Monday, January 25, 2010

The Deterioration of the Prophetic

I see a lack of accountability in people who have been prophetic giants in the past. It seems like they are looking for cover. They don't want to speak out what they see. They fear retribution. They want to couch what they hear in acceptable words.

There's a place for that. I have a VERY HARD word for a person I love very much in Ministry. I must wait till the right time and the right place to offer it. It must be given in love. It will be very painful for me and for them. If there was a chance I didn't have to offer this word up I would not.

I am guilty of the same syndrome. Except for this. I will not hide behind the prophetic skirts of other prophets. If I am to be stoned I will stand alone.

Just today I received by email another Prophetic Committee word. All good, general, soft, harmless and offers good cover.

One thing I LOVED about the 7-7-07 call was that the Prophets who were part of that stood or fell on the words brought. They were honored for their accuracy.

When Lou Engle offered the "Brown Bag" word a few years ago, it was pretty fuzzy. It was accurate now as we look at it in the light of today.

So, if I were to encourage my prophetic brethren it would be this. Hear God for yourself. Publish what he says. Fact the mob with stones on your own. Don't try to hide.

I am stirred by what Prophets share with me. I invite the presence of God to show me what those prophecies are all about.

And He does.

Let's stop with all the councils, coalitions, corporate and committee words OK?

It is the path to Court Prophecies. Careful. Couched. Hedged and ineffective.

Pray for me as I consider HOW to deliver this hard word. I love this man too much to do it in other than tears. But it must be done. His whole ministry, his whole legacy, his whole church depends on getting this right.

Or I could be stoned.

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Anonymous said...

The Holy Ghost will give you ALL the strength you need. Say it in His time. Obviously by the way you're grieving it's time. Jesus wasn't concerned with what people thought of Him, so why should you?

Nancy Reagan - Just do it.

He'll take care of the rest - and YOU.