Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do Not Bow the Knee

I have been quiet for a week waiting on God to give me a clear word about the Court's judgement on Gay Marriage. From a political standpoint I have a strong and Biblical opinion.  But it's my opinion. I must get my flesh out of the way to offer up what Father is saying.

Here's what I have received from the Throne:

"Not everything you call supreme is, I am the one and only Supreme of the whole universe.  I created it all. Heaven, Earth and all the Galaxies.  Supreme is who I am, above all other gods.

That which man appoints others to be supreme is simply a world system... not MY purpose.  They do not speak for ME.  If law is adjudicated outside MY laws and the created order of things, they are exposed for being false and in error. This a time of exposure.

Just because a judge or judges proclaim lawless living to be legal, do not bow the knee.  It may be the law of the land, but it is not My will for people's lives.  Keeping peace by bowing the knee to that which is sin and rebellion is compromise unworthy of those who are called by MY name.

Sacrificing children to Molek in fire at one time was a law made by men.  My prophets spoke against the law and some were killed because of their opposition.  Darius the King was tricked by evil men into putting Daniel in the lions den.  Laws devised to persecute.  Nebuchadnezzar devised a law that at the sound of the music all were to bow down to the Idol.  Three did not and were placed in an oven so hot that it killed the ones placing then in the fire.  Haman devised a law that would have killed MY chosen people in the land but Ester at the risk of her life stood against the law.  MY SON was crucified because one appointed by Rome issued an edict for death, a law, because of pressure from godless men.

The logic of man is that it doesn't hurt anything or anyone, that harmony is more important than righteousness, that civil order is what we need is how easy divorce and abortion became the law of the land.  The unrighteous human judges made law contrary to My will.   Do not bow the knee.

It is a scheme of satan to try to get even christians to believe there is no spiritual impact or damage from unjust judgements.  These laws lead to death. Destruction. Deception.  Do not bow the knee.

My perfect law always leads to life.  It is a lamp to your feet.  It is guidance that will bring you to the true peace, harmony and justice that you long for.  Not laws devised to deceive as come from man.

Do not be deceived.  Do not be conformed to the world designed by unrighteous men.  Acceptance as sin, even if declared legal, is sin.  Missing the mark.  Compromise will cause a shortfall of the Glory you were designed to carry.

IF laws demand that people called of MY name accept as legitimate and ordinary that which is not according to MY law, then there will be created a divide.  You will have to choose to follow that law I have written on your heart by My word or the laws devised by fallen men.  Come out from among them.  I called you to be a royal priesthood, a separate people, peculiar in every way, holy which means set apart.  Do not bow the Knee.

I gave you My spirit, I gave you the Mind of Christ, I have given you a voice, I use your physicality to execute my purposes in the earth, you see with eyes of faith, I have given you the gift of discernment, I have told you to be careful to be not OF the world.  I dwell in you, a temple not made with hands.  You have a heart of flesh I gave you rather than a heart of stone.  I have given you a conscience and a still small voice to say to you, "This is the way, walk ye in it".  You are well equipped to walk upright in this day.

Yet many who claim to speak for me, many who occupy pulpits,  many who try to explain away all this using the words of compromise and love are in fact asking those who they lead to bow the knee in quiet acceptance.  A spiritual go along to get along.  I will remove such.  False shepherds.

There are also those who I placed as shepherds who have not spoken a word as a watchman.  The blood of those taken captive by these philosophies leading to death is on their hands.  I will remove these.  False shepherds.

Do not be deceived, no group of men, politicians, media, judges and public opinion will mock ME  long.  I WILL NOT be mocked.

You will be hated, I said to you:  The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you.  John 15:19

Be very cautious about what or who you call supreme.  I am alone in that. Do not bow the knee to any other.


Ron McK said...

The problem is that most Christians hate God's law.

Kathy said...

Well put!

Unknown said...

I love it! PRAISE Jesus! Finally the truth!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Gene. well said, and true, because what you said God has said. h.a.h.