Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prophetic View of Haiti from the Eternal Perspective

The destruction you see is Physical. But there are many who did not bow the knee when destruction came. Who marched heads held high in unity and faith. Sure, Half of the population is pagan. But half have faith in the everlasting God and in the test of this fire came out as refined as gold. The word of the Lord sent into Haiti did not drop on the ground as dead, it lives and is not returning void.

The blood sweat and tears of saints for decades sprout from the ruined earth like tall and stately trees of righteousness before our God. Don't let everything that CNN and other news sources show you discourage you. Faith is alive in Haiti. When it comes to TRUE FAITH in God tested in the fiery furnace of travail, they have overcome. There are more true sold out Christians per capita in Haiti than there are in the USA.

We will need to learn of them when it comes to overcoming the earthquakes in our own lives. This kind of crisis exposes evil, but reveals faith. Jesus called the Centurion a man of GREAT FAITH. This is that. They don't see, yet they believe. Are we there yet? Don't consider your spiritual state superior until it has been tested. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it is incumbent on us to respond to the least of these Jesus Brethren with compassion and understanding or face the accusation "inasmuch as you did it NOT..."...

The physical rebuilding can be assisted by a wealthy western world, but the spiritual rebuilding must now come from those who have light and a testimony born of a test like this. They now walk in the authority that will propel them to a new place of position in their world. It's no longer theoretical. It's real, It's real, It's real.

If the in the sight of the Lord the death of His saints is precious, then this last week has been a vision of preciousness in HIS eyes.

I say to you by the word of the Lord.... Those now recent in eternity at the hands of the earthquake would never want to come back to the world they just left. Since 200,000 people died as a result of this event, the population in heaven on the sea of Glass just increased to 100,000 new white robed saints.

Don't you long to join them? Someday we will, Side by side, Crying WORTHY is the LAMB to receive HONOR and GLORY and WISDOM and POWER. COME LORD JESUS!

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Margaret said...

Amen! A powerful posting. God bless the new saints from Haiti in front of the throne of Grace.