Monday, August 31, 2015

God can Do anything --- but HE NEEDS YOU!

George Mueller prayed to feed his orphans.  God always provided.  Yet it wasn't supernatural provision appearing on his table.  God spoke to people who were obedient to act in his behalf.  It's how he does it.

There are times when God supernaturally provides. I have experienced such.  I can recall once having no money in my billfold.  Then opening it not an hour later there was over a hundred dollars there.  No one touched it. I hadn't made a mistake.  It was just enough to solve a problem I was having just then.

There have been other times, you can probably testify to them.  Healings, wisdom, knowing not to take a road, all kinds of things.  Also checks in the mail you didn't expect.

In most cases the hand of God in a person's life is human.  His hands, his feet, his heart, his voice, his compassion shown to others by the prompting of Holy Spirit (who is fully God). 

Obedience is the engine of God's activity on the earth.   Most of the time it is not a program, a mission, a request.  Most of the time it is an inkling that I should do this and as we do HE gets the glory.

Going back to George Muller, he didn't and doesn't know who put groceries on the porch. They just did.  Obedient people did.

Prayer MOVES the hand of GOD but God's hand is at the end of your arm in many cases. 

This is why I struggle with the God is in Control theology, the full sovereignty of God theory.  Both are true, but Control is subject to our obedience.  Like a sovereign King in the lands of Old, fully sovereign over his kingdom, but if he declared war on a neighboring Kingdom he was only as powerful as the obedience to his commands his subjects showed.  He was in control, he was the king, but if no one followed his command he was alone. 

In the same way, we are in the Kingdom of God... HE is KING over all the earth and sky.  He is able to do what he does because we obey His call on our lives.  He has made us full on Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of God.  He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings over all of us however.  It's a strange nation, a weird kingdom made up not of serfs and subjects but a nation of Kings and Priests operating in full authority and power.  What we command, take authority over, act upon, administer in Love as we follow his instructions is what makes the Kingdom of God on the earth work.

Yet, it won't work if we don't.  We need to understand that there are mandates all thru the word of God to his Kingdom Kings and Priests.  We have not been as successful as the enemy who we are at war with has again and again used his subjects to disarm and defeat us because we didn't follow direction.  Surely many are being brought into the kingdom, it is advancing, but the authority of the believer is not yet understood.

We must learn better to walk in our posts.. a nation not made up of weak serfs but of Crowned Kings and Robed Priests.  The devil doesn't much fear serfs.. but a King and a Priest in power?  He trembles.

Let's take our position and go on the offense.. God NEEDS us to carry out his will.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lord YOU Come Like The Rain

It's been raining hard.  Almost 2 inches so far and more to come.  It's OK. We were dry.  We need the rain----

I know something about rain, it comes when the atmosphere is ready.  You can have clouds without rain but no rain without clouds.  Sometimes there are people in ministry who try to tell you it's gonna rain, but they are clouds without rain.

It falls on everyone in a region, just, unjust, righteous, unrighteous.  Glory rain is contagious.

It helps things that are alive and washes away dirty dead things. Rain is a way to refresh and atmosphere... for good.  No new growth can come without rain.  Many people seek the rain, but dead things don't want any part of fresh rain.  Their old dead ways would be threatened.  They love their old dry religion too much.

You can artificially create rain (irrigation) when professionals know how.. and things will grow.. but when the professional stumbles.. things die.  Many large ministries are nothing more than professional irrigation systems but no actual rain of God's glory ever falls.

Some people say rain rain go away.. but they don't know that LIFE is in the rain.  Same is true of the move of God.  Many are offended and wish God would just leaven their ministry and church alone without fresh rain.. it riles people up.

Sometimes there are floods from rain, sometimes it changes the landscape, sometimes it causes damage, sometimes people are swept away, sometimes structures that stood a long time collapse as the rain comes.  Rain changes things, but most people see change as loss, particularly in spiritual matters.

Rain is what relieves drought.. and drought will eventually kill everything, including you.

I won't have to explain the spiritual implications of comparisons of rain beyond this. If you have eyes to see you will see how all these things are also the Rain of God's glory.

You probably know the song.. Let it Rain...

