Monday, August 10, 2015

On the Horizon

Nothing Traditional Holds

Anger and Resentment Rules

Anarchy is Real

Hoping things will be OK is Hopeless

OK is only real if it's based in Faith in God

The days of separation are upon us..those who are simply affirming Jesus without submission will find themselves shut out of the marriage feast.  Gnashing of teeth.

It's gonna get real.  Whatever you trust in, Process, people, politics, systems, procedures will fail you.  There is no hope.. EXCEPT!!  JESUS

It's also OK for the child of God who knows who his Father is.  No stress there.

When it's all washing away the new dawn will be bright indeed.

Today we had a severe storm.. it was dark, cloudy, rain, driven, sirens going off, alerts, tough time.. but when it passed the whole world looked clean and fresh, washed, new, blossoming.

That is how the future looks to me.. the dawn is waiting.. but darkness comes before the dawn.

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