Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Weight of Glory and Honor

For years I have heard preaching on the weight of Glory. That's good, but a few days ago I heard someone say something that changed my view.  Glory and Honor are equal in impact and both have weight.  We give Glory to what we Honor and we Honor those things we Glorify. 

The Glory of God is the Honor of God.

Yet there's more.  Glory and Honor have weight.  They take a situation, a meaning, a person and when Glory and Honor is given they become weightier. Not pounds, gravitas.  We know the word.  We use to to describe people of depth.  "He has real gravitas". 

We have meetings when the Glory comes.  It's not a feeling, its a weight.  You know it. Something unique happens.  Yet there's more to this.

You glorify GOD when his honor is in YOU.  You can't dwell on your weakness, inadequacy, lack and reflect the manifest glory of God.  You are increased in glory and honor as you reflect who HE is in YOU. 

This is why it is so self defeating to keep looking at yourself as a sinner, as a worm or one saved by grace but just barely.  There are no half saved people. IF you are in HIM and HE is in YOU, then you need to recognize the weight of glory and honor you carry.

Father says this to you today. "As you give Me Honor and Glory which is my due, I give you honor and glory because you are mine.  I glorify your life. I give you honor.  You are perfect because I am perfect."

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