Monday, January 11, 2010

Why We Are Not Healed....For the same reason we don't recieve Prophecy

People who reject prophecy will never benefit from it. There is a responsibility to walk out the prophetic declarations in faith in the Spoken Word of God. If you hear a word and do nothing with it you will soon discover that it might have been better if no word had been spoken over you in the first place. That word unfulfilled will cause you to doubt the power of the Prophetic. You will loose faith. Your reasoning (which is the enemy of your faith) will cause you to miss what God has for you. And the destiny God had for you will be unfulfilled.

The same thing is true when we receive the word of healing. If we don't act on it, believe it, move on it in faith, we will lose the effect it was intended. And not being healed we lose faith in the idea that God heals. We end up broken, sad and disappointed.

This is why I know that it's unscriptural to pray and ask God to heal someone. WHAT? I hear you clear over here. Yep. Jesus didn't. James 5, the only place any prayer was involved had to do with praying a prayer for MORE FAITH. IF we pray and ask God to heal we are implying that He hasn't provided Healing yet. Or that it is a serendipitous thing that he does. That sometimes He heals this one and not that. Sort of a luck of the draw thing.

Nothing is further from the truth. Here's reality:
God's will is for every person on the earth to be saved. Not everyone is saved. WHY? Not everyone comes to faith. And MY FAITH can't save you no matter how much faith for salvation I have. You are saved by Grace thru Faith NOT of yourself so you can't boast about it. Some people who embrace infant baptism believe that the action of others saves that baby. The church I am part of baptizes babies but carefully explains this doesn't save them, only imparts graces which helps the Holy Spirit lead to salvation. They must on their own come in faith to be saved.

Likewise HEALING:
God's will is for every person on earth to be healed. All of them Every single one. Not every one is healed. WHY. Not everyone accepts the healing by faith. My faith can't heal them, no matter how much I have. You are Healed by Grace thru Faith not of your own, it is a gift of God so you can't boast. You can pray for faith to be strong and thank Him for it. That prayer imparts grace that will lead to more faith so you might be healed.

The problem is there have been abuses of this in the past. People who were sick were told they didn't have ENOUGH faith and therefore were not healed. So we made all healing a passive act requiring very little faith on the part of the person being healed. We tried to use OUR faith as Ministers to substitute for the Faith they had to have in some measure to receive.

We somehow came to the conclusion we were better than Jesus and thru OUR ministerial great faith would have ridden into Nazareth where Jesus couldn't do many might works because of their unbelief and WE would have had great healing revivals. Baloney. (in the Biblical sense)

It's not true. God is pleased by faith. He said so, that it is impossible to please him without it. And God is pleased to HEAL. Anyone who comes to him. We can't impose healing on anyone. Sometimes the action of the person speaking healing happens coincidentally with the person's faith rising and they receive. The man at the Pool of Bethsadea. The man with Mud rubbed in his eyes. They had to DO something to exercise their faith to be healed.

We have to DO something to exercise our faith. Hebrews 4:2 says that they did not receive because they did not mix their actions with FAITH. You can DO all the right things, have great anointing oils, speak loudly, anointed worship going on, a proven man or woman of God and NOTHING HAPPENS.

Unless faith is present. Woman with issue of blood faith. Crawling in pain. Reaching in a dirty street with a jostling crowd. Desperate. That kind of faith.

So, if you need healing. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT. To ask God for MORE and MORE faith. Don't ask him to heal you. Thank him for the healing power he already provided.

And if you pray for someone who is sick, ask God to give them faith to receive the healing that is already provided, that all obstacles be removed, that grace would flow. That's why I like to pray in tongues when I pray for the sick. It allows me to pray the exact way God would have me to.

Last night Peggy and I attended Apostle Theresa Phillips conference meeting at PMI where Dr Johannes spoke. He spoke clearly of the need to act on the prophetic words given to us. It was really good. There's a book or at least a sermons series in there somewhere. And in a way it drove this post.

Faith without WORKS is dead. Show me your works, I'll show you your faith. That applies to prophecy. It applies to Healing. Rise up and BE HEALED in the NAME OF JESUS.

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