Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prophetic Perspective: Haiti is the physical analogy of the USA's spiritual and economic condition

Jeffrey Stewart commented on Haiti. While I struggle with the whole pact with the Devil thing, Have we in the USA also not made a pact with Evil? I think Jeffrey Stewart's Prophetic Perspective is worth considering:

There are parallels

Haiti - made an agreement with the devil in 1790 according to some sources. Told the devil they'd serve him if he delivered them from Napoleon III's rule. So they became the center of witchcraft in the western world, source of voodoo and other things. A curse is associated with that, so they ALSO became the poorest country in the western world, beset by poverty, coup de etat's (simply re-enacting the devil's pattern on earth), this earthquake being the worst thing to happen to them, with now nearly 40 aftershocks in averaging around 5.0. Now people are running down streets crying out to God to save them.

USA - economic system made a deal with Babylon. Rather than adopting the Lord's ways, chose the Babylon way of enslaving people to debt just like Babylon enslaved Israel. In some ways, America too "sold her soul" to greed and other things. A shaking has begun here too and will continue just like those aftershocks in Haiti, until our citizens run down the streets crying out to God, who will also save them.

Haiti is the physical analogy of the USA's spiritual and economic condition.

by Jeffrey Stewart


Anonymous said...

What country hasnt dealt with their own curses from their ways, i think we all may be running down streets from something be it financial or disaster be ready to flee or run to god. Prophets called out of the desert unknown and strong dont need pastors his spirit they rise! See them unexpected...the least among you

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.