Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Entertainment, Media, Sports

Pleasure and entertainment are not in and of themselves evil. I created them. The song. The dance. The Word spoken. The race of sports. Even relationships between a man and a woman are of me. Those things written and shown that magnify them in Glory are rooted from MY Spirit. All are sourced from me.

But, many have made pursuit of entertainment, media, movies and sports a god unto themselves. Sports have become a substitute for my word. Movies and Television are pipelines for lies about the world I created. Entertainment has become a diversion and even a perversion that keeps people from true intimacy with ME. Or even with each other.

I will tear down those things not of me. I have in the past used humiliation and accusation to destroy publicly those held in high esteem by the world. Even in the past year. The past month. No man can be god and the godlike attributions given to many great sports heroes has caused MY jealous judgment to be released.

I will judge and remove anything you hold above ME. There is much good that can be done for the Kingdom using media and sports. It is my intention to do that. I will not allow anything to stand that is dishonorable. I will honor those who honor ME.

Some were destined to take dominion in the arenas of Sports, Entertainment and Media to demonstrate the goodness of my mercy and kingship. If you are called to be that person MY anointing for you is there for the asking.

There is deception you will encounter. You might even begin to believe the things the world says about you. Don't believe them. If you receive the lie it will put you in chains. I made you. Every breath you take is of me. Only by my grace can you take another. Take your place and remember the God of your youth. I am HE.

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margaret said...

When I read this and the other "Word of the Lord" postings, a thought and a joy just came to me. My spirit leapt with joy and the thought is "ASLAN IS ON THE MOVE"!! I don't know why I suddenly thought this but I believe it came from the Spirit. Rejoice in the new year 2010, all you believers. Our great Jehovah God is on the move!!