Friday, January 22, 2010

The Prophetic Irrelevance of the "NAME"

In the past few days a release from a fairly Pompous named group with a composite word for 2010 was released. I won't share it here. If you don't know about it this doesn't matter.

I wondered why in my spirit it grated on me so. I inquired of the Lord. He told me:

My name is above every other name. There is NO OTHER NAME. At the NAME of Jesus every knee shall bow.

The people who have thought they have developed a name in MY name have sometimes in error held their name above My OWN. I will judge those people for the arrogance they showed. Every called of God I call must first hold the Name of JESUS higher than any name. I will elevate those who I will elevate. I will decrease those who I will decrease. I will provide for those who are true servants of mine. I will starve out those who have drifted into Naming themselves above the call of God in their lives.

No man can say Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Spirit. If a person says it for any other reason those words are lost into the atmosphere and have no power. This is a time and a season where the Called of God must humble themselves and pray and declare the destines I have for this people. Declaring anything above the Name I GAVE is emptiness.

The bar has been raised and we must get it right or we will be seen as pompous and vain. If you are NOT, saying you ARE is vanity, just vanity.

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Ron McK said...

My response was the same. I can sort of understand what they are trying to do, but God sometimes prefers to speak through the poor and simple.