"Let It Rain"

Let it rain, let it rain.
Open the floodgates of Heaven

The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad
Let the distance shores rejoice
Clouds and thick darkness surround him
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne
A fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side
His lightning lights up the world
The earth sees and trembles
The mountains melt like wax before the Lord
Before the Lord of all the earth
The Heavens proclaim His righteousness
And all peoples will see His Glory

We want to see Your Glory, God!
Do you want to see His Glory?
Lift your voices, lift your hands!

Let it rain, let it rain.
Open the floodgates of Heaven

Thursday, August 27, 2015

When Pressing Through means Pressing In

I have had a few bumps in life, some harder than others.

Some would have killed me off except... except.... except GOD!

I knew that if I stopped or gave up I would lose.  I knew that the Call of God on my life was to play till we win.

I was Never alone:










Even in the storm, even in the pain, even in the hard times.. I can trust Him.  Doesn't feel that way sometimes, but I can't afford to be moved by what I see or feel  as We came up against some financial hills…We walked through some dry valleys…We had some struggles with drugs and alcohol…There is not enough time in the day…We have lost our patience…We lost control and sometimes it feels like there is a riot going on inside…But we stuck it out with God…We keep hanging on to His right hand…We keep holding on to His promise

No one said it would be easy and it hasn't been.  YET as I thought about the difficulties, about our life, as I pressed in to God.. He told me this:

"You are mine, I am never going to leave or forsake you, you are never alone even if it feels that way.  I can only guide you as you keep going. If you stop here, I will have to stop too.  Your life is in my hands and as you are obedient to my word in your heart I will put your feet on high places.  Trust in me.  Your own understanding is too weak to overcome what the world throws at you.  My ways are far above yours and yet you must be the one to walk out my purposes I have invested in you.  There is nothing more to do than that.  So take another step, take another and then another.  My word is the lamp your feet needs.  My Spirit in you manifests Himself to say, this way, walk in it.  As you press into me, you will press through.  So press in by trusting me to direct you.. even in your uncertainty, for I am the God who can take what looks like disaster to you and turn it into blessing."

Sometimes I have to encourage myself in the Lord and just did.. and hope you were as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Leaving Obscurity

I have been in places of high visibility in my life. Owned and operated business and otherwise. I have been in places of authority, the center of the circle. Then 14 years ago that all changed. My keystone position came down. I didn't go bust. I just fell out of place.  It was a shock.  From Hero to Zero in a year.  It was lost.

It was hard.  It was disappointing.  Set aside.  I was at that point in my late 50s.  I was starting to slow down. I was no longer able to get things done as I had in the past.  Just on the fringe.

Some people I trusted turned their backs on me.  I became a stranger in a strange land.  Some in business, some in churches, even some friendships.

It was hard and as I think about those years, I find myself grieving over the lost time.  Yet the lost time has seasoned me to where I am today.

Committed to the house of the Lord, I committed myself to places that were willing to embrace what I bring.  I began to remove myself from places that did not receive the gift of God I have been given.  Not that I'm not important, I just didn't fit in any more.

I am not a placeholder that keeps a seat from tipping over. Claps on cue.  Stands up and sits down on cue and listens to a lecture, then puts money in the basket dutifully.  If I can't give what God has invested in me, HE invested in vain and I can't let that happen.

It's been a long time.  NOW all these years later I am being received (and celebrated) by ministries that matter.  I didn't need the Glory, GOD DID.  He needed to find a vessel to express Himself in this area.  I was available and had proven to be what He needed from me.

Here's what I heard from the Lord that will encourage you:

"I have kept you hidden until the day you would be unveiled. Some has been protection, some has been because while you were ready for Egypt, Egypt wasn't ready for you.  You will find new hope, new ministry, new service, new place as I take away the covering from you and allow those who need what I have invested in you to be released.  
Go to the city (ministry, group, church, fellowship) that celebrates your mission.  If they do not, shake the dust from your sandals and find a place where who you are adds to the place you find yourself.  You are meant to be an addition not a distraction."

That is the word of the Lord for someone today.. it was for me too

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Contagion of Fear and the Stability of Courage

Every so often we get a moment when it seems men's hearts are failing them for fear. 

Today it's markets, tomorrow it's ISIS, day after it's blood moons and Shemitah. 
For some it's personal, health, finances, relationships.
For others it's a fear of radial change.
Others it's fear born of bad theology.

