Thursday, December 31, 2009

The word of the Lord for 2010 - Business and Industry

There will be tremendous opportunities in the year to come...and in the decade. Huge fortunes will be made. And lost. Some will be made in places and by methods that do not yet exist in the mind of man. I AM the author of secrets to great wealth, hidden treasures and witty inventions. These things kept hidden from the world for you to find. If I made it easy and open many would exploit them for their own benefit. I created these things not for the world, but for the righteous. The wealth is hidden (stored up) for the righteous. You will have to prepare. You will have to be vigilant. Creativity will be needed. And, keen sensitivity to the prompting of MY Spirit. Other deceiving and tempting economic spirits will come. They are NOT of me.

Your security will be found only in ME. I will provide. Your job is not going to be secure. Even one offered by government is empty for I shall destroy the idea of government jobs as security. Too many have substituted security found in other places for what was always meant to be found in me alone. You security will be found only in ME. Seek me and you will find Me. As you find me, you will find peace, joy, rest and LIFE.

Interest rates will rise. Money will tight by the world's standard. Difficulty will be amplified in the worlds system. Yet, as you stay steady in ME I will show myself strong to provide and deliver.

Don't fear. Don't believe all that the prophets of doom say nor all the court prophets tell you. This day is essential. And it will provide opportunity to those ready to take it.

In the last times like this, great and powerful businesses were born, launched and made many great worldly wealth. That time is now again. The world has no hope. It cannot succeed because the fathers of lies has convinced them they must fail. The father of lies is holding out a system that says in essence, trusting God is of no value, trust in government, the economy, self reliance, capitalism, socialism or any kind of godless ism. Do not believe them. Receive this lie and it will put you in chains.

There are clever business deceivers. Be aware. Be on guard. Even this year you will be approached by some. It will be appealing, but there will be a warning sign. Learn to hear the voice of Peace and Joy. Do nothing out of fear. Fear caused Peter to deny. Fear caused most of the disciples to hide. Fear will keep you from your destiny. You were created to reign, in business. In life.

Take your place. See yourself as ones who stands above the marketplace. Step into the anointing I have called you to. You will know it when it comes. I am here to reign thru you as My Kingdom comes.

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