Monday, December 21, 2009

The Spiritual Lessons of Tiger

I have been asking the Lord what or why Tiger Woods fell so badly, so completely.

Here's what I got:

It is hero worship, athletes being held at almost a godlike state. This started long ago, I tried to judge this by the OJ Simpson events. And many others where Athletes have been honored beyond their character and quality. The worship of Sports is out of line with my purposes. If it doesn't line up with worship of Me, it must Get Out.

The fear and admonition of the Lord was never part of his fathers training for Tiger. He was taught how to hit a ball, never taught how to keep his eye on the TRUE. His capacity to hear from conscience that I provided him was muted. Silenced. No ears to hear. When he fell into deep sin it was without restraint. The restrainer of sin is my Holy Spirit in a Man. He had NONE. No restraint.

The deceitfulness of enormous riches is enormous. He could not nor would he see what was needful. He could buy all the friends and women he could afford and he could afford a lot. In a way his reckless passion was a part of the destruction the enemy used to destroy and perhaps kill him.

I still Love Tiger. Jesus died for Tiger. Tiger can have life abundantly. He makes that choice now. I am calling to him; only that he would hear.

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