Friday, January 8, 2010

I dreamed I could fly - Long Ago

I happened upon an old rerun of Superman. Clark Kent played by George Reeves. It was good to see it. It was in Color, from 1957. I suspect it had been colorized. I only remember Black and White.

When I was a ten year old and this show was popular, I wanted to BE Superman. Save people. Fight for Truth, Justice and The American Way. I still do.

And I wanted to fly. I dreamed about it. I wore a short blanket around my neck and jumped off high places in faith believing I would fly if I just believed enough. It could even be dangerous.

I didn't, but the joy and anticipation of flying caused me to reach higher and further. Those who knew me then in grade school, some who are reading this right now, remember me as a kid who believed in strange things.

Some still believe that about me. I believe in Miracles. If you don't believe in Miracles you are being unrealistic. I have seen them. I have been able to fly at least in the Spirit. I can soar. I want to live like that. I believe we all can.

And someday I will for real.

I read a commonly held sentiment the other day from a person who is admitted atheist. She said, "Life Sucks and then You Die".

I don't agree. Sure there's pain, there's suffering. Even for Christians. But, the greatest joy comes from overcoming in spite of the darkness. That the God of all the universe sees and understands. That in spite of the situations all around us all that seems to be so upside down, if we believe the wholeness of Romans 8, in particular v28, we can say with confidence, NOTHING IS WRONG! It can't be. It is as it should be. In his hands. You can't do than unless you truly believe you can fly. If you just look around and understand this truth, you can say, "Nothing is wrong".

I still do. Life is glorious, an adventure, and when I die....I'll Fly Away.

Superman would be envious if he existed. But, maybe he does. Where is that cape?


Unknown said...

This was good, Gene - thank you. Consider joining us, and posting to our forum? Hope so (link below)
Bless, -v.c.

Margaret said...

This isn't quite a comment on this posting. It's just that there were some real rattlers (earthquakes) off the California coast in the last few minutes. There are also some other strange things in the weather and political/election realm going on. Anyway I got the STRONG sense in the Spirit again that OUR GOD IS ON THE MOVE. He's rattling things to make people aware that HE and only HE is in control!!

Margaret said...

I wonder if some divine rattling could be due to this:

U.S. Envoy: Aid to Israel Could Be Cut if Peace Talks Fail

Don't American Jews realize this is the most anti-Israel administration since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948?? Or is the liberal media hiding this little fact from them??

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