Friday, January 1, 2010

Word of the Lord 2010 - Leader Change

Many see changes that have just passed and wonder of the future. Your confidence must never be in any man. I provide leaders by My Spirit. I put one up and take another down. The torch is passed one generation to another.

Many will pass from the scene and there is little to remember them by in a hundred years. Some in a thousand and some forever. But, I ALONE am the eternal God. Remember ME.

The passing of spiritual leaders will continue. I am raising up others to take their place. They are prepared. If you are called on to lead, do so understanding the ones who went before were not perfect. They were human. If they said they were without sin they would have lived in self deception. I use the most flawed and broken to confound the wise. That's why I can use YOU.

There are political figures who seem to be permanent in our eyes who will pass from the scene. Their influence will be gone. I allowed them a time of rule to demonstrate truth in contrast of righteous and unrighteous government. Seek ME and I will remove the unrighteous from your necks.

I will call some of you to step into those places. Obedience will be better than sacrifice. If I call, your answer must be YES.

There is a darkness in leadership that will yet be exposed. It will cause many to become discouraged. Do not be so. Even Kings and Priests I used to accomplish my purposes on the earth were gravely flawed. It has always been so. As the darkness is exposed see it for a cleansing and a warning. It will cause leaders hearts to turn to ME.

Some who have been rejected by the world will arise. My destiny is on them. They will shock the world and the wisdom the world values by their sudden rise.

When departures happen, do not mourn, look to me. When new arrivals come on the scene, look for ME in their new position.

Many schemes designed to control you will fail. The potential of the enemy just outside your gate was to help you come to understand who I am as you seek to have victory.

I am King of Kings, Leader of Leaders, Lord of Lords. There is no one but ME. I use even the pagan and evil to blow a wind of warning by you. It is meant to help you cling to me in the storm.

A year from now you will look back and see how I have provided for you. You have been made whole in ME. The world will look different. Leaders will be different. Situations will have changed. It will be the whole new beginning and you will see clearly the task before you.

This is a year when you will begin to see clearly what is about to happen. I am giving you new instruction and new direction and new leadership.

They will help you hear the true voice...."this is the way, Walk Ye In It".


Margaret said...

I am afraid this year we might lose 'King Billy' as Kim Clement aptly calls Billy Graham in one of Kim's prophetic messages. I think he also prophesied that God said he would raise up two in Billy's place. But it will still very sad for us when Billy Graham is 'promoted to Glory' because it will be a big loss for the believing church on earth. But what a welcoming committee he'll get in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

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