Monday, January 25, 2010

What it will look like after you die in dead works

Sunday Night I was handed a Vision of what will happen to a lot of GOOD Church People. If this is you, you are in for a BIG SHOCK!

One day you will come face to face with Jesus. You will plead your case. You will say:

JESUS, in your name I taught Sunday School for years. I served in soup kitchens. I sang on the worship team. I formed a children's choir. I led bible school. I was at church every time the doors were open. If there was a service I was there. I worked harder than anyone at church I know. I was dedicated. I was a true hard worker and without me much would never have been accomplished. I even stayed late and washed dishes. I have been faithful in every way.

Jesus will look at you sadly and say, "Depart from me, I never knew you". Matthew 7:22-23

It's not about good works. Many who are bedridden who love God and KNOW Him personally will hear well done good and faithful...enter into your rest. They couldn't do anything on this earth for Him. To KNOW Him is good, but more important be KNOWN of HIM.

A word of Knowledge here.... If you KNOW someone who fits this, if you are someone who fits have to know that you are headed for an eternity without Jesus if you don't repent now. It's not about LOVING HIM. Sinners lost forever Love the Jesus of the manger. Even the Jesus that casts no first stone. Jesus who loves without Judgement. That's the Jesus they love. It's not the Jesus they will stand before someday. He loves but he is Just.

Your good works will happen because your faith is pure. In fact some people who are over the top in good works are really trying to compensate for an unrepentant heart. It's a lost cause.

What will it take for you to come to Jesus for real? To abandon yourself to him. Even if you couldn't do another thing again He can KNOW you. What would it take to be KNOWN BY HIM?

The answer is out there. You must be forgiven. And that happens by being Born Again FOR REAL. Jesus is calling.... not for Dead Works... For your heart. Give it up. Lay down all your ambitions. All your hopes and dreams. All your useless activity. No one is fooled. For sure Jesus isn't.

Your eternal Soul hangs in the balance.....

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