Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Believers and the Church

You have felt you were in a transition time, you are. This is a reset. Redo. Restart. What you once believed about the future has become a distant memory. Fear not. It's all of me. I am doing the new thing you have proclaimed for years.

Old things are indeed passing away. Your flesh longs for the familiar, the easy, the old. None of that can prosper as my Spirit renews the manifestation of the saints on the BODY.

This is a time when what seemed so new and fresh thirty years ago seems to have gone stale. Don't reach back to that time. It is yesterday. Some have even made an image of that time in their hearts. Graven. False. I will throw down those images.

I am jealous My Names Sake. You represent MY NAME on the earth. I will have a pure and spotless representation of ME. The false and wrong representations I will tear down. It represents something that comes between you and ME. She must be without wrinkles. She is NOT YET... but WILL BE. That will mean change. The Church WILL CHANGE. Many will disappear. Close down. True Shepherds will emerge. False hirelings will fall away. It is my plan of purity.

If you feel that everything you Thought you knew has been upended... it has. The waiting white field ready for harvest has not been harvested by the harvesters of the past. This will take a brand new harvester to accomplish.

As this comes, there will become the great divide between those who depend on the days of old and the traditions of man to bring in the great harvest and those who depend on the laborers called of me. This division is of me. False unity was never my intention for my body. She will not be schizophrenic.

I know the leaders I can depend on. I also know those trapped in the snare of Man Pleasing. I can not ever really use or trust a man trapped in that snare. The enemy of your souls will use every deception to keep you from me as a Body. Do not let it happen. Press into me.

You will need to trust me even more than you have, you will need to have even more faith than in the past. This is a season of knowing i am your source and sole provision. Anything other than faith in me alone will be empty. If you believe the world you will suffer again and again from dashed hopes and broken promises. Receive a lie and it will put you in chains.

Learn to hear my voice. I am Speaking. Listen. I will never ever leave or forsake you. Develop an awareness of My hand in your life. This is a time when I am reaching in and removing everything that is NOT of ME. Your heart will be revealed as pressures increase. That has always been my intention. A pure heart in you.

Return to ME and I will bind you up where I have wounded you. That's a promise for 2010.

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Entertainment, Media, Sports

Pleasure and entertainment are not in and of themselves evil. I created them. The song. The dance. The Word spoken. The race of sports. Even relationships between a man and a woman are of me. Those things written and shown that magnify them in Glory are rooted from MY Spirit. All are sourced from me.

But, many have made pursuit of entertainment, media, movies and sports a god unto themselves. Sports have become a substitute for my word. Movies and Television are pipelines for lies about the world I created. Entertainment has become a diversion and even a perversion that keeps people from true intimacy with ME. Or even with each other.

I will tear down those things not of me. I have in the past used humiliation and accusation to destroy publicly those held in high esteem by the world. Even in the past year. The past month. No man can be god and the godlike attributions given to many great sports heroes has caused MY jealous judgment to be released.

I will judge and remove anything you hold above ME. There is much good that can be done for the Kingdom using media and sports. It is my intention to do that. I will not allow anything to stand that is dishonorable. I will honor those who honor ME.

Some were destined to take dominion in the arenas of Sports, Entertainment and Media to demonstrate the goodness of my mercy and kingship. If you are called to be that person MY anointing for you is there for the asking.

There is deception you will encounter. You might even begin to believe the things the world says about you. Don't believe them. If you receive the lie it will put you in chains. I made you. Every breath you take is of me. Only by my grace can you take another. Take your place and remember the God of your youth. I am HE.

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Education

The shift has begun. For a long time I have been exposing weakness and danger of empty education without understanding. Now that process is accelerating. The discredit of public education will increase. As the government bubble is deflated, so will the educational bubble be. It must be. This original admonition in training up a child was for developing skills to make a life and understand My word. Now it has become a method used of your enemy to indoctrinate the young in false religion and lies.

I will not allow this to stand. While it will not fall in this year, it will fall and when it does, mighty will be the fall of it. Many will mourn. But the Righteous will rejoice that once more TRUTH will be taught. Honor to those who should be honored. Dishonor to the dishonorable.

The schemes of the enemy hidden just below the surface in Educational systems will be exposed. I will use people to bring justice to the earth by establishing MY Kingdom, I must have them trained in the fear and admonition of ME.


The word of the Lord for 2010 - Business and Industry

There will be tremendous opportunities in the year to come...and in the decade. Huge fortunes will be made. And lost. Some will be made in places and by methods that do not yet exist in the mind of man. I AM the author of secrets to great wealth, hidden treasures and witty inventions. These things kept hidden from the world for you to find. If I made it easy and open many would exploit them for their own benefit. I created these things not for the world, but for the righteous. The wealth is hidden (stored up) for the righteous. You will have to prepare. You will have to be vigilant. Creativity will be needed. And, keen sensitivity to the prompting of MY Spirit. Other deceiving and tempting economic spirits will come. They are NOT of me.

Your security will be found only in ME. I will provide. Your job is not going to be secure. Even one offered by government is empty for I shall destroy the idea of government jobs as security. Too many have substituted security found in other places for what was always meant to be found in me alone. You security will be found only in ME. Seek me and you will find Me. As you find me, you will find peace, joy, rest and LIFE.

Interest rates will rise. Money will tight by the world's standard. Difficulty will be amplified in the worlds system. Yet, as you stay steady in ME I will show myself strong to provide and deliver.

Don't fear. Don't believe all that the prophets of doom say nor all the court prophets tell you. This day is essential. And it will provide opportunity to those ready to take it.

In the last times like this, great and powerful businesses were born, launched and made many great worldly wealth. That time is now again. The world has no hope. It cannot succeed because the fathers of lies has convinced them they must fail. The father of lies is holding out a system that says in essence, trusting God is of no value, trust in government, the economy, self reliance, capitalism, socialism or any kind of godless ism. Do not believe them. Receive this lie and it will put you in chains.

There are clever business deceivers. Be aware. Be on guard. Even this year you will be approached by some. It will be appealing, but there will be a warning sign. Learn to hear the voice of Peace and Joy. Do nothing out of fear. Fear caused Peter to deny. Fear caused most of the disciples to hide. Fear will keep you from your destiny. You were created to reign, in business. In life.

Take your place. See yourself as ones who stands above the marketplace. Step into the anointing I have called you to. You will know it when it comes. I am here to reign thru you as My Kingdom comes.

The word of the Lord for 2010 - Global Change

There is a global change underway. It's rapid. It will mean that in a generation much of what you thought would never change will be remade. In a moment. Like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Persia will be restored. China will continue to prosper and China will be Mine. Korea must become ONE...the prayers of the Saints are heard at MY throne. Small fires of My Spirit will break out in Europe starting in England and in the former Eastern European countries. The conflicts with Islam will become greater, But fear not, Islam is failing....from within. It's a supernatural work. I am showing Myself to every one of them. Jesus is Truth, Islam is a lie.

Africa has a mighty destiny in me, but her time is not yet. Many hearts of many men wicked and must be made right before restoration can come. South America will rise. Brazil, Argentina, Chile and others will find new places of authority. My Kingdom has been established there and will be made manifest. Mexico is being weighed in the balance. American will play a necessary role in restoring the corrupted broken system to some basis in hope. It will look like unity, but it will be distinct.

There is a shift that is to come. Truth about the political and spiritual vacuum Will become evident and things will change. I am exposing hypocrisy and evil at every level. As people become more and more aware of Truth, more and more are set free. Freedom is not a movement, freedom is Truth. Many people thought freedom was political power. True freedom starts when the spirit in a man or woman is set alive by MY Spirit.

