Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Advice - Only Go Where you are Celebrated, Not where you are Tolerated

I heard this today, it resonates. Maybe it's time to think it all over.


Anonymous said...

If man doesn't allow you to be who God made you to be, can you be?

Faith is never having to say I'm not sure.

Nancy said...

I left a job once based on God speaking this revelation to me and reminding me that I first heard Mike Murdock say this YEARS ago!

If they cannot accept the essence of who you are and what you are created to be, then what are you doing there? Everything that I am was being rejected repeatedly, day after day. And I would come home and pray and cry over it. Finally God say-"Why are you staying where you are not being celebrated?"

Within 3 weeks I had a new job and more than doubled my salary and was working less hours! (Oh for those days!) When the season of Grace and Favor for that place lifted, I really hesitated to go, so God booted me out of that job- just a few months ahead of us all finding out they were selling off the company. So when 3000 people lost their job, I was securely in place in another company (my present employment) where I am - yes you guessed it CELEBRATED and have extreme Favor!

Do not be Weary in Well Doing, but also know seasons change. He will make it clear if you are to go elsewhere AND for what purpose.

Lots of Love From His Heart and Mine!