Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Prophetic Consideration of the Death of Oral Roberts

When Great men of God step across the veil, and in the worldly sense die, there is a change that is beyond the humanity. This is a passing of a leader, the passing of a torch, the passing the old into the new.

Just as when God said to Joshua, "Moses my servant is dead". That is what is being said in the spirit right now. God is not flip about it, He doesn't treat it lightly, the death is not an end. For Moses and for Brother Roberts, this is the Paul conundrum, "For me to die is Christ, for me to live is gain". He would rather have been with Jesus. But for OUR sakes he stayed.

I know that feeling. I understand it. So did Oral Roberts. So did Moses.

God then says to Joshua and to Caleb indirectly, You will go over. I have prepared and preserved you to lead, to be those of example, to be those of faith and authority.

Joshua in War and Authority, Caleb in Possession and Example.

With the passing of Oral Roberts and a few more that will take place, we who remain for a bit more time are chosen. Some as Joshuas. Some as Calebs.

I am a Caleb. I am here to be one who takes possession. Who wants to live in front of the congregation in victory so those coming on younger can see that it's not only possible, it's the pattern to follow.

Others are Joshuas. Ones who take territory, who do battle, who lead warriors.

It is no coincidence that these two men were all that were left. Men of vision. Men of Faith. Men of Destiny. Men of Decision.

So it is today. The men who have walked the desert with us are now stepping out of temporal restraint. They wouldn't come back even if they could.

The leave the job to us. Moses My Servant is dead.

Joshua's and Calebs Arise. It's time to take the Land. Cross over. Possess that Mountain.

It's a new day.

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