I AM. There is no God but Jehovah. That will become evident and every knee will bow. And it will cause Global Change.

Word of the Lord 2010 for Governments

Excessive trust in man's schemes to solve all problems thru government is the source of all kinds of evil. It will place unrighteous people in positions of power over you to which you were never meant to become submitted. Unrighteous power acquisition in government is a sin that permeates fallen man's governmental efforts.

You were never destined to be a democracy or to live under the heel of government. You were designed by ME, you were destined to be subject to a King. He is the one you long for. But you substitute seeking my Kingship in your life by seeking Governmental solutions. You substitute your longing for the true King of King and Lord of Lords by electing people and parties that ultimately will oppress you or mislead you. Your mixture of faith in ME and your faith in Government is a mixture I cannot stand. I will have no other Gods in your life. Therefore whatever you put up before me, I will tear down. I am about to tear down and expose the failures of government. To put them in the proper place in your life.

You have seen bubbles. Bubbles of Technology, Bubbles of Real Estate and Bubbles of the Markets in recent years. Each have fallen to earth. Trusting them has become a snare for many. It has been costly. Painful.

There is another bubble about to deflate. The bubble of government. I will not allow governments or people in power to take ME off the throne. I will have dominion even if they deny me. Certainly, for a short time, dominion may be denied, but You are my hands, my feet, my authority. Exercise it. Encourage righteous in a pure sense and help them but do not depend on them. Do not be disappointed when they fail. They most certainly will. Even the one after My own heart failed. All fall and all are short of the Glory I Possess.

Prepare for what will happen as government gods fall. It will appear to be disastrous, but it is be part of my plan for the Kingdom to come. Have no fear, I am kicking every artificial props that were of no real value to you. I am your all in all. ALL.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God's Word for 2010 - Geophysical Change

The shakings and upheavals will continue. Don't be surprised by anything that happens. I am using them to bring people to Me. Pay little attention to the predictions of Man. When it comes to weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods and droughts never forget. I am the GOD of all things, even the weather.

I use the weather to humble the arrogant. I created all things and all things hold together in me. Do not call what I created for good, evil. Carbon Dioxide is not poison. It's part of my purpose in life.

I can change a nation in Moment. Sometimes I use events to accomplish my purposes. Five years ago I changed Indonesia. I will do what I will do. It's not anger, it's not always even judgement. It's creating a way for those who have lost sight of who I AM to discover ME. Watch for the fruit of what I am doing.

Things will intensify. Signs in the sky. A double full Moon in a single month is a sign. Change is coming and you will see it everywhere. Fear not. It has always been so. Have faith in Me. I am the God that heals you. Makes you whole and preserves you in the pestilence, flood and famine.

After three days, I will send healing rain. Sweet rain. Expect a rain (reign) of mercy. It's on the way.

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - The Economy

You hear in media that things will be OK. Things are recovering. Strained optimism is everywhere. They are nothing more than signs in the tea leaves. False hope is rebounding everywhere. Even those who are MY Prophets are saying things will be fine. That is true, but not for all people and not for a long time. What is things will be fine, when is the unrevealed.

People in power have done all they can do to stimulate the economy. I am God over the economy. I make one step up and another step down. The leaders do all they can do but it's a futile effort until My word is released in the earth.

The adjustment (Justice) that I began on Rosh Ha Shanna 2008-9 is not yet complete. The only thing supporting this economy is hope in government, hope in systems, hope in hope. Until Hope in ME is restored there is no hope. Only hopelessness.

The greed and excess that caused Baal to fall has not yet been removed from a system with evil as it's intention. This is more than just a floating higher balloon driven by so much hot air, this is an illusion. People have become prisoners of hope.

There will be one more drastic downturn soon. Efforts will be made to hold this off until after the political season. It will only make things worse. Corruption to be removed is at the heart of this judgement. Once this downturn is completed it will be a very long time until recovery can take place. Well into the decade to come. 2015.

Oil prices will soar, for a short time. Gold will go up in value for a very short time, housing will not recover for a very long time, Unemployment is going to stay very high. This will be a time for you to learn to TRUST in MY provision. For some it will be ravens by the Brook. For others a cruz of oil and a little meal.

Fear not. It's all part of an adjustment that must come. It will mean a currency devaluation that will stagger many. Wealth will be destroyed. It will mean that many will come to the end of themselves. True wealth will be found, and it's not in worldly systems.

It's time for truth and justice to be restored. The old systems have become a false God. It was essential that this idol come down.

I will have no other God's before ME. I stand above any man's market or economy. When I call a famine or prosperity I call for it and it will happen. Be certain, I will take away anything that tries to substitute itself for dependence on ME. Particularly those called by my name must repent of dependence on the world for their provision as if they have forgotten my name as Jehovah Jireh.

I am the Lord your God, there is no other.

The Words of the Lord for 2010 from Prophet Gene

For the past several days I have been making special efforts to hear from God for the year to come. I have done this every year since 2004. Each year I become more bold in proclaiming what the Lord is saying. He is faithful to fulfil what He says. The word of the Lord is always true. I may not always hear it right or report it right, but HE is always true.

I submit these words with confidence in our God and with fear and trembling. When I look back over the words from the past several years I see a pattern. Sometimes it has been more WHAT than When. God's prophetic word seldom comes with a timetable.

I do know this, HIS Word is always true.

At the turn of the calender for the Jewish year to 5770 I gave a word of Prophecy for the year to come. Before I begin to publish the word of the Lord for 2010 in our Julian Calender, it might be good to review what the Lord was saying a few months ago. It's no less true now. The prophetic words to follow will be additional instruction.

If you review the word of the Lord for the past several years he has always dealt with me in areas, mountains as Lance Wallnau would call them. I prophesy over these contested realms.

This gives me and you a chance to understand that God's intention is to have the Kingdoms of the world to become the Kingdoms of our God.

Let the reader understand what the Spirit of God is saying. Soon to follow will be God's word on the Economy for 2010.

What the Great Awakening will Look Like

About every week or so some ministry or another is initiating some move or another that will be the beginning of the great awakening in America..and the world.

This prayer thing, that worship thing, this conference thing, that meeting, this church, that movement.

Over and over and over again.

OH, we will have the great awakening. It will be wonderful. It will stir the heart of the nation. It will come in time of great need. It will come out of chaos.

The churches and all the leaders with their various initiatives will be blindsided by it all. They will run to get on board when it happens.

Yet, it will happen. It will happen with people who didn't expect it. Like Candid Camera...least expected

It will come up as a CRY of pain, of anguish. It will rise up in desperation. It will come because everything has failed around them. There will be no God available. People will turn to the True God.

You don't have to read any further than the Book of Revelation to see what this is or what this means. God's passionate love for his creation will put them in a corner until they cry uncle.

So, while I am not against all the plans of ministries, they don't bring us closer to breakthrough or awakening. God will not be programmed. He will not be put in a box.

He will respond to the desperate and the broken. Even announcing yourself as broken isn't enough. Broken is usually pretty ugly.

When you are truly broken you can't even say the word.

So, awake sleeper, your time is come.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The fact that this question is being asked is a prophetic indicator

IF a Pastor were to cease being paid for being a Pastor would his or her call to that congregation cease?

Is the call of God on a man or woman dependant on the steady paycheck?

I know of all the verses about Oxen and Worthy from the Bible.

The real question is this, is the call OF GOD or of MAN?