Fear is not of God - He is not the author of Confusion.   1 Corinthians 14:33

So where does fear come from? 

Let's see if we can figure it out.  FEAR NOT is the first thing said by angels and by Jesus in difficult situations.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7

On the other hand, courage is contageos.  When people need to overcome fear, they want someone to say, Don't Panic, Don't Fear, Have Faith, Be Courageous.

 This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

So as the Lord Speaks to us in our spirit and by his word:

Do not fear, do not be afraid what the world may do, many hearts will fail them for fear, but that is not for you.  Seek Peace.  Seek victory.  Seek hope.  I am the GOD of HOPE and Fear is not found in ME.  Fear ME only, and walk in the victory you already have.   There will come a day when you will look back on this day remembering how you faced it.. and it will Glorify ME as you face it with courage.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

What I know about the Prophetic by Experience

Last night I gave a presentation to people who are being trained in the Prophetic.  It was a meeting of the Prophetic Company of Prophets at Crusaders on South Michigan Ave, Raising the Water Level of the Prophetic.

I offered up 17 things I know about the prophetic and the life of a prophet that they need to know.  Here are some bullet points..

1.  Most people don't believe people can hear from God.  You are in the minority.  They think you are weird.  Get over it. 

2. I didn't sign up for this.  Never strove for it.  People just began calling me prophet.   I began to recognize that it is who I am, like being a man. I can't deny my maleness.   I embraced the call.  My call became my anchor. 

3. Getting over the fear of man required me understanding I have a big God and man is little in comparison.  Who am I gonna serve? I gotta serve someone, I choose God.  Big God, Little Man.

4. I live in terror of God killing me if as a Prophet I take His name in vain.  I know He won't, I get that, but the fear of God is powerful in helping me prophesy effectively..

5. I have had to fight allowing my sympathies and bias get in the way of what God wants to say.  Like Jonah at Nineveh.   OR when someone comes before me that is homeless, broke or in a world of hurt... my heart goes out.. I must take them to someone, but for me as a prophet I cannot get in the way of God providing or changing them.  My mercy gift must submit to the prophetic.

6. After a while a prophet sees Jesus in everything.  Movies, News, TV program, Music, Literature, the Opera (for me).  Everything is filtered thru Jesus.   He is constantly talking..   It's why the gift of Tongues is always the gateway to hearing from God.  We need the filter.

7. Most prophecy that has to do with superficial issues are not prophetic. (you will write books, movies, open schools, fame, fortune, great wealth....) any of those are not seen in the Bible and are not real.  Yes it is possible but rare and be careful in these areas.  Don't say what God isn't saying.

8. Never say, "I see you ______________"  WHO ARE YOU?  Speak first person God.  That's the only safe place.  Say what he says.  Say, I  I I, call them My Daughter, My Son.. it's God speaking, not you.

9. Be sensitive to the issues of life and see what God would say about them.  Most people that come to you are wondering about Money, Health, Destiny (Ministry), Relationships, Children.  Look for a word in these areas. Speak it if you get something.

10. Nothing beats face to face in the Prophetic.  Touch matters.  I get phone calls and notes asking for a word. Very hard to do...  Not really possible... unless a long term relationship exists... even then it's difficult.

11.  Before you prophesy, ask yourself the 1 Corinthians 13 question:  Do I love this person enough to do this?  Hug them.  Make contact. Look them in the eye. Never prophesy out of anger or frustration. 

12.  In a related vein, sometime you have to prophesy a hard word, not correction, bad news.  Don't shy away.. some people need to know the truth.. and knowing makes them confident in the future.  I have had to prophesy to someone that they would go to Jail or that they would die.  In those kinds of cases, do it in love, but tell the truth.  Truth is missing in the prophetic.  It needs to come back

13. You are making a person's world better. There is much reward to the prophet in helping others see themselves as God sees them.  It's why I write.  Let that motivate you to do well and honor God in your call.  You are changing lives.  Preaching can't do this.. Prophecy does.

14. Don't mix deliverance and the Prophetic.  They are linked in giftedness,  but if you run across a person with a demon, deal with that outside of the prophetic.  Jesus didn't prophesy to demons and neither should you.

