Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Word of the Lord for 2010 - Believers and the Church

You have felt you were in a transition time, you are. This is a reset. Redo. Restart. What you once believed about the future has become a distant memory. Fear not. It's all of me. I am doing the new thing you have proclaimed for years.

Old things are indeed passing away. Your flesh longs for the familiar, the easy, the old. None of that can prosper as my Spirit renews the manifestation of the saints on the BODY.

This is a time when what seemed so new and fresh thirty years ago seems to have gone stale. Don't reach back to that time. It is yesterday. Some have even made an image of that time in their hearts. Graven. False. I will throw down those images.

I am jealous My Names Sake. You represent MY NAME on the earth. I will have a pure and spotless representation of ME. The false and wrong representations I will tear down. It represents something that comes between you and ME. She must be without wrinkles. She is NOT YET... but WILL BE. That will mean change. The Church WILL CHANGE. Many will disappear. Close down. True Shepherds will emerge. False hirelings will fall away. It is my plan of purity.

If you feel that everything you Thought you knew has been upended... it has. The waiting white field ready for harvest has not been harvested by the harvesters of the past. This will take a brand new harvester to accomplish.

As this comes, there will become the great divide between those who depend on the days of old and the traditions of man to bring in the great harvest and those who depend on the laborers called of me. This division is of me. False unity was never my intention for my body. She will not be schizophrenic.

I know the leaders I can depend on. I also know those trapped in the snare of Man Pleasing. I can not ever really use or trust a man trapped in that snare. The enemy of your souls will use every deception to keep you from me as a Body. Do not let it happen. Press into me.

You will need to trust me even more than you have, you will need to have even more faith than in the past. This is a season of knowing i am your source and sole provision. Anything other than faith in me alone will be empty. If you believe the world you will suffer again and again from dashed hopes and broken promises. Receive a lie and it will put you in chains.

Learn to hear my voice. I am Speaking. Listen. I will never ever leave or forsake you. Develop an awareness of My hand in your life. This is a time when I am reaching in and removing everything that is NOT of ME. Your heart will be revealed as pressures increase. That has always been my intention. A pure heart in you.

Return to ME and I will bind you up where I have wounded you. That's a promise for 2010.

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