If things got really tough economically how many pastors will continue to pastor their church without any money coming in.

Can a Pastor or minister really trust God to provide, to live on the Gospel? Will this wind of economic change be the wind that separates wind from chaff in the days to come? I wonder if in fact the question asked by Alan Knox in this post is a Prophetic question.

How much pure wheat will be left when the wind stops blowing?

Jesus came according to John the Baptist in Matthew 3 to:
10 Even now the ax of God’s judgment is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees. Yes, every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.

11 “I baptize with water those who repent of their sins and turn to God. But someone is coming soon who is greater than I am—so much greater that I’m not worthy even to be his slave and carry his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. 12 He is ready to separate the chaff from the wheat with his winnowing fork. Then he will clean up the threshing area, gathering the wheat into his barn but burning the chaff with never-ending fire.”
I hear the sound of wind blowing thru the chaff as he winnows and the sound of His Axe is cutting the root of religion away.

What remains will be pure. Evenso come Lord Jesus.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Church Destined to Fail

I have listened off and on to Garrison Keilor's Prairie Home Companion since 1975. He's about my age.

He enjoys making friendly jokes about Lutherans and Catholics. Humorous and insightful mostly.

But, there is a problem. It's the reality of the Lutheran or Catholic churches depicted in his skits. They are shallow insipid things. Certainly nothing of life needed to sustain existence. The churches that Garrison speaks of will fail.

No young people pick up the slack. That's not true at the House of Prayer, or many good churches. They are filled with youth hungry to be of service.

I think about who it is at the Lake Woebegone Lutheran Church that shovels the driveway.

No one under 65 I suspect.

Ditto the Lady of Perpetual Responsibility Catholic Church in town.

Those churches if they existed will be dead in ten years. Closed. Building sold.

I see hundreds of these. Turned into apartments. Bars. Restaurants. Shops.

The religion that Garrison propounds publicly is dead too. Kind of a Unitarian Easter and Christmas membership. That too is dead. The great split is coming. Those "Churches" must close. They must dissolve. It's a new day. The nominal Christian must come to an awareness of the lostness of their position.

It's promised by the book of Revelation that this divide will come. It can't come too soon.

Time for some serious failure to take place.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Picture of a Prophet

Leonard Ravenhill
[taken from ]

picture-prophetThe prophet in his day is fully accepted of God and totally rejected by men.

Years back, Dr. Gregory Mantle was right when he said, "No man can be fully accepted until he is totally rejected." The prophet of the Lord is aware of both these experiences. They are his "brand name."

The group, challenged by the prophet because they are smug and comfortably insulated from a perishing world in their warm but untested theology, is not likely to vote him "Man of the year" when he refers to them as habituates of the synagogue of Satan!

The prophet comes to set up that which is upset. His work is to call into line those who are out of line! He is unpopular because he opposes the popular in morality and spirituality. In a day of faceless politicians and voiceless preachers, there is not a more urgent national need than that we cry to God for a prophet! The function of the prophet, as Austin-Sparks once said, "has almost always been that of recovery."

The prophet is God's detective seeking for a lost treasure. The degree of his effectiveness is determined by his measure of unpopularity. Compromise is not known to him.

  • He has no price tags.
  • He is totally "otherworldly."
  • He is unquestionably controversial and unpardonably hostile.
  • He marches to another drummer!
  • He breathes the rarefied air of inspiration.
  • He is a "seer" who comes to lead the blind.
  • He lives in the heights of God and comes into the valley with a "thus saith the Lord."
  • He shares some of the foreknowledge of God and so is aware of impending judgment.
  • He lives in "splendid isolation."
  • He is forthright and outright, but he claims no birthright.
  • His message is "repent, be reconciled to God or else...!"
  • His prophecies are parried.
  • His truth brings torment, but his voice is never void.
  • He is the villain of today and the hero of tomorrow.
  • He is excommunicated while alive and exalted when dead!
  • He is dishonored with epithets when breathing and honored with epitaphs when dead.
  • He is a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, but few "make the grade" in his class.
  • He is friendless while living and famous when dead.
  • He is against the establishment in ministry; then he is established as a saint by posterity.
  • He eats daily the bread of affliction while he ministers, but he feeds the Bread of Life to those who listen.
  • He walks before men for days but has walked before God for years.
  • He is a scourge to the nation before he is scourged by the nation.
  • He announces, pronounces, and denounces!
  • He has a heart like a volcano and his words are as fire.
  • He talks to men about God.
  • He carries the lamp of truth amongst heretics while he is lampooned by men.
  • He faces God before he faces men, but he is self-effacing.
  • He hides with God in the secret place, but he has nothing to hide in the marketplace.
  • He is naturally sensitive but supernaturally spiritual.
  • He has passion, purpose and pugnacity.
  • He is ordained of God but disdained by men.

Our national need at this hour is not that the dollar recover its strength, or that we save face over the Watergate affair, or that we find the answer to the ecology problem. We need a God-sent prophet!

I am bombarded with talk or letters about the coming shortages in our national life: bread, fuel, energy. I read between the lines from people not practiced in scaring folk. They feel that the "seven years of plenty" are over for us. The "seven years of famine" are ahead. But the greatest famine of all in this nation at this given moment is a FAMINE OF THE HEARING OF THE WORDS OF GOD (Amos 8:11).

Millions have been spent on evangelism in the last twenty-five years. Hundreds of gospel messages streak through the air over the nation every day. Crusades have been held; healing meetings have made a vital contribution. "Come-outers" have "come out" and settled, too, without a nation-shaking revival. Organizers we have. Skilled preachers abound. Multi-million dollar Christian organizations straddle the nation. BUT where, oh where, is the prophet? Where are the incandescent men fresh from the holy place? Where is the Moses to plead in fasting before the holiness of the Lord for our moldy morality, our political perfidy, and sour and sick spirituality?


They will come. The prophet is violated during his ministry, but he is vindicated by history.

There is a terrible vacuum in evangelical Christianity today. The missing person in our ranks is the prophet. The man with a terrible earnestness. The man totally otherworldly. The man rejected by other men, even other good men, because they consider him too austere, too severely committed, too negative and unsociable.

  • Let him be as plain as John the Baptist.
  • Let him for a season be a voice crying in the wilderness of modern theology and stagnant "churchianity."
  • Let him be as selfless as Paul the apostle.
  • Let him, too, say and live, "This ONE thing I do."
  • Let him reject ecclesiastical favors.
  • Let him be self-abasing, nonself-seeking, nonself-projecting, nonself- righteous, nonself-glorying, nonself-promoting.
  • Let him say nothing that will draw men to himself but only that which will move men to God.
  • Let him come daily from the throne room of a holy God, the place where he has received the order of the day.
  • Let him, under God, unstop the ears of the millions who are deaf through the clatter of shekels milked from this hour of material mesmerism.
  • Let him cry with a voice this century has not heard because he has seen a vision no man in this century has seen. God send us this Moses to lead us from the wilderness of crass materialism, where the rattlesnakes of lust bite us and where enlightened men, totally blind spiritually, lead us to an ever-nearing Armageddon.

God have mercy! Send us PROPHETS!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kim Clement - The War on Christmas

Matthew 2:7-8 Then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact time the star had appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem and said, "Go and make a careful search for the child. As soon as you find Him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship Him."

Matthew 2:13 When the "wise men" had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. "Get up," he said, "take the child and His mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill Him."

