Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unseen Forces at War

We live in our visual audio life. We operate on what we can taste, see, touch, hear and smell.  It's how we perceive reality. We also live on feelings, emotions, understanding and experience.  It forms how we translate the physical world around us. Yet that world is limited when we consider what is really out there.

We know the word says, "We battle not against flesh and blood but against Principalities and powers of the air". 

We know that Elisha's servant eyes were opened so he could see angel armies and chariots of fire.

We know Stephen while being martyred saw Heaven. 

We know that the mount of Transfiguration was a step from eternity into time for Moses and Elijah.

We know that in scripture Angels are usually invisible... unseen.  That only occasionally do they manifest.

So if we grasp all that we know there are wars going on in the Spirituals.  Unseen.  Forces of Good and evil.  Forces of darkness and light.  Doing battle... unseen.

We are part of that battle even if we don't recognize it.  We think it's people who are enemies, it is people, but those people are only doing what their master, satan bids them do.  Do not consider the evil men do as from themselves, they are of a reprobate mind and as such are slaves to sin, and the laws of death.  They are acting out the deception they possess and that possesses them.

When you oppose such things as you must, it is part of the mandate of a Christian to oppose evil in prayer, support good then in prayer, then act according to the prayer you pray.  Whatever the Lord calls you to do, do that.  Just know that the battle IS the Lords.  He HAS already won the war, but there will be battles and in those battles some casualties.  It is the way of things.  It may even look like the war is being lost sometimes, it certainly does when you look around with your five senses today. 

However when you look thru the eyes of faith you see the battle engaged.  The enemy is on the run.  The Lord is the victor. He won at Calvary, but he is winning as hearts and minds come to awareness of the evil invaders.  The kingdom is expanding.

Do not despair.. darkness, even deep darkness is no match for the light.. even a pin of light drives back the Darkness.

I heard the Lord say this morning

"I called you to be light, to bring light, to display light.  Light that will drive back the darkness.  As you do, I will move.  You are my manifestation on earth today.  I need you to live, I need you to breathe, I need you to move - without YOU I can do nothing on the earth.  It is your domain, I gave it to you.  It destiny to be hands and feet connected to the Spirit I placed in you".