Monday, December 7, 2009

If you choose to get away and hear from God... A HOW TO

Don't eat....drink water. Fast..but try not to eat. It distracts. Yes fasting is hard, but you are trying to hear the voice of God. Fasting disciplines your flesh and opens the connection from heaven.

Don't take books with you. Maybe not even your Bible. I know that's heresy, but you have the word IN you. Let Father bring it to life as you hear from him.

DO take a blank journal.... and something with which to write. If you have questions to inquire of the Lord, write them down. He may or may not answer them. When he does it will be wonderful. Don't push it. It's not about you. You listen. He'll speak. When he says what he will say, write it down.

Some of what you scribble in your notebook will seem to be babble. It will seem to be just so much noise. But as you write, as you transcribe, the Lord WILL speak. You will quickly discern what is from Him and what is NOT. It will be clear.

Don't be impatient. Most of these deals for me take a couple days just to make the connection. After that it's pretty fluid. Most of what you hear will be at the end of your time.

Be merciless at eschewing ALL communications, all connection, all news, all anything with the outside world. You must not be distracted.

This is good discipline in hearing from God. The more you do this, the easier it gets. You will discover the "zone". Then when you need a word you can get there quickly.

This is about you hearing him, so don't feel obligated to talk.... Oh, it's good to voice your prayers and concerns, but absolute silence is essential. His voice is still and small. Yet in the Spirit it trumpets.

Try to just wait. Don't be impatient. And if you get upset by the silence, just rest in him. Even if you sleep. The time when you are just waking up, that twilight of the mind when nothing else is going on many times is when He comes to you. Many dreams and visions were recieved in sleep. Samuel was called in his sleep.

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