Kim Clement

There has been a concerted effort to eliminate the word "Christmas" from public discourse, especially in the United States, where there is a (sort of) "War on Christmas." The stories seem to be more frequent: a grade-school choir sings "We Wish You a Happy Holiday" instead of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for their "Winter Concert." A library invites "holiday displays" from the community, provided the displays have no religious connotation—the stable may have animals in it, but no people.

It is possible to do all your Christmas shopping and never see or hear the word "Christmas" in many stores. Of course, there's nothing wrong with saying "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings." Considering that for over 2,000 years the enemies of the Cross, the secularists, have been unsuccessful in removing Jesus Christ from the lives, hearts and mouths of human beings, it is no wonder they have stooped so low as to attempt to remove Christmas from the world. Why is the word "Christmas" censored? Why do some public schools celebrate La Befana the Christmas witch, yet ban the Nativity, all in the name of "inclusion" and "tolerance"?

One school's "Winter Program" features a secularized version of the traditional Christmas carol "Silent Night" with the following lyrics:

"Cold in the night, no one in sight;
Winter winds whirl and bite.
How I wish I were happy and warm,
Safe with my family out of the storm."

Oddly enough, these secularists that reject all forms of religion and worship still encourage the giving of gifts so that the economy will not suffer, but without the presence of the Gift Himself. So we can have a stable, animals and gifts, but no people. How ridiculous.

Christmas. What does it mean to you personally? Most of us have experienced a Christmas without Christ's presence, and it's like celebrating a birthday and arranging a party, gifts and guests, without the Person whose birthday it is being present! There's no fun in that.

The Life of Jesus

From the time He was born to the present, there has been a deliberate effort to get rid of Jesus. A percentage of the human race has tried to make Him disappear. After the resurrection, from the time of His birth to the time of His death, there were plots to assassinate Him. King Herod killed all the little boys who were two years of age and under in an attempt to destroy this new King. While preaching in the synagogue, the people led Him out to a cliff and tried to cast Him off, and at the Feast of the Tabernacle they sought to kill Him. All the while, their reasoning was that this could not possibly be the Christ, however, this was based on their own perspective of what a "Christ" should be like.

Jesus? A King? How could it be? Joseph was a carpenter and Mary a peasant girl. Yet the Magi traveled for days to see and worship the newborn King. The Wise Men, or more correctly, Magi, were Eastern astrologers. Oddly enough, these Magi were more prophetic than those who were living in Israel at the time. Astrology was a sophisticated science in this era, and they were Gentiles who had come to worship with great joy, in contrast to the Jewish hostility at the time.

After they had knelt before the young Jesus, the first of the Magi opened the latches of a strongbox, pushed open the lid and there was Gold! "For the King," he said simply, and then prostrated himself before the child. Can you imagine little Jesus as He woke up and sat there watching intently? The second visitor opened his box and the fragrance of exotic spices flooded the room. Can you imagine as Jesus sniffed and peered into the box? The second visitor prostrated himself before the child. Then the final visitor brought his gift in a fragile alabaster box. I can imagine him opening it, and suddenly...the smell of death. Heavy and rich...myrrh, used to anoint the bodies of the dead. This was a strange gift for a baby, even a royal one.

These Wise Men were not ignorant of the plan God had for this young King. They had seen the star in the East, which told them that a great King had been born among the Jews, greater than any on Earth. These Wise Men were, in fact, deeply prophetic and were the first amongst men to recognize and worship the Son of God, the King of the Jews and Savior of the world. As trained students of the stars, the Wise Men observed an unexplained phenomenon in the Heavens, which was somehow interpreted by them as a sign of the birth of the King of the Jews.

What a contrast to the lesser knowledgeable King Herod. Instead of guidance from the Heavens, he had to gather all the chief priests and scribes to inquire of them where the Christ was to be born. After they had searched the PROPHETS in the Holy Bible, they discovered that from Bethlehem was where the Ruler would arise. Herod sent the Wise Men to bring the child back to him so that he could "worship" Him as well.

I believe that we are seeing a re-occurrence of this event in our day. People are searching the skies for a sign of the manifestation of God's glory, and those who are being led to Christ are ignorant of the devices of religion. We see people searching for God through psychics, fortunetellers, horoscopes, the study of celestial objects, astrophysics, cosmology, clairvoyants and many other celestial avenues, whether divinities or angels, dungeons and dragons or simply the "stars" on the silver screen. The "world" is searching the heavenlies for a sign to point them in the right direction. There is a war in the Heavens against the Christ, but this time they are endeavoring to destroy Him through legislation, just like Herod did, and the saddest part of all is that it affects the children. What harm does Christmas do to children? They experience love, warmth, joy and gifts. What a wonderful time to be close together.


The idea of gift giving at Christmas goes back to the Scripture in Matthew 2:10-11, which talks about the Magi giving gifts to Jesus, "When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with His mother, Mary, and they bowed down and worshipped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh."

The Bible gives a wonderful story about the gift God gave us—Jesus Christ—and we can use it as an opportunity to show love. Does the giving of gifts take away from the true meaning of Christmas? No, it does not. If we focus on the wonderful gift of salvation that God has given us (Isaiah 9:6), then giving to others is a natural expression of that gratitude. The key is our focus. Is your focus on the gift, or on the ultimate Gift-Giver, our Father in Heaven?

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...

Let us pray on Christmas day: Be my peace, O Prince of Peace. Let its gentle, joyful blanket comfort my nervous soul, and still the warring of Your Earth. Welcome Christ. All my life I needed You. O Child of Promise, this Christmas morning I give to You my heart. Amen.

Enjoy your families, loved ones and especially the children during this beautiful Christmas season. Remember the joys you felt as a child around this holiday and let's all actively attempt to bring that same feeling of joy and glee to the children around us. In fact, I would like to encourage you all to make an effort this year to locate a less-fortunate child around you and take them for hot chocolate or ice skating or even share a gift with them so that they too can feel that wonderful feeling of Christ's love on Christmas.

Jane and I would like to wish you all a very Merry CHRISTMAS and God's very best for this New Year!

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Spiritual Lessons of Tiger

I have been asking the Lord what or why Tiger Woods fell so badly, so completely.

Here's what I got:

It is hero worship, athletes being held at almost a godlike state. This started long ago, I tried to judge this by the OJ Simpson events. And many others where Athletes have been honored beyond their character and quality. The worship of Sports is out of line with my purposes. If it doesn't line up with worship of Me, it must Get Out.

The fear and admonition of the Lord was never part of his fathers training for Tiger. He was taught how to hit a ball, never taught how to keep his eye on the TRUE. His capacity to hear from conscience that I provided him was muted. Silenced. No ears to hear. When he fell into deep sin it was without restraint. The restrainer of sin is my Holy Spirit in a Man. He had NONE. No restraint.

The deceitfulness of enormous riches is enormous. He could not nor would he see what was needful. He could buy all the friends and women he could afford and he could afford a lot. In a way his reckless passion was a part of the destruction the enemy used to destroy and perhaps kill him.

I still Love Tiger. Jesus died for Tiger. Tiger can have life abundantly. He makes that choice now. I am calling to him; only that he would hear.

Learning the Anointed NO

Sometimes the situation you are confronted with, sometimes the desire to please people, sometimes the want to do "Something" will cause you to say YES when in fact an Anointed NO would have been better.

Learn to speak out the anointed NO. Know when it is or is NOT anointed.

Then say it. This will save you from MUCH GRIEF if you do.

Jesus said:
Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Matthew 5:37

Still Good advice.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Prophetic Consideration of the Death of Oral Roberts

When Great men of God step across the veil, and in the worldly sense die, there is a change that is beyond the humanity. This is a passing of a leader, the passing of a torch, the passing the old into the new.

