Saturday, August 8, 2015

Spiritual Tipping Point - it will be disruptive

People, families, groups, nations and the whole world come to Faith in Jesus at a tipping point.  When all else fails, falters and is found empty Jesus stands alone.  Creator God.  Fullness. Only true salvation.

People come because there is a tipping point, things wax worse and worse and all at once everything collapses.  Things fall apart.  For some it is addiction, for some it is health problems, for some financial collapse, for some it is marriage issues and for some it is an emptiness that knows no satisfaction.   People aren't brought to this tipping point until crisis hits.  It takes severe crisis.  A moderate setback doesn't cause a hard heart to soften.

We have watched the world in crisis from ISIS, as we have seen scandal after scandal unveiled like Planned Parenthood, as we have seen leaders rise and fall, as we have seen false religion exposed, as economic conditions deteriorate there is a sense that everything we thought we could depend on will fail us.  It will, that's on purpose.

Many people cry out to God for an awakening in the world, in the USA.  They speak of revival.  When God answers it will be with a crushing of the old to unveil the new.  A new thing. It is impossible to change course spiritually if you don't turn.  You can't change things without change.  Seems obvious enough, but people view change as loss.

When this happens it will result in old institutions and ways of doing things that will end.  Don't be deceived God is not mocked.  The institutional church will not fit after the revival... it will have to change, some will have to close, some will simply disappear.  It will seem disruptive.  Leaving Egypt was disruptive. Seeing the promised land and shrinking back was disruptive.  Thunder and Lightening from Sinai was disruptive.

This is not judgement nor anger from God.  This is adjustment, realignment. In less than 15 years China will become the dominant christian nation in the world. Without the cultural revolution with bloodshed and oppression there would not have been the impetus in China that is causing it to become the most christian nation in the world could not have emerged.  Pressure produced diamond faith. 

Have faith for a change.  We are near the tipping point.  It is OK.  You will survive.  Enjoy the coming move of God in the earth.  It is about to come... the Kingdom will continue to expand.  The result won't look like you thought it would.  Evenso Lord Jesus Come.  Turn it all around.


Curtis said...

I have long sat back and enjoyed the prophetic honesty that you speak, the courage to speak words that often go against the words of what people want to hear in their own self interest. I know how difficult it can be to speak not what someone wants to hear but what they need to hear even if they do not understand the gravity of it and seemingly do not have ears to hear. We often sense and speak the right things but do not comprehend the true meaning of those things such as the many crying out for a revival. Many are expecting an addition to what they have but do not realize the disruption that is coming by definition will make existing modes of thinking and operating obsolete and ineffective and will do so at a pace that will shake the fabric of souls and society. Only God can use subtraction to multiply. A prophet who speaks God's word of disruption that is coming will often feel alone but be encouraged that you are being heard just allow the fullness of the word to do its work in you.

Gene said...

Thank you Curt. Prophets need encouragement too. Sometimes it's hard to bring difficult news. Elijah suffered from this.

That was a great comment

Anonymous said...

Yes, very good word. But for a kingdom minded person, this should be an encouragement. So tired of the old order of things and ready for some kingdom order...