millions are praying all around the world. Praying for a breakthru for the body of Christ. Praying for a release of the Spirit of God. This is a global day of prayer. A Global Upper Room. This is a day targeted toward a new fresh flow of the Spirit of the Living God in the world, the land, but most of all, the church.

If my people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from Heaven and Heal their land.

God will start by healing his Body on earth. That's where the healing touch must start.

The healing we need is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost. A fresh flow of the spirit of God. Newness of life.

Every Dead Church must be buried. They spiritually stink up the area around them. The corpse looks good, the undertaker has done his job. She is propped up in that box. There are people looking in. Many remember how beautiful she once was. Back in the day.

But she's dead. Gone. Not coming back........Unless the Master breaths once again life into her.

If he does rise up she won't be at all like we remember her. She's been dead. It's been liberating.

Bury her or raise her up! Don't let her lay there stinking and rotting. It's a funeral or an outpouring. Nothing else will do.

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