Just as when God said to Joshua, "Moses my servant is dead". That is what is being said in the spirit right now. God is not flip about it, He doesn't treat it lightly, the death is not an end. For Moses and for Brother Roberts, this is the Paul conundrum, "For me to die is Christ, for me to live is gain". He would rather have been with Jesus. But for OUR sakes he stayed.

I know that feeling. I understand it. So did Oral Roberts. So did Moses.

God then says to Joshua and to Caleb indirectly, You will go over. I have prepared and preserved you to lead, to be those of example, to be those of faith and authority.

Joshua in War and Authority, Caleb in Possession and Example.

With the passing of Oral Roberts and a few more that will take place, we who remain for a bit more time are chosen. Some as Joshuas. Some as Calebs.

I am a Caleb. I am here to be one who takes possession. Who wants to live in front of the congregation in victory so those coming on younger can see that it's not only possible, it's the pattern to follow.

Others are Joshuas. Ones who take territory, who do battle, who lead warriors.

It is no coincidence that these two men were all that were left. Men of vision. Men of Faith. Men of Destiny. Men of Decision.

So it is today. The men who have walked the desert with us are now stepping out of temporal restraint. They wouldn't come back even if they could.

The leave the job to us. Moses My Servant is dead.

Joshua's and Calebs Arise. It's time to take the Land. Cross over. Possess that Mountain.

It's a new day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prophetic Remodeling

If a person receives a genuine word from a genuine prophet of God and does nothing with it, not even to judge it, pray about it, ponder in heart or self examination then they have closed their ears. They might decide that the person who God used to bring the word was not a Prophet. They might decide they know better. They might decide that they can hear from God for themselves. That was the error of Solomon. That was the Error of David. That was the Error of Saul. All of them did and could hear from God for themselves. They then no longer would hear from anyone else. It's a fatal earror. Paul the apostle could and did hear from God for himself. Yet he was prophesied to often. And he made decisions based on those prophetic utterances. To hear from God and do NOTHING is rebellion.

Not every word requires change. It does require re-thinking. It might offer an encouragement NOT to give up. It might mean that the encouragement is to stay the course or consider a course change. But it does point to an area in need of rennovation, restoration, recognition and maybe remodling.

There should be some remodeling...some tearing down of strongholds, some building up.

The prophetic mandate is Jeremiah 1:10
"See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant."
As a prophet you don't have to hear from the word of the Lord thru me, or anyone else. You can decide to be dull of hearing. To close your ears so that you are intentionnally deaf, without ears to hear. If that's the case, you don't answer to me or any prophet who brings you the word any more than you are accountable to the newspaper delivery boy for the news you get by his hand.

You are responsible for the news you recieve - to the Holy Ghost information and exhortation stream.

In the case of prophecy, the media isn't the message with apologies to Marshall McLuhan.
In fact if the medium is too sophisticated, too smooth, too good, too anything that adds "credence" by externals to the message it should cause you to question IF that message comes from the King or the person's krainium. Paul described it pretty well:

I Corinthians 1: 25-30; 25 “the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength. 26 Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. 27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things--and the things that are not--to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him."

Or, if a prophet is qualified in worldly eyes, he or she probably isn't.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HYPER - Precision in the Prophetic can be Problematic

I just was at a prophetic conference. It was good. A woman who I respect was the Prophet on the platform. She had an associate with her. She taught from the instructions to the Prophets training she has helped develop. Excellent stuff. I agreed with it all. Then they spoke over many people in the meeting. They were very precise.

Much of what I heard was word of Knowledge. Some was prophetic. Some was so exacting nearly down to the color of the car that they were going to buy. No, that never happened, but it's an example of the level of precision.

In a couple cases words were spoken of marriages to men or women who did not yet exist in the person's life, of job changes, business started, investments to make, books to write, greatness to be achieved, fame, fortune, fabulous futures.

The fact is, much of that kind of "Prophecy" is casting vision and hope. Not wrong to do, but not prophetic. Pep talk prophetic.

The prophetic should encourage and will usually confirm what is already going on in the person's life. OR, if correction is needed, will do so in love. Sometimes it should cause a person to grasp or believe for more. But, it should NOT be a blow by blow battle plan for the next ten years. The light unto our feet is only a lamp. This was a 10,000 watt spotlight to the future.

When a prophecy, particularly a personal prophecy, is too exact, too precise, it will cause heart sickness. (hope deferred makes the heart sick). It may be true in part, but this side of the veil, we all prophesy in part. At least that's what 1 Corinthians 13 says. Beyond that its presumptive.

I wish the desire for precision or exactnesson on the part of the person being prophesied to was not near divination. Christian OuiJa boards. I can't tell you the number of times I have been instructed to give a person a word of prophecy and then the person receiving it wants me to tell them more than I know, more information, clarity. I don't have more. That's the job of the Holy Spirit. He just want's to give you some instruction. Lamp to feet style. Anything I would say beyond what God says would be phony baloney. Love means saying only what God says. And doing so with a broken heart sometimes.

Sometimes prophetic exuberance overruns the headlights.

This was that I saw last weekend.

Prophetic Burden

What do you do when you see into the days to come and it's not all positive? I could prophesy like Kim Clement and couch what I see in supposedly positive terms that you have to read in between. I admire his flow. Sometimes I worry however. He says what God is saying but then if you come with a mindset, you can misread his words.

Or, I could come off as a "Doomsayer" and just lay it all out. Painfully then Unread. Unheeded.

Or, I could do as I have done, give the truth of the matter prophetically and then encourage that God has your best at heart. That's what Jeremiah did. He was right. I identify with Jeremiah. His beloved Prophecy in Chapter 29 is surrounded by difficult sayings. We only quote what we want to. "I know the plans I have for you....". There is much more there, and it is more challenging than you think. He was saying, get ready for a LONG exile, while others were saying, "Don't worry, this will end soon". That's the conundrum for me. While the world and even some prophetic voices SEEM to be saying, "Don't Worry, be Happy, things will get better real soon", the truth is not that.

So, as I prepare to offer prophetic vision for the year and years to come I will also offer the Hope of God's grace. One without the other would be cruelty.

HIS GRACE is sufficient even when what the world depends upon is not.

We are in the Lords hand, no man can pluck us out. But they WILL TRY!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prophetic Fulfillment and the Challenge Facing us ALL

Before I was fully bold enough to allow others call me Prophet or allow myself full bold exposure in the office of Prophet I was flowing in the prophetic under the radar. This has been going on a long time. At the end of 2004 I knew not only the gift was but that the office was where I was supposed to be. To own up to my calling. Publicly. This was before confirmations, this was before appellations, this was before ordinations, before the laying on of hands. This was the Prophetic in Motion alive in my life. It was new ground.

Some of the things that were prophesied early on have not yet come to pass. They will.

One of the things was the reaction that I had in the Spirit to the Tsunami in 2004. Here is what I wrote prophetically about that area on the first day of 2005. Five Years ago.

The Tsunami devastated area will rebuild and be better than ever. In fact tourism will triple. The net effect will be more prosperity than ever would have been possible before this disaster. A horrible price to pay but this too shall pass.

It has happened.

The report at the link above is clear evidence of this:

The stunning television pictures of a phenomenon almost nobody had ever seen, coming a day after Christmas, and killing thousands of Western tourists on sun-drenched beaches prompted an unprecedented outpouring of charity from across the world. Governments, aid agencies and individuals pledged $7.1 billion for Indonesia alone, and remarkably, $6.7 billion was disbursed -- and used effectively by all accounts -- in a country that ranks near the bottom of world corruption rankings.

