Friday, September 15, 2017

I hear the Lord Saying: It’s time to break down the barrier before you.

It’s constructed out of fear.. read on

We all know the stories of people who in obedience to the Spirit of God do miracles things. Like Peter walking on water. Like Phillip translated. Like Elisha cleansing the waters, like the widow of Zarapeth feeding Elijah and her son and herself thru a drought with nothing.

There are hundreds of stories. Some in modern history. Like the unlikely victory the Jews had in 1977.
Sometimes God involves himself and we get to watch. He does so in your life. He does so in mine. He does so in every nation, every tongue. As the call on the Name of Jesus the doors open and barriers fall.
Yet many people see themselves barred in. Stuck. Barrier before them. Not knowing what to do about it. Sometimes it’s because they know too much. Many Doctors cannot receive healing because they know and understand the workings of the body. That detailed knowledge goes against what they might have otherwise entered into by faith.

By Faith. Man shall live by it and not by sight says the word. When we dig too deeply into those who will reinforce doubt and unbelief we end up behind bars. If faith, Hope and Love are true then Doubt, unbelief and fear are lies. When we receive a lie it puts us behind the bars, the barriers and locks us in chains.

Caution becomes the excuse. I would do this thing God calls me to, but I can’t because I know it will fail.. or might. We are doubly cursed when it is not just fear born of “knowing too much” but when it is driven by a fear of man.

I see it all the time. In business, in churches, in organizations and it is triple magnified in Politics. Loosing votes, losing support, losing members, losing connections.

I have two very dear friends living and with vital powerful ministries who are unafraid. One took a strong stand against error in Eschatology and it cost him dearly in members, friendship and support. The other also in the city has moved ahead in the supernatural without any concern about what will happen. He never read a church planting handbook. He is true to himself. Another “apostle” is horribly jealous of him. They started at the same time. Yet the first, the bold one, the one who sees no barrier now has a ministry of thousands and a fine new facility.

The jealous cautious apostle is still preaching to a hundred in a rented building and the revolving door scares him.

I knew two great men of God. Dan Rothwell and Bob Schimdgall. Both had large powerful churches. They must have scared the devil bad because both died before their time. Both were about a year or so within my age.

Pastor Dan would sometimes bring in the strangest most off the wall ministers. I would call him afterwards and ask, “WHY”. That guy is a nut. Pastor Dan would laugh and say, “Are you gonna leave because of this”? NO I would protest. His comment was if it wasn’t this guy, it might be the next and that he trusted his congregation to be able to sort thru the good and sometimes concerning. That they were solid and stable enough to see what mattered. As a result we had Bennie Hinn before his time, Rodney Howard Browne before his ascent, David Wilkerson, and many many more. Even the Happy Hunters. He wasn’t concerned that someone would leave if someone said something “Strange”. In fact the opposite happened. Sure some left, but others came and stuck and we grew.

Same thing with Bob Schimidgall. He was unafraid, we had times when I believed JESUS himself was going to walk in physically. The presence of God would be so strong it was hard to stand. People bringing testimony, bringing a tongue, bringing a word from God. Visions. Dreams. No filter. Some of the guests would stretch us.

This much is sure.

There is a barrier called fear, caution, safety and head knowledge why it won’t work. It’s a tough master. It will keep you and me if I hear it from my destiny. Yes, I know I am not one who fears like some.. but I still confront barriers.

Break down the dividing wall. Break down those things and break thru to what you are called to do.

If you KNEW you could not fail, what great things would you do?