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This Prophetic Word is Encouraging and can help you come into alignment

I read this and immediately knew it was the word of the Lord. It's that good. You will want to read it all the way thru, and in a word that has been as used as the word "Shift" was, Alignment applies here. Be encouraged and come into Alignment.

Erica Greve:
"This Year We Will Win Together" - A Prophetic Word for 2010
Bill Johnson

Intro and Endorsement:

Erica has been a part of our church family for many years, and more recently a part of our staff. She has a strong prophetic anointing and has brought the word of the Lord faithfully during this time. She has also ministered very powerfully to me on a number of occasions. I always look forward to hearing from her. I joyfully endorse and support her life and ministry.

Bill Johnson
Senior Leader, Bethel Church

Erica Greve

This Year We Will Win Together

The Lord said 2009 was, "The year the 'stars' died alone, but 2010 will be the year we win together." The Lord showed me that He had strategically partnered us with people in 2009, and even though it was not always those we had expected or wanted, the people He has established in our lives are our sovereign breakthrough teams. I felt that those ones He placed around us are the very people who will walk alongside us into victory in 2010.

He showed me that there is going to be a new "Fathering anointing" released to the Body of Christ. I believe we are going to experience a mighty increase in revelation regarding the Father's heart and a strong manifestation of the Spirit of Adoption in ways we have never seen before. I believe the new revelation coming forth from the Father's heart will result in streams coming closer together, churches partnering more frequently, and significant outpourings of His presence touching multiple places at the same time.

Back to The Heart of Worship

I saw the Lord commission a giant worship angel and I feel that there is going to be a new call back to the heart of worship. I also saw a new release of songs from Heaven and in songwriting—so much that even people who thought they would never write songs will find themselves capturing and scoring the sounds of Heaven.

I saw strategic teams of musicians being assembled to capture the heart of Heaven for worship. Groups of young musicians were gathering, praying and fasting together—seeking His face. And I saw original songs pouring forth—ones that would awaken a generation and turn the hearts of the youth to the Lord.

I also saw Christian bands steadfastly coming forward and making an impact in the secular field in unprecedented ways. I believe there are going to be open doors for Christian bands to influence the secular music industry in new ways, and there will be opportunities for Christian artists to come forward and inspire the world through social justice—even like Bono. I saw new strategies coming forward, where musicians will affect developing nations and social justice acts.

Even for musicians who have been in a dry spell and unable to write—I saw a new release of songwriting. I saw songwriters who felt a pressure building in them, but were unable to write the songs that had been building in their hearts. I saw the pressure that had built up was going to result in songs of celebration, which will bring glory to the Lord. Like a champagne bottle being uncorked, musicians—who celebrate His goodness, His Glory and His works—will become visible in this hour, and the tension and burden they have been feeling will propel them to worship the Lord throughout the world.

I also feel that it will be significant who wins American Idol in 2010. I feel this was why there was a war over the show, and I feel the Lord wants to declare a message through who wins the show this year.

The Year of Snow

The Lord said this would be "the year of snow." I saw strategies falling like snowflakes. The Body of Christ will retrieve keys on how to build the "containers" and "railway tracks" required to effectively facilitate and dispense the glory that is being released over these next five years. Blueprints are being downloaded. Just as every snowflake is different, I believe these strategies will be unique and individual and carry Heaven in distinctive ways.

The Lord also said that there would be a multiplication of signs and wonders—especially the phenomenon of translation. Astonishing stories will emerge and become a marker of this advanced level of quickening that is coming upon the Body of Christ.

I saw a tangible increase in the realm of the prophetic. I believe there is going to be an additional level of accuracy coming to the prophetic word—another level of declaring specific, worldwide events that will come to pass. God is going to speak to His servants in unique ways this year. And I believe there will be a new level of confirmation coming to the prophetic word of the Lord.

I saw celebrations, and the Lord said that this year He wants us to celebrate. I saw balloons filled with dreams and relationships that Believers had let go of. There are many who trusted the Lord in this last season and laid down dreams, hopes and desires because of obedience to the Lord. I watched the Lord give them back.

I feel like the Lord is saying this will be a "Psalm 2 year." He said, "You are my son. Today I have become your Father. Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession, ask of Me and I will give the nations to you." We are free to dream with the Lord—to go boldly before His throne and ask for the wildest desires of our hearts. I believe this is a year to move forward and occupy new territory and to turn away from the battles of last year and proceed toward new things.

I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of Heaven and earth.—Psalm 121:1-2

The Year of the Triumph of the Prophets

This will be the year of triumph for the prophets. The Lord is renewing specific promises to His prophets and His faithful ones, and the words He's declaring over them are, "You are not forgotten!" The Lord is reassuring His prophets that He will not forget them: "I will not forget your service! I will not forget your pain! I will not forget the elect!"

There is an enhanced clarity coming to the prophetic. I saw prophetic voices being released into the governmental realms in new and unique ways. The Lord is going to bless the work of His servants by opening doors for them to speak to the leaders of the world. Their reward for their service is higher platforms of influence.

Those Who Were Scattered Will be Gathered

Many who were scattered in the last season will be gathered in this next season. I really believe we are to pray that the ones the Lord has called by name will come back into the Church. We are to call those who were dispersed in the last season to come home. I see something like a "drawbridge" in the spirit and a wide and inviting entrance for these ones to return back into the Church. Hurt, offense and self-pity will be washed off with each step they take. And I see them being welcomed with open arms and quickly established back into the place of full community, where there is unity in loving the Lord and the exchanging of life.

It's a Time to Turn

The Lord is saying that it's time to leave behind the losses and mistakes from the battles we fought in 2009, turn, and set our eyes on the new things He has for us. The Lord is saying that it's a "1 Kings 18:40" season, where we should turn away from the battles of the past and fall on our faces to seek the Lord for the prophetic words that will end the droughts in our lives. I believe the Lord is saying, "Rain is coming," and we need to turn and ask Him for what He is planning to do in our lives so that we can prepare ourselves. Our strength in this next season is going to be in knowing and looking toward what God is doing (see 1 Kings 18:40-46).

His rain (refreshing) is coming, and when we turn to the Lord and enquire of what He is accomplishing in our lives, our families, our churches, our government and our ministries, then He will show us how to better prepare for the things He is about to do!

Lord, we pray that the new things of 2010 would come forth!

Erica Greve
Bethel Church


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