The biggest task was building permanent homes for the 635,384 people displaced by the Dec. 26 disaster and another big earthquake that hit western Sumatra three months later.

Nearly a year afterward, hundreds of thousands were still living in tattered tent communities or temporary barracks.

"The one thing that I don't think we figured out is when you have got hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless, getting them back in permanent homes is always the slowest thing," Clinton, 63, said.

The reconstruction effort faced other daunting challenges. Aceh was a conflict area, beset by a three-decade old rebellion that had killed 15,000 people, mostly civilians. The province was under martial law and relations between the people and the central government were tense.

An August 2005 peace agreement took care of that, and the former rebels have now been elected to power in the provincial government, which has been granted special autonomy.

"The greatest testament to building back better was the peace agreement," says Jonathan Papoulidis, special adviser to the U.N. coordinating office in Aceh. "It can't be stressed enough."

The peace agreement allowed reconstruction to proceed unfettered. Some 900 organisations either gave aid money or put in work. A motley army of backpackers, retirees, and religious do-gooders including Scientologists, began pouring into a province that had hitherto all but banned visitors.

Aid experts say given those conditions what ensued was nothing short of a minor miracle.


  • Let's see. It stopped a war.
  • People who were at one another's throats are not.
  • Opened a closed society
  • The Gospel of Jesus Grew in the area


It's my opinion that God while not causing the calamity, did his best to make from it a way for people to come to recognize His hand in all things.

This seems to have happened.

When this did, I wrote a response almost at once that reflected this truth. It has come to pass.

What is more important is that we recognize that what the USA and the Western world is going thru that has often been called a Financial Tsunami will end up having the same effect. If the Church of Jesus is ready we too will be laborers in a very white harvest field.

Let's not miss what God hath wrought. He never wastes our pain.

Monday, December 14, 2009

IS our President a Man of Destiny, Different from what we Think?

I point you to a prophetic word from Kim Clement. If you are a fan of Kim's prophetic flow you will find this interesting.

Kim seems to be saying President Obama will have a conversion.

Though they legislate God said I will break it down. In 2010 there will be a change in the middle of the year, an assassination attempt against your President which I will cause to hold back three groups that shall rise up. But the Spirit of God said I will be merciful. Then there will be changes in the man’s heart, huge changes. There will be a turn to the true Christ, not the false Christ, not the false Christ, the true Christ!
There is much in this whole prophecy that has the potential to cause you to think things are just terrific. You have to read between the lines.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How the Book of ACTS would read in the Church in the USA in 2010

You [elders] yourselves know that these hands ministered to my necessities and to those who were with me until you could afford to pay us a salary. In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way in prayer and the study of Scripture we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed for others to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:34-35 re-mix)

From Alan Knox

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The True Opiate of the Masses

From Danny Korakus
I believe that in the days of antiquity, it was clearly understood that there was a moral order that transcended one’s self and woven into the fabric of the universe. Just as there are natural universal laws that govern the universe; I also believe that there are supernatural laws that are woven within it as well. For instance, if you violate a supernatural order or “reality”, there are consequences just as severe as if you violated the natural reality (i.e. placing you hand in a fire).

The reoccurring theme in the scriptures to seek Wisdom is by no accident and has tremendous and universal results when sought and applied. The seeking of wisdom was to learn to live in harmony and conformity with the understanding and reality of the supernatural. The wisdom that understands that there are supernatural consequences the same as natural consequences develops aspects of character such as humility, compassion, courage, discretion, and elements of loyalty.

Our modern western philosophy is diametrically the opposite. The ultimate reality is not so much seen as a supernatural order, but as a pliable natural world. Rather than trying to shape our desires to fit reality, many now seek to control and shape reality to fit their desires. The root cause of this culture was birthed in the “dreams of power” as C.S. Lewis had stated. The writings of Tolkien address the consequences of seeking power and control rather than wisdom and the understanding of a supernatural moral order. Thus, the spirit of control and power has given mankind the responsibility to determine right and wrong! Mankind’s confidence that it can control the natural realm has crossed over in that we can reshape the supernatural realm.

Sexual promiscuity is naturally accepted by many and it also seems unfair for many that sexual sins will be punished. However, like the natural consequence of holding you hand in a fire…There are also supernatural consequences for violating the universal moral order. Many believe so deeply in their personal rights in the natural order, that the very thought of divine judgment seems impossible. But as we saw earlier – this belief system is rooted in the quest for control and power that has peppered history with tragedy after tragedy.

The bottom line of prophesy as the last days unfold is the clear understanding of how God is both a God of divine love and of divine justice. Many, even within the church of Jesus Christ have a difficult time with a loving God being a judging God. Why is such a loving God also be a God that can be filled with wrath? We can start with ourselves in beginning to answer this question. I know many loving people who can sometimes be filled with wrath – not for spite but because of their great love! If you love someone and if you were to witness them being abused by either themselves or another – you justifiably become angry. God’s wrath flows from His great love. God is angry at evil and injustice because it destroys the fabric of universal peace and good-will toward all men.

Those who have not sought prophetic wisdom see a God who smites evildoers as a justification for themselves to smite others by various forms. However, this reasoning is warped and the benefits of justice (God’s judgment) have been missed. It is the lack of belief or understanding in God’s judgment that births and feeds world violence. Human nature by itself has an impulse to make perpetrators of violence pay for their crimes and to state that this impulse is overwhelming is an understatement! Many victims of violence are drawn by human nature to go far beyond justice into a form of vengeance that says: “You put out one of my eyes and I will put out both of yours.” This common scenario creates an environment of perpetual or an endless cycle of vengeance – striking and counterstriking nurtured and justified by the memory of terribly being wronged.

Prophetic wisdom is understanding that our innate passion for justice be honorable in a way that does not feed our desire for blood vengeance. This can only be attained by knowing the value and love in the concept of God’s divine justice. For instance, if I don’t believe that there is a God who will eventually make all things “right,” I will take up the sword of vengeance myself and be pulled into a endless cycle of retaliation. Only when we understand that there is a God who will right all wrongs and settle all accounts perfectly just, do I have the power to refrain. Carl Marx stated that “religion was the opiate of the masses” because of the promise of a afterlife which led the poor and working class to put up with unjust social conditions. I humbly disagree! The true opiate of the masses is a belief in nothingness after death and the twisted solace of thinking that our betrayals, greed, cowardice, and murdering spirit are not going to be judged…In a nutshell – God’s judgment is a facet of His great love for mankind and the necessary moral order that has preserved the human race. Without it; the human race would have already been ravaged beyond recognition or even extinct…

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The voice of Truth VS the Voice of the Father of Lies

I was listening to a newscast. Driving. In a blinding blizzard. Suddenly, in the middle of a report from Al Gore being interviewed in Copenhagen and the comment that this Decade will be the Hottest on record and that 2009 was HOT is a lie. Not JUST a lie. A bald faced lie. A lie from the very pit of hell. If it was the voice of Truth I would recognize it. But when I hear the lies it disturbs the Spirit of God in me. It's not my fathers voice. This lie will put the world in Bondage to the father of lies. It's evil. It's a destructive scheme that will rob and kill. It's exactly what the devil does.

For a moment in time I thought perhaps I was having a political moment. Then I read the New Wineskins blog this morning. Art flows in the Prophetic.

