Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Fracture in the Crown will Repair

Right now all the news is about Harry and Meghan.  Leaving the Royals.  This is not going to end well but the Crown will survive it all.

Meghan has not been good.. but Harry loves her.

This marriage will not survive but the Crown will.  Archie is a royal.  That blood is strong.

A fight that should have never been fought will now be lost.  I feel sorry for both.

It's over before January of 2025

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Terror in the Kingdom of God

I was reminded of the Klingon.  Yes I am a STNG fan.  They were warlike people. Spoke a harsh language and terrified most of those with whom they came in contact.  The words were nearly indiscernible.  In a way we are like the Klingons to those in the dark.

Then the Lord said to me, early this morning, that is what it is like for the devil, the demons and those deceived by him.  They live in terror. And when you speak the language of the Kingdom it scares them.

Those who are living in darkness are frightened by the light.  When citizens of the Kingdom speak the truth of Jesus it is not just an offense, it is a terror.  The Blood of Jesus makes the devil shake. The Name of Jesus makes the Demons tremble.  The Word of God spoken makes those in darkness confused. 

That is why we should not compromise who we are.  As citizens of the kingdom we walk in a different world, speak in a different language and our very presence is like the scrap of chalk on a chalkboard.  At the same time scary and confronting.  Even when we try to do it in love.. it is terror to the darkness.

SO be who you are called to be. Be strong. Be courageous.  There is none like Jesus... and none like you.  You are a NEW UNIQUE CREATION.