Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Leaving Obscurity

I have been in places of high visibility in my life. Owned and operated business and otherwise. I have been in places of authority, the center of the circle. Then 14 years ago that all changed. My keystone position came down. I didn't go bust. I just fell out of place.  It was a shock.  From Hero to Zero in a year.  It was lost.

It was hard.  It was disappointing.  Set aside.  I was at that point in my late 50s.  I was starting to slow down. I was no longer able to get things done as I had in the past.  Just on the fringe.

Some people I trusted turned their backs on me.  I became a stranger in a strange land.  Some in business, some in churches, even some friendships.

It was hard and as I think about those years, I find myself grieving over the lost time.  Yet the lost time has seasoned me to where I am today.

Committed to the house of the Lord, I committed myself to places that were willing to embrace what I bring.  I began to remove myself from places that did not receive the gift of God I have been given.  Not that I'm not important, I just didn't fit in any more.

I am not a placeholder that keeps a seat from tipping over. Claps on cue.  Stands up and sits down on cue and listens to a lecture, then puts money in the basket dutifully.  If I can't give what God has invested in me, HE invested in vain and I can't let that happen.

It's been a long time.  NOW all these years later I am being received (and celebrated) by ministries that matter.  I didn't need the Glory, GOD DID.  He needed to find a vessel to express Himself in this area.  I was available and had proven to be what He needed from me.

Here's what I heard from the Lord that will encourage you:

"I have kept you hidden until the day you would be unveiled. Some has been protection, some has been because while you were ready for Egypt, Egypt wasn't ready for you.  You will find new hope, new ministry, new service, new place as I take away the covering from you and allow those who need what I have invested in you to be released.  
Go to the city (ministry, group, church, fellowship) that celebrates your mission.  If they do not, shake the dust from your sandals and find a place where who you are adds to the place you find yourself.  You are meant to be an addition not a distraction."

That is the word of the Lord for someone today.. it was for me too


Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

I hits home with me as well, I call it WITSEC, I've been living in what only can be described as witness protection. Thanks for the word in season, what I've been discovering is those who have a prophetic dent go through similar experiences.