He clearly states what I know to be true by the Spirit of God. This is a satanic scheme. Do not be deceived.

Monday, December 7, 2009

If you choose to get away and hear from God... A HOW TO

Don't eat....drink water. Fast..but try not to eat. It distracts. Yes fasting is hard, but you are trying to hear the voice of God. Fasting disciplines your flesh and opens the connection from heaven.

Don't take books with you. Maybe not even your Bible. I know that's heresy, but you have the word IN you. Let Father bring it to life as you hear from him.

DO take a blank journal.... and something with which to write. If you have questions to inquire of the Lord, write them down. He may or may not answer them. When he does it will be wonderful. Don't push it. It's not about you. You listen. He'll speak. When he says what he will say, write it down.

Some of what you scribble in your notebook will seem to be babble. It will seem to be just so much noise. But as you write, as you transcribe, the Lord WILL speak. You will quickly discern what is from Him and what is NOT. It will be clear.

Don't be impatient. Most of these deals for me take a couple days just to make the connection. After that it's pretty fluid. Most of what you hear will be at the end of your time.

Be merciless at eschewing ALL communications, all connection, all news, all anything with the outside world. You must not be distracted.

This is good discipline in hearing from God. The more you do this, the easier it gets. You will discover the "zone". Then when you need a word you can get there quickly.

This is about you hearing him, so don't feel obligated to talk.... Oh, it's good to voice your prayers and concerns, but absolute silence is essential. His voice is still and small. Yet in the Spirit it trumpets.

Try to just wait. Don't be impatient. And if you get upset by the silence, just rest in him. Even if you sleep. The time when you are just waking up, that twilight of the mind when nothing else is going on many times is when He comes to you. Many dreams and visions were recieved in sleep. Samuel was called in his sleep.

If you choose to get away and hear from God... A HOW TO

Don't eat....drink water. Fast..but try not to eat. It distracts. Yes fasting is hard, but you are trying to hear the voice of God. Fasting disciplines your flesh and opens the connection from heaven.

Don't take books with you. Maybe not even your Bible. I know that's heresy, but you have the word IN you. Let Father bring it to life as you hear from him.

DO take a blank journal.... and something with which to write. If you have questions to inquire of the Lord, write them down. He may or may not answer them. When he does it will be wonderful. Don't push it. It's not about you. You listen. He'll speak. When he says what he will say, write it down.

Some of what you scribble in your notebook will seem to be babble. It will seem to be just so much noise. But as you write, as you transcribe, the Lord WILL speak. You will quickly discern what is from Him and what is NOT. It will be clear.

Don't be impatient. Most of these deals for me take a couple days just to make the connection. After that it's pretty fluid. Most of what you hear will be at the end of your time.

Be merciless at eschewing ALL communications, all connection, all news, all anything with the outside world. You must not be distracted.

This is good discipline in hearing from God. The more you do this, the easier it gets. You will discover the "zone". Then when you need a word you can get there quickly.

This is about you hearing him, so don't feel obligated to talk.... Oh, it's good to voice your prayers and concerns, but absolute silence is essential. His voice is still and small. Yet in the Spirit it trumpets.

Try to just wait. Don't be impatient. And if you get upset by the silence, just rest in him. Even if you sleep. The time when you are just waking up, that twilight of the mind when nothing else is going on many times is when He comes to you. Many dreams and visions were recieved in sleep. Samuel was called in his sleep.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prophetic Role in Apostolic Ascension and Confirmation

I have worked with and supported many good Apostles. I have been to the International Coalition of Apostles meeting. I respect Peter Wagner's desire to "organize" the apostles in the christian world.

There is a problem however. Despite the best intentions of Peter Wagner, this is not how it works. There is no indication that Apostolic Ascension happens by other apostles confirming the apostleship anointing on the apostle in question.

An Apostle in today's ecclesial environment are Kings. Kings became Kings in the Kingdom when Kings were anointed for ascension by a Prophet. And some who decided they were Kings were dethroned when they squandered their Kingship.

All of that is as it is today. And it operates exactly as it did in the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. No King ever anointed successfully the ascendant. That was done by the Prophet of the time. Or more important Prophets as a group.

So when I saw other Apostles anointing and conferring apostleship on people I knew it was wrong. It was out of order.

Now to be clear. A Prophet must be in order with an Apostle. He is submitted first to God and then to the Apostle of the house. I am. In one of the houses in which I serve I am marginally acknowledged as prophet. That doesn't change who I am. It changes the ability of that house to hear the word of the Lord clearly. And it changes the ability of the leadership to fulfil their destiny. However when I am in the house of the apostle I always stay in support and submission. But the word of the Lord must confirm and appoint the Apostle. The prophet must pour the anointing oil over the head of the Apostle for it to be genuine. It's not about levels of authority.

The Apostle must rule, judge, make decisions, direct. Yet the vision and the word of the Lord must come from the Prophet. We NEED both. We NEED the apostolic. And we need them hearing from GOD THRU the Prophet. Too many good Apostolic leaders have gone astray and failed because they didn't have prophets among them.

I am also concerned with the office of the Prophet and Apostle being mixed. I know some Apostles are Prophetic and some Prophets are Apostolic. But not as much as people think. Or as much as Apostles think. Let's not forget, a prophet will usually NOT offer a word that conflicts with the vision of the Apostle, but they will offer protection, caution, encouragement and vision.

We must be careful. We must not let the error of Saul who tried to do things outside of his call and his office to be commonplace in the body of Christ. I'm afraid the Apostle/Prophet thing is that for the most part.

This is out of order and needs to be corrected. I have contacted Peter Wagner on this, but he is not open to correction. So, I am placing this before you, you must decide.

Let's get the five fold in order. It's not now. There are some genuine apostles. There are many who's only apostleship appears on their business cards or the nameplate on their desk. They are impostors or pretenders. They were recommended and paid the five hundred bucks to become an apostle.

That's not how it works. If a person is a true apostle, if the anointing is on them, if the Lord confirms it, then and only then are they an apostle.

I would be even happier if a dozen prophets confirmed the anointing and office. We have to get this things in order. I hope we do.

We NEED the APOSTLES in the Body of Christ. And they need to be Genuine.

That's the job of a Prophet, not another Apostle.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taking the Blue Pill or the Red Pill....

Today in a conversation the question of why some people never seem to break out in spiritual things came up. It seems like they are happy where they are. They really don't want to grow. Yet WE want them to find all the truth of the Good News.

They aren't bad people. They aren't evil. They are christian in many ways. They have some essential truth, love Jesus and may well be headed for heaven. They are just living in a less than all they could be; like in a Matrix.

The Matrix movie was a out of the box shaking that shook me and many others. I have seen it so many times I can quote freely from it.

In Christianity there are people who like living in the matrix. In fact, if they were to be shown the truth they might not survive. It might even destroy them.

Then what as a spiritual leader are we to do. Let them live in the illusion that things are just fine? That we have enough with three hymns, a her and a ten minute sermon once a week?

What bugs us is that there is so much more. But people have to make a choice. Our responsibility is to be Morpheus for people. We have to offer people the opportunity to hear and experience the truth, unadulterated, raw, alive with all it's pain and joy. If you are there, you know what I am talking about.

We hold out the blue pill and the red pill for them to choose. In a way we say to them as Morpheus did to Neo in the movie the The Matrix:
You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Many people don't really want the red pill. They want to take the blue pill and go on in the comfort they They don't want to disturb their paradigms. They are really saying, don't mess with the Box they have managed to place God in. Unless they take the red pill, choose to go as far as the rabbit hole goes deep, they will live in comfort; a delusion that they have all there is.

