Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Education

The shift has begun. For a long time I have been exposing weakness and danger of empty education without understanding. Now that process is accelerating. The discredit of public education will increase. As the government bubble is deflated, so will the educational bubble be. It must be. This original admonition in training up a child was for developing skills to make a life and understand My word. Now it has become a method used of your enemy to indoctrinate the young in false religion and lies.

I will not allow this to stand. While it will not fall in this year, it will fall and when it does, mighty will be the fall of it. Many will mourn. But the Righteous will rejoice that once more TRUTH will be taught. Honor to those who should be honored. Dishonor to the dishonorable.

The schemes of the enemy hidden just below the surface in Educational systems will be exposed. I will use people to bring justice to the earth by establishing MY Kingdom, I must have them trained in the fear and admonition of ME.


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