15.  I don't often seek the prophetic for myself.  I will receive it from someone I respect.  I am careful to whom I submit my spirit.  I hear from God by listening carefully to him in silence, no music, no noise, quiet.  Pad and pencil.  Writing down what God says..   It is also what I do when I am asked to and accept the assignment of inquiring of the Lord for someone.  I don't do it often, it's a big task, can take hours and sometimes days. 

16. My prophetic is mostly to leaders.  Those who are willing to hear what the Lord says are who God has called me to.  I can't do much and neither can the Lord for those leaders who are intentionally deaf dumb and blind.  Why waste your gift and time on them? Being a leader requires a lot of hearing from GOD... and if they won't.. you are casting pearls before those who won't value them.  Also identifying emerging leaders in the Body of Christ is part of the task.  Before anyone else, a Prophets should be anointing the future King Davids in the land.  Sometimes they are also tasked with telling Jehu that he has to cast down Jezebel.

17.  I recognize the power of God in bringing a word that God will honor even above His plan..  We must be careful, power of life and death is in the tongue.

In closing, we have been given great responsibility in the call of God on our lives.  Be careful to only say what God says and say all the God says.. no more, no less.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Father Wants FOR us and FROM us

I have become convinced we don't understand God's best intentions towards us.  This morning in dealing with an issue I heard from the Lord..

"My desire is that every son and daughter alive today become all that I intended them to be.  That they fulfill My destiny and purpose in them. I designed them to do so.  I never destined My people for defeat, discouragement, failure, despair and uselessness. 

It has always been my will that I give good gifts and that those gifts are used to expand My Kingdom.  I cannot expand my Kingdom by people in constant want, poverty and pain.  Pain will come, want will happen, poverty occurs, but it is not My best.. you are to be the Head and Not the Tail.  Lend and Not Borrow.  Able to provide for those who have not yet entered into the fullness of what I have for them.

The enemy lies to you that you are more Holy when in poverty.  That is not the case.  You are Holy because of ME.  Now lift up your heads, look to My deliverance from not only your spiritual poverty, but your physical poverty.

I WILL supply every need according to My riches in GLORY... and they are vast.  More than you can Possibly IMAGINE, THINK and what you may even be afraid to ASK for.  Yet, ask.. trust, use the gifts I have given you.  I never waste a gift.. don't you either."

Monday, August 17, 2015

How to ID the DEVIL

Just this morning I came across a scam, it smelled at once.  Using racism to try to incite riot and extract money from sympathetic people. It was demonic.

There are a lot of things the devil is, but when you spot him, his calling card has only one word on it.. LIAR.

Of course scripture has other words Deceiver, Accuser, Misleader,  all types of things designed to trap and derail the Christian.

This is why we are given the gift of Discernment.  To spot the lies.

We can't give the devil too much honor or power, he is a defeated foe.. yet to underestimate his evil intent and capacity to deceive even the very elect would be a mistake as well.

Jesus is the TRUTH. When Pilate asked Him, what is truth.. He said..

I am the truth and the way.. no man comes to the Father..

Yet there are deceivers used by satan in human flesh.. they come as angels of light.  Watch for them. They are looking for ways to trip you up.  When a story is too easy, too convenient, too motivating to take negative action, it's probably the devil.

He's wandering about like a roaring lion looking for those to devour.  Don't be one.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

You are the Lord's Tomato

Most of my life I have been a gardener.  I know how to make things grow and thrive.  What to plant where, how, fertilize, sunlight needed.  It's actually how I make part of my living.  Gardening.  Horticulture.

There is a passage in the Living Bible from Psalm 92.  Before you dismiss that paraphrase, there are times it says things with better imagery than we get from other more accepted and accurate translations.

Consider this from Psalm 92:13
  For they are transplanted into the Lord’s own garden and are under his personal care. 14 Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green. 15 This honors the Lord and exhibits his faithful care.

When I am able to walk someone thru the gardens I grow they love to see the pretty flowers and the prolific fruit.  In the admiration I am honored that they admire what has happened.

So it is with our lives.  As I get older, as I live as a transplanted one in the Lord's garden my capacity to produce fruit, to be vital and "Green" has the net effect of giving honor (and glory) to the Lord.  It speaks volumes about his faithfulness.  In that way even without saying a word, I am a living witness to the tender mercies of my God.