We can't force them. We shouldn't. We can just offer. And if they choose the blue pill don't look down on them. They have just chosen to live in the matrix a little longer. It's what they know. It doesn't challenge them at all. It's who they are comfortable being.

But we always have a choice, it's just that when you choose the red pill you enter into an unknown land, an unexplored place, a place full of uncertainty yet full of JOY you want to tell others, particularly those close to you.

It's scary and wonderful all at the same time. You want them to know the joy, but the fear they have keeps them away.

I need a mindset: I won't be offended if you choose the blue pill, its playing it pretty safe. But, if you only knew what power the revelation from the red pill would bring you to, you would look for that pill until you found it.

It's there. It's ready for you. Choose it. Ask someone you know. The fullness of the Spirit of God in the Baptism sent by the Father at Pentecost is available. You live saved and with some spirit now, but there is more, much more, it's on the other side. If you step over you won't come back again. You will have taken the RED PILL...and you will never ever be the same again.

Hat tip to Mike Dulski

Discomfort means Change

It's early in the morning. I'm waiting on God. He's speaking.

You are feeling uncomfortable. Dis Ease. Not ill. Just antsy. Like something is left undone. This is not an attack from the adversary. This is of ME. I am moving you from one place to another. From one Glory which has become comfortable to one that is not yet comfortable. That is what you are feeling.

It's a change. It's a movement. You feel in in your body. You feel it in your spirit. You know it's true.

Part of you is holding back, you are wishing you could just stay in that zone of comfort. You have done well in that zone. Now I am taking you to a new place and larger zone.

The old wine is gone, the new wine is coming. It causes discomfort, a swelling, a near bursting.

Re-oil the wineskin of your life. Become what I destined you to be. I wrote it before the earth even was. There is GOOD works for you to do. Let me take your hands and use them. You are my hand, my feet, my eye, my ear, my presence on the earth.

Did you think you would be able to remain the same as I used you more and more? There is a demand you can place on me and I will provide all you need. It will mean change.

Have courage. Do not fear. Even if your stepping out should cause you to be in danger, you have nothing to fear. Fear only the destruction of your soul, and he cannot do it as you are hidden in ME. Even if he should destroy your mortal body, your new Glory will be greater than you can imagine as you find yourself in the ultimate destiny I have for you.

There is nothing I have placed before you that is impossible. Opposed? Certainly. You have seen and felt the opposition. You needn't wonder why. He tried to KILL ME when I manifested myself on the earth. But you are already immortal. He cannot kill you.

I will accomplish what I have purposed in the earth as in heaven. My will is perfect. Sometimes you struggle with understanding it. Your mortal body cannot truly ever fully understand on your side of the veil. I will give you revelation grace sufficient for you.

You can trust ME to take you to the place you never thought you would go. The suddenlies are here....even in delay....even in Dis Ease.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The annual dig....

I am beginning to see 2010 prophetic posts already.

I haven't yet heard anything. I did at the turn of the Hebric year. 5770.

But, If the Lord wants to say something about the year to come I'm all ears.

I would be interested if YOU are hearing anything?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A confirmation of a Prophetic Word I got and wonderd about

The word Doug Addison lines up with what the Lord Showed me in September about the dangers and threats the enemy was waging against Israel and Believers and even in the USA. We were under threat. We were being pursued. There were several arrests of terrorists among us. We missed catastrophe, but we as a nation were like David hiding from Saul. I think it's time we start hearing what the spirit of the Lord is saying. I will say I was shaken a bit when the attack I KNEW was coming didn't manifest. I understand it now. This is a good word direct from the throne. Read it and it will help you and ME grasp what and why. And not when. Read below:

Doug Addison:
God is Protecting All that He has Promised Us
Doug Addison

Over the past few months, I have received quite a bit of revelation about a new season coming to many people that was starting in September and October of 2009 and continuing through the New Year. I keep hearing over and over that "this is the time of new beginnings and new opportunities."

Similar to Being Pregnant

When God begins something new in our lives sometimes it can be similar to a baby taking nine months to birth. It takes time to grow and develop the new thing from God in our lives. I can look back in my life and see many examples of when I heard God speak to me clearly about a change in my life. Then when the change actually takes place, it is oftentimes close to a nine-month period.

In April of 2008 I was living in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, and I was speaking at several churches in the Central Coast of California. God spoke to me clearly that we would be moving to that area and be part of something new He was going to do. Through a series of events and without making it happen on my own, we relocated to Santa Maria, California, nine months later in January 2009. After arriving in Santa Maria, nothing really seemed to be happening. Then after nine months, in September, I had two major angelic visitations and God spoke to me more clearly about our next steps and plans for why we moved. Just as a baby is hidden during the nine month pregnancy period, quite often God will hide us for a season.

Satan Comes Before a New Move of God

A principle most people miss in the Bible is that when God is about to do something new in our lives, satan will come just before—to get us discouraged and to cause us to give up before the breakthrough. David gets anointed by Samuel to be king of Israel, and then he is pursued and nearly killed by Saul. Jesus receives the Holy Spirit to begin His ministry on earth, and immediately He is taken into the wilderness to be tempted by satan. Saul (Apostle Paul) has a dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus, and then he is greatly opposed to the point that he has to run for his life. These are just a few cases of a theme that runs throughout the entire Bible.

God will often call us to something new; then it seems that all hell breaks loose and it appears that the opposite of what we heard from God begins to happen. The fact is that the reason God spoke to us to begin with was to strengthen us to be able to walk through the storm and know that He is still with us no matter what it looks like.

God spoke to me that something radically new was coming to me and many people after September of this year. During the month of September I received some incredible revelation and visitations from God, then in October things began to look the complete opposite. I have been watching this pattern for some time now, so I was not thrown for a loop. The best way to handle this is to continue to move forward with the last thing that you heard from God and pay little attention to the distractions from satan.

New plans, strategies, ministries, gifts, anointing, miracles, businesses and relationships are on their way. The key is to not give up. Satan and the forces of darkness really don't want you to get what is coming. You will receive what you are looking for. If you are looking to God for the new things and you endure the storm, it will transpire in your life. If you begin to doubt and give up on what God has promised you, then there is a good chance that it will not come to you at the level that God had intended, or it may be delayed.

Jesus is Protecting Our Promises

I had a dream on November 17 that the enemy was coming to steal away the promises God had made to me and many others. I ran to the ocean and when I got there the ocean appeared to be dried up, even though there were still plant life and animals. As I stood wondering what to do, Jesus Himself, clothed in a purple and crimson robe, walked up to me. I told Him that the enemy was trying to steal away what had been promised to us.

Without saying a word, He used His right hand to take something from deep inside of me and placed it in what looked like an ancient iron cage in the shape of a sphere (the size of a basketball). He locked it, kept the key, and tossed it a few feet away onto the floor of the ocean. I was thinking to myself that He could have at least hidden it a little better. As I looked, there were many of these ball-shaped cages lying all over the place, and I knew they were the promises of others that Jesus was now protecting and placing them where they needed to be.

This dream is a confirmation that what God has promised to us will come. The fact that the ocean "appeared" to be dry but still had life is symbolic of a coming move from God that is nearing but not here yet. It was not like a wilderness that had no life.

Our promises from God are being placed in a safe place so that they will be picked up by the next wave of the Holy Spirit. It is similar to a chessboard; God is strategically placing us where we need to be for this next season.

Isaiah 41:10 NIV
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Doug Addison
InLight Connection