Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prophetic Burden

What do you do when you see into the days to come and it's not all positive? I could prophesy like Kim Clement and couch what I see in supposedly positive terms that you have to read in between. I admire his flow. Sometimes I worry however. He says what God is saying but then if you come with a mindset, you can misread his words.

Or, I could come off as a "Doomsayer" and just lay it all out. Painfully then Unread. Unheeded.

Or, I could do as I have done, give the truth of the matter prophetically and then encourage that God has your best at heart. That's what Jeremiah did. He was right. I identify with Jeremiah. His beloved Prophecy in Chapter 29 is surrounded by difficult sayings. We only quote what we want to. "I know the plans I have for you....". There is much more there, and it is more challenging than you think. He was saying, get ready for a LONG exile, while others were saying, "Don't worry, this will end soon". That's the conundrum for me. While the world and even some prophetic voices SEEM to be saying, "Don't Worry, be Happy, things will get better real soon", the truth is not that.

So, as I prepare to offer prophetic vision for the year and years to come I will also offer the Hope of God's grace. One without the other would be cruelty.

HIS GRACE is sufficient even when what the world depends upon is not.

We are in the Lords hand, no man can pluck us out. But they WILL TRY!

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