Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What the Great Awakening will Look Like

About every week or so some ministry or another is initiating some move or another that will be the beginning of the great awakening in America..and the world.

This prayer thing, that worship thing, this conference thing, that meeting, this church, that movement.

Over and over and over again.

OH, we will have the great awakening. It will be wonderful. It will stir the heart of the nation. It will come in time of great need. It will come out of chaos.

The churches and all the leaders with their various initiatives will be blindsided by it all. They will run to get on board when it happens.

Yet, it will happen. It will happen with people who didn't expect it. Like Candid Camera...least expected

It will come up as a CRY of pain, of anguish. It will rise up in desperation. It will come because everything has failed around them. There will be no God available. People will turn to the True God.

You don't have to read any further than the Book of Revelation to see what this is or what this means. God's passionate love for his creation will put them in a corner until they cry uncle.

So, while I am not against all the plans of ministries, they don't bring us closer to breakthrough or awakening. God will not be programmed. He will not be put in a box.

He will respond to the desperate and the broken. Even announcing yourself as broken isn't enough. Broken is usually pretty ugly.

When you are truly broken you can't even say the word.

So, awake sleeper, your time is come.

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Christian News said...

Interesting thoughts. I agree 100% that you can't put God in a box, and yet, people do it every day... It's sad, really, because once you take God out of the box you've set up around him in your life, you begin to see exactly what he's been doing for you all along.

Also interesting that you mentioned the Book of Revelation. That's another thing that people put in a box. There's so much more there than just "what will happen, when."

I just blogged about this myself: Can Revelation Be About Anything Other Than The End Of The World?