Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Image From Lynn McSweeney

She is Prophetic and Rich. It's worth reviewing her work.


Beware of the voice that leads many astray

Beware of the voice when you hear it say

“Go eat of the tree of knowledge and see

Equal with God is what you will be

There is no need to heed the words God said

(Don’t eat of it or you will be dead)”

So many have listened to this evil voice

To follow its directions has been their choice

You see them strive to walk in power

But what shall become of them in this hour

When they are not hearing Father say.....

"come child surrender .....

follow my ways and be loving and tender"

They don’t know that striving wont gain them power

They don’t know their plans will turn very sour

They don’t hear their Father say come walk my way

I will anoint you if you bow down this day

So sad that they choose to follow “that” voice

That’s led so many astray and they’ve followed by choice

They don’t know that Jesus is the only way

And it’s HIM they should follow day by day

Their Saviour their Lord the sweet Tree of Life

The Gate the Door the Path the Light

Thank you Jesus for your Spirit who teaches all things

Thank you Jesus for your light and the truth it brings!!!!!!!!

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