Monday, August 31, 2015

God can Do anything --- but HE NEEDS YOU!

George Mueller prayed to feed his orphans.  God always provided.  Yet it wasn't supernatural provision appearing on his table.  God spoke to people who were obedient to act in his behalf.  It's how he does it.

There are times when God supernaturally provides. I have experienced such.  I can recall once having no money in my billfold.  Then opening it not an hour later there was over a hundred dollars there.  No one touched it. I hadn't made a mistake.  It was just enough to solve a problem I was having just then.

There have been other times, you can probably testify to them.  Healings, wisdom, knowing not to take a road, all kinds of things.  Also checks in the mail you didn't expect.

In most cases the hand of God in a person's life is human.  His hands, his feet, his heart, his voice, his compassion shown to others by the prompting of Holy Spirit (who is fully God). 

Obedience is the engine of God's activity on the earth.   Most of the time it is not a program, a mission, a request.  Most of the time it is an inkling that I should do this and as we do HE gets the glory.

Going back to George Muller, he didn't and doesn't know who put groceries on the porch. They just did.  Obedient people did.

Prayer MOVES the hand of GOD but God's hand is at the end of your arm in many cases. 

This is why I struggle with the God is in Control theology, the full sovereignty of God theory.  Both are true, but Control is subject to our obedience.  Like a sovereign King in the lands of Old, fully sovereign over his kingdom, but if he declared war on a neighboring Kingdom he was only as powerful as the obedience to his commands his subjects showed.  He was in control, he was the king, but if no one followed his command he was alone. 

In the same way, we are in the Kingdom of God... HE is KING over all the earth and sky.  He is able to do what he does because we obey His call on our lives.  He has made us full on Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of God.  He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings over all of us however.  It's a strange nation, a weird kingdom made up not of serfs and subjects but a nation of Kings and Priests operating in full authority and power.  What we command, take authority over, act upon, administer in Love as we follow his instructions is what makes the Kingdom of God on the earth work.

Yet, it won't work if we don't.  We need to understand that there are mandates all thru the word of God to his Kingdom Kings and Priests.  We have not been as successful as the enemy who we are at war with has again and again used his subjects to disarm and defeat us because we didn't follow direction.  Surely many are being brought into the kingdom, it is advancing, but the authority of the believer is not yet understood.

We must learn better to walk in our posts.. a nation not made up of weak serfs but of Crowned Kings and Robed Priests.  The devil doesn't much fear serfs.. but a King and a Priest in power?  He trembles.

Let's take our position and go on the offense.. God NEEDS us to carry out his will.

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