Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Hard Word I didn't want to Bring

Here's one of the two words that I have been carrying and have been reluctant to bring:

My people are being deceived. Widespread deception. Political and Cultural Deception from all viewpoints and opinions. No one seems to care about what MY opinion is. What My View from the throne is. Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

People have been chasing knowledge learning faster and faster more and more. They have been deceived and misled by politicians, educators, opinion makers, entertainment and even from people who represent My name.

This deception is not just a left or right politically driven activity. This is deception rooted in evil to deceive even the very elect if possible. Many voices are voices of what appears to be common sense, but if you knew My heart of love for you and My miracle working power you would understand that it is at the root demonic manipulation designed to dispirit and confuse you. The people involved in this manipulation are not evil themselves, they are tools used of the enemy of your souls as Peter was used by satan before Jesus where Jesus had to rebuke him. They are flesh and blood. War not against them. There are powers and principalities that must be struck down.

This is deception coming from right wing talk radio and television, left wing news media, Politicians who use global warming as a method to enslave you, preachers who preach hundred fold blessing, corrupt people in power all across this world using occult control to enforce an Anti-Christ agenda on my people by lies.

What angers Me most is you have allowed this to happen in your schools where abuse is happening to those who should be suffered to come to ME. I warned you of My anger toward those who would do any harm to one of these little ones. I am bringing judgment on the land because of your silence while those who should love me most as a little child are corrupted by entertainment and agendas that inoculate against the true knowledge of God.

This is one of the most clever end time deceptions your soul's enemy has ever devised and My watchmen do not see nor speak against it.

Politics is not the answer, Government is not the answer, right or left is not the answer, not even a religious system will preserve you in this hour. Only by returning to MY heart of love for you and the purpose for which I created you will you ever find true freedom from this oppression. If you trust in men you will fail, you will fall and you will be cursed.

Stop hearing the voice of the deceiver wherever you hear him. Learn to silence him. He is out to steal, kill and destroy your life. He has nearly succeeded. When you listen to voices that even sounds like a righteous voice, learn to listen with your spirit as well. Not everyone who says Lord Lord do I know. If you have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit Says.

In full disclosure I am pretty right wing, like to listen to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. What the Lord is saying to me and thru me is deception is widespread (even from them) and is not going to come with a flag that says, Deciever. If He were talking about Keith Olberman, Al Gore or some other left wing commentator I would have no problem. But when He told me that deception is in the land from every source, even those you like, I fought against the word. I am now asking the Lord to help me hear what is deception and what is not. I will say last, that much of what is proposed to be prophecy is not. I read this forum and many of the others like Elijah list. When I am allowed to see these things from the throne view I am astonished at the blindness and "Court Prophetic" that exists. I am not perfect by any means. In fact, I submit this with some trepidation knowing that I will probably be "Whacked" again. I would rather give smooth comforting words and be positive. I can't and be faithful to the call of God on my life.

As watchmen we haven't been very good at warning against the schemes of the enemy and worse from the pulpits of our land. On the other hand, some warnings from some national ministries were just convient money raising issues that riducule of the cause of Christ. There is little outcry.

Time for arrogance is over. It's time to repent and begin to see things from a higher vantage point. We have let the world blind us.

At least me.

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Blessed Economist said...

"Politics is not the answer, Government is not the answer".

Good stuff, Gene. Western Christianity is stuck in 1 Samuel 8, asking for a king. For people who serve the King of Kings, this is a bit dumb.