Friday, January 1, 2010

Word of the Lord 2010 for the Family Relationship

You will find yourself asking the question I asked... "who is my mother, who are my brothers and sisters". Family Relationships are formed in more than one way, some are of the flesh, some are of the Spirit.

Treasure them both. They matter. They are all of the Blood.

During this year family relationships will be tested, some broken then restored and ultimately strengthened. Have faith in ME.

A new healthy understanding of who you are in ME will result. Your position in ME will not change even when sometimes positionally you feel less or more in "Family". I change not.

As you keep your eyes on ME some of your relationships to others will heal and grow stronger. I am your Head. I want to show myself strong in your covenant relationships. Not just in marriage, even if that is a clear example of My Church and ME. But in ALL relationships. My intention is to do you good, to see you reach the greatness in your destiny, to help you become closer and closer to Me, and to develop wholeness in your relationships with one another and with ME.

Do not fear or be distressed when some family relationships seem to suffer because of who you have become. I will draw men to ME as you hold ME up in your life. You will NOT be drawn into who they are. One must increase, the other must decrease.

It will seem like division, split, even warfare sometimes. I will provide a safe place in relationships to bridge to the perfection I intend for you and yours.

Perfect LOVE casts out all kinds of fears. I am your perfection in relationship, I will NEVER leave you nor will I ever ever forsake you.

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Margaret said...

This is beautiful...inspirational!! I have saved all these postings on my computer and will be going over them many times this year.