Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Words of the Lord for 2010 from Prophet Gene

For the past several days I have been making special efforts to hear from God for the year to come. I have done this every year since 2004. Each year I become more bold in proclaiming what the Lord is saying. He is faithful to fulfil what He says. The word of the Lord is always true. I may not always hear it right or report it right, but HE is always true.

I submit these words with confidence in our God and with fear and trembling. When I look back over the words from the past several years I see a pattern. Sometimes it has been more WHAT than When. God's prophetic word seldom comes with a timetable.

I do know this, HIS Word is always true.

At the turn of the calender for the Jewish year to 5770 I gave a word of Prophecy for the year to come. Before I begin to publish the word of the Lord for 2010 in our Julian Calender, it might be good to review what the Lord was saying a few months ago. It's no less true now. The prophetic words to follow will be additional instruction.

If you review the word of the Lord for the past several years he has always dealt with me in areas, mountains as Lance Wallnau would call them. I prophesy over these contested realms.

This gives me and you a chance to understand that God's intention is to have the Kingdoms of the world to become the Kingdoms of our God.

Let the reader understand what the Spirit of God is saying. Soon to follow will be God's word on the Economy for 2010.

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