Like the tomatoes growing in a garden are a witness to the those who planted and nurtured them.  When we eat fruit from them, there is pleasure in the testimony they are to the Gardner. 

It is pleasing to the Lord as He preserves your life and makes you useful for the Kingdom.

I don't have a direct word from the Lord other than the word of comfort that this gave me this morning.  I hope it helps you too...
Psalm 92:5-15 Living Bible Paraphrase
O Lord, what miracles you do! And how deep are your thoughts! Unthinking people do not understand them! No fool can comprehend this:  that although the wicked flourish like weeds, there is only eternal destruction ahead of them.  But the Lord continues forever, exalted in the heavens,  while his enemies—all evildoers—shall be scattered.

But you have made me as strong as a wild bull. How refreshed I am by your blessings! I have heard the doom of my enemies announced and seen them destroyed.  But the godly shall flourish like palm trees and grow tall as the cedars of Lebanon.  For they are transplanted into the Lord’s own garden and are under his personal care.  Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green.  This honors the Lord and exhibits his faithful care. He is my shelter. There is nothing but goodness in him!

Monday, August 10, 2015

On the Horizon

Nothing Traditional Holds

Anger and Resentment Rules

Anarchy is Real

Hoping things will be OK is Hopeless

OK is only real if it's based in Faith in God

The days of separation are upon us..those who are simply affirming Jesus without submission will find themselves shut out of the marriage feast.  Gnashing of teeth.

It's gonna get real.  Whatever you trust in, Process, people, politics, systems, procedures will fail you.  There is no hope.. EXCEPT!!  JESUS

It's also OK for the child of God who knows who his Father is.  No stress there.

When it's all washing away the new dawn will be bright indeed.

Today we had a severe storm.. it was dark, cloudy, rain, driven, sirens going off, alerts, tough time.. but when it passed the whole world looked clean and fresh, washed, new, blossoming.

That is how the future looks to me.. the dawn is waiting.. but darkness comes before the dawn.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Spiritual Tipping Point - it will be disruptive

People, families, groups, nations and the whole world come to Faith in Jesus at a tipping point.  When all else fails, falters and is found empty Jesus stands alone.  Creator God.  Fullness. Only true salvation.

People come because there is a tipping point, things wax worse and worse and all at once everything collapses.  Things fall apart.  For some it is addiction, for some it is health problems, for some financial collapse, for some it is marriage issues and for some it is an emptiness that knows no satisfaction.   People aren't brought to this tipping point until crisis hits.  It takes severe crisis.  A moderate setback doesn't cause a hard heart to soften.

We have watched the world in crisis from ISIS, as we have seen scandal after scandal unveiled like Planned Parenthood, as we have seen leaders rise and fall, as we have seen false religion exposed, as economic conditions deteriorate there is a sense that everything we thought we could depend on will fail us.  It will, that's on purpose.

Many people cry out to God for an awakening in the world, in the USA.  They speak of revival.  When God answers it will be with a crushing of the old to unveil the new.  A new thing. It is impossible to change course spiritually if you don't turn.  You can't change things without change.  Seems obvious enough, but people view change as loss.

When this happens it will result in old institutions and ways of doing things that will end.  Don't be deceived God is not mocked.  The institutional church will not fit after the revival... it will have to change, some will have to close, some will simply disappear.  It will seem disruptive.  Leaving Egypt was disruptive. Seeing the promised land and shrinking back was disruptive.  Thunder and Lightening from Sinai was disruptive.

This is not judgement nor anger from God.  This is adjustment, realignment. In less than 15 years China will become the dominant christian nation in the world. Without the cultural revolution with bloodshed and oppression there would not have been the impetus in China that is causing it to become the most christian nation in the world could not have emerged.  Pressure produced diamond faith. 

Have faith for a change.  We are near the tipping point.  It is OK.  You will survive.  Enjoy the coming move of God in the earth.  It is about to come... the Kingdom will continue to expand.  The result won't look like you thought it would.  Evenso Lord Jesus Come.  Turn it all around.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Words and Bonds

We have heard the expression, "His word is his bond".  Said normally about a good person who has high integrity and who does what he or she says they will do. If they said it, that settles it.

This is infinitely more true of your Heavenly Father.  His word IS HIS bond.  He speaks and it is sealed in heaven forever.  You can write it on the wall,  Or He does.

So as we consider the full counsel of God, the whole of His word, his complete word to us, it is filled with bond quality words.  When we grasp, claim and live in the eager expectation of the fulfilment of them, you can live in hope, faith, love, joy and peace.  You can suffer long, because you KNOW.

There is another dimension however to this.  OUR word must be OUR bond:

When you make a promise to God, don't delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools. Keep all the promises you make to him.  Ecclesiastes 5:4

Don't trap yourself by making a rash promise to God and only later counting the cost. 
Proverbs 20:25

A person who promises a gift but doesn’t give it is like clouds and wind that bring no rain.   
Proverbs 25:14

Just say a simple, 'Yes, I will,' or 'No, I won't.' Anything beyond this is from the evil one.  
Matthew 5:37

Yet among many when someone proclaims themselves a christian a red flag goes up.  This should not be.  We should not come under immediate suspicion of fraud because others make promises they can't keep, or commitments they don't follow thru on. 

Don't ever promise something you have no intention of doing.  IF you find yourself unable to do what needs to be done, then go to the person who was injured and ask for forgiveness and pardon.
Most important is to keep your word.

When God speaks thru one of his genuine prophets, you can write that on the wall as well.  Not everything that prophets say comes to pass - but if it is the word of the Lord, it is HIS word from that prophet's mouth.  It is why when I prophesy to someone I am so very careful to not make statements and claims that are simply flesh.  It's critical.  So critical. Here's what I hear Father saying:

"You are My Body on earth, you are My representation to many, you are My manifesting glory as you live as a witness to My nature.  My nature is truth.  I am truth.  When your bond is not kept you are misrepresenting Me.  I forgive you but I can only be in you what I am supposed to be as you submit to My Spirit.  Be true, let your word be your bond, just as mine is in you".


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Don't let others steal or sell you faith

Ministry has become all about money. You don't have to scratch much below the surface to discover that.  It's just become a machine who's fuel is cash.

Yet, we are given a GIFT of Faith.  My lutheran upbringing defines that we can't even believe in Jesus without first being given a measure of faith by HIM. 

Your faith in God carries no price tag.  It can't be bought or sold.  It is a grace.. FAITH.

Yet people flock to ministers to increase their faith.  Some of that is good.  Some is appropriate, but it's not costly.  Faith is an excersise. Faith requires an object.  Faith is a substance that takes hope and makes it concrete.  Faith can be great or small.  Big or little. Sometimes it can be absent.  But all those manifestations are without cost.

What I hear this morning is:

"Don't let the merchants of religion sell or steal your faith.  I gave it to you freely. As you exercise the gift of Faith, you grow in it.  It is that way with all the gifts I give you... Healing, Discernment of Spirits, Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom, Prophecy, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues... all grow as you exercise them.   Walk out your faith, Work out your faith, have the FAITH of ME your God.. with that you glorify ME as you manifest the Gift of Faith I have gave you."

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Weight of Glory and Honor

For years I have heard preaching on the weight of Glory. That's good, but a few days ago I heard someone say something that changed my view.  Glory and Honor are equal in impact and both have weight.  We give Glory to what we Honor and we Honor those things we Glorify. 

The Glory of God is the Honor of God.

Yet there's more.  Glory and Honor have weight.  They take a situation, a meaning, a person and when Glory and Honor is given they become weightier. Not pounds, gravitas.  We know the word.  We use to to describe people of depth.  "He has real gravitas". 

We have meetings when the Glory comes.  It's not a feeling, its a weight.  You know it. Something unique happens.  Yet there's more to this.

You glorify GOD when his honor is in YOU.  You can't dwell on your weakness, inadequacy, lack and reflect the manifest glory of God.  You are increased in glory and honor as you reflect who HE is in YOU. 

This is why it is so self defeating to keep looking at yourself as a sinner, as a worm or one saved by grace but just barely.  There are no half saved people. IF you are in HIM and HE is in YOU, then you need to recognize the weight of glory and honor you carry.

Father says this to you today. "As you give Me Honor and Glory which is my due, I give you honor and glory because you are mine.  I glorify your life. I give you honor.  You are perfect because I am perfect."