Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rebuilding Comes From the Rubble - Prophetic View of the Haitian Earthquake and the Quake to Come

Every newscast on TV, Radio, Internet and even Newspapers (remember them) is full of the pictures of destroyed buildings, destroyed infrastructure, destroyed lives, destroyed families and a culture that is exposing the goodness and evil that was there all the time.

It's rubble on which rebuilding takes place.

There have been collapses. The market a year and a half ago. Some rebuilding has happened...but there is one more collapse to come and there will be rubble. THEN true rebuilding will commence. Unless it's torn down completely it can't be rebuilt.

This is not restoration to what was. It's rebuilding to what should be.

The collapses that will come will create rubble that will become the beginning of better things.

States will collapse soon. Not all. Many. The governmental agencies will cease to function. It will create chaos and require rebuilding.

California, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona and others. It will be a domino effect. Cities will collapse. Detroit, Chicago. There will be gasps of attempts to hold it together but they will fail.

These collapses will not just be in the USA. Several Countries in Europe are on the brink of collapse. Greece and Spain are among them.

These collapses will mean that whatever market progress was left will disappear. Perhaps half of the Dow we have today.

The issue for all the governmental agencies, for all the states, for all the nations in collapse is that they never contract. Government ONLY expands. Gets larger.

No one can stop this collapse. Not even Ronald Reagan could.

There is GREAT NEWS in this. The collapse will mean (if we don't submit to an evil leader like Germany did after the collapse of the Wiemar Republic) that we will emerge with less government and better governance.

It is going to be hard, it is going to be painful. It may even involve a geophysical earthquake.

It's been two hundred years since the New Madrid fault last quaked. Last time the quake was 8.4 on the Richter. It destroyed much, there wasn't much there so the destruction was limited. The quake in Haiti was 7.0. 8.4 is a exponentially larger number. Each measurement increase of 1 is ten times the prior number. That means an 8.4 would be 17 times stronger than the 7 that hit Haiti.

The earthquake that took place in Haiti was manifested by the earth moving up and down 15 feet 9 times in 25 seconds. If that level happened in Chicago, the Hancock Building would collapse.

Haiti's last earthquake of 7 intensity was 200 years ago. If the New Madrid fault line moved again at the the intensity of 8.4 there would be widespread devastation. It might offer a cover for the rebuilding that must happen. Think about Haiti. Few of those superfluously corruption political appointments are working right now.

We must be aware that the economic collapse to come will happen....sure as night follows day. Rebuilding will follow as sure as Day follows night.

And it may come on the heels of a huge geophysical disaster.

God HATES an unjust balance:
The LORD detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales. Proverbs 20:23

Things are out of Balance...the Scales will be corrected.


Coulby said...

Certainly not dull or boring times.

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nice post. thanks.