Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Sound of the Shofar

I was at a Meeting at PMI in St Charles, Apostle Theresa Phillips is the leader. Last night she called forth three Shofar players to blow the trumpet of a ram's horn. I got an immediate prophetic picture in the Spirit.

The sound of the trumpet is a sound of war. The sound strikes fear in the enemies stronghold. When they sounded their horns, spiritual forces heard the sound. They trembled. Like the kings of Jericho did, like the Midionites did when the trumpets sounded, Like the kings arrayed against Jehoshaphat heard and wondered. The sound of the trumpet calls us to war. That is certain. But it prepares the battlefield. The sound of the trumpet sets the enemy to flight. They are confused by the sound. The demons wonder, is this the last trump? They know the last trump will sound soon.

When THE SOUND OF THE LAST TRUMP is heard, the game over. Judgment, making things right, justice. Every time the shofar is blown it creates confusion in the enemy's camp. They wonder. They are taken off guard. In the Spirit I saw them looking at each other, fear in their eyes, knowing their end was nearer than before.

Blow the Trumpet in ZION, Sound the ALARM....not an alarm to THEM.

Send them to flight. At the SOUND of His Name, and the Sound of His Return, Demons Tremble.

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