Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prophetic Dreaming in Real Life

My "Strange" friends will understand this. Others may not. It's OK.

I get a lot from dreams. Sometimes I dream events in the Bible. I'll bet some of you do too. I grew up in the age of Books and Radio. Mental imagery was rich. I didn't read about Tarzan of the Jungle. I WAS Tarzan of the Jungle. When I listened to Flash Gordon on the radio, I SAW Flash, I became Flash. I lived it. There was no TV and movies cost a lot.

Now as I am older I have not lost the ability to insert myself into the events of the Bible as they unfold on the theater of my mind. Sometimes if the story is thin in it's narrative I will insert needed help to make it full.

Midrash my friend Barry calls it. Whatever. But for me the episodes you might read as flat on the pages of that big black you on your shelf are real, alive, rich, full of drama and meaning. As they were meant to be. Many were told by good story tellers around a fire. That caused images for sure.

I mention that because so many people are enthralled with the Movie Avatar. I liked it for it's spectacle too. BUT the story was lame. And I don't dream about it. People that do are settling for second best.

I find myself waking up some mornings having just lived thru a story or two from Genesis or Kings or Samuel. They are as real as if I was just sitting down from breathlessly having stepped out of the event.

Sometimes movies and television in portrayal of events lose some of the richness or reality. Sometimes they get very close. Passion of the Christ was pretty close. Maybe not brutal enough.

Those movies and TV shows places images in our minds that replace what reality was. If we let the Holy Ghost direct that gifted theater in our mind we can live there and then.

It's Time travel. In the spirit there is no today yesterday or tomorrow. It's all now. I can see the scene in Heaven as reported by John the Revelator as clearly as if I were there. I long for the sea of Glass.

I believe it's Fathers desire to give us all this gift. Allow your imagination to run. There's great truth and glory set before us. Live in it. Jesus did. And he endured the